This’ll be short, as I have stuff I should be doing right now… like eating lunch (it’s amazing how loud your stomach can growl right when you’re in the middle of something else). 

I spent the weekend out of town with some of my extended family, and it was great. I hadn’t seen them in years and it’s just super great knowing I’m only a train-ride away from family hugs and people who love me unconditionally. I spent most of the train ride back in tears (and presently I’m performing a sequel to that episode) because I was just so overwhelmed by homesickness, fear and worry. Thank goodness I have one of the greatest friends known to mankind and she called me and made me feel better (even though I still felt – and continue to feel) like crap. 

I just don’t want to feel like I’m thinking about money all the time. I know this never stops, but I hate that it’s basically taking over my life. Luckily I got a call from work today and I’m working tomorrow for a few hours, and then all of next week. I’m still applying for jobs like a crazy lady because I really would like to earn a position in a field that I am passionate about, but for the time being, I am thankful that I will be earning some money over the next couple weeks. I’ll still be super stressed out, but at least I’ll know that I can pay for my health insurance next month. 

I keep getting asked questions about stuff that’s going on in the future. How am I supposed to answer when I don’t even know what’s going on in the next few weeks? I’m stressed out about enough – my brother asking me if I know whether i’ll be driving or flying to his wedding in October shouldn’t send me bursting into tears, and yet here I sit.


I’d like to blame PMS for all of this face-flooding. 


Well, I am going to make a sandwich or something. I have to kill 12 minutes before I find out if I won lottery tickets for Shakespeare in the Park tonight (god bless free entertainment in NYC). 


Have a good one