You don’t even know how pissed I am at our Internet connection right now. I have a really important assignment that I have to do online tomorrow with a strict deadline and I am freaking out that I’m not going to get it in on time because of the Internet. Part of it is my computer is old and sucks, but another part of it is that I am having horrendous amounts of trouble attaching documents of any kind (though especially zip files of pictures) to gmail emails.


I was in tears the other day over this… I really, really, REALLY need to get this assignment in tomorrow. It’s for a potential internship that I was so bad I can taste it.

So, please keep your fingers epically crossed for me tomorrow night.

In other news (?), I’m still working on my script. Yep, I haven’t given up yet! I’m actually around 22+ pages in and going strong. I’ll try and work on some more tonight. I usually have a big problem trying to perfect what I’ve already worked on before I can press forward, but I’m making myself just keep going even though I know there is stuff I need to fix. But – I’m doing it! I’m going to finish this sucker. Even though little parts of it are about me, I’m headed into major fiction territory for the next few scenes, so we’ll see how that goes. But, I had a really great idea (well, I thought it was great) and I think it should pay off, script-wise, so we’ll see!

Well, off to read and write.

Have a good one