Hey y’all…

This is going to be short since I should be sleeping (or working on my script… but sleeping seems to be important as of late too.)

So, I saw two movies in the past few days and they have been utterly disappointing. What’s the deal with that?

On Friday, my mom and I saw Five Year Engagement. You figure… it’s produced by Judd Apatow, and co-written by/starring Jason Segel. This should be a solid film full of laughs, heart and heartbreak, right? NOPE. It was one of those movies where all of the funny parts were in the trailer. I love Jason Segel to bits, but this was just not on par with any of his prior projects. This film wasn’t all that funny, you didn’t really feel super connected to the characters. The last few minutes were cute, but the first two hours really weren’t all that special. I’m not a fan of rom coms on a whole, but this one was extra disappointing. I would say skip it unless you want to pay $5-10 being underwhelmed. Great cast. Meh film.

Then, tonight, I saw The Lucky One (yes, the Nicholas Sparks Zefron movie). I have seen every Nicholas Sparks film, though this was the first (and likely only) one I saw in a movie theater. I wanted to like this (well, as much as I could possibly want to like this kind of film). I actually really liked the book (okay, confession time… I read Nicholas Sparks books. Almost all of them are waaaaaaaaaaaay too melodramatic, but I think of them as the literary equivalent of car wrecks. I shouldn’t be reading them, but somehow I can’t look away.).)

Anyway, I actually liked the book of The Lucky One, so I was sort of interested in the film adaptation (and was very interested in Zefron. Go ahead and judge, but the kid has nice eyes… and other physical features. He’s legal, so I don’t feel weird about it. Zac Efron is attractive. There, I typed it. But seriously… it’s those eyes, man. But I digress…).

However, I was seriously disappointed in what were supposed to be the most emotional scenes of the film – the confrontation between Logan and Beth, and then the rain/river scene. I haven’t read the book in awhile, but I remember the rain/river scene being a freakin’ nail biter… and it was a real page turner to see who made it out and who didn’t. The movie completely undersold this scene – there was no real sense of danger and it was obvious who would and would not make it out. This should have been suspenseful, but instead it was lame.

And, the most disappointing scene was the confrontation between Logan and Beth. Whose idea was it to have his back to her for practically the whole scene?! I mean, I get that he didn’t want to look at her/was remembering how he got the picture, but COME ON. The blocking was horrible, the ADR was horrible (it was for a lot of parts in the film, damn), and the direction was horrible. Which, that kills me to write because the director (Scott Hicks) directed Shine (1996)… and Shine is an AMAZING film.


Well, that’s my two cents about that. I think the next movie I’ll be seeing in theaters is The Avengers. I have super high expectations about this film. But, Joss Whedon is helming it and the cast is stellar… so, I best not be disappointed 🙂

Have a good one