Hello, hello…

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m watching Love, Actually because I somehow managed not to watch it yet this holiday season. I think I held off on watching it because it’s something I usually watch with my family. However, this year, I don’t get to be with my family for the holiday.

While that has been getting me down over the past couple weeks, I’m holding together pretty well. I mean, there’s still been some tears, but I know my family loves me and I love them, and if nothing else, I’ll see them in May. I know that’s 5 months away, but I’ll just have to deal with it if that’s the next time I’ll get to see them, you know?

It’s been a little rough seeing people’s FB and Instrgram pictures of them spending time with their families. What’s been super upsetting is to see/read about the people who are complaining about spending time with their families. I would trade places with them in a heartbeat if I could. A heartbeat.

But, I can’t. So I sit here and smile while watching Love, Actually because I remember when my mom, sister and I saw this together in theaters oh so many years ago and how our whole family has watched it countless times together since.

I don’t have any “plans” tomorrow for Christmas. It’s just going to be another Tuesday for me. Sadly a Tuesday where I won’t be working, but a Tuesday nonetheless. I might go see a movie. I’ll probably clean the bathroom. Hopefully I’ll get some more job applications and perhaps some more writing done. I’ll talk to my parents and probably my grandparents. I’ll make a “Merry Christmas” post on FB. But really nothing special will happen tomorrow. And I’m kind of okay with that. I have the apartment to myself and can listen to my music really loud if I want. And that makes me happy.

So, I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday 🙂

Merry Christmas Eve!