Happy Thanksgiving… a week late. (Was anyone else a bit confused as to why Glee aired its Thanksgiving episode the week after Thanksgiving when it actually aired an episode on Thanksgiving the week before? Curiouser and curiouser.)

SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode.

So, the three major plot points this episode were:

1. The graduating class of 2012 was back in town for the holiday (sans Kurt and Rachel)
2. Kurt and Rachel were spending Thanksgiving in NYC
3. It was Sectionals time for the New Directions (and Warblers)

Though these plots do intersect at times, I will cover them in sections to keep some uniformity to this week’s post.

1. The graduating class of 2012 was back in town for the holidays (sans Kurt and Rachel)

SO, the show opened with Quinn (of all people) standing alone on McKinley’s auditorium stage, singing a slowed down version of “Homeward Bound” (which is one of my favorite songs of all time… Simon & Garfunkel are my jam forever and always). She was joined soon thereafter by Puck (w/guitar). Mike Chang and Santana walked in from one side of the auditorium, mashing in Phillip Phillip’s “Home” (a current jam of mine). Mercedes walked in from the back of the auditorium and Finn came in from the wings. The mashup sounded more like a dirge than the wistful concoction it could have been. That being said, I kind of dug it. It was sad, but hauntingly beautiful at the same time. It was as if they were going through the motions of being home. They were never all supper buddy-buddy, nor were they all completely fond of Lima, so it was weird for them to be acting as such. (I, on the other hand, was glad to see Puck and Mike.)

After a friendly group hug (initiated by Puck), they went to dinner at Breadstix to reminisce. They were quick to point out that not everyone kept their promise of being back in Lima for the holiday – i.e. Kurt and Rachel were missing. Mike said that Blaine said that Kurt wouldn’t answer his texts/calls. (What I got from this exchange is that Bike Chanderson is canon.) Quinn spoke up that she was in contact with Rachel, but mostly because Rachel keeps asking her to use the train ticket she gave her. Rachel and Kurt decided to spend Thanksgiving in NYC (which I will expand upon in their section of this post), so that’s why they weren’t at this little reunion.

The graduated McKinley kids were paired up with the new kids as mentors to guide them through their first Sectionals. Puck was paired with Jake (obviously), Quinn was paired with Kitty (obviously), Mercedes was paired with Wade/Unique (obviously), Mike was paired with Ryder (not quite obviously, but since Ryder was to have the male lead, dance-wise, in the group number, Mike was the perfect mentor in this situation), and Santana was paired with Marley (not an expected pairing, but it almost turned out for the best).

While the graduated guys were teaching the new and returning guys (sans Wade who was chilling with the girls and Blaine who was mysteriously absent during rehearsal that day) how to do some dance steps, the Unholy Trinity (Quinn, Santana and Brittany) gave the girls and Wade a little performance. Their rendition of “Come See About Me” was reminiscent of their “Say a Little Prayer” number from “Showmance” (S1 E2) and “Keep Me Hanging On” (S1 E7?). Though Quinn is not a strong lead vocalist, it was nice to see the original McKinley Mean Girls back in action. Though, I wanted to throw up in my mouth a little bit every time they cut to Kitty. Kitty obviously had a lady boner for Quinn… which makes sense b/c Kitty is Quinn 2.0. (Ew. Kitty also has a “WWQFD?” shrine in her locker. Double Ew.) The number was cute and the choreo was simple but effective.

The only other “big” scene that dealt with any of the kids who graduated was a bit between Quinn and Santana. Quinn kept name dropping all these Yale people, and then said how Santana was jealous of her because Quinn is dating her 35-year old, married (though supposedly soon to be divorced) professor while Santana is cheerleading in Kentucky and afraid to be who she wants to be. (Remember last season when Santana mentioned she wanted to be in NYC? I’m still hoping that happens for her.) Why would Santana be jealous of Quinn, though? Quinn seems just as unstable as she was at the beginning of Season 3. There’s no need for anyone to be jealous of that. Both girls did slap each other across the face. I just shrugged my shoulders.

2. Kurt and Rachel were spending Thanksgiving in NYC

Kurt and Rachel opted to stay on the East Coast during the holidays to avoid people and problems. Kurt wanted to forget about Blaine (even though he said he missed his own dad… dude, Kurt… you should go visit your dad and Carole) and Rachel wanted to forget about Finn and Brody (even though Brody lives in NYC and TAs her Dance 101 class). So, instead of being thankful and spending time with their dads, the two opted to stay in NYC and have the best Thanksgiving ever on their own. (They kept calling their Thanksgiving, “Orphan Thanksgiving”… I’m not an orphan, but my dad is now and I found this offensive. They have parents. They aren’t orphans. That’s my opinion.)

(Side note – I found Rachel’s “Look at our life. Look at this city.” speech effective. I’ve been living in NYC for about four months now and often find myself looking around at the buildings I’ve been familiar with via movies and tv shows my whole life… but they aren’t abstract things anymore. They are my everyday surroundings. It’s bizarre. So, I get that. End side note.)

Rachel apparently has Dance 101 before her Thanksgiving break starts. Cassandra July is not there (i.e. hungover), so Brody is filling in. Rachel (in her red outfit – seriously, must she always wear red?) confronts him about sleeping with CJ as they dance a foxtrot together. He tells her that she’s the one who made herself unavailable to him and that she has no say in who he sleeps with. He does say, though, that it won’t happen again. Brody then inquires about her Thanksgiving plans (he’s not going home either). She tells him about her and Kurt’s solo Thanksgiving, so he offers to come over and cook for them because he knows she’s a bad cook.

Later on at Vogue.com, Kurt’s shutting down for the night and accidentally turns the lights off on Isabelle. (I’ve done this before at work – whoops.) She’s prepping an article about movies which prompts him to ask her if she’s more excited for The Hobbit or Les Mis. They both seem excited for both (though honestly, don’t you think these characters would be more pumped for Les Mis?) and suggest a double feature. Kurt asks her about her Thanksgiving plans and Isabelle tells a sad story about how she used to go to Gore Vidal’s… but since his passing, she was going to do Thanksgiving on her own. So Kurt, being the kind kis he is, invites her to his and Rachel’s Bushwick Thanksgiving.

Then, Isabelle gets a gold star (from me) for asking Kurt about his ex. Kurt gets super defensive and says he’s closing the book on Blaine and it’s over. He tells her he keeps texting and calling, but that Kurt sent him a text saying to stop calling and saying you’re sorry. My heart hurt when Kurt said, “Sorry cheater, this pedal needs to move on.” You could tell Kurt was just kind of saying this because he was trying to get over it, but that he probably didn’t 100% mean it. Isabelle could tell this and she told Kurt that he needed to accept an apology. (Not necessarily forgive Blaine, but just accept the fact that Blaine is sorry for what he did.) And then the Klaine music played in the background and I shouted at my television because my heart was starting to feel.

Later on, Kurt and Brody are cooking in Kurt and Rachel’s kitchen. Brody is defending his choice to cook the turkey in a bag while Kurt looks offended. I was on Team Kurt when he commented how the situation was like their own Big Chill (I LOOOOOOOVE THAT MOVIE), but then Brody said “But no one breaks out in song.”

Boo, you (man) whore.

Then, Brody calls Rachel over and they start manhandling the turkey together, which is super gross and completely against Rachel’s veganism. BUT, since Rachel seems to let her own identity completely fall by the wayside when it comes to crushing on guys, I accept this for what it is; Rachel dropping her plan to forget about Brody and going 100% along with his handsy turkey moves. (Again, I’m on Team Kurt as he watched them in horror/with feelings of repulsion.)

A little later on, the turkey is finally ready and Rachel starts telling the boys about her Thanksgivings past when they are interrupted by a bunch of strangers. Turns out Isabelle invited a bunch of her friends to Kurt and Rachel’s soiree… and they all sing a most bizarre mashup of “Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time.” Like Brody, I was beyond confused. To be honest, I’ve never heard the “Let’s Have a Kiki” song (though I am totes familiar with “Turkey Lurkey Time”… Promises, Promises, yo!). There was some cray cray choreography and it was all a bit odd. I did like the mashup in context to the show better than just listening to it on my iPod earlier this week.

And then, a few scenes later, my heart broke when Kurt went out on the balcony and called Blaine.

I knew the call was coming (thank you, spoilers), but had no idea of the content.

Kurt asks if New Directions has performed yet (they hadn’t). Blaine starts to talk/apologize, but Kurt cuts him off and says that he believes Blaine is sorry for what he did, but Kurt can’t forgive Blaine yet. However, it’s Thanksgiving and he misses Blaine like crazy and that Blaine is still his best friend. A very teary Blaine admits that Kurt is still his best friend too. (My heart, my heart.) Kurt then surprised Blaine (and me) by saying they needed to have a mature heart-to-heart at Christmas. He suggested they go ice skating and then get coffee at somewhere other than the Lima Bean (b/c when he worked there, he saw a mouse). Blaine was obviously shocked when he asked, “We’re really going to see each other at Christmas?” (Remember, during the deleted Box Scene when Blaine said that it was their first Christmas of many together? Looks like we still get a Klaine Christmas even though they aren’t quite Klaine again. Yet. Wooooooot.) Blaine then went out on a limb and said “Kurt, I love you so much.” And for a half a second, I thought Kurt might have already hung up. But he hadn’t. He tearfully said, “I love you too.”

And then my heart broke again.

While Klaine is still not Klaine yet, this was an epic leap toward reconciliation. Though Kurt still didn’t hear Blaine out, he extended a huge olive branch by saying he accepted Blaine’s apology and initiated seeing him at Christmas. This seemed like more than what Blaine was expecting to happen. I can’t wait to see Platonic Klaine at Christmas. (I mean, I know they skate/sing to “White Christmas,” but I am looking forward to everything in context.)

(Side note – how amazing were Chris and Darren in this scene?! I was whole-heartedly impressed with both boys performance. They were both so realistically vulnerable… (public) private moments like those could be extremely awkward in the hands of the wrong actors, but they brought it. It was so sad and beautiful that my heart legit hurt and I brought a hand to my mouth when Blaine’s face just crumbled. Because then my face almost crumbled. I didn’t cry, but I almost got emotional. This was such a beautiful scene. BEAUTIFUL.)

My face almost crumbled again when Kurt walked back into his apartment and was embraced in a caring hug from Isabelle as he cried. Isabelle must be distantly related to Puck because she is giving him a run for his money as the Captain of the Klaine ‘ship. I would actually give Isabelle a leg up, as she’s never even met Blaine and she ships Klaine.

3. It was Sectionals time for the New Directions (and Warblers)

Oh, Sectionals.

For Sectionals, Finn announces that Blaine and Marley will have a duet and the whole group will perform “Gangnam Style.” (Ugh.) When Finn asks which male would dance with Brittany, Sam offers his services. (Excuse me, “White Chocolate” offers his services. Oh, stripper Sam…)

After Glee rehearsal, Jake tells Ryder that he went out (well, hung out) with Marley. Jake even offers to end it with Marley if Ryder wants, but Ryder says no even though you can tell he probably wants him too (wow, these boys are so friggin’ polite). A little later, Jake gets jealous of Mike complimenting his dancing, but doesn’t say anything (even though we find out later that Jake studies dance… ballet… and actually dances better than Ryder… TOO POLITE!).

And then there’s Marley… oh, Marley. Girl still thinks she’s fat so she’s been starving herself and taking laxatives. Jakes asks her to hang with him at lunch, but she turns him down saying she has to rehearse because she doesn’t want to be the one to let the team down. (Even without knowing the end of the episode by this point, I could tell this was foreshadowing. Duh.)

Everyone is putting a lot of pressure on Marley to not screw up at Sectionals. Besides herself, Quinn is telling Jake to leave Marley alone so she doesn’t get distracted. (Stupid Kitty fed Quinn lies about Jake and Marley. Ugh.)

Jake and Ryder have another nice scene together when Jake walks in on Ryder unsuccessfully practicing his dance moves. Ryder is trying to learn the words to the “Gangnam Style” song so he can put the moves to the lyrics, but since he’s dyslexic/a slow learner, he’s not doing so well. Jake offers to help and Ryder says that Jake should just take the lead from him. But, Jake is upstanding and says he’s not going to take the dance part and Marley away from Ryder. They watch the “Gangnam Style” video on the Dalton computer from last episode that now is property of the New Directions.

Speaking of Dalton…

My Warblers performed two songs at Sectionals this year. Hunter led the group in “Whistle,” during which I giggled like a schoolgirl the entire time. It’s one thing that the song is wholly inappropriate for a group of high school boys to be singing during a glee club competition; it’s another to be #lustinforgustin (my friends are a HORRIBLE influence on me… but you know I love you, girls!). I don’t care that Hunter was lead on this song… my eyes were following Sebastian.

Thankfully, Sebastian had the lead on the second song; “Live While We’re Young.” I loved the choreo for this number… I felt like I was watching Newsies on Broadway or something. It was great to see Grant and Riker in their element. I also love when Glee does boyband songs. Granted it’s only happened a few times, but there is something fantastic about a group of guys singing pop music sung by other groups of guys. I really need Glee to cover “I Want it That Way,” “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” and “The Right Stuff” (I need this like I need air… complete with the dance. You know the dance I’m talking about…)

In between the Warblers and the New Directions, a group of Mennonites sang “Over the River and Through the Wood” and “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.” They got quite gospel on the second number and I was like “Aw, hells yeah.”

(Oh, I forgot… before these groups performed, Marley was in the bathroom. She looked really bad. She’s hungry and tired. She takes out a Tic Tac to eat, but leaves it on the counter. She walks out of the bathroom to find Wade dressed as Unique. She says she’s inspired by Unqiue’s courage… I wish Marley would find some courage of her own and realize that she should not be listening to Kitty’s lies. And then Finn gives everyone a pep talk in the choir room and asks Joe to lead them in a group prayer. Well, it is Thanksgiving, so it seems fitting. Plus, Kurt isn’t there this year to roll his eyes at organized religion.)

So, yeah… the New Directions go last. Marley is freaking out before they go on and Jake comments that she doesn’t look okay (uh, duh). She admits to not having slept in days and sweating even though it’s not hot. She is worried she is going to let the team down. Ryder overhears and pulls Jake aside and says Jake should take the dance lead because he doesn’t want the team to suffer.

The group dances to “Gangnam Style” and I am repulsed. What a stupid song. And how racist was it to have Tina sing the lead? Just because she’s Asian… come on, Glee! I love Tina’s voice and was thankful she finally got a solo… but really? THIS SONG?!

As predicted, Marley collapses on stage at the end of the song and the screen cuts to black.

I wouldn’t say this is a cliffhanger, per se. The promo shows Will telling the kids that leaving the stage mid-competition could result in disqualification.

I see one of two things happening:

1. The New Directions get disqualified and the Warblers win (because their songs were better anyway). (SPOILER FOR NEXT WEEK) Tina and Blaine then join the Cheerios for anextracurricular/in order to be on some sort of winning team their senior year.

2. The New Directions are granted an automatic bye to Regionals because they were Nationals champions the previous year. They advance to finals (hopefully with the Warblers) and the rivals live to sing against each other another day.

Either way, I’m content. I just want more Warblers. (And rumor has it, they are filming for Episode 11… so, wooooooot. Though, I think they are probably/hopefully filming Blaine flashback stuff since the episode deals with the Sadie Hawkins dance.)

On a whole, I was not super enthusiastic about this episode, but I love, love, LOVED the Klaine scene.

I’m really looking forward to the next two episodes. Kurt sings “Being Alive” next week and I will likely be an emotional wreck because I can’t listen to that song anymore without tearing up. (You try listening to that and not getting verklempt. I DARE YOU.) Then comes Christmas. I love Christmas.

Were you equally repulsed by “Gangnam Style?” (I think I’m the only person left on this planet who has never seen the original video for that song.) Did you get emotional during the Klaine scene?