Yeah, I have not been updating much on here as of late. I apologize to the three people who that affects.

Things have been crazy. Last weekend I was in Ohio for my younger brother’s wedding. It was a bit surreal. Like, I know he’s married now, but it just seemed like little kids were playing dress up and exchanging rings. I was hormonal so I totally ended up shedding a few tears throughout the ceremony. I’m so happy for my brother and sister-in-law 🙂 I wish them all the happiness in their lives together.

I’ve been doing my best here in NYC. My job hunt is never-ending. I apply for more than several jobs a day but so far nothing is really happening. I have landed myself some non/low-paying internships. The monetary situation is not ideal in the slightest (though my parents reassure me I will not end up in a cardboard box), but I have hope that the experience will lead to something better. I start my latest internship on Monday. After speaking with the man in charge today on the phone, I am really excited to be working on this project.

This might sound a little selfish, but I’m super proud of myself. Both of these internships were acquired by me applying myself. I didn’t kiss anyone’s ass. I didn’t get them through anybody… no “friend of a friend” or prior contact. My resume and my interviews were enough to impress people who are established in the entertainment industry. My opinions are valued and I am given responsibilities because they think I have merit. I wasn’t handed anything and I’m proud of that.




That being said, I should get back to work… I have something I need to read before Monday and I’m trying to finish a project I’m writing for myself. I also need to apply to some more jobs. (Of Course.)


Have a good one