Did you watch the show tonight? Holy hell, friends… Phillip and Joshua NEED to be in the American Idol finale next week like I need air.

Joshua killed all three of his songs tonight. Like, SLAYED them. The Etta James song the judges picked for him was flawless, his rendition of “Imagine” was gorgeous, and then his version of “No More Drama”… ohmygoodness. My heart was pounding. Like, seriously… pounding. The way he just pours every ounce of himself into each and every song is ridiculous. He connects with every word – you can see it in his eyes. (THIS is one of the major reasons why he has separated himself from Jessica Sanchez. Both of them belt it out like whoa, but the way he interprets his songs is completely different then how she does it. Jessica sings songs, but she doesn’t connect to them. It’s all about song choice… and while Jessica manages to sing her songs pretty decently, Joshua FEELS his songs, and in doing so, lets us feel them too.)

Joshua deserves not only to be in the finale next week, but that kid should win the whole thing.

That being said, Phillip Phillips needs to be in the finale too.

I was BEYOND excited when he started singing “Beggin‘”. Dear Lord, I love the original version of that song, but Phillip Phillip’s take on it was mesmerizing. This was my favorite song of the night, by far… while I loved Joshua’s “No More Drama” a lot, I LOVED “Beggin’.” He was just in the zone … it was so up-tempo and fun. I just really love this song. So much. This might have been one of my favorite performances on Idol ever, to be perfectly honest.

While I wasn’t super over the moon with Phillip Phillip’s second song (Matchbox 20’s “Disease”), I was DYING (in the best way possible) while he sang “We’ve Got Tonight.” You could tell the kid was nervous, as he sat on that stool and rubbed his hand up and down his thigh. But, boy, when he opened his eyes (which didn’t happen often, but enough), you could tell he knew what he was singing. His performance was one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments on that show and I seriously hope it helps him earn a spot in that finale next week. LIke Joshua, Phillip Phillips manages to really get into those lyrics and interpret them as if they were his own original thoughts. You can tell which songs he seems to really believe in and those that he doesn’t (I.e. all those duets he was forced to sing).

Joshua and Phillip Phillips are artists. Jessica is a singer. We have plenty of “singers” out there… we need more artists.