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Now that i’ve had some time to stew over last night’s episode of Glee, I feel I should warn you that in addition to my general recap/opinions of the show, there is going to be a lengthy diatribe about how Blaine Anderson has the potential to be one of the mostfully developed (and complex) characters on that show, but how the writers are doing him (and therefore the audience) a disservice. This diatribe will be a separate post… expect it sometime this weekend. I just have a lot of opinions about Blaine, okay?  

SPOILERS for 4×3 “Makeover” after the cut

So, “Makeover”

The episode started with something I have been waiting for for well over a year – a Blaine voiceover. He roams the hallway with purpose, stating last year it was the senior’s time, but “this year it’s your turn.” We hear him speak of how he has to fill his time now that Kurt is gone. I laughed out loud of their Skype date where they “shared” popcorn and hate-watched Treme. (I saw onTwitter last night someone told Ryan Murphy they didn’t find this cute ike he promised… I thought it was adorable and so snobby/funny.) The scene then juxtaposed Blaine singing Tears for Fears’ epic 80s ballad “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and him signing up for all the school clubs. Though he signs up for everything, we only see him in the Superhero Side Kicks club, where he dresses up like a hybrid Kitten/Robin (complete with a bow tie), and the Advanced D&D club where he’s dressed as a wizard. This song was a good fit for Darren’s voice and leads the audience to believe that Blaine is confident enough to take charge and rule the world (school). However – did you notice Blaine is alone a lot during this song? He’s alone on stage (until the end… but even then, he doesn’t interact with anyone), and alone in the hallway (again, surrounded by people, but interacting with no one except a wave to Marley. THINK ABOUT IT.) The song ends as he signs up to run against Brittany for Senior Class President (she is not pleased, though I appreciate that’s he still refers to him as “Blaine Warbler”).

After the glee title card (j’adore that title card), we see Kurt and his Hippo brooch running up the subway stairs in Times Square to get to Conde Naste building for his Vogue.com interview with Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker). She’s from Columbus and latches onto the fact that their both from Ohio and she once got food poisoning at Breadstix. She asks him about his experience and the online portfolio he submitted. She’s impressed with his clothes – he confesses he made a lot of them, but also shops online and gets stuff from family members. When she asks where hie sees himself in 4 years, he says working PT for her, finishing NYADA and getting his first broadway show. He says it’s silly, but she tells hm he should be dreaming big like that and to work hard. She hires him on the spot and he lunges at her in a huge hug, stabbing her with his hippo brooch. She exclaimed “That should come with a warning.” he mutters “It did.”

(Selfish side note – I am in the middle of writing a 12 chapter fic where the hippo brooch plays a minor, but important, plot point and now people are going to think I did it bc of this episode, when really I wrote it out over a week ago… Alas)

At McKinley, Brittany asks Artie to be her VP. He doesn’t want to, but she tells him that when she wins, he can make all the decisions. Artie likes that idea, “I’ll be the Cheney to your Bush,” to which she quips “that would be landing strip,” and the Brittany/Artie ticket is formed. (Brit also forgot that she dated Artie… She took his virginity too, but apparently she doesn’t remember much about their relationship and still thinks he’s part robot. Ugh. I’m so over this character, it’s not even funny.)

I appreciated the bit in the choir room where Mr. schue said there is some sort of committee that will lay out the competition rules. I liked how Sam spoke for the whole of the audience whence asked why some choirs sing 6 songs and others sing 1. There have been several scenes like this throughout the series – it’s one of the few things I actually really appreciate the writers for – when they purposefully/jokingly call out the shows own ridiculousness.

At the end of class, Brit makes and announcement about the elections. She asks people to prove Blaine was born in this country (which would actually be a legit question if they ever addressed Blaine’s nationality… We know Darren is biracial, but we don’t know if his character is. It’d help if we ever met his parents… Continuing prayer circle for Lea Salonga to be cast as his mom.). Blaine speaks up for himself and tells the others it shouldn’t be a popularity contest. He says he wants to make a change. (Maybe he should have Tina for a running mate since she has a tattoo that says “make change forever”… But Tina rarely gets lines, let alone a positive storyline, so… Speaking of Tina, was she even in the episode last night?)

In the teacher’s lounge, Mr. Schue is failing at coming up with themes for their show (TV themes, or songs about autumn… I’d dig a TV themes-themed sectionals. Sing the theme to “Greatest American Hero”.., yeah, buddy). Sue tells him to look for other jobs, “You had a dream, you achieved it, now move on.” Preach. Just leave, Mr. Schue. No1currs about your storylines anymore.

In the hallway, Sam asks Brit why she didn’t pick him as her VP. In a rare moment of sanity, she says she did it so as not to ruin their friendship. So, she brings Sam over to Blaine and offers Sam up as Blaine’s VP. Blaine initially scoffs/balks, saying he wants to choose his own running mate. However, when Sam offers that he’d get the poor vote (family on food stamps) and some of the straight vote, Blaine agrees. Brit challenges them to a debate and Blaine agrees again, though Sam doesn’t know what that is. (This didn’t make sense to me… Sam does enough George W. Bush impressions that surely he must be aware of political debates.)

Back at Vogue.com, Isabelle is holding a pitch meeting for new trends: “leather, but in unexpected ways.” Kurt is silently passing out coffee, but loudly judging with his eyes how horrible the ideas were. (They were bad… Like really bad.) After the meeting, Isabelle asked to see Kurt in her office where she unprofessionally unloaded her life story on the kid. She used to be a designer, but now has a job I would commit heinous acts to have. She confesses, “I lucked into a job I don’t deserve.” (Which is likely why she is so accepting of Kurt and his lack of experiences. Also, does Kurt get paid for this internship? That would be highly unrealistic… Not that Glee ever seems to care about reality when it comes to a lot of their plot lines.) She complains to Kurt that she’s going to be homeless, to which he tells her she’s not and could always live with him and his roommate in Bushwick.

Back at McKinley, Artie tells Brit that a lot of people are gong to the debate… However it’s to hear Brit say something stupid. Meanwhile, Blaine tells Sam that he wants him to look the part f the VP and asks if they can meet in the costume shop. So, Brit and Artie practice while Sam and Blaine go over sample questions. Brit and Sam duet on “Celebrity Skin” during their montage. Near the end of the song, Sam takes off his shirt and flexes in front of a mirror and Blaine. We unfortunately don’t get to see Blaine’s facial reaction. I’d like to think it was one of annoyance. Like, he probably wouldn’t even stop to think, “hey, there is a handsome shirtless boy mere inches away.” Blaine is all business when it comes to this debate, so he probably just shook his head and rolled his eyes. The world will never know.

Ugh – plot line with adults – Schue and other show choir teachers are in a meeting (any time Michael Hitchcock is on my screen, my mood increases tenfold). They talk about how the deaf school (from S1) lost its funding and how they need a representative on the board that handles that kind of stuff.


Back in NYC, Kurt and Rachel are eating on the floor in their somewhat furnished apartment. She tells him that she still gets picked on in class (maybe if you stopped wearing red and wore all black like everyone else and dropped the continually naive face you always sport…). Kurt tells her that style and clothes determine pecking order. He gets a great idea and we cut to commercial. Even people who haven’t seen Devil Wears Prada knew that Kurt was going to Devil Wears Prada her up. (Another insanely obvious “shocker” happens later in the episode. Glee writers needed work on less cliche/obvious ways to lead in/out of commercials and end the episode).

So, surprise surprise, Kurt and Rachel sneak into Vogue.com’s couture vault. Isabelle and security walk in, but she’s 100% fine with it as soon as Kurt says their doing it for Rachel’s makeover. Cue the completely unbelievable/unrealistic montage of Rachel trying on the fanciest dresses ever as they all sing and dance to a mashup of “The Way You Look Tonight” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” (note – SJP was in Annieon Broadway way back in the day. She’s also from Ohio… Not Columbus, though, but this town called Nelsonville. I actually lived there when I was in grad school. #truestory) So, there was lots of twirling and fancy shoes. There is no way in HELL Rachel would be able to walk, let alone run and dance, in those shoes.

Blaine and Kurt have another Skype date, which is very telling of their opposite lifestyles. Blaine is in his room, sitting on his floor, while Kurt is mostly walking around getting something from the fridge. Kurt goes on and on about the clothes and making a video to submit for Isabelle/vogue.com. Blaine chimes in about his election and Kurt asks him a question about it. Blaine then starts to ask about which bow tie he should wear (narrowed down to a choice of 5), but Kurt cuts him off. Blaine makes a nonchalant remark about how Kurt is hanging with fashion icons and he’s there running for student president. He is less than enthusiastic and his facial expressions betray the casual persona he’s trying to pull off. The boy is sad, his boyfriend doesn’t see it, and Blaine internalizes it all. (I will expand on this later in an upcoming diatribe about Blaine Anderson – to be posted sometime this weekend, I’m sure).

Back in Ohio, Will goes to Emma for some guidance. He tells her about the opportunity to be on the Blue Ribbon panel. It would mean he would have to leave McKinley for a few months (FINE BY ME). She tells him to go for it bc he always tells the kids to follow their dreams. She also tells him their wedding can wait. (FORESHADOWING? Yes… But who cares? It’s just Wemma.)

Before the debate, Sam tells Blaine to lose the tie because he looks like a young Orville Redenbacher. He sheds tie and finds that Sam was right.

As Sue introduces the debate, we get a glimpse of some people in the audience – Sugar(!), Marley (a sophomore.. Who probably doesn’t need to be there), and Stoner Brett (whose line “Separation of Power!” was greatly appreciated… That kid has the best line every week.).

The debate starts with the Pimp (Sam) and the Gimp (Artie). Artie actually has a lot of good things to say about why he cares about student government. Sam gets asked if he was a stripper… He says he’s not ashamed and then takes off his shirt. Blaine stands in the wings and shakes his head. Me too, Blainers. Me too.

When it’s finally Blaine and Brit’s turns to speak, Blaine (with his notecards – aw!!) speaks about change. The he goes off book and speaks of how Brit did nothing in her last election except ban hair gel. He said it was disgusting for people to tell others what they can or cannot put in their hair. (You know what is disgusting, the amount of hair gel they put in Blaine’s hair this season… Bring back Blaine’s S2 hair, geez.) Blaine then said that if Bittany was voted in again, they would start burning books and then burning people. Blaine offers change. Blaine for President, yo!

Brit’s speech is how she loves the school and people at school. Se loves them so much, she would ban vacations and weekends so they would be in school all the time. The audience is silent and Artie mutters “We just lost the election.”

Um, yeah…

Back in NYC, Isabelle tells Kurt (who is wearing that tail we’ve seen in previous episodes) that she forwarded his video to Anna (Wintour) and she responded “Great—-Anna,” which is apparently the greatest email of all time. They are going to completely reshoot Kurt’s video, but he still gets credit for the idea. She tells him that she hopes Kurt never loses his wide-eyed optimism and he calls her his Fairy God Mother. She then drops a truth bomb on him that I have been waiting for forever… She tells him that he has an aptitude for fashion. She knows he has performance dreams at NYADA, but he should think about fashion and she tells him he will also be joining in on her upcoming meeting. Kurt’s eyes flickered with possibility when she told him he should do fashion. It’s Iike he didn’t think that was a real possibility for him… Oh, and like taking the same career path as Rache Berry was going to work out? Go with fashion, Kurt!

Newly made-over Rachel is on the barre at dance in her all black (finally!) ensemble, either sweater hanging off her shoulders. It was like Flashdance, but with way better hair and way more dramatic makeup. Brody strolls in and ogles at her makeover. Rachel said she changed her outside so maybe her inside will follow, whereas Brody says that now the outside caught up to her inside (he obviously hasn’t known her for that long… She’s still not 100% flawless on the inside like she is on the outside – Holla!). But, he tells her he likes her and she invites him to dance with her. They duet (do it… J/k, they only grind a bit and bump clothed crotches at one point) to “A Change Will Do You Good.” Their dancing is juxtaposed with the two of them taking flirty pictures on the High Line and running down uncharacteristically empty streets. (Finn who?) When their number comes to a close, Brody exclaims, “That was amazing.” (obviously he’s as sheltered as Rachel if he thought that was hot b/c it really wasn’t) She then gets heart eyes (well, crush eyes… Only Blaine can make proper heart eyes on this show) and asks him over for dinner on Saturday. She wants to cook for him. (My, how domestic. Let’s doll Rachel up and put her in a kitchen… You don’t even know how big of a sexist tangent I could make right now…)

Back in Lima, Sue goes to announce who the new president is and the show cuts to commercial like they are American Idol or a show where cutting to commercial is meant to be dramatic. We come back 2+ minutes later after several words from their sponsors, to find that Blam has won the presidency/vice presidency. (I totally support all things Blam.) Blane, not wearing a tie again (I would also continue to support this), is approached by Artie. Artie asks if Blaine talked to Kurt. He says yes and launches into ow Kurt is proud, etc. He was obviously lying. If you didnT know Blaine was lying, then you must not have eyes or ears. That kid was sad.

After Artie rolls away, Blaine pulls out his phone and calls Kurt. Kurt notices the call, but it at a gathering with Isabelle. After a few moments, he declines the call. (this hurts, like a lot – especially because in the deleted box scene, Blaine vowed to always pick up the phone whenever Kurt called… This promise, sadly, was not reciprocated.)

Blaine gets upset. He voices to Sam that he came to McKinley last year for Kurt, but now that he’s gone, Blane feels alone. Blaine confesses that he did everything for Kurt – even the election. (Kurt ran last year to make change but lost. Blaine won and feels its all for naught.) Blaine feels that one of what he did matters. (YOU MATTER, BLAINE!) The Klaine piano music scores the scene as Sam tries to convince Blaine that what he did matters. He points out that Blaine is the first gay president. He points out that before Blaine, he never had a gay Bro before. He says they can be like Wolverine and Cyclops. I think what Sam is getting at is that Blaine might be lonely without Kurt, but he’s not alone. (I really want more Blam …. Both boys need a friend where they can let their geeky freak flags fly.)  As Blaine leaves the table, boy boths say that they are Wolverine in their Wolverine/Cyclops friendship. (awwwww)

Brit and Sam talk. He confesses he voted for her. She tells him that he always knows the right thing to say. I like the Brit/Sam friendship. I just want to (friend)ship Sam with everyone this season. But, I worry that there is going to be some weird/awkward Brit/Sam more-then-friendship-shipping this season with the way he keeps looking at her.

Will (ugh) goes to Sue’s office and says he will turn in the application for the panel job. He asks her for a recommendation and she already wrote him one.

Back in NYC, Rachel flips open a cookbook and promptly burns whatever dish she was making (we find out later it was duck… But isn’t she a vegan? Come on!). She throws wine on the fire and it goes out… That didn’t make any sense. Nothing about Kurt and Rachel’s living/eating situation makes any sense.

Brody knocks on the door, armed iwth more flowers (ugh, I want a Brody). They end up ordering pizza and drinking (seriously – where do underage Kurt and Rachel keep getting bottled water and wine… That shit is expensive. And they are, Iike, 18 or 19.). They exchange lame secrets (he liked Ace of Base, she fixed grammatical errors on an 8 yr old’s love letter to her) and then make out on the floor while “Moon River” played in the background. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. She tells Brody it’s probably Kurt forgetting his keys, but the whole world can guess that it’s Finn.

And it is. And he sees Brody on the floor. Finchel exchanges a look and then the episode ended.

And then the promo

God, the promo.

Next week is “The Break Up”. They showed 4 couples in turmoil… Wemma (Will gets the job and apparently wants Emma to drop everything and go with him), Jarley (they aren’t even dating, but Marley tells Jake she doesn’t like Kitty), Finchel (Finn sings “The Scientist” and Rachel yells at him about not being able to do this anymore…. Well, he hasn’t contacted her in months, so…) and then Klaine.

My boys. My ship.

Blaine is with Kurt and they are talking… It’s implied Blaine says something, but not the whole something , as Kurt responds with “Please stop pretending that there’s nothing wrong.” and Blaine says, “I’m so sorry” and then Kurt runs off sobbing.

I was there when they shot this sequence, but not close enough to hear dialogue. I saw the tears, though. And not just tears, but sobs and feels.

I not-so-secretly want the Klaine stuff in this episode to break me. I want them to break up (if even just for part of this episode)… They need to talk about what’s wrong and we’ve seen them not be able to do so in the past (DWS). I’m all for them breaking up and then talking it out and getting back together. They need to communicate better. They’ve addressed that before… but before it was Kurt withholding information. This time I would argue that it’s Blaine. Kurt is so preoccupied with his NYC living that Blaine feels left out. But, it appears Blaine won’t/can’t tell that to Kurt. So… I’m thinking Blaine breaks up with Kurt. We’ll see!!!

All I know is “Don’t speak” and Blaine’s acoustic version of “Teenage Dream” are likely going to be epic. And full of feels.

I love feels. (KLAINGST)