I’m sure you saw by now that the President said in an interview that he supports gay marriage.


I’m straight… why should I care so much about this?

Why SHOULDN’T I care so much about this? Equal rights for American citizens is super important. It makes me sick knowing that marriage equality is still an issue in this country. What the f**k is so wrong with a person loving another person so much that they want to get married? If you don’t support same sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex… SIMPLE AS THAT, FOLKS.

Honestly… what is the big deal with a guy marrying a guy or a woman marrying a woman? You know what ruins the sanctity of marriage? People who get married on a whim. People who divorce each other. People who cheat on their spouse. To me… if a group of people are fighting so hard to have their relationships recognized as legal, they aren’t going to ruin marriage. It’s the people who claim marriage is only between a man and a woman who are ruining marriage. It’s 2012. Pull your misinformed heads out of your asses and focus on the economy and education and clean energy. Gay marriage should be legal – the fact that it’s not is just silly at this point. Silly and sad.

It’s not fair to force your intolerant viewpoints on an entire sect of people when it really has nothing to do with you. All the politicians and citizens who are anti-gay marriage (more than likely) aren’t in a same-sex relationship. Who are they to tell same-sex couples how to conduct their lives? That doesn’t make any sense… (much like all these male politicians trying to tell all us lady citizens about OUR health care or lack thereof… but I digress)

Separation of Church and State, right?


It surely doesn’t seem that way when it comes to the gay marriage debate. I was watching a local Fox affiliate tonight (American Idol was on, yo…) and the anchor woman said something about “President Obama announced that he supports the gay marriage.”

Read that quote out loud to yourself.

Your reaction was probably similar to mine… “buh-what?!”

“the gay marriage”

Who writes your copy, anchor person?!

Anyway… I am happy the president voiced his support of gay marriage. Sure, I bet he’s trying to get the youth vote… well guess what, he’s got my vote. He done HAD my vote, but this just helps solidify it. I’m proud to have a President who supports marriage equality. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You know what else made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet on American Idol tonight.

HOLY SHIT. Their second solo performances were AMAZING. Like, my mouth was hanging open.

Phillip Phillips sang a Damien Rice song. Now, I know a few of Rice’s songs, but I never heard “Volcano,” but oh my goodness… Phillip Phillips moved me with that performance. Those lyrics were just… I can’t even put it into words. All the feelings man, ALL OF THEM. The way he ended that song… my jaw dropped and I picked up my phone to dial his numbers then and there, but there was still 30 minutes of the show left before I could vote. His voice kills me, and that was probably the most perfect song he could have sung tonight. It was so haunting… and beautiful… and man, I have chills thinking about it right now. Jesus. That moved me.

You know what else moved me?

Joshua Ledet’s version of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.

That boy took us to church and back… I was just shaking my head in my chair the whole time. That kid puts so much of himself into every performance and tonight was no exception. His voice is so powerful and they way he emotes just takes you to another place. I don’t know how he does it, but bless him and all his cows because his performance tonight was a gift to watch. Shit. Watch it and feel something.

Oh, and Jessica Sanchez can just go home. I wish female artists didn’t feel like they just have to belt everything. I thought both her songs tonight weren’t right… that Etta James song was WAAAAAAAAAAY to inappropriate for her (come on… a 16 year old singing about a late night hook up?) and that Dreamgirls song should just be banned from all singing shows. Jennifer Holiday and Jennifer Hudson killed that song. No one ever needs to sing it ever again in the future of singing.

My dog is currently standing on top of my feet right now, so I should see what she needs…

Have a good one.