What a day… in the last 24 hours, I got my fingers rolled up/smashed in an automatic car window (super long story short, my fingers are okay, just bruised a little cut up). I also drove 8 hours to get back to MN after visiting my sister for a few days. I finally got my SPACE Tour DVD in the mail (and my StarKid sweatpants) and I watched it and it was glorious… and extra hilarious to watch because, like, 4 or 5 of my friends were in the front row of the audience and you could see them all the time.

And, semi-importantly… today ended the horribly long Glee hiatus.

So… SPOILERS for Glee Season 3 Episode 15, Big Brother


So, there were 3 main story lines… Quinn, Sue, and Blaine/Cooper (Since I will ramble about Blaine and Cooper, I am saving them for last…)


The show opened with Rachel and Finn talking about how their wedding didn’t happen and how Rachel feels bad that Quinn got hurt on the way to their wedding.

Quinn did get hurt, but she’s already back at school – buh-what?! She doesn’t have a bruise or a scratch on her, but she is in a wheelchair (and it’s explained later that her spine was compressed and she lost feeling in her feet and legs, though she is slowly getting sensation back and hopes to fully recover/be able to walk again). She and Artie sing a tongue-in-cheek duet of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” to the rest of the glee kids.

Later in the episode, the senior glee kids are in the library plotting what they should do for senior ditch day. A lot of them had dumb ideas, but it was Quinn who said they should go to Six Flags. (I lived in Ohio for 20+ years… and Six Flags is pretty great… but they should have gone to Cedar Point because Cedar Point has waaaaaaay better roller coasters.) Quinn also told Rachel that Rachel was not to blame for her accident (tonight’s main PSA was “Don’t Text and Drive. Or Text and Walk.) and gave her a big hug.

Since Quinn and Artie are both in wheelchairs, Artie was showing her the ropes and convinced Quinn to roll herself up the steepest ramp at the school/in the city. He also manages to convince her to skip the senior ditch activity that *she* suggested and he took her to a ramp park where other teens with disabilities were skateboarding, skating and wheelchairing down a bunch of ramps (wearing helmets – another PSA moment, but I’m all for people wearing helmets… and not texting when they drive. woot.). So, Quinn and Artie at the ramp park were juxtaposed with the majority of the other Glee kids (except for Blaine, but more on that later) at Six Flags. They all sang “Up Up Up.

Quinn did wheel herself down a series of ramps and her and Artie high-5ed. Artie, though, tried to give her a reality check and say that Quinn should prepare for a life in a wheelchair (i.e. that her recovery was not a sure-fire given). This frustrated Quinn, who told Artie that she wasn’t like him – she was going to walk (she told the glee kids she’d walk by Nationals and graduation). Artie looked upset and disappointed.

Later, Teen Jesus (i.e. Joe Hart played by Ghlee Project Winner Samuel Larsen) was helping Quinn at her locker and then walked with her to class. He said that he was praying for her. She thought he was praying for her to walk again, but he said he was praying for whatever journey she was on (i.e. whether she walks again or not). This frustrated Quinn, but she sucked it up and instead brought him to join the New Directions at Booty Camp (dance rehearsal on stage). But wait? Doesn’t he have to audition? Hmmm… I guess not? Unless he has a song next week.

And thus ends Quinn’s story line this week.


Sue’s pregnant. Everyone but her thinks this is going against nature (especially the synchronized swimming coach… j’adore Nene Leakes [sp?] on Glee… she’s got some great insults for Sue). But, Emma and Will are semi-supportive and actually go with Sue when she goes to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby. The baby is a girl, but then the doctor says she found some anomalies on the sonogram. When Becky visits Sue later, it’s understood that Sue’s baby is going to be born with Down Syndrome because Sue emphasis’s how the baby is going to be just like Becky.

Sue is helping the Glee club w/Booty Camp because she needs to ensure they win at Nationals so they can get the $$ that you win at Nationals. Sue has a deal with Figgins that if she helps the Glee club, she will be allowed to coach the Cheerios by herself (Nene’s character is now co-captain). At the final Booty Camp of the episode, Sue admits that she wants her baby to absorb some of the Glee Club’s optimism. Maybe pregnant/parent Sue won’t be so horrible after all :/


The “big brother” of the title of this episode is Blaine’s older brother, Cooper, played by the ever-handsome and talented Matthew Bomer (of White Collar… seriously, watch that show. It’s AWESOME). Cooper is 10 years older than Blaine, is the star of a series of Free Credit commercials (that jingle is hella catchy), and is a complete dick with regard to his brother and the craft of acting.

From the moment Cooper arrives, you can tell Blaine is not going to have a great time this episode. Blaine is with Kurt at Kurt’s locker when he tells Kurt that his brother is in town and going to take him to lunch. Kurt is excited to meet Blaine’s brother (who Blaine never talks about) and is even more excited when he finds out that Cooper is on those commercials. Kurt immediately swoons for Cooper and says how he loves those commercials and how the jingle is his ringtone. Poor Blaine… nothing to do but roll his eyes a bit and probably feel a bit miffed that his own boyfriend is oogling his brother.

To Cooper’s credit, he introduces himself to Kurt without any sort of judgement (so I take it that regardless of how hard Cooper is on Blaine throughout the episode, it has NOTHING to do with Blaine being gay… Cooper seems to accept that without question.). But then Cooper gets pulled away by Sue, who asks her to sign her breast (which he does) and she says that Alan Menken should be writing him a musical because he looks like a Disney Prince (which, he does… I mean, have you seen Matthew Bomer? Day-yum) But, when Blaine and Cooper finally get walking, Kurt has the nerve to say that Blaine’s brother is the most handsome man in North America. (Shouldn’t he be thinking that about his own boyfriend?)

Before Blaine and Cooper make it to lunch, Cooper is brought to the glee room and is going to give the glee kids a master class on acting the next day. Presently, though, he and Blaine sing a duet/mash-up of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” (omg…. this was epically amazing). Cooper uses the song to try and outshine his little brother, as well as shove Blaine aside whenever he can. Blaine rolls his eyes and gets discouraged throughout, but he presses on like a true performer. At the end of their number, Cooper exclaims how good *he* was (as opposed to saying how good he and his little brother were).

They finally go to lunch at Breadstix where Cooper tries out accents on the waitress and scores free food for them. Blaine continues his eye rolling and then gets defensive when Cooper points out what Blaine did wrong during their number. Blaine points out that Cooper has always done this – how he is quick to point out what he does wrong instead of giving him encouragement for what he does right. There is a brief flashback of a little Blaine dancing to MmmBop and Cooper telling him he’s doing it all wrong. Poor little Blaine tells his brother that he’s only been dancing for 3 years :/

The next day in Glee, Cooper is teaching their acting master class. For kids who want to get into acting in real life – DO NOT LISTEN TO COOPER ANDERSON. That boy was handing out misinformation left and right. He went on to say how it’s important to ignore your scene partners, how you have to point during dramatic scenes, how you have to ask the director if the scene is comedic or dramatic, how New York/Broadway/College are not the way to go and how TV/Movies are where it’s at. The whole Glee club (except for Blaine) is jotting down his words of wisdom while Blaine looks on in disgust… even Kurt is writing stuff down (and Rachel). Why is everyone under Cooper’s charm/spell? He’s obviously giving them horrible advice, but no one can see past his handsome exterior. Poor Blainers.

After Cooper’s lecture (and demonstration of how to pose for headshots), he has them read sides from NCIS. Everyone is pointing and not paying attention to each other, but Blaine presses on and tries to actually act out his lines. Cooper stops him and tells him he needs to point and whatnot and Blaine kind of explodes and asks Cooper why he never takes Blaine’s side. So much Blaingst 😦

The next day, Cooper and Blaine have an unfortunate encounter in the hallway and Blaine breaks into song, singing Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” to a montage of Blaine boxing, showering (um, Hi Darren’s back…), and then singing up on stage in front of a wall of televisions all playing Cooper’s commercial. Blaine just has so many feelings that the only way he can express himself is through punching stuff and singing it out. Even though this song/sequence were ridiculously cheesy, major props to Darren for fully committing to everything. The kid’s face can express a vast array of emotions within fractions of seconds.

Kurt meets up with Blaine at Blaine’s locker and gives him a puppy stuffed animal that Finn won at Six Flags. They have a little chat about Cooper… Blaine thought Cooper was gone already to his audition (for a Michael Bay movie… what), but Kurt said that Cooper was in the auditorium waiting for Blaine. Blaine didn’t know what to say because his brother wouldn’t listen to him at all earlier in the week, so Kurt suggests that Blaine get everything out in song.

Blaine marches into the auditorium in time to a few opening bars from Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and proceeds to sing his feelings at his brother. Cooper joins in, and the two have an entire conversation through song. This scene totally worked (again, it could have been super cheesy, but I thought it was well performed and, thanks to the epic talent from Bomer and Criss, made an impact on the audience).

And, again, major hats off to Bomer and Criss for their acting skills. Their reaction shots in this scene are powerful… one that really stands out for me is the slightly guilty look that Blaine flashes after Cooper sings the lines “So when we found that we could not make sense / Well you said that we would still be friends / But I’ll admit that I was glad it was over.” Like, he realized he was a bit to blame for how sour their relationship had turned. Good times.

As much as I loved the song, I really loved the dialogue between the two boys. Cooper said that that was the best Blaine every sounded. He also said he was hard on his brother because he knows he’s going to make it at whatever he does… movies, concerts, Broadway (which Blaine jokes is “dead”). (This bit was funny and an “awwwwww” moment all at the same time because within the last year, Darren has filmed his first largeish part in a movie, he’s done a bunch of concerts, and he made his Broadway debut.) Cooper then says he’d like for him and Blaine to not just be brothers, but be friends, to which Blaine replies how he’s wanted that forever. Blaine thought Cooper had to get going, but it turns out Cooper’s audition was cancelled (Cooper said they probably found somebody better or hotter). Blaine suggests that they put his audition on tape. They have a cute moment when Blaine points at Cooper while he’s talking and Cooper jokes that he knew Blaine was serious because he pointed. Blaine then said he could have done something else like RAISE HIS VOICE. And the AnderBros walked off into the sunset (well… not really… more like out of the auditorium) and we hope they live happily ever after.

I hope we get to see more of Cooper in upcoming episodes. If not season, then hopefully next season. Since this was a MAJOR Blaine episode, I doubt we’ll see any big Blaine story lines for the rest of this season (well, unless they deal with Kurt… we’ll see Klaine stuff, I’m sure. But Blaine-only story lines are likely over until Season 4 since he’s a Junior and they are really going to be focusing on the kids who are graduating). But, I would love to see more AnderBros in the future. Especially now that Cooper isn’t as big of a douche as he was at the beginning of the episode.

WELL… thus ends my recap. Here’s the promo for next week. I cannot f-ing wait for this episode, as j’adore the Saturday Night Fever. Disco does NOT suck.


I should get to sleep… have a lot of work tomorrow.

Have a good one