For the record, I did see The Dark Knight Rises… And I can say, with confidence, that apartment hunting is the Bane of my existence.

I am in NYC right now. I got in Wednesday afternoon. That night, I got to hang out with some people from undergrad (I am staying with the girl who lived across from me freshman year of college and two more people from our same floor came over that night to eat pizza and laugh).

Yesterday I booked 4 apartment viewings. Two of them were horrible and two of them were great. Of the two that were great, I asked the women from the one I liked best if I could be their new roommate. They weren’t able to give me a response right away, as they promised to show the room to another person too. I am supposed to hear back about that room tonight.

Today I had zero success on the apartment-hunting front. None of the people I contacted about apartments got back to me, so I didn’t see any places today.

Tomorrow is my last full day in town. If that room from yesterday falls through (god, I hope I get it), then I basically have one day to look at places and convince someone that I should be their roommate.

This is not an easy task and I wish I had more time. But, I am on the smallest budget ever and could not afford to stay any longer. SO… Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Man, I was on such a high yesterday. I knew what trains I needed to catch, I had lists of questions for people, I knew where I was going. Today my morale definitely dipped to sub-par levels. There were some high points (impromptu job interview, I had lunch at my favorite pizza place), but there were mostly low points (caught in a rainstorm, almost got on the wrong train and then couldn’t re-swipe my metro card for a long time so I walked 5 blocks to catch a different train, I have an uncomfortable blister – or several – on my feet from my stupid shoes, no one called me back about apartments).

I mean, on a whole I should be happy. I am breathing, I’m not homeless yet, etc.

But, I am frustrated. And tired (haven’t slept much in several days… Totally full asleep at my computer while looking for apartments).

I think I might have to call a broker tomorrow. I really don’t want to, but I am running out of time.