My internet is epically sucking right now, so I will try to link out when I can to videos/songs, but as of right now… I’m lucky I was able to post anything at all.


I love disco, so I was pumped for tonight’s episode of Glee because while the movie of Saturday Night Fever is not necessarily my jam, its soundtrack is. LIKE WHOA. I just really love the BeeGees, okay?

The show opened with Blaine, Mike and Brittany singing and dancing to “We Should Be Dancing”… YEAH! I appreciated that the three best dancers in the whole group got a chance to shine together. Even though this number had absolutely nothing to do with the plot (besides kicking off an episode of SNF music), it was one of my favorite numbers of the night just because they basically did all the dance moves I do around the house on a regular basis…

Go ahead and judge. I’ll wait.

After their song, it was revealed that they did the number because the theme for this year’s nationals is “vintage” (which hopefully means no original songs, thank GOD). The other members of New Directions are not so pumped with the disco song the 3 did because, as the group yelled, “DISCO SUCKS.”

(No it doesn’t, guys. It’s AWESOME.)

After the “Glee” title card, Mr. Schue is up at the piano working on his glee diarama of the kids, and internal monologuing about how three of his seniors are posing a problem b/c of their lack of drive for the future – Finn, Mercedes and Santana. Will goes to Sue for help (who says that he’s run out of ideas ever since Madonna Week), and suggests that the theme for their lessons that week should be Saturday Night Fever. And, she says they should offer up some swag as a prize (LOVED the montage of previous swag… Bryan Ryan’s bedazzled jean jackets, mattresses, gift certificate to Breadstix).

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Mercedes and Kurt are approached by Wade Adams (Glee Project contestant Alex). He’s a student at Carmel and sings in Vocal Adrenaline. He reveals that Jesse St. James is back as coach of VA (!!!!) and that he himself feels he could be the love child of Kurt and Mercedes with his fierce alter ego – Unique. Wade wants to perform in VA’s upcoming Regionals in heels and a dress as Unique, because Unique is a her. Kurt and Mercedes are rendered speechless.

Back in the choir room, the kids walk in to find that their floor is now covered in the same disco floor featured in SNF. Rachel tells Sue and Mr. Schue that “We do not support disco in this room.” (It would appear that Blaine does though… boy is PUMPED when he sees the disco floor.)

Schue and Sue brush off the hate of the room and announce that the kids are going to have a dance off and the winner will get a replica of John Travola’s infamous white suit (as sewn by Becky Johnson… EXCELLENT throwaway scene of her sewing, omg).

Sue and Schue (with the help of Joe and Blaine) perform “Night Fever” (soooo much horrible falsetto… a major theme of the night :/). All the kids get on the disco floor and dance. Sam and his body rolls… come on, kid, your White Chocolate days are over. Get a new dance move. I laughed at Puck’s “Disco Sucks” shirt, but then questioned how on earth Artie and his wheelchair got up on that raised floor?

After the number, Mr. Schue announced that the finalists for the white suit were Finn, Mercedes and Santana… hmmm… somehow this is not a coincidence.

When we get back from commercial, Finn, Mercedes and Santana are sitting down w/Mr. Schue. Finn is the only one pumped about the suit, but that’ll change in a few minutes. Schue tells them that the competition is not about the suit, but about how their time is running out (WE KNOW, MR. SCHUE… every freakin’ Glee commercial is a countdown to graduation. It’s killing me slowly…). Finn is no longer as pumped about the suit now.

Mercedes says she has a dream and we segue to her singing “Disco Inferno” with Santana and Brittany as her backup singers/dancers. The song was good (as good as “Disco Inferno” can be… I had a purple dinosaur stuffed animal that sang this song when I was little), and Sam was impressed… taping it on his phone. (Btw – how fierce has Mercedes looked this season? The answer is VERY.)

After her song, Mercedes says to the group that she does have a dream – it’s to be like Mariah, Whitney, and Aretha… sing big hits that inspire people. But she doesn’t know how to accomplish this. She got into Defiance College, but thinks she should be out in LA or something. She says that her dad thinks that her dreams are insane. You can tell Sam doesn’t think so… (more on that later).

In the hallway, Finn sees Rachel, Rachel sees Finn, but neither of them say anything. Kurt tells Rachel that she should talk to Finn, but she won’t. Yet.

At Finn’s locker, Puck asks Finn if he’s going to LA. Finn says No. Puck really wants him there b/c Puck is scared to be in LA by himself. Finn tells Puck that Puck will be fine. Puck (being the awesome friend that he’s kinda been the past couple seasons) asks Finn that when Finn finds his dream, make it as big as he is and that he owes that dream to himself and Puck. (Aw. Puck. Je t’aime.)

When we get back from commercial, Kurt and Mercedes walk into Sue’s office and she confronts them about talking to Wade (i.e. “the enemy”). Kurt and Mercedes don’t think it’s wise for Wade to dress as Unique, but Sue whips out a pair of Size 13 Wide pumps and gives them to Mercedes and Kurt to give to Wade. She thinks if Wade dresses as Unique for Regionals, VA will lose.

In the choir room, Santana sings “If I Can’t Have You” while everyone bops along in chairs around the stage (to be honest, I only ever really pay attention to what Mike, Blaine and Puck are doing… and Sugar… but she wasn’t in tonight’s episode). Finn was eyeballing Rachel. Santana was singing to Brittany, and Sam was eyeballing Mercedes. (Endgame is endgame, yo).

After her song, Mr. Schue comes up with this rindonkulous story about how she was singing about marriage equality and about how she was going to be a lawyer. Santana shot back that that was crazy and how her mistress is Fame and how “I’m going to be famous if it’s the last thing I do.” (okay, I get that this is glee club… but don’t any of these kids want to do anything that’s not performance-related? Like, I loved singing and dancing in high school too… but I had other interests. It doesn’t appear that any of these kids have skills outside of Glee club. #justsayin)

Rachel and Finn meet on the auditorium stage after and she tells him that if he doesn’t want to go to NYC, he doesn’t have to. As much as I hate Rachel, it’s nice to see her actually taking someone else’s feelings and issues into account for once. Granted, they are engaged and therefore should be looking out for each other anyway, but she’s usually super selfish. So, yay for some maturity?

Finn says that he took an online job quiz, but that the results said he’d be a competitive eating champion (awesome), but Rachel presses on with her speech and says that she wants to give Finn’s dreams an equal shot. Rachel then sings “How Deep is You Love.” I liked that the band dudes sang backup. I love the band dudes. They need more air time like I need air.

The staging for this song (Rachel singing at the mic and Finn sitting on a stool) was basically the exact same as when Blaine sang Cough Syrup to Kurt during “On My Way,” with the exception that this episode had way more disco effects and no cuts to a super sad Karofsky.

After the song, Finn, Rachel, Schue and Emma are in Emma’s office trying to find some college booklets for Finn. Finn seems excited and Rachel tells him there’s no rush (but there really is… I mean, graduation is soon. LIKE, IN A FEW EPISODES, MAN.) When Finn walks out, Mr. Schue tells him “Hey, Finn. We believe in you.”

As soon as Finn leaves the room, he tosses the entire stack of booklets into the recycle bin.

Also in the hallway, Artie rolls up to Santana and tells her that “Two Girls, One Cat” is awesome… it appears Brittany posted her and Santana’s sex tape online spliced together with footage of Lord Tubbington doing household chores. Yikes Bikes.

After the commercial break, Schue sits Finn down (OH SNAP… usually Finn is telling Blaine to sit down… butnevermind…). Schue tells Finn that he saw him dump the booklets. Finn snaps and says that he’s a total loser and that he’s not qualified to do anything. He wants time to stop (don’t we all?) and to feel like he’s young forever (Has he been listening to Teenage Dream on repeat?). Schue pops out a tape of SNF (really, Mr. Schue? A VHS tape?) and tells Finn to watch because, like Travolta’s character, Finn can do anything he wants.

In the library, Santana asks Brittany to take down the sex tape. Brit tells her that if she wants to be famous, then Santana needs to get on a reality show. She suggests Hoarders and Fear Factor (of course there was a bull testicle joke. Ugh.).

Kurt and Mercedes go to Carmel (which on this show is in Akron… which is (1.) way far away from Lima and (2.) not a real high school in Akron. I would know. I lived there for almost 20 years and went to probably the best high school in that city. Sadly, we did not have a glee club.). The go to tell Wade not to dress as a woman. They find Wade at his mirror getting ready and Wade says he’s going to dress up. Kurt tries to stop him by telling Wade that even though Kurt wears flamboyant outfits, he never wore a dress. Wade cuts him off and says that’s because Kurt identifies himself as a man… Wade identifies himself as a woman. (WAY TO GO, GLEE, FOR ADDRESSING THIS TOPIC! ALBEIT SUPER QUICKLY… I think this is a super important topic to address. Gender identification is a serious topic. It’s just generally assumed that if you are born with male genitalia, that you identify as a man, and if you are born with female genitalia then you identify as a woman. This is not the case with everybody, even though a majority of the population DOES identify with the gender they are born with. But, gender identity is a valid and relevant topic for discussion. It’s great that a primetime television show like Glee chose to have this as a subplot because there are people out there who don’t agree with people who identify with their genetically opposite gender. But, those haters need to educate themselves because this is real. This has nothing to do with God. This has everything to do with identity and self-acceptance. Go listen to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga if you have any questions… or go to THIS awesome website that has more information with regards to questioning your gender identity.)

Kurt and Mercedes are left stunned as the curtain rises and we see Unique looking fierce in her black feather dress with those sparkly heels from Sue. She sings “Boogie Shoes” and Jesse St. James is PISSED. To the extent that he storms onto the stage and yells for Wade to get off the stage… but Unique keeps singing and dancing. Kurt and Mercedes dance with glee in the wings, now fully supportive of Unique’s choice. When she finishes singing, there is thunderous applause. You go, girl.

After the commercial, Finn and Rachel meet in the choir room. Finn says his life and the song he’s about to sing doesn’t work without her… he sings “More Than A Woman.” Partway during the song, they are flanked by other Glee couples, all decked out in disco garb. Mike/Tina, Santana/Brittany, Blaine/Kurt, and Finn/Rachel all dance and it’s adorable. Klaine FOREVER, guys. I thought it was super cute when Kurt was leading and twirled Blaine in, and then dipped him. I’d like to think that this (as well as their prom dance from last season) shows that both boys lead and follow in their relationships and that they are equals… neither of them falls into a masculine or feminine stereotype. Both take on equal roles in their relationship. ☺ So cute, it’s almost sickening. (What was sickening were those stupid camera shots of the couples spinning… I HATE it when the camera is on a mid shot/close up of one person spinning and the camera lens acts as the viewpoint of the other person spinning. BLAH)

After the song, Finn tells Rachel he figured out what he wants to do… he wants to move to New York and be on Inside the Actors Studio (i.e. go to Pace where James Lipton is at… which I’m sure just got written into the show b/c the cast was on Inside the Actors Studio last Monday.). It’s Finn’s dream to act. (And I was like, “Really?” Because he hasn’t really shown any interest in acting all that much. He wasn’t in West Side Story. He didn’t even freakin’ audition. So, yeah…)

Later, Sam approaches Mercedes and shows her that he uploaded her version of Disco Inferno to youtube. She’s a little mad at first, but then sees that complete strangers made positive comments about her singing. Sam gives Mercedes a bit of a pep talk and it’s clear that he believe in her and her dreams enough for the both of them. They kiss. Aw, Samcedes. I guess I ship it.

After the commercial, Sue talks to Santana and Brittany and tells them that sex tapes are a dime a dozen (she herself had one… on Beta. Woot.)

Santana admits that she wants to make something of her life and go to college. It turns out, thanks to a brilliant idea from Brittany, that Santana has a full ride for cheerleading to the University of Louisville. (That doesn’t seem legal, but hey… we’ll go with it.)

Santana loves Brittany and Brittany loves Santana. I ship that too (but not as much as Klaine… I will go down with that ship like Jack Dawson did in Titanic).

SO… who gets the disco suit? Finn, Mercedes and Santana do… and they strut down the hall to “Staying Alive”… and then EVERYONE is wearing the white suit on the stage (and, to be honest, my jaw dropped a little bit when they showed Darren in his white suit. Everyone looked flawless, but somehow he looked extra… DAY-YUM).

I didn’t particularly love this episode. I thought there was too much focus on telling Finn, Mercedes and Santana to figure out their future NOW. They are kids. Guess what… I’m 28 and I still have no idea what my future holds. I thought this kinda was sending a bad message, but maybe that’s just me. I mean, it’s nice to go off to college (if that’s what’s best for you) and major in something you are interested in and feel you might want to make a career… but guess what? Not everyone goes to college. Not everyone knows what they want to be. Not everyone has everything figured out all the time. So, geez, Glee. Get a grip. I did like the songs. I did like the disco dancing. And I did like Wade/Unique. So there.

And then the show ended and they showed the promo for next week’s episode… the Whitney episode. I’m extra hormonal right now (being a girl really sucks sometimes), and when they started singing the slowed down version of “How Will I Know,” I might have teared up a bit. Graduation is approaching. Burt tells Kurt he doesn’t want him to go. Blaine’s singing “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay”… WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!


Well… I need to get to sleep. I have to wake up ass-early to be at work ass-early for a long day. Luckily, I’ll be with some of my most favorite people. Woot.

Have a good one