As if this past week wasn’t enough of a bizzaro adventure, I’m about to embark on something far crazier.

I am officially moving to NYC!

Via some sort of divine intervention, I was offered the apartment that I loved from Wednesday night and I took it! I know I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with the two women who will be my roommates, but from the time we did spend together, I can tell that we will get along fabulously 🙂

I can’t properly express how grateful I am for all the good fortune I’ve had over the past few days. I’m tired enough that I could probably burst into tears if I overthink this.

I’m grateful that my friend (and her family) let me stay at their apartment for several nights.

I’m grateful that several people took the time out of their day to show me their apartments.

I’m super grateful for my new roommates and them choosing me to live with them when I know they showed the place to other prospective tenants.

I’m grateful for my friends who sent me texts and called me throughout my last few days to offer words of encouragement or help me apartment hunt from hundreds of miles away.

I’m grateful for my friends I already have in NYC who are genuinely happy that I am moving there.

I’m grateful for my family who are happy/proud of me for finding a place and my upcoming move. (I’m grateful that my mom and dog picked me up from the airport today 🙂 )

I’m grateful for the really nice man at the bank who help me set up my new bank account.

I’m grateful for people who think of me for job openings.

I’m grateful for my former coworkers who have left me encouraging FB messages as I pursue something else.

I’m a very, very lucky girl.

I’m also a very, very sick girl :/

I really over-did it these past few days. I barely slept (it was impossible to – I was so stressed out over everything) and now my body is punishing me for it. It started with a runny nose yesterday, and now I’m up to a scratchy throat and some sneezing. My head/ears were so clogged up from the airplane that my balance was out of whack, resulting in me crashing into various pieces of furniture once I made it home. I also fell asleep for 3 hours while watching the Olympics this afternoon w/my mom.

I know I need to pack, but I can get on that tomorrow. I physically couldn’t handle anything today. I have fist-size bruises on the backs of both of my legs (I have no idea where they came from). I went through a sizable amount of tissues. And, I’m pretty sure I could sleep Rip Van Winkle amounts if I wanted to. I’m thankful I don’t have to set an alarm or anything tomorrow.

SO, I’m going to get some sleep. I hope to feel better soon b/c I have a 2 day car ride ahead of me this coming week!

Have a good one