You know when you are super tired, but you have so much going on in your head that you can’t sleep?

I’m in that not-so-awesome place right now.

In a little over 2 weeks, I’ll be in NYC looking for an apartment.

I have never properly looked for an apartment ever. I lived in 3 different apartments/houses with my sister, but she found all of those places. When I was supposed to move into an apartment with a friend a couple years ago, I looked at apartments (but actually only physically went and scoped out one place), but that never came to fruition. And, now, here I am… going to NYC on my own to look at apartments on my own. I’m terrified. I mean, I’m excited – I can’t wait to live there – but I am TERRIFIED. I wonder if any of my NYC friends can come with me to check out some places? Hmmm… I will have to ask them.

I’m still applying for jobs like a mad fiend. I applied for another position today that seems PERFECT for me. Hopefully I will hear back from the person. I was supposed to have 2 job interviews this week. I ended up only having one, but it went really well. That made me feel really good – it made me feel confident in myself in that someone liked my cover letter and resume enough to seek me out and talk to me.

I turned in my 2 weeks notice at work the other day. It was empowering. My dad (and other people) tried to convince me to just transfer to a different branch of the same company when I move to New York, but I said No. I am fairly miserable there right now and even though it would be amazing to start off living in NYC with a job already in place, I don’t want to keep working for a company that just makes me feel horrible all the time. I am confident that I will find a job (or a couple jobs) in New York. I have a lot of skills and I am a damn hard worker. I deserve to work at a place that doesn’t suck the soul out of me (in addition to paying crap wages). I am hirable, dammit.

I’m really going to miss the people I work with, though. Some of the ladies at work have basically become extended family. I mean, I don’t really hang out with anybody outside of work (though I have legit befriended a girl my age and we have gone and seen a few movies and we text outside of work), but I spend enough time with these people to know about their lives and families and interests and I sincerely care about these women.

One of my colleagues is reading the script I’ve been working on. She’s not super far in, but she already had an amazing idea for me, which I am about to put into motion once I post this. I had been thinking about something along the lines of what she said, but it wasn’t until she said it out loud did I have an “Ah Ha!” moment and know exactly what needed to be added. I still don’t have an ending for the script, but I feel one forming. It might end up kind of vague (a la Garden State), but it could work.

SO – I’m going to go add onto one of my scenes and give one of my characters a bit more of an entrance to solidify some of his better character traits.

Have a good one