I know I am ridiculously lucky that I never lost power during the storm last night. Though I am still stuck in my apartment due to transit still being down for now, I know that is nothing compared to the horror that millions of people had to deal with and will continue to deal with.

Though it is still quite windy outside, I am sitting on my bed safe and warm. (Well, I’m not warm… I forgot to put socks on and my feet are freezing.) But I’m safe. And dry. And with power.

I just finished typing up a movie recommendation for a website that I write for and am about to type up another one to send it. I am grateful I still have power so that I can do some work – it makes me feel like I can be productive.

I spent most of yesterday watching the news – same with this morning. I have the news on now (that’s all that’s on our television, with the exception of TBS, but their programming sucks most of the day). The death toll is now at 20 and they keep showing pictures of destruction and flooding everywhere. It’s scary to look at – I can’t imagine living in the areas that were so affected.

This afternoon I will bundle up and venture outside to check on my car. It’s parked up the street (on a hill) and should be okay. (I hope.) I’m not driving anywhere, as there is nowhere to go. I expect to be stuck at my apartment for at least another day. I am grateful I don’t have anywhere I NEED to be until Thursday. (I was supposed to be downtown today and tomorrow for an internship, but because of lack of transportation and because my building is in a flooded area, I’m not going. Obviously.) I’m supposed to work in Midtown on Thursday and Friday, but I haven’t heard anything from any of my office managers… I’ll try and contact them a little later today. They both live farther away from the offices than I do, so I suspect they likely are having transportation (and likely power) issues too.

I hope everyone is as safe as possible. This was a horrible storm with so much damage. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected. I hope people continue to stay safe and make smart choices. Just because the storm seems over and the winds have died down doesn’t mean that it’s okay to just up and travel right now.