This is a follow-up post to yesterday’s meltdown. 

I’m okay. Honest.

Well, mostly okay 🙂 

I’m still super stressed out about a lot of things, but that’s to be expected. I’ve only been here three weeks. I can’t expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows. Hopefully eventually… just I know it’s unrealistic to expect that right now. 

One good thing, though, is the whole thing with my roommates yesterday ended up being a misunderstanding due to lack of communication/us ever seeing each other. They didn’t steal my stuff on purpose (thank goodness!) and we got it resolved. 

I’m thankful that it was just a little blip in communication. I really like my roommates and I thought we were on good terms (and we are – yay!). 

I was just extra moody because of the crappy interview snafu and hormones. Thankfully, Shark Week is over (WOOT) and I have a couple weeks of normalcy ahead of me. (Or, I guess I should say I have a couple weeks where I can’t use crazy hormones to rationalize out anything. Not that hormones are rational… 😉 )

My week is pretty much packed from here on out… work all day tomorrow and friday, then a freelance thing on Saturday. Job applications are getting sent out every night. And I’m still trying to figure out how I can go on a road trip with my friends next Friday. I really want to go. Right now I’m 50/50… 50% of me thinks I should not go and save the $100 bucks it’ll probably cost. But 50% of me knows this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be one of the craziest (and potentially most fun) days of my life thus far. I might talk it over with my sister. She’s usually supportive of doing crazy things. Especially me doing crazy things because I never do crazy things. (Or rarely do crazy things… I’ve surprised myself and others a few times over the past year or so.)

Well – I should get going… have a couple things to wrap up before I head back to my apartment. 

Have a good one