Sorry I’ve been MIA lately… not a lot has been going on and I’ve been using my evening hours to read and write. Not write on here, obviously…

So, as mentioned in prior posts, I’ve been working on a script. I’m on page 105… this is officially, like, 4 times longer than any other script I’ve ever written. So, I consider that a small triumph on my part πŸ™‚ However, I have no idea how this monstrosity is going to end. I’ve written myself into a rut and am clueless how I’m to escape. Right now I’m going back and adding in some small scenes here and there and tweaking some little things. On the drive home from work today I had a revelation regarding my main character. So… tonight I’ll go back in and fix some of her scenes. Make her a little more thick-skinned, so that way when she does break, it’s more poignant.

I’m also more actively looking for apartments. In my head, I wanted to be out of here during June. We’re in June now, and logistically speaking, that’s not likely to happen. SO, an August move-in date would be ideal. I have my heart set on NYC. I’ve inquired about an apartment – we’ll see if I hear back. I really want to go there next month to apartment hunt. My dad will be going on business and I asked if I could tag along. He shot that idea down like I was a duck and it was duck hunting season. I’m not giving up, though.

It epically sucks because I am fairly sure my parents are not supportive of my wish to move to NYC. I’m an adult and technically I can do whatever I want, but their opinions are important to me. However, I am a little (a lot) bummed because I don’t think they believe in me in the sense that I don’t think they think I could make it there. Yes, I don’t have a job lined up right this very second. It’s kind of a huge Catch 22… a lot of the jobs I am very interested in/qualified for/would LOVe start immediately or request to only apply if you live in the city. Since I do not live in the city right now, nor could I start immediately, I cannot apply. I feel that in order to earn the kind of job I want, I need to be there already. I am confident I could find a job if given the opportunity. It’s finding a place to live that is going to be super hard.

My dad jokes all the time how he wants me out of here, but the second I say I want to just up and move, I get questioned. I’m just super confused to the point where I could probably cry myself to sleep right now.

But I won’t.

I’ll just sniffle a bit and wipe the rain off my face while I try and fix my script some more.

So yeah… I’m dealing with some serious shit inside my head. *That’s* where I’ve been.

Have a good one