I couldn’t not post tonight.

Nora Ephron was, is and will continue to be, a huge influence on my life and writing. I was shocked and completely heartbroken to find that she passed away today at age 71.

Her writing and filmmaking has helped shape who I am today. I wrote a paper about her for a scriptwriting class in undergrad. I still consider “When Harry Met Sally…” as the greatest rom-com ever written. That script is brilliant (that whole movie is brilliant – I mean, come on).

She writes about what I not-so-secretly hope my future life in New York holds for me. Witty dialogue. Characters with a wide range of emotions. A little bit of self-loathing mixed with hope of ending up with that person who was meant for you. (And dressing on the side…)

As much as I chastise my mom for loving “You’ve Got Mail” so much (*not* my favorite Ephron movie… sorry), it’s still got its merits. Same goes for “Sleepless in Seattle.” Maybe now that I’m older, I’ll get it. I think I have avoided watching that movie in a long time because I know now that I’ll get it, and that kind of scares me. Ephron deals with emotions and relationships and heartbreak and love all in 100+ pages… and it’s like a smack in the face. (I mean that in the best way possible.)

I admire Nora Ephron for her wit and her way with words. In addition to the scripts she’s written and the films she’s directed, I’ve read some of her other work too. I would give my left hand to be able to write like her. She’s really just one of a kind.

I’m legitimately sad about her death, to the point where I’ll probably cry tomorrow. (Hell, I might even cry about it tonight… I’m tired enough.) It’s going to be hard to open up my script to work on it and not Thank God for Nora Ephron and all her work. I would be lying if I said my script was not influenced by “When Harry met Sally…”. It’s the Holy Grail of rom-coms.

I found my copy of “When Harry Met Sally…” on my DVD shelf and will watch it tomorrow. I might even snag my mom’s copies of “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail.” I need a chance to grieve and just sit and process what Nora Ephron means to me. I didn’t know her personally, but her work means so much to me that I am still affected by her death.

So, here’s to Nora Ephron – one of the most talented women and one of my all-time personal lady heroes.

Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your wit. Thank you for the laughter and thank you for the tears.