I have watched American Idol since season one. Like, FAITHFULLY since season one. I think I’ve maybe missed 3 episodes ever.

While I think Joshua deserves to win, I am pulling for Phillip Phillips to stick around until the finale because he is the best thing about this show this season.

Phillip Phillips is my American Idol because he takes the music (and ONLY the music) seriously. When he’s doing his solos, he’s 100% into his song. He’s either playing his guitar or twitching around sans-guitar on stage. Regardless of what is in his hands, his mouth is up to that mic, his eyes are dancing with secrets and song, and he’s sharing music with all of us. That kid chews up lyrics and spits them out with such passion and grit… it’s mesmerizing and uncomfortable at the same time. The way he contorts his face is often awkward and his face turns so red you almost think that he might pop a vein or something. He feels the music and then shares those feelings with the rest of us. While his songs may not have been the best tonight, nor the most showy performance, they were real. And to me, the simple act of expressing feelings through song is waaaaaaaaaaay more effective than lounging on the floor surrounded by candles (*cough* Jessica).

Phillip Phillips is my American Idol favorite this season because he doesn’t need a bajillion backup dancers or stupid props on stage with him. Phillip Phillips gives us music because music matters to him.

You know what doesn’t matter to him (at least, so it seems)? Doing a little song and dance for the man. I thought his duet with Joshua of “You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” was the funniest thing I’ve seen on television in a while. Those two boys were so uncomfortable during the first half of that song, it was awkward watching them… I can’t imagine how awkward they were feeling. But, part way through the song, Phillip started eyeing Joshua, as if he was acknowledging the awkwardness of it all… and then it got funny. Phillip broke into smiles here and there, and then when he reached out at the end of the song to put his arm around Joshua, I lost it. I was doubled over in my chair. Phillip Phillips takes music seriously, but he’s smart enough to know when he’s being forced to sing and dance for the man… and he’s obviously not buying it. *That’s* what makes me support Phillip Phillips. He’s in this for the music… he *won’t* just shut up and sing and dance for the man. He makes weird faces. He jokes around. He’s sarcastic. FINALLY… someone who isn’t willing to just bend over and take it for the sake of staying on the show.

But, Joshua is a close second favorite for me… that boy can SANG. Did you see his performance of “To Love Somebody“? SHIT SON, THAT WAS AMAZING.

Well… off to work on my script 🙂

Off from work tomorrow!

Have a good one