Dude, I was so happy when they announced his name.

What a pretty great finale, right?

I will say, though, as super happy as I was that Phillip won, I felt really bad for him. They literally called his name, handed him a trophy, took away his trophy, shoved his guitar at him, then expected him to sing his coronation song, “Home.” Poor kid made it through a handful of bars before his voice cracked and then he lost it. His eyes filled with tears, his mouth filled with confetti, and he just shrunk back from the mic and played his guitar while taking some much needed moments to himself. He couldn’t even finish the song – just before it was over, he took of his guitar, walked off stage and went straight to the open arms of his family. It was really a very emotional and powerful moment. I mean, I know it’s televised for all the world to see, but this was such a public private moment that I felt bad for watching it unfold. If they would have just given him some time to himself to process it all before expecting him to sing a song… that would have at least been polite. He just looked so overwhelmed. It was painfully endearing, but just so very awkward to watch in that I wish they would have just given him some time to feel the gamut of emotions before forcing him to sing for the masses.

The finale on a whole was pretty solid. I very much enjoyed the guys and Neil Diamond singing (well, the guys sang… Neil Diamond kinda just talks out all his lyrics). I thought Skylar singing with Reba was cute. Phillip singing with John Fogerty was AMAZING (j’adore JOhn Fogerty, yo). Jordin Sparks OWNED her duet with poor little Hollie. The Jennifer Holiday/Jessica Sanchez version of “And I Am Telling You” was CUH-RAZY. Like… I was convinced Jennifer Holiday was possessed or something. That woman had crazy eyes and looked like she was bouts ready to eat her microphone and/or Jessica. Aerosmith was great. J-Lo’s songs were good. (I zoned out during Rihanna… my mom was making us caramel corn and that was way more interesting than Rihanna’s performance… at least to me.)

For me, though, the most AWKWARD part of the whole night was Ace Young’s marriage proposal to Diana DeGarmo. First of all… it was beyond cheesy when he name-dropped the brand of the ring (I get that it was product placement, but that was not very tastefully done.). Second of all, it was hella awkward watching the whole thing unfold. I mean, I am super happy for them (I liked both of them on their respective seasons… I even met Ace by some random happenstance at a Starbucks in LA back in 2006 – I tried to attach a picture, but my computer won’t let me :/ ), but it was just a little awkward. I mean, it was super cute and adorable (yay – she said yes!), but it was awkward. Right?


I’m super happy Phillip won. I will totally buy his albums and try my damnedest to see him in concert. I think he’s a great performer and I like his style of music a lot.

Yay Phillip 🙂

Well… I’m off to read and write some. I gotta get up early to pick up a friend from the airport – woot.

Have a good one