So, look at that… two posts in two days.

I don’t have anything super exciting to report. Today was a mostly lazy day. I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I basically was in my StarKid sweatpants all day long and was either doing research for a little project, watching the rest of Sex and the City movie w/commentary (god, I miss NYC like whoa… and I just friggin’ love that movie, even though I was always on Team Berger. I feel he was one of the most underrated characters on that show.), playing Yahtzee w/my mom, watching one of our fish die (that’s really sad and disturbing… if you can avoid seeing this happen, keep it that way), and then working on a project for a potential internship. I did the best I could and got it turned in on time (thanks to my mom letting me use her computer). So, we’ll see what happens!

I also worked a bit more on my script (and I will work on it some more in a few minutes). The protagonist just had her first run-in with her eventual love interest. I only just started the scene, so there is a lot more misunderstanding and mortification to go, but so far so good. It bothers me a little bit that my first foray into feature script writing is a rom-dramedy, but I think it will turn out okay in that it’s (hopefully) not going to be riddled with cliches. Some of it is based in reality, but most of it is completely made up. Fiction has never been my strong suit, but because I have a clear picture of these characters (as in, most of the completely made up characters still have little traces of people I know/know of in them… be they friends, family, or acquaintances), I think it’ll turn out okay 🙂 One can only hope!!

Well… off to try and write some more. I’m actually looking forward to digging my protagonist a huge hole so that she may work her way out of it.

Have a good one