So, it was Glee Tuesday and we got two brand spankin’ new episodes.

That being said, this will likely be the shortest Glee-cap you’ll ever get from me.



I’ve seen the Klaine Halloween clip too many times to count, so I was pleased that this opened the show. This is basically all the Klaine we got for the whole two hours tonight (which I will touch on later, toward the end of Nationals…)

I loved that Tina was such a huge part of this episode. I love Jenna’s voice so much and it really is a shame that her character (TINA COHEN-CHANG!) has been put on the back burner for 3 seasons. It was nice to see/hear her get 1 1/2 solos tonight for once. Girl can SANG. Her bumped head-turned AU was quite comical. I laughed heartily at Puck-as-Blaine making heart eyes at Finn-as-Kurt. Quinn-as-Sugar was a riot! OMG, I laughed so hard. Also, Blaine-as-Puck… though he had no lines (and I’m super biased), I thought Darren had Mark Salling’s body language down to a science. (Same goes for Kurt-as-Finn… Chris Colfer nailed that. Like whoa.)

My mom thought Tina-as-Rachel was guest star Charice from last season… it took me a few minutes to explain that it was Tina-as-Rachel.

The most important story line in the “Props” episode for me was NOT Rachel trying to get another NYADA audition, but Beiste and Puck’s plot lines. Coach Beiste FINALLY left her husband. I was really scared for her, holding that knife over the sink (and saying that she slept with one under her pillow…). I mean, I sleep with a 33″ aluminum softball bat next to my bed, but that’s for piece of mind. Her character did that because she was scared – not only of her husband harming her, but of her own love for the husband who harmed her. It was so intense when she was confronting Cooter… and then Puck. Dear Jesus, I just wanted to reach through my television and give that kid a hug.

That scene in the locker room between Puck and Beiste where Puck was telling about how his parents weren’t super supportive and how he was worthless and turned out like garbage just about broke me. I don’t cry while watching television, but I could feel some tears prickling up… I was so thankful when Beiste wrapped him in a hug because he just needed someone to show that they cared about him. And then their duet of “Mean”… le sigh. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days now anyway and ain’t gonna stop any time soon. That song is just really great (I like Taylor Swift a little bit, okay? Geez. Those lyrics are important to me… “Someday, I’ll be livin’ in a big ol’ city and all your ever going to be in mean.” That means something to me. Like, more than you know.)

And then the episode ended after a Rachel/Tina duet.

OH – Sam Evans in this episode. OMG. Between his Darth Vader and Christopher Walken impressions, I almost fell off the couch.


And the New Directions were off to Chicago to compete at Nationals against a team from Orgeon and Vocal Adrenaline (from Akron, OH… which KILLS me, because I lived in Akron, OH for a majority of my life. Oh, goodness.).

The Troubletones sang “Edge of Glory” (meh), Rachel sang “All Coming Back to Me” (Celine Dion power ballads are my jam… but I HATE when one person sings the whole song at a show CHOIR competition), then everyone sang “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” (dude… I forgot how much I love this song). As I mentioned above, I am super biased w/regard to Darren/Blaine… so of course I was trying to watch him the whole time. I liked in their last number that Blaine kinda got to dance a bit with Kurt

The NYADA lady (Whoopi Goldberg) showed up in the middle of the New Directions performance, so I’m sure Rachel will have a better shot at getting into NYADA now. At this point, I don’t really care anymore.

Vocal Adrenaline went next and sang two songs – both with Unique on lead. They sang Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” (I friggin’ LOVE this song… omg) and then they did “Pinball Wizard.” No show choir should ever sing this song ever because The Dartmouth Aires NAILED this song on The Sing Off. So, no other show choir (either real or fictional) should ever try and sing this song in competition ever again. Mmmmmkay?

And so, the New Directions won Nationals. (I was watching w/my mom, and she actually clapped when they won because she was so surprised. Then she asked me if it was a dream sequence 🙂 )

Oh… Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton and Rex Lee (though he didn’t play himself) were the Nationals judges. This was horrible casting. LiLo looks like a skeleton and somehow managed to lose all acting skillz she had in such gems are Mean Girls and The Parent Trap, while Perez had no skillz to begin with. (And he looks like a skeleton now too… yikes bikes.) But, I love Rex Lee.

The kids won, they were welcomed with open arms by their school upon their return. Emma decided it was finally time for her and Will to have sex (this was out of nowhere and kind of off putting… and by “kind of,” I mean “a lot”). Finchel kissed. Tike kissed. Britana kissed. And Klaine… well, they barely even stood by each other throughout the second half of the episode.

Klaine tangent. OKAY, so what’s the deal with this? It’s been established that Klaine is one of the most stable couples on that show. Usually we’re stuck watching Finchel or other random hetero couples make out on that show… but tonight, Britana got a full-out kiss, complete with a dip. But Klaine? Nada. I’m sure the whole of the fandom was like “Buh-what the hell, Fox?” Do you know how many episodes have had Kurt and Blaine? Thirty-three. (It would have been 35, but Blaine was not in “Comeback” or “Spanish Teacher”) Do you know how many episodes they’ve officially been a couple? Twenty-six. (I did count “Spanish Teacher, even though Blaine was not physically in the episode…) Do you know how many episodes we’ve seen Klaine kiss each other? Two. And do you know how many episodes are left until Kurt graduates from McKinley and is more than likely leaving his helmet-haired boyfriend in Ohio while he’s off taking NYC by storm? ONE.

The numbers just don’t add up.

At all.

If there isn’t a Princess Bride-level Klaine kiss in next week’s Season Finale, then something is seriously wrong with Fox and the Glee writers.


I have a theory that Fox/the Glee writers are more prone to show Britana PDA instead of Klaine PDA because woman/woman is much more palatable to the masses than man/man. I mean, think about it… for years (nay, decades) in television and film, we the audience have been much more exposed to women than men. Women’s bodies are an ever-present entity in our popular culture. If there is nudity in a film, it’s almost always a woman… her butt, her breasts, etc… I mean, Titanic (PG-13) had a bare-chested Kate Winslet posing for a drawing. But, if you show a man’s penis, that gets you a one-way ticket to an R rating (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc…) To be fair, nudity is just one aspect to a film’s rating. Language and violence also contribute to the ratings. However, I can’t think of any PG-13 movies off the top of my head that have male nudity in them. So… think about that for a minute.

To stereotype, male audiences are likely okay with naked/partially nude women or woman/woman relationships because they get to objectify/look at women’s bodies. Women likely tolerate seeing other women’s bodies and/or woman/woman relationships in television shows/films because it’s nothing we haven’t seen before (I mean, hello… we see boobs every day whether we want to or not. That’s just how it is when they are literally right there all the freakin’ time.). HOWEVER… it would appear that (to stereotype again) men are uncomfortable seeing other men’s bodies and seeing men showing affection for other men. Why? Do they feel threatened? Do they feel uncomfortable? I don’t know the answer to this… I’m a woman. (Though, studying “the male gaze” was part of my Film Theory & Criticism courses… so, I do have some educational background on this topic.) It would seem that on a whole, male audiences are more receptive to man/woman and woman/woman interactions/PDA than man/man. Is *this* why Glee shies away from Kurt and Blaine doing much more than maybe holding hands or hugging? Is Fox/Glee trying to appease the male demographic that they likely don’t have to begin with? It’s 2012. Get over yourselves and try and do these characters justice.

Did you know Fox/Glee had a Poll on Facebook where fans could vote for their favorite couple and then Fox will supposedly release merchandise with said couple on it? Klaine won… by a lot (the next closest couple was Britana). Klaine had over 40,000 votes (I believe) while Finchel had maybe 3,500. You can be damn sure I’m going to get some Klaine merch. Fox better keep their word on this.

(end Klaine tangent)

And then at the end of the episode, Finn and Rachel presented Mr. Schue w/the Teacher of the Year award. Awwww. Cue Queen’s “We Are the Champions” (such a solid song, man), and then roll credits to the promo…

I can’t believe next week is their graduation. What I did like from the promo was Papa Hummel doing the Single Ladies dance on the stage (right?!) and there appears to be a Klaine discussion… likely regarding if they will/will not do the long distance thing. Kurt said before (and in the promo said again) that he’s never saying goodbye to Blaine. YOU BEST NOT, KURT.

(end glee talk)

In other news, I’m super bummed that Maria got kicked off of the Dancing Show :/ I wanted William to leave. Sigh.

Well… I’m going to go work on my script. I’m on page 67. buh-what?!

Have a good one