Yeah, you can add that to the list of places I’ve burst into tears the past two weeks…

This list also includes my room, the Trenton parking lot of the NJ Transit, the NJ Transit itself, and about 5 blocks of 42nd street.

I’m a mess.

But what else is new?

I’m on the middle of a lengthy funk and am desperate to get out. I was making plans for a mini road trip with some friends next week, but am probably not going to be able to go due to the need to be financially responsible.

I thought I had a job interview this morning… That turned out to be misleading and disappointing.

I need to find a full-time job. I need a steady income. I’m giving myself a couple more weeks, but then I am going to have to turn to retail or something equally demeaning. As if my heart couldn’t hurt anymore… (and here comes the face rain again. But, since I’m still in the library, I don’t get to add a new location for my emotional breakdowns.)

On top of the shitty interview experience this morning, one of my roommates took something my mom had sent me in a care package. I don’t have much here with me as it is bc I only could bring what fit in my car and I have very limited funds… So to know that someone took something from me when I know they have way more stuff than I do just makes me sad.

It’s not been a good day.

But, it can get better, right? I have work this afternoon, so that’s grocery money for 2 weeks. I worked all day yesterday, so that’s student loans for a month. I got published on a new website. I have friends who I can talk to about important stuff and silly stuff.

I just need to keep thinking about the positive stuff… Even though the negative stuff is heavily outweighing that these days.

I’m off to catch a train. Well, in a minute. I want to completely collect myself before I head out. Although, i’ll still be on 42nd street, so that wouldn’t be a new crying location either…

Have a good one … Or at least a better one than I!