The weather here is pretty warm and awfully muggy. I am presently sitting on my bed with a fan aimed right at my face. I was outside earlier walking to/from the laundromat (which thankfully is only right across the street) and it just felt gross. I may be going into town later… there was mention of karaoke, so… we’ll see.

I still haven’t been sleeping well. You’d think with how late I’ve been getting in that my body would just want to sleep as much as possible, but no.

I never remembering going out this much, but it’s been fun. I just wish I had a steady job to keep funding said outings. I have an interview on Tuesday, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the past two nights, I’ve gone to two concerts. On Thursday I went to Gramercy to see Jay Stolar and Charlene Kaye. That was the third time I’ve seen Charlene perform this year, and my first time seeing Jay Stolar. He was pretty good – sounded very much like Gavin DeGraw (and just as adorable, so that was an added bonus). Charlene Kaye is awesome. She’s a good performer and her songs are really catchy. If you haven’t heard her most recent album (Animal Love), I highly recommend it.

Last night some friends and I went to dinner at the Playwright’s Pub b/c another friend was promoting a brand of beer there (i.e. free beer – woot). We laughed for a couple hours then made our way down to this cramped venue above The Living Room (I wanna say it was called Googie’s, but who knows…) to see Megan Cox perform a solo set (she plays keyboard and sings background vocals for Charlene Kaye but is a super talented musician/performer in her own right). It was fun to just sit and listen to some music.

I wish I could have slept in more today, but I didn’t, so I did laundry and perused around online a bit looking for more job applications. I had another crying match over the phone w/my mom yesterday because I was upset that the two jobs i moved to NYC for are basically non-existent at this point. I am working all of next week, but that’s only because someone else is on vacation. I need steady employment and fast. I’ve been applying to dozens of jobs. My mom said I should be pounding the pavement … but it’s not like people have “help wanted” signs just hanging on their doors. A lot (if not all) of the applying process is done via the internet. So, i’m forced to sit behind my computer all day and write cover letters and figure out which resume would be best suited for that job (it’s all the same information, just in a different order depending on if it’s a writing job or not).

But, as it never fails, every time I’m behind my computer for more than a few minutes, my eyes begin to close. Even now, my head is leaning back against the wall and my eyes are closed. How is she even typing?! Child, after being in school for writing and then writing a bajillion large papers, I know where all the keys are on the keyboard and I can type quickly (and for the most part, accurately), without looking.

Sometimes, though, I have to crack my eyes open just to see if I am on the right letter… if you are off by a letter, it throws everything else off.

Maybe I’ll shut my eyes for a bit for real. I’ll just keep my phone on so if it rings/if someone texts me, I’ll hear it. I will apply for more jobs in a few minutes, I just can’t keep my eyes open right now :/

Have a good one