So, I finally have some updates. I have decided to grab my life by its balls and am making great strides in an attempt to make my dreams come true.

As of this morning, I booked my flight to NYC for a 5-day apartment hunt adventure. I also found out today that I have a Skype interview this week for a potential internship. Soooooo, I am pumped.

And super tired.

To be perfectly honest, I have been so stressed out about everything lately that I haven’t slept much over the past week. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I still have to deal with properly informing my place of employment that I will be seeking opportunities elsewhere. I need to do that this week.


But, I an on moving on to bigger and better things.

I deserve this.

I am sorry if that sounds selfish, but I am ready to prove myself to myself and everyone else.


Have a good one