I hate April Fool’s Day. I hate being sick.

So, today was AWESOME.

Really, it could have been worse.

I didn’t have to go to work, I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be, so I spent a bulk of the day shivering under some blankets on the couch. (My hands were freezing, but my face was not… and I just couldn’t get my hands warm. Probably didn’t help that I was drinking cans of soda throughout the day to calm my throat… fear not, there were piping hot mugs of tea throughout my day as well. And Italian Ice (man, what I would have done for some Water Ice… omg, I need Water Ice like I need air right now. Must. Go. To. Philly.). And Mac & Cheese. The best part about being at sick in the same place as my parents is that my parents are there. (Plus, my dad is sick too… I blame him for feeling like shit today.) *And* my dog snuggled with me on the couch off and on throughout the day (when I wasn’t sleeping).

I still feel pretty horrible right now. I have a box of tissues, some cough drops and hand sanitizer right next to me. I also have two layers of clothes on and three blankets piled on top of my. My hands are still freezing, but I’ll put them in my hoodie pocket soon as I try to drift to sleep. I’m supposed to work tomorrow, which sucks. I put my shift up for someone else to take, but so far no one’s taken it. My fever should be gone and I should be fine to go in, but I honestly don’t feel like moving from out underneath these blankets. Standing made me dizzy today and I had a fever. (Only 100.7, but I could tell something was off.)

But, enough complaining :/ I’m thankful I could lounge around all day and sleep it off/watch a bunch of television (AND I applied for 5-6 jobs too, so don’t think I totally slacked off today). I am looking forward to snuggling down into my covers in a few minutes and attempting to sleep through the night tonight.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and a tolerable April Fool’s Day.

Have a good one