February 2013

Yes, that’s right… chick flick.


21 & Over caters to a female audience just as much (if not more so) than its targeted male audience. Sure, there is a lot of profanity and lewd comments, but if you’re like me (a sassy girl in her 20s who curses like a sailor), this film is right up your alley for several reasons.


One would assume that a Rated R flick aimed at guys would be chock-full of female nudity and objectification of women, but this film is an exception that rule. There were maybe four or five instances of seeing women’s boobs, but all instances were brief and of the characters own decisions. Guys were never spying on naked woman and women were not forced to show their breasts. Instead, women were flashing their boobs to throw off their beer pong competitors’ games, or running topless through a pep rally-turned riot.


Instead, this film featured a lot of what my brother would refer to as “man butt.” Two of our protagonists walk around in nothing but a tube sock covering their junk for at least 10 minutes of the movie’s running time. (This isn’t a spoiler – they are seen this way within the first few seconds of the film.) Their bodies are on display for their own embarrassment, as well as the enjoyment of a sorority that they pissed off somewhere along the plot. The film’s stars Skylar Astin and Miles Teller are both attractive guys with nice bodies and a good sense of humor. I did not mind in the slightest watching the two of them walking around with their bodies on display.


21 & Over was a laugh-out-loud comedy with moments of serious and heartfelt drama (you gotta bring the audience down so you can lift them back up again – this is a standard for storytelling). Though there were arguably more funny moments than not in this film (Jeff Chang progressively getting more violent in how he showed bouncers his ID were a high point for me), I always gravitate to the parts where the characters hit a conflict and have to work through their issues.


Taking Jeff Chang out drinking for his 21st birthday was only the catalyst for the main plot of the film. Casey (Astin), Miller (Teller) and Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) were besties in high school who remained friends throughout college, though they still drifted apart. Throughout the film, each character finds out important life details about the other characters which make them all ask themselves “Why didn’t I know this?”. This film was so relatable because we all do that… we all have friends who we were close with, but somehow have lost touch or missed out on big moments because there was a dip in communication. This film shows the realities of growing up and growing apart. This is something we all deal with, but it hurts when you see it unfolding before your eyes.


In that way, this film reminded me a lot of Superbad (BFFs who end up arguing because they care so much about the other person but they are too stubborn to just talk about it until after the fight and then they realize they need to talk about it because talking it out is the only real solution). Personally, I love watching movies about guy friends where they get in disagreements and then have to express their feelings to resolve their conflicts. It’s great to see male characters – especially younger guys who think they are hardasses or cooler than they probably are – be vulnerable with their emotions. There’s also a heavy plot line that deals with parental expectation and how one deals (or doesn’t deal) with external and internal stressers. (See – heavy shit, man.)


This is also a chick flick because of Casey/Skylar Astin. Between this and Pitch Perfect, Skylar Astin has secured himself a spot in the “super attractive, talented and funny yet still kind of nerdy” actor category (see also: Darren Criss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). He’s a guy’s guy, but he’s sensitive. He can drink and get crazy, but he’s more interested in what a woman is saying than how big her tits are. This is the kind of male character that females like me and my girlfriends love. He fights for the girl, he tries to take care of his friends, and he dresses like Ted Mosby. The kid is charming, extremely likable and looks like Dane Cook’s sexy younger brother. (If you haven’t already seen Pitch Perfect, stop reading and find a copy of this film. Also, you may as well check out Hamlet 2… it’s not great, but it’s decent.)


I’m so glad I saw 21 & Over. Sure, it’s predictable and there are a million swear words, but the actors have great chemistry and a lot of the jokes really deliver. (Slow-motion vomiting, however, is never a winner. I wish movies would just stop that already.) I hadn’t laughed that loud or often in a long while. If you want to get your chuckle on enough for your smiles to hurt, I highly recommend 21 & Over. It’s honestly the most entertaining chick flick I’ve seen in a long time. 

Oh, the Oscars. They are my Super Bowl. I make predictions with my sister, I am glued to the television from the red carpet through the announcement of Best Picture. Every year I hope they’ll be awesome, but most of the time they are just Meh. Last night had some definite highs and lows… and most of the highs were music-related.

There was a lot of hype about the 50-years of James Bond tribute. The video montage was pretty lame… a lot of clips cut together with colorful graphics photoshopped over them. However, when Shirley Bassey walked out and belted the theme to “Goldfinger,” I got chills. “Goldfinger” is one of the greatest Bond themes of all time and Shirley Bassey is no spring chicken. She NAILED that song and it was a privilege to listen to her sing it 🙂

Another Bond-related musical highlight was Adele singing “Skyfall” from Skyfall. That song is haunting in the best way possible. I heard the song before I saw the film and loved it, but I love it so much more now having seen the movie and knowing what Skyfall is. The lyrics are clever and are just so simple yet beautiful. Plus, Adele is friggin’ flawless. Girl can SING. Yes, the sound levels were wonky, but she pushed through and owned that song. I was so glad it won Best Song because it was my favorite song out of all the songs that were nominated. Adele can do no wrong. Plus, she’s gorgeous as all get out and her accent is so friggin’ charming. She says “Fank You.” ADORABLE.

Barbra Streisand singing “The Way We Were” at the end of the In Memoriam section to honor the late, great Marvin Hamlisch. I have seen so many articles incorrectly reporting that the title of this song is “Memories.” IT IS NOT “MEMORIES,” IT’S “THE WAY WE WERE”, AS IN THE THEME SONG FROM THE MOVIE OF THE SAME F–KING NAME. I cannot properly put into words how angry it makes me that there are entertainment reporters and whatnot who have gotten the title of the song wrong. It’s a super famous song, it’s an Academy Award winning song, and it’s the same name as the super famous movie it’s from… really, what is so hard about that? Regardless.. Barbra was wonderful and her performance brought a tear to my eye because I love that song, I love her, and I love Marvin Hamlisch. 

As amazing as these three women were, Jennifer Hudson stole the night with her performance of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” JHud took us to church and back – girl can SING and sing she did. That song is the #1 reason why she won the Oscar (much like “I Dreamed a Dream” was the only reason Anne Hathaway won her Oscar last night) and it’s amazing to see her and listen to her perform it. JHud pours everything into that song and there is no way you’re not going to love her for it.

There were several other notable musical moments of the night. Host Seth MacFarlane sang a song about seeing women’s boobs during his opening monologue. Catherine Zeta Jones looked amazing as she lip synched her way through a sexy rendition of “All That Jazz.” Also, the cast of Les Mis came out and sang “Suddenly” and “One Day More.” 

Oh, Russell Crowe – I bet you are waiting until you never have to associate yourself with that movie (or musicals) ever again. Major props to him for singing with everyone… turns out his uncomfortable live singing on film translates to the same uncomfortable live singing on television. I felt awkward while watching at home, but luckily Aaron Tveit quickly appeared on my tv with a smolder that announced his presence with authority and I quickly forgot about Crowe. To be honest, I was mostly trying to listen/watch the younger crowd from Les Mis as they sang. I love Jackman, but SBC and HBC both looked super annoyed that they were there (Were they in character? Or were they just like “I’m so over this too…”?) Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne were good, as was Samantha Barks (Though what was up with her tiny waist?! Was that a corset, or is she naturally disproportionate?). I avoided watching Hathaway at all costs. She has a lovely voice and was good in the movie, but I’m just so over her in general that I tend to tune her out nowadays.

It was not a surprise that Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress even though she tried to make it seem as such. You already got the Oscar, kid, no need to try to win an Oscar for winning an Oscar. Her speech – especially that forced quote/soundbite at the end – was grating. She won almost everything under the sun this season… frankly, I was tired of her.

I was not tired of Jennifer Lawrence, though. Man, I could listen to her speeches all the time… not only did she bite it on her way up to the stage, but she called everyone out for giving her a pity-induced Standing O. (Four for you, JLaw!) 

My other two favorite speeches of the night were from the Argo crowd. Screenwriter Chris Terrio gave a really heartfelt speech and managed to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. He was eloquent and sincere and I really respected his shout out to Affleck and recognizing that he was in a similar spot years ago and how he has allowed Terrio the same opportunity. Great speech, bro.

And then there was the Argo/Best Picture speech. Producer George Clooney stood there silently while Grant Heslov took the mic. (Every time I see Heslov, I immediately think of him in True Lies saying, “They call him the Sand Spider… Probably because it sounds scary.”) Heslov’s joke about the three sexy producers was funny and then he had some nice things to say about the people he worked with. He eventually passed the speech to Affleck and he mumbled his way through thanking people and making a bit of an ass out of himself when talking about “working” with his wife. But then Affleck got serious and I might have gotten a little choked up. He talked about the opportunities that so many people in the room gave him even when he couldn’t offer them much more than hard work (my words, not his). He spoke about how you can’t hold grudges and that even though you get knocked down, you gotta get back up. It was a bit cliche, but it was also really really true. Affleck has been kicked around by the entertainment industry for over a decade. He was celebrated at a young age for his screenwriting/Good Will Hunting-ness with Matt Damon, but quickly got sucked into tabloid land with his relationship with JLo and some of his less awesome movies (Forces of Nature, Gigli, etc…). However, over the years, he completely picked himself back up and has made a name for himself as a talented filmmaker. He seems to have a wonderful family life with Jennifer Garner and their kids. He has directed three critically acclaimed feature films. He became the poster boy for snubbed artists when he didn’t get nominated for Best Director. At this point, Affleck doesn’t need a Best Director Oscar to tell him he’s doing okay. He’ll get one eventually. But, for now, he’s the guy who made an amazing film that took home every major guild award, as well as the Oscar for Best Picture. Ben Affleck is a serious filmmaker and I’m excited for anything and everything that he’ll direct in years to come.

Seth MacFarlane did a decent job as host. I thought most of his opening was amusing. I liked his Flying Nun bit he did with Sally Field and how he sang and danced with Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe. My favorite bit he did the whole night was the Sound of Music gag when introducing Christopher Plummer. I laughed out loud – that was brilliant. 

I won the Oscar ballot battle between myself and my sister. I got 18/24 categories right and she got 16/24. The win felt good after she shellacked me during the Golden Globes.

Did you watch the Oscars? What were your favorite or least favorite moments?

One of my best friends was in town for a brief visit, so even though we were both completely worn out and tired, we had one hell of a night out on the town.


After a mad scramble to get theater tickets (I was in line for Book of Mormon standing room tickets up on 49th while she was in line for student rush tickets for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on 46th), she secured us two fourth row seats to one of the greatest plays ever written.


We had some time to kill and were starving, so we opted for sushi. Somehow this was my first sushi since moving to New York and it was the same restaurant she had last year during the week that was our crazy New Years/seeing Darren Criss on Broadway in H2$ multiple times (she saw it twice, I saw it three times). We sat down among other people seeking warmth and sushi on a chilly Wednesday night and waited patiently to order.


As we sat, a very loud and somewhat annoying couple sat at the table next to us. They asked the server his opinion on everything… literally. They asked him to go course through course giving recommendations. (Please note that this was not some fancy-schmancy sushi restaurant… it was a small place on 45th and 8th and it was super inexpensive. So, it’s not like there was any chef’s special or anything that any media source indicated was a “must try.” Who were these people trying to impress?) Sadly, my friend and I continued to judge these people because they too were going to see a show… Annie.


Two grown-ass people were going to see Annie.


Now, I have nothing against that musical as I’ve seen it a couple times in my day at various community theaters. It’s a safe show. It’s a familiar show. But it’s Annie.  


Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be challenged by what I’m seeing. Or I like to see something that will get you talking. I saw The Anarchist a couple months ago and even though it was not great, it sparked some epic conversation between my friend and I. David Mamet makes you think. Annie doesn’t.


And maybe these people didn’t want to put any effort in their theater-going last night…. And on some level, I get that. Sometimes you just want to be entertained.


I, on the other hand… I wanted to feel something. I wanted to watch someone fall apart.


Tennessee Williams is without a doubt, one of the greatest playwrights of all time. He’s got a way with words that is enviable. I spent parts of the play sitting asking myself, “Why can’t I write like that?”. His characters are so complex and yet not at the same time. People could easily write off Maggie as a selfish woman who can’t please/can’t be pleased by her husband, but she is so much more than that. Maggie talks because the silence is too deafening to stand. She knows how to push people’s buttons, but can just as easily turn around and defend them with everything she’s got.


I’m grateful that I got to see Scarlett Johansson on stage. I’ve seen almost all of her films, but never really went along with the hype. I have so much more respect for her now that I’ve seen her in a play. She was mesmerizing to watch and was able to convey a gamut of emotions within mere seconds. Her eyes were expressive and she easily twisted her frown into a knowing smirk when the situation called for it. Though Maggie comes off strong at the beginning, you quickly find yourself sympathizing with her for trying to hold her marriage together as well as stand up for her in-laws. Johansson’s raspy voice and the southern accent she adopted for the role gave Maggie an almost masculine edge that was well-suited for the character. (See – [SPOILER ALERT] her husband is [correctly] accused of having relations with his male BFF from his football days. He’s not feminized in any way, by any means, but all his drinking and self-loathing make him a weak character in some regards. Even though Brick is physically strong – his body is still well kept and fit even though he drinks like whoa – he’s also physically weak because he broke his ankle and relies on a crutch to get around in less pain than when he hobbles around with no crutch.)


I had never seen Benjamin Walker in anything, though I knew of him from articles I read about “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.” Walker is a very talented actor and was very committed to the physical and emotional pain his character (Brick) was going through. He hobbled across that stage and grimaced with such conviction when his hurt ankle was jarred to the point where I was grimacing right along with him.


And – I have zero shame in writing this – it was a privilege to be in the fourth row for Walker’s performance for aesthetic purposes. The man walked out onstage in a white towel and nothing else and it set the tone for his oft-mentioned physical prowess. Though Johansson lead the entire first act almost on her own, Walker’s arms/back/chest/hair/ass took center stage because his body is so attractive it was almost distracting. While it could have been easy to just forget about the words and stare at the gorgeous man on stage, Walker’s acting abilities were able to transcend his looks and he was able to use every aspect of his being to really round out his character. (That being said, the man wore either a towel or see-through white silk pants with nothing on underneath for the entire show… holy smokes. Like… I’m sure there could be a book of poetry written about Benjamin Walker’s ass.)


I read a couple interviews Walker did about the show and he’s well aware of the (surface) physical aspects of the show. However, he literally throws himself about the stage and really knows his character inside and out. I love watching actors “go there”… just losing themselves in the moment and expressing raw, real emotions. The whole cast really pulled that off onstage. It wasn’t forced, nor did it feel fake or just for show. This is why I love theater. This is why I would give up television if I could go see a well performed stage show each night. (Someday when I’m rich, I will see ALL THE SHOWS.)


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is playing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City through March 30th. If you have the means and want to get your feels on, I highly recommend it.

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Dear Ben Affleck,

Sorry I hated on you a bit in the early-2000s. It wasn’t your fault that Pearl Harbor was a hot mess. I have seen the error of my ways and have grown to love you over the past several years. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite directors of all time and I consider you to be your generation’s Robert Redford/Clint Eastwood. You know… talented actor and beyond talented director. I saw Gone Baby Gone, The Town and I finally (FINALLY!) saw Argo.

If I wore a hat, it would be forever off to you, sir.

Please keep directing awesome movies!

– ❤ – Kate

So, I finally saw Argo. And, not that my opinion matters to the masses, but it is completely deserving of all of the hype and awards it has been earning. I can’t wait to see Argo win Best Picture at the Oscars on February 24th.

Argo was a solid film on every level. Great story (that happened to be TRUE), great script, great cast and great crew. Affleck successfully surrounded himself with the right people to get this film made. George Clooney and Grant Heslov are phenomenal producers and their work with Affleck was inspiring. The film looked amazing (*that’s* how you do a period piece) and the cast delivered, creating palpable tension in all the right spots.

I’m grateful for films like Argo that rely on story and characters as opposed to special effects and gimmicks. There were no noticeable CGI images. Though there was violence, it wasn’t exaggerated or celebrated as something spectacular to behold. Though there were countless famous/recognizable actors, they weren’t a distraction like they were in Lincoln. This wasn’t a “love story,” even though there were several couples with varying levels of relationship issues. The film looked amazing (the wardrobe; the hairstyles; the saturated color palette; the imagery used to show acts of violence, as well as the aftermath of violent acts) and I genuinely cared about what was happening, plot-wise. I purposefully didn’t read anything about the plot so I didn’t know how the movie ended before I saw it. (Yeah, none of my American History classes covered this moment in our nation’s past…) The script built tension well and really made you hang on the edge of your seat while you hoped the hostages would make it safely home from their hiding spot in Iran.

Although I am frustrated that Ben Affleck did not receive a Best Director nomination, that omission will help the film come Oscar night as Argo is the frontrunner for Best Picture. And while it would be awesome if Affleck won as a write-in candidate, he will take home an Oscar as part of the producing team. If for some reason another film takes Best Picture… well then I have completely lost faith in the Academy and its voters.

I can’t wait for whatever project Affleck directs next. I love his directing style and his set seems to nurture strong performances from the actors he works with. He will win a Best Director Oscar some day. But for now, he’ll be the guy who should have won for directing the best film of the year.

(Platonically) Reunited and it feels so goooooooooooooooood.


“I Do” was a giant leap in the right direction for Kurt and Blaine, but a couple steps off for just about every other couple/pairing on the show…. Which was completely fine by me as I only care about my boys (i.e. almost everyone else can take a long walk off a short cliff).


So – spoilers and feels/opinions ahead if you haven’t seen the episode.


We started off with Rachel and Finn at the Lima Bean (as Brody stayed in NYC) and Finn told Rachel that he kissed Ms. Pillsbury. She asked if Mr. Schue knew and he didn’t, so she told Finn not to tell him and then she started going on about her and Brody and how Finn is confused and lonely. Major props to Finn when he said, “Not everything has to do with you.” And in that moment, my respect level for Finn Hudson raised just a little bit. He was still freaked out about the kiss, but Rachel told him to basically suck it up and be a good Best Man. (Why does Rachel think that she can just dole out advice to everyone?)


After the “glee” title card (black with pink letters…), we found Emma in her office trying to figure out seating arrangements. I loved her little monologue about how the glee kids dated so incestuously that she couldn’t remember who could stand who (poor Emma). Finn tried to confront her about the kiss, but she told him to stay away and keep his mouth shut.


Mr. Schue was back for good as glee instructor (though Finn’s apparently staying on as assistant) and he asked the kids to sing at the wedding. (Blaine was pumped; Tina not so much). He wanted Finn to sing instead of give a best man speech. Also, this scene tried to explain why a lot of characters (Kitty, Joe, Wade/Unique, Sugar) were missing – Asian Bird Flu. (I miss Sugar. Just sayin’)


The scene that followed (Emma helping Artie at his locker) set up a new character – Emma’s niece, Betty (who we met later… my gut reaction was that I didn’t like her and her attitude). Also in the hallway, Marley gave Jake a present – cufflinks she made (aw – crafts!). He said he got her something too… but after she walked away and Ryder asked what he got her, Jake confessed he didn’t have any gift yet. So, Ryder being the awesome best friend told Jake that he had to make it Valentine’s Week for Marley. (This episode made me like Ryder even more… that kid needs to win at something this season. He’s got dyslexia and is pining over his best friend’s girlfriend. Bro needs a break.)


In the auditorium, Finn waited on a late Rachel (foreshadowing? Perhaps…) who was getting a spray tan (i.e. the writers covering up for Lea Michele’s tan). He’s trying to pick out a song to sing at the reception. Rachel told him he looked cute and Finn admitted he had been dieting. I’m pretty sure I muttered, “Keep it in your pants, Rachel,” as I was writing down my notes. Her carefree attitude about love is really grating and as a viewer who is completely turned off by her character anyway, I think it’s irresponsible to live with a guy in NYC but openly flirt with your ex-boyfriend. (And maybe that’s why I wasn’t surprised at all by the cliffhanger at the end of the episode… but more on that in a bit.)


The next day (?) in History class, Ryder had his jacket zipped all the way up to his chin and was acting super weird. Jake then came in, wearing a red tux and had an obviously planned conversation with Ryder about singing to Marley. Jake, Ryder, Sam and Artie then serenade Marley with “You’re All I Need to Get By” (though she sang a lot of the song too… as it is a Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell duet) and I was even more smitten with Ryder as he danced in the background. I loved the red suits and I loved loved loved the Temptations-esque dance moves.


After the commercial break, the glee kids were at the church awaiting the ceremony. Santana sat with Quinn and they commiserate about hating Valentine’s Day and men. Artie meets Emma’s niece Betty and she is overly sassy (which she’ll later blame on nerves). I didn’t like her because she told Artie to, “Wheel the hell away,” and “I don’t date losers in chairs.” Harsh, girl. Harsh.


Marley, Jake and Ryder walk into a pew together and Marley finds flowers that Ryder left for her from Jake. They’re here favorite kind, of course, because she mentioned it once like a million years ago and Ryder is sensitive enough to remember these kinds of things. So, Jake reaped the benefits of his bff’s feelings. (What’s great, though, is that Jake KNOWS Ryder likes Marley. I like that that is not a secret and how it hasn’t destroyed the Jake/Ryder friendship… yet.)


Meanwhile in the parking lot, Kurt was getting frisky with someone in the back of a Prius. And that someone was Blaine. And there was groping, and moaning, and hands everywhere and kissing and I’m pretty sure my jaw was hanging for a solid minute. Of the two kisses in this scene, Blaine went for the first one and Kurt went for the second (much like in 2×16…). Kurt mentioned that he’s kind of seeing someone in New York, but Blaine countered that he’s not in New York nor were they exclusive. (So, I guess it’s not “cheating” the way Blaine cheated… but hopefully Kurt will talk about this with Adam when he gets back to NYC.) Kurt also said for the first of many times that they’re not back together and Blaine quickly agreed (though by the look in his eye, he wanted to be back together ages ago…) and said that they were just “bros helping bros” (aw – Sam’s influence, obviously). Kurt commented how he loved it when Blaine talked fratty and the whole of the fandom exploded because all its dreams were coming true.


We all were disappointed when there was a frantic knock at the window and it’s Mercedes (and not Tina… who appeared to have interrupted the boys earlier during a scene that does not exist on tape, but merely as a throwaway comment by Kurt). She told them they are trashy and Kurt said everyone hooks up at weddings. The boys scrambled out of the car, clothing in disarray (nice underwear, Blainers) and coats strategically placed over crotches. Stop being such a cockblock, Mercedes. This is twice now… third time and you are out girl. You hear me? OUT.


Turned out Mercedes jumped the gun on getting the boys inside the church.


Emma was freaking out and panicking about the wedding. Somehow Sue was with her and they were both wearing the same wedding dress. I’m sure other dialogue happened, but I was still recovering from the car scene. (#sorrynotsorry). I did pay attention, though, when Emma launched into “I’m Not Getting Married Today” from Company. (I am in full support of Glee covering Company songs this season… Naya/Santana needs to sing “Another Hundred People” like I need air.) While execution of this song is really hard when one is obviously lip synching to a prerecording of one’s own voice, I thought it was super fitting and a little bit sad because Emma ran from her own wedding. She hopped into a cab and left… never to be seen again (at least for the rest of this episode).


Becky, the belligerent flower girl, angrily threw red rose petals down the aisle. Then, instead of Emma stepping out from behind the doors, Sue walked down the aisle and I chuckled as the True Lies tango music began to play. (They used that song a lot throughout the episode… I was okay with that.) When Will asked what Sue was doing, she told him she was trying to stop the wedding from becoming an utter fiasco. “Emma’s left the building.” (Poor Will. Or not… I don’t really like him. But I like Emma. Hmmm.)


Like to sad sacks, Finn and Mr. Schue sat at the altar. Finn was pretty sure he was the reason Emma fled, even though he wasn’t (although it didn’t help when Mr. Schue asked rhetorically if there was someone else…). Santana walked in and asked what Mr. Schue wanted to do about the reception. Like a martyr, he said they should still have it because all the glee kids were back.


And so there was a party. And with some fake IDs, Santana and Quinn were able to acquire alcohol and get tipsy enough to have Quinn check a number of “firsts” off her list. It started innocently with Quinn telling Santana that she looked great in her dress. I knew Quinntana was on in that scene… I guess I didn’t realize how quickly it would escalate by the end of the episode. I have to say, I didn’t mind. I don’t ‘ship ‘em, but their storyline actually made sense to me.


Jake and Ryder had some bro time together, talking about Marley as they do. Jake called Ryder a love genius and Ryder tells his friend that he (Jake) should give Marley gifts that were his (Jake’s) idea. Jake, though, does not think highly of his own romancing Marley skills and gladly accepted the heart-shaped pendent that Ryder bought her at the mall. Jake then said, “I am so getting laid tonight,” and there could have been a record scratch at how quick Ryder was to try and shut that down. He said that she wasn’t ready because she’s just a sophomore and was still getting over an eating disorder. Jake got them a room, however, and despite Marley saying she wanted to take things slow, he thought she would be ready.


Firstly – neither of these boys have any right to say whether Marley is ready or not (that’s her decision – not theirs). Secondly – just because you rented a room, Jake, doesn’t mean Marley has an obligation to have sex with you. I was grateful the writers wrote this plot line into the episode. Jake and Ryder both love and respect Marley. And while Jake has expectations about how their night will turn out, he doesn’t force her into anything nor feels slighted when she isn’t ready. I also like that Marley doesn’t feel ashamed for standing her ground and knowing what is best for her in that moment.


Meanwhile, on stage Kurt and Blaine sang “I Just Can’t Get Enough” and I just couldn’t get enough of the two of them being adorable and completely in synch with each other. Sadly, though, they had to tarnish the Klaine duet with Finchel dialogue. Rachel told Finn it wasn’t his fault the wedding didn’t happen and then asked him to dance. During the song, Tina also shot death glares up at the boys on stage. Also, Artie tried to make a second impression on Betty. He told her she’s mean and awful (Preach!) but that he found her compelling so he asked her to dance. She agreed to one dance and through a bit of montage, we saw that they had a good time spinning their chairs on the floor together.


After the song, Kurt launched into his second “We’re not dating, we’re just here as friends” speech which Blaine knew by heart by now. Blaine offered to get them drinks while Kurt went straight for the mini cupcakes. Tina Cohen Crazy confronted Kurt and yelled at him for being a bad person with regard to Blaine. Kurt then told Tina what we’ve all been thinking the past few weeks – she’s a hag who is in love with Blaine and it really needs to stop. Tina then spilled how she took care of Blaine while he was sick and rubbed vapo-rub on his tiny, muscled chest. Kurt was surprised and super not happy. “Did you vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend? Don’t you walk away, Tina Cohen Chang.” Yes she did, Kurt… and we all had to watch her do it. (Thankfully, this scene was the end of scary Tina… speaking of… why didn’t she talk to Mike at all at the wedding?)


Then, even though the wedding didn’t happen, Sue shouted for all the single ladies to gather around for the bouquet toss. (Well, all the single ladies and Sam, apparently.) And of course Rachel caught it. (Because Rachel gets EVERYTHING.)


After the commercial, Finn told Rachel that traditionally single girls line up to catch the bouquet. She said that even though she’s living with Brody, their relationship is not defined. She used the excuse that that’s how things are done in New York, like on Sex and the City. Maybe if I was a decade younger, I would be completely naïve about living in New York and being completely ignorant in thinking that living in a big city means the same relationship rules don’t apply to you. But I’m a grown-ass woman living in New York and I know that what Rachel’s doing to herself isn’t healthy and it’s just part of slide into an eventual spiral of complete self-destruction. Finn gave her a whole “relationships are a lot like flowers” speech and then told her that he thought she was lying to herself about her feelings for Brody because he thought she was still in love with him (Finn). Then Finn started talking like he was a walking Tumblr post: “You and I both know how this thing ends. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.” Ugh. I am so over Finchel because I cannot stand Rachel at all.


The two started a duet on the CLASSIC “We’ve Got Tonight” and my insides hurt because I love this song, but not them singing it. I did enjoy the pan around the room to the various couples and seeing Kurt and Blaine slow dancing cheek to cheek. Quinn and Santana also danced together, causing Quinn to remark, “I’ve never slow danced with a girl before. I like it.”


Then there was a montage of various couples carding their way into hotel rooms – Finchel, Klaine, Jarley, Quinntana, and Artie/Betty (I don’t know what their ‘ship name would be… nor do I care. Sorry.). All of these couples except for Jarley had sex.




Klaine – Kurt was the one who dragged Blaine into the hotel room by his necktie (wanky). Their hotel room was 206 (NBK memories – aw) and the boys made the most of their time together. (Yes, we saw the used tissues on the nightstand.) While Kurt buttoned his shirt back up, Blaine asked him, “Tell me now that we’re not back together.” Kurt replied that it was fun, but nothing more, causing Blaine to counter, “I’m not going to let you minimize this, Kurt.” As Blaine helped Kurt back into his suit jacket, he told Kurt that it meant something that they were together on Christmas and Valentine’s Day and how they’ll have many more. Kurt was such a tease, leaning toward Blaine only to tell him, “I’ll see you downstairs.” Kurt walked out, leaving Blaine to answer “okay” more to himself than anyone else. He then gave epic fist pumps up in the air before backwards diving back onto the bed.


Blaine knows he has to be patient, but he has hope and he has Kurt. Logically, there is no way Kurt is not in this too… he might not be 100% there, but he’s gotta be in the 90s because Kurt would not sleep with Blaine and then just walk away forever. I’m pretty sure Blaine is still the only person Kurt has ever been with. And even though it seems that Kurt and Blaine still have a healthy physical relationship, I’m sure Burt Hummel’s “You Matter” speech is still at the forefront of Kurt’s mind. He won’t throw himself around for anybody, but he’s certainly not against car sex with Blaine in the parking lot and hotel room sex with Blaine in the middle of the reception.


Jarley – The two of them sat on the bed and Marley apologized for not wanting to go further, but Jake is not upset. It was literally as simple as that. Four for you, Jarley (even though I don’t ship you at all).


Quinntana – Both ladies look pretty damn satisfied. Quinn admitted that that was her first time with a girl and a one-time thing. Santana asked her if she wanted to go back to the reception or make it a two-time thing. With a smirk, it’s assumed Quinn took the latter option. Get it, girls.


Artie/Betty – They both laughed about it and ask each other if it was good. I really don’t have much to say here. If Betty is going to be a recurring character, I hope she gets some depth to her.


Finchel – Upon entering the room, Rachel is the one who initiates taking her clothes off and hopping into bed. Finn quickly drops trou and gets in bed and turned out the light (get it – song lyrics – what). However, Rachel is also the first one to put her clothes back on and vacate the premises. Yeah… she slept with Finn and the left him just as quick. He was still asleep when she ducked out. Classy, Rachel. Real classy.


Back in NY, Rachel came back to find Brody had decorated their apartment. (He said it took him two days. I don’t believe one word that comes out of that guy’s mouth. Not one.) During a makeout session on the couch, he asked her if she kissed anyone while she was gone and asked if she saw Finn. She commented that she thought they were in an open relationship. He said they were, but that he still wanted them to be honest with each other. She asked him if he was with anyone while she was gone and he said No – that he had stayed at the apartment both days. His flashback of him walking out of a hotel (?) room with a wad of money suggested otherwise. Brody is either a male prostitute or deals drugs. I’m thinking prostitute. (I have written in my notes regarding Brody and Rachel “They are gross and dishonest.”)


Meanwhile, Kurt is still in Lima for the day and is at school with Blaine and Tina. Tina apologized to Kurt about what she said to him at the reception. She realized she was in the wrong and said that watching them sing was like “two soulmates rediscovering each other.” Yep… that is entirely accurate. Blaine told her that everyone has unrequited love and Kurt gave another one of his “we’re just friends” lines (while sad yet hopeful Blaine forced a smile and looked down at his shoes…). Tina did not believe the words that were coming out of Kurt’s mouth. Neither did I. Or Blaine. The boys then invited Tina to a double feature and they walked off arm in arm in arm as Blaine announced how proud he was that his first hag was Tina Cohen Chang. (Mazel tov, Tina. You totally bagged the hottest gay on the show.)


Down the hallway, Marley walked up to Ryder at his locker and gave him a Valentine’s card. She knew it was him behind Jake’s presents (“Like Cyrano.” “Who?” – Oh Ryder…). Marley told him to save his efforts for when he found real love (or something like that) and he said “It was for real” and then he kissed her and I yelled “NO, RYDER!” at my television. I love, love, love Ryder, but I don’t want him to jeopardize his friendship with Jake and his relationship with Marley. I very much want Marley to be with Ryder, but I don’t want any cheating or tearing apart of relationships for that to happen.


I would have been content for the episode to end there, but then there was a scene of Finn confronting Mr. Schue in the Teacher’s Lounge. Finn didn’t reveal he kissed Emma, but he did say he for Mr. Schue not to give up and that he would help Mr. Schue find Emma and make things right.


Betty also found Artie in the hallway and apologized for being bitchy. She said she got that way when she was nervous. Artie asked for her phone number and they swap digits. Since she’s just Emma’s niece, I hope she won’t get integrated into the McKinley crowd/New Directions. My snap judgment was that I didn’t like that character. And, as horrible as snap judgments are, mine are almost always right (for me at least). So, sorry Betty. But I don’t like ya.


Oh yeah – then there was a whole music number. Marley lead all the New Directions in “Anything Could Happen.” I didn’t know the song, so I didn’t care much, though it was nice to see all the kids in matching-esque outfits dancing around.


Cut to Rachel and Brody in bed and she’s flipping through a planner, as one does. I knew before a worried look sprouted on her face that she thought she might be pregnant. So, Rachel got a pregnancy test and we watched as her phone’s stopwatch counted upwards. She looked at the stick and put a hand to her mouth. We didn’t see the results, but Ryan Murphy tweeted something like “#preggers” and I didn’t give a flying fuck because I don’t care if Rachel is or is not pregnant. If she is, I’m guessing she miscarries, as there is no way Rachel is going to go full-term with a baby while in her freshman year of college. (I’m sorry if that is offensive or distasteful, but plot-wise, there is no way she will have a baby before she makes it on Broadway. Remember – her Funny Girl audition is coming up.) But, sadly I could see them milking it for an episode or two. Or, maybe she’s not pregnant and she’s just really sad in the promo because she had a pregnant scare, her live-in boyfriend is a prostitute and she’s annoying as hell. I dunno. So much for a carefree NYC life, eh Rachel Berry? You’re no Carrie Bradshaw, that’s for sure.


I’m glad we have a 3 week hiatus. We need a break after “I Do’s” shenanigans. I’m looking forward to the next episode, though, as it’s all songs from movies. The brief glimpse of Klaine atop the Moulin Rouge elephant was more than enough to get me even more excited for “Come What May.”


This was a mostly decent episode. This whole season has been pretty subpar, so “I Do” actually seemed outstanding for Season 4, but on par with Seasons 1 and 2.



I figure if I put that declaration out there into the world, then I’m more apt to actually try and achieve it.


I’m still in the middle of writing my second feature script (okay, maybe not the middle as page 21 is not quite the “middle” of a projected 90-120 page project…), but I can only work on that while I’m at home because I need my laptop (Oh Final Draft 7, how I love thee…). BUT, I have time during the day to work on stuff and I’m stuck behind a computer, so writing a book seemed like the logical next step. I have written two novel-length entities before, but they were for my peers and were not meant for the masses. So, I want to try and write something that could be read by more people than just my friends 🙂

With the plot lines I have milling about in my mind, I think what I write is still going to be for a niche audience. But… we’ll see!


I gotta write it first, right?

Wow, Glee. Two of your last three episodes have been pretty degrading with regard to the portrayal of some of your female characters. I yelled at my television multiple times… mostly when Tina was on screen. Someone needs to give her the “no means no” speech.


Spoilers and heated opinions ahead if you haven’t seen the episode already.


The show started off in NYC at Kurt and Rachel’s “Free Sing” class where Rachel seemed to have bogarted all the free time. Kurt’s VO revealed what we already knew – that Rachel has an out of control ego. He gave an epic monologue about how she’s a bad roommate and you honestly can’t blame him for wanting to take her down a few pegs. This scene also introduced us to the other gay guys in their program – gay guys who seem to love Rachel like she was the second coming of Barbra.


In Lima, Emma was stressed out about her upcoming wedding to Will (i.e. next week’s episode). Finn found her in the teacher’s lounge and they talk a bit about wedding stuff, and then segue to glee club because Finn thought Will would want the club back right away. Finn was worried about Regionals because it was a much bigger deal than Sectionals. He went on to say that they needed someone with attitude like Rachel and Mercedes were last year. Emma mentioned Blaine (yes, Emma… you are so wise), but then suggested they do a Diva Week to find their inner powerhouse. Wade/Unique and the glee girls challenge each other on who is the biggest diva while elbow patch-wearing Blainers kept trying to pipe in “guys can be divas too.”


So, the glee girls and Blaine have their own sort of diva-off… they all are dressed in some sort of couture and doing a lot of ANTM poses while they sing Beyonce’s “Diva.” They also act like jerks to other members of the glee club who are trying to help them get ready for the runway. The song goes “a diva is the female version of a hustler.” So… where does that leave Unique and Blaine? While all the girls looked fierce in their diva outfits, I not so secretly stared at Blaine the whole time. Blaine, donned in an Adam Lambert ensemble, also sported something else we rarely see on Glee… curly hair. Why do the Glee Hair & Makeup people insist on gelling that down?


Back in NYC, Kurt and Rachel have a spat in their kitchen when she tells him to make her some tea. Kurt called her out on being a nightmare and she countered back that he’s jealous because the only reason her got an audition was because they are friends. He reminded her that his audition blew her out of the water and then challenged her to Midnight Madness (which Brody will later describe as NYADA Fight Club… though tragically less violent :/).  Rachel scoffed and said she already beat him in one diva-off (Remember when the show was good and they sang “Defying Gravity” in S1? *sigh*). Kurt FINALLY revealed that he threw the competition and could hit the High F. Rachel was stunned because she thought she won fair and square (HA – no) and was equally shocked when Kurt said he did it to protect his dad.  Kurt then told her he wasn’t throwing anything this time around.


Back in Lima, Blainers was at his locker looking ill and blowing his nose into a tissue. (It is a crime how adorable Sick!Blaine is…). Still-in-love-with-Blaine Tina marched up to him and gave him a cold fighting kit, which he thanked her for but said he couldn’t take the cold medicine because it would make him woozy. And, being the consummate performer that he is, Blaine couldn’t be less than 100% for his Freddie Mercury number he was going to do for the glee club to show then that guys can be divas too.


Cut to Blaine (wearing leather pants, a leather jacket and a jauntily placed leather hat) at the piano singing my favorite Queen song of all time – “Don’t Stop Me Now.” I actually wrote in my notebook, “omg – my lady parts,” which ended up in a scribble as soon as Blaine stood up and kicked over the piano bench. I was unprepared for the air guitaring and the knee bend on the floor… and then I drew a couple pictures of hearts in my notebook and felt like I was in high school again. In my completely biased opinion, this was one of the greatest moments/musical numbers in the history of Glee. If only the rest of the episode were as enjoyable as these 2 minutes… Alas.


After Blaine’s inspired performance, Finn and Emma go on some more about divas. Finn compared divas to the Loch Ness Monster or Sméagol. I chuckled at this because to stereotype, divas are supposed to be these beautiful, powerful, headstrong women… and he compared them to monsters and former hobbits.


Finn also (re)introduced another diva to the group – Santana. Dressed in her Kentucky college Cheerio uniform, she and some other Cardinal Cheerios sang and danced to “Nutbush City Limits.” As I wrote “take us to CHURCH, Santana” in my notes, I wished we got to hear more of Naya’s voice in seasons past and present. Girl can sing. End of story.


Brittany didn’t look super happy to see Santana, but all the boys were certainly ogling her. However, when the song ended, Brit called it the greatest moment in show choir history, but then said she was mad that she didn’t know Santana was in town. Santana turned it on her and said she was mad Brittany didn’t tell her she was dating Sam. (There was a flashback, and it was EVIL TINA who called Santana up and said “One word – Bram.” This was only one of several moments I wanted to smack some sense into Tina during the episode.) Santana then announced to the room that she was dating one of the other Cheerios – Elaine – and said she was out and proud, etc. I instantly smelled a ruse.


Back at NYC, Brody told Rachel about NYADA Fight Club/Midnight Madness and said the winner would get the ultimate bragging rights. The other gay guys from Free Sing class talked smack about Kurt to Rachel and she defended him, but not enough to make them stop. Kurt overheard and stood up for himself, “Me, my outfits and turtle face aren’t going anywhere.” (Four for you, Kurt Hummel. Stick up for yourself…. How sad was it that he was getting bullied by people who were exactly like him in every way? Kid can’t catch a break.)


Meanwhile, in Emma’s office, she’s giving him a bit of a pamphlet intervention about how Rachel is moving on (her Facebook status is “shacking up,” so she and Brody are obviously super serious at playing house… If I were Finn, I would run in the opposite direction from all things Rachel Berry and start fresh with a less self-involved person. Just sayin’…). Emma tried to talk up the new Math sub as a potential love interest for Finn. He shook her off and commented how Mr. Schue was a lucky guy. Emma then asked Finn to help her pick the centerpiece for the wedding… blue or white flowers. Finn vetoed blue (“color of sad”) and opted for white (“color of pure – like you”) and I scribbled in my notes “this will not end well.” (I wish I weren’t right… but I totally was :/)


In the auditorium, Sam found Santana waiting for him on the stage and they have a confrontation about Brittany like she’s some piece of property. Santana (who used to date Sam, remember… though I’m pretty sure it was just to make various people mad/jealous) called Sam boring and told him his impressions suck (lies – all lies) and said Brit shouldn’t be with him. He told Santana he wasn’t going to give up without a fight. They then duet to “She’s Mine” – again, alluding to Brittany like she is something to be owned. Epic le sigh. When the song ended, Sam admitted that he knows Santana still loves Brit, but the best thing for Brit is to be with him right then and asked Santana to let her go.


And then the crazy really kicked in… Tina was walking down the hallway and her VO was telling herself that she deserved better with regard to whatever she thought was going down between her and Blaine… but then, she saw him at his locker (his cold is worse and he’s blowing his nose into tissues like a champ) and called him a “precious Tiger Beat shrinkydink.” (Oh my goodness, I wish Tiger Beat was still a thing…). Tina did/said something to which Blaine replied, “Thanks lady, you’re so sweet.” She actually got mad at him for giving her a compliment and told him she didn’t want to be sweet, she wanted to be a badass. Blaine told her there are bunch of Asian divas and promptly listed off a few (snaps for including B.D. Wong – holla!). He then invited her over to his house later to help her pick out a diva song. He swore he would help her, “even if it kills me.” (It might not have killed you, Blaine, but it certainly made sizable pieces of my heart shrivel up and die.) Tina grinned like the stalker person she was becoming and called him “Blainey Days.” I subsequently wrote “NO ME GUSTA” in my notebook.


After the commercial break, we found ourselves in Blaine’s impeccably clean room (his Dalton Stepford ways have obviously not left him…) and the first thing I noticed were the several pictures of Kurt and Klaine on Blaine’s nightstand. Even though they are clearly on display for anyone (including Tina) to see, Tina asked “Have you ever been with a girl?” Blaine hadn’t, “No, perfect gold star gay,” but commented how he did make out with Rachel. However, that just solidified his gay-status even more, so we’re quicker to forgive him for that than for cheating on Kurt w/Eli. Blaine does admit that he loves women and thinks they’re beautiful, but he wouldn’t be with them. Tina commented that he’s young and alluded to the fact that he’d grow out of being gay (seriously, Tina?). Blaine offered up his computer and she saw he made her a playlist of diva songs. He was still super sick and very tired, so she told him to lie down. He did and promptly fell asleep on his own bed. Tina Cohen Crazy on the other hand, decided to pour out her feelings for her Gay BFF.


Tina confessed she read about divas and how they should be brutally honest. So, she said she’s falling for Blaine and that though it could be a tragic thing, she would be in a sexless relationship with him because it would be worth it. She asked him to say something, but the poor boy was sleeping. So, Tina did what a freaking crazy person would do and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She then straddled him and started rubbing vapor-rub on him, weeping silently as she stroked the goo across his bare chest. Then, she lay down next to him and snuggled him.




This was not okay. Regardless that they are friends, one does not partially undress a sleeping person, straddle him/her, rub medicine on them, and then snuggle them without their consent. This was basically harassment… if Tina was a guy and Blaine was a girl, that would have been a clear-cut example of sexual harassment. Actually, what Tina did was sexual harassment. Oblivious Blaine is unaware that Tina has a massive more-than-crush on him. And in this scene, Tina completely took advantage of him. They didn’t have sex, obviously, but what she did was completely inappropriate. I’m appalled that the writers are writing Tina this way with no consequences thus far. This is the third episode where she has used her crush on Blaine to exploit him in some way. She suggested a whole Men of McKinley calendar to see him as Sexy Santa. Now she’s rubbing Vicks on his chest while he’s passed out. It was really disturbing to watch and I feel horrible for Jenna Ushkowitz for getting the worst character arc of all time.


While I tried desperately to unsee what just happened, the show shifted back to NYC. It was Midnight Madness (where Brody was the emcee) and the rules were that after the song, the audience stands behind who they think won (and only silent applause…). “This is not a performance; it’s a blood sport.” (I wish, Brody… you told us this was NYADA Fight Club. I wanted to see Kurt punch Rachel, or at least slap her across the face.)


Kurt went first, followed by Rachel (though their singing was juxtaposed so it was like they sang at the same time…) and they both sang “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis. As I’m not a Les Mis Stan, nor do I really like this song (sorry, not sorry), I can honestly say that I thought Rachel sang the song better (as much as I hate Rachel, I like Lea Michele’s voice a bit better than Chris Colfer’s…), but I wanted Kurt to win because I hate Rachel. I also wrote in my notes, “oh hey – Adam is at the sing-off.”  When the song was over, the audience stood behind their person, and Kurt won (though Brody said it was the closest margin in Midnight Madness history).


Suck it, Berry.


In Lima, Sue had Santana in her office and asked if any of the Glee ex-patriots had jobs because they all seemed to have enough free time to keep popping back in town. Santana said she had a light schedule, but the truth was she dropped out of school a month ago. Sue offered Santana the Cheerios, saying she could take over when Sue was gone. Santana was thinking about taking said offer because she’d be close to Brit and had enough money to by a mansion (remember, her mom gave her money last season for college/grown-up responsibility purposes).


And then we were back to Crazy Cohen Chang… she ripped a creepy picture of her and Blaine out of her locker and then stormed over to Blaine. Blaine was happy to see her (and called her “Tay Tay” – ew) and thanked her for the soup. Tina flipped out at him because she did so much for him, but he didn’t appreciate it. (Um… he just said thank you for the soup. And you rubbed medicine on him while he was passed out.) We were then in the courtyard where Tina sang Madonna’s “Hung Up” among a group of dancer people. (And I wrote in my notes – “WTF, Tina? You say you won’t settle, but you never had a chance with Blaine to begin with because he’s gay and he has no idea what is going on with your mood swings because he is too oblivious to realize that you like him like that.”) Blaine was confused but still enamored by the performance. And there was a mid-song wardrobe change. I just shook my head.


What happened to nice/non-crazy Tina who helped Mike Chang get into college? I miss her.


In NYC, Adam and Kurt are talking in the hallway. (For the record, I am totally fine with them being besties. Adam seems nice. He’s just not going to marry Kurt, that’s all…) Adam was very supportive of Kurt’s performance. Then the mean gay guys from earlier sauntered up and Kurt had none of it – he told them they were obnoxious and that they shouldn’t say bad things about Adam’s Apples because then he would challenge them to a Midnight Madness – and they all know how that turns out. Then, instead of having a meaningful conversation with Adam in the hallway, Kurt saw Rachel looking sad and self-loathing, so he excused himself and went over to her t-shirt wearing self. She’s super down on herself and told Kurt that he should go audition for Funny Girl (oh yeah… the big to-do with them this episode was that there were upcoming auditions for Funny Girl on Broadway. Rachel Berry does not deserve this role, btw. And if the writers give this to her, I will yell at my TV more than I already did.).


In the glee club at McKinley, the Diva Award went to Tina. (Well, she was the craziest person this episode… so, she deserved it.) I laughed when Brit said “She’s never won anything!” Because Tina hasn’t… unless getting the most f-ed up plot line ever is winning something.


In the hallway, Blaine gave Tina a chocolate rose and said he was waiting for people to recognize she’s a diva. He then apologized to her for not being grateful that she took care of him. He then tells her she’s the most important person to him at the school and that he hasn’t felt that way in awhile (what about Sam?!). Blaine then doubly nailed the lid on his own average-sized coffin when he asked Tina to be his date for Mr. Schue’s wedding the following week. (Oh Blainers, don’t use the word “date” around Tina… she’ll think you two are actually going out. I can’t wait for Kurt to give her a reality check next week.)


Meanwhile, at the Bushwick Mansion, Kurt told Rachel he snagged them the last two slots for Funny Girl auditions in 3 weeks. Rachel is still moping about because she realized she’s a diva and people don’t like her (ding ding ding!). Kurt was a much nicer person than he could have been and told her that she had been a nightmare, but was a diva because she’s a talented artist. They make up much too quickly for my liking (shouldn’t he be a little more pissed about Brody moving in?), but c’est la Glee.


Back in Emma’s office, Finn found her flipping out about wedding plans because she wanted things to be perfect. (Will told her the centerpiece was fine, but she took that to mean it wasn’t…) She got super stressed out and was saying “I can’t do this, I can’t get married,” and things were crazy… and then things got way crazy when Finn told her to stop and then kissed her on the mouth. (At which I yelled, “OH NO” at my television for the umpteenth time that night.) What is going on?!


In the auditorium, Brittany tells Santana that she’s not breaking up with Sam and Santana told her to aim higher. Brit knew Santana was not dating Elaine and that she dropped out of school. She also tells her former gf that it’s okay to follow your dreams. (*cough* NYC *cough*) Then Brit said, “Rachel found a new guy and I heard Kurt did too” (Say WHAT now? Adam is not a new guy… I mean, he’s new and he’s a guy, but he’s not Kurt’s boyfriend.). They hug and Santana calls Brit her best friend and then they shared a super chaste kiss. Brit left and Santana launched into “Girl on Fire” … we then saw her leave the halls of McKinley and eventually walk her way up some subway steps and knock on Kurt and Rachel’s door. They were surprised to see her and she said, “I’m moving in.” (Of course she is… I can’t wait for her and Rachel to have some fights. And I hope Santana tries to butt into Kurt’s love life. Just sayin’…)


And then the horrible episode ended (thank you Grilled Cheesus) and we got a crappy promo for “I Do” which hopefully means the actual episode itself will be great.


Thoughts?  Were you as creeped out with Tina as I was? Were you glad for diva Blaine and all the Santana songs?


On Tuesday night, I had a chance to see an advanced screening of Stand Up Guys.

Though it was riddled with cliches and some cheese-ball dialogue, this film was still watchable because of its cast. Pacino might not have the same sex appeal as he did when he was younger, but you’re still drawn to him because he’s Pacino. While I probably could have done without the chunk of film that dealt with him taking “boner pills” and having an erection that was going to last waaaaaay more than four hours, I still admired Pacino’s character because he knew he was living on borrowed time.

Freed from prison after serving a 28 year sentence, Pacino’s character meets back up with his old friend/partner in crime… Christopher Walken. Walken’s character is given the task of killing Pacino’s character by 10:00am the following day. This film chronicles their time together from Pacino’s release through the 10:00am deadline. During this time, the men meet back up with another friend (Alan Arkin… how I love him so), help a beaten woman take revenge on her attackers, and deal with Walken’s character’s family issues.

Christopher Walken continues to be a delight to watch. He has this completely unique ability to deliver the simplest of lines in the most ridiculous and amazing ways. I laughed audibly multiple times listening to Walken’s reaction or observation dialogue.

While there were definitely moments I found funny or amusing, I spent a bulk of the film wishing I could read what was going on in Walken and Pacino’s minds. They have expressive eyes and it was somewhat heartbreaking to watch them playing these characters. These Stand Up Guys were once the young It guys of the film industry. Their acting talents were admired and celebrated… they were gorgeous (especially young Pacino… damn), they could act, and they headlined films. That’s not to say that Pacino and Walken are nobodies these days… but now they’re stuck playing the old guys who spend their time looking back on the past instead of living in the moment or looking toward the future.

This is a film I would have liked to watch with my (late) grandfather. I can just picture him telling me stories about films from earlier in the actors’ careers. He would recommend that I watch The Deer Hunter and I would promise him that I would get on that as soon as I could.

I’m a woman in my late-20s. The movie industry did not make this movie for me or my demographic… and yet I still enjoyed it. It kinda makes you think though… if they tried to make this film with women of that age, it would have been turned into a comedy in the same vain as Calendar Girls (am I right?).

(Also posted on my Tumblr on 2/1/13)

Well, we are officially past the half-way mark of Season 4… and you know what? I didn’t not like the episode. In fact, I loved parts of it.

While I have not been super enthusiastic about this season of my former beloved show, I did like some of the plot points in “Naked” (I still have issues w/Rachel Berry) and I hope that this is not only a new year (2013) for the Glee kids, but a resurgence of what once made the show great (characters, songs and plot points you cared about).

So, spoilers and opinions ahead if you haven’t seen the episode.

The show opened on news footage of Hunter being interviewed by press about the Warblers Sectionals scandal. He attacked the press and it is officially revealed that the Dalton boys did, in fact, use performance enhancers and have been disqualified for Regionals. (If I had a font for sarcasm, I would use it for “surprise, surprise.”)

I did appreciate Andrea (the news anchor lady that Rod chose over Sue) flipped out and questioned why stupid stories are news (Warblers ‘Roid Rage, that stupid squirrel…).

After the “glee” title card (still one of my favorite bits of the show… I kid you not), Finn wrote “Regionals” on the board and I wished really hard that Mr. Schue would never come back. Although Finn is Schue 2.0, I much prefer him to the actual Mr. Schue. (Right?) He thanked Sam and Blaine for their hard work (way to acknowledge achievements of others, Finn) and then told the kids they needed to raise $ for the bus to Regionals (which is being held in Indiana… because Ryan Murphy is from there. Duh.).

Tina suggested a Men of McKinley calendar because the glee boys are cute (yep). When Artie questioned why girls would not be in the calendar, Kitty explained that girls are going to be buying it (I liked her take on how the Twilight series is “poop on paper” but girls turned it into a billion dollar industry. Four for you, Kitty.). It’s the truth though – younger women are cash cows that varying media outlets are desperate to cater to. They hold a lot of power (even though younger guys are still the main demographic that tent pole movies try to attract… riddle me that) and will pour lots of time and $ into material goods. How do you think our teenage walls were so covered in posters from teeny bopper magazines? “Oh, all of these magazines have posters of NSYNC?! I must have them…”

But I digress.

Finn had no qualms about the calendar and put Tina in charge and she immediately delegated Blaine as December… “Sexy Santa.” (As much as I was ready to ogle stare respectfully at shirtless Blaine, isn’t it a lot wrong for teenagers to make that kind of calendar? Some of those characters are minors… wouldn’t their parents have to sign some sort of permission slip?)

Regardless… after glee, Brittany asked Marley to hang out and we were blessed with another odd episode of “Fondue for 2.” Brit introduced Marley as the girl with the fat mom who ruined Sectionals. Tack on the “Marley is bulimic” lower third and this is a hot mess of utter rudeness. But, sadly the audience just goes along with it because Brit is dumb and “aw, that makes her adorable.” (Does it though? It kinda just really bothers me.)

Brit asked Marley if she’s in love with Jake and then says that since Jake is going to get naked for the calendar, that Marley should do the same. When Marley blanched, Brit explained that she meant being honest and vulnerable (i.e. not physically naked, but emotionally so…).

The next day, Brit and Sam were in the principal’s office and he told them they had the highest and lowest SAT scores. Brit got a 2340 (I have no idea how these scores work, as they only went to 1600 when I was in high school…) and Sam got a 340. Brit explained that she just filled in a bunch of letters in a row, and then made shapes. Poor Sam actually tried hard and failed (Remember back in Season 2 when we learned he had dyslexia? I wonder if that had anything to do with it. But since Ryder has dyslexia now, Sam’s learning disorder got shoved by the wayside in favor of awesome impressions and body issues. Alas.) Brit made things a little worse when she told Sam (her boyfriend, right?) that he didn’t have to go to college… that he could be a personal trainer. (Poor Sam :/)

Meanwhile, in NYC, Rachel was meeting with a (female) student filmmaker about a script. Her audition went well and she was asked to be in the movie (an allegory about the end of the world… classic film school crap… which I can say because I studied video/film in college and a lot of those clichés are true). However, there was a topless scene in the script, which made Rachel hesitate to answer right away.

Who better to help college Rachel figure out her current problem, but Old Rachel (i.e. headband and sweater-wearing high school Rachel)… They had a confrontation about whether Rachel should do the nudity or not. New Rachel said that all great actors do nudity, while Old Rachel said she should expose her soul not her flesh. Old Rachel also said New Rachel’s hair and makeup make her look like a porn star (Truth.). So, in true Rachel Berry Fashion, she had an emotional duet with herself. I liked how Old Rachel had a band with her during a few shots. The camera work was pretty good… I’m just so over Rachel solos that I found myself wishing the song would wrap up quickly so we could move to more pressing issues… like Sam and his awful SAT scores.

Back at McKinley, Tina approached Blaine at his locker (still lined with pictures of him and Kurt, btw) to ask him to go shopping with her at the mall (he said yes). But then Blaine was distracted by Sam walking into the building wearing only shorts and boots. (However, please note that Blaine did not ogle Sam’s naked torso or chest during his entrance… I’m thinking Blaine’s crush on Sam is mostly, if not completely, gone.)

Blaine asked Sam why he was dressed like that in January and then asked if he was trying to overcompensate for his low SAT scores (which everyone knew about already). Sam retorted that Blaine was jealous of his body (to which Blaine threw up his hands in surrender, much like he did when Karofsky cornered him in S2E6… Blaine is either confrontational [S2E17, S3E8, S3E11], or the exact opposite of it [S2E6, S2E20, S4E12], depending on the situation… I wish the writers would explore/explain this duality of his character). Before Blaine could really say anything, Tina butted in the conversation and defended Blaine’s body for him and made some comment about how his behind looks like it was baked to perfection by a master chef (or something along those lines…). Damn, Tina. Keep it in your pants girl.

Sam had some locker room training for the boys who were going to be in the calendar. (Um… did anyone ask Wade/Unique if he wanted to take part in this? Or did they just file him away to the girl’s team for this episode because he does not have abs and a six pack?) The glee guys do broga (bro-yoga), and Blaine looked awfully serene and adorable (or per usual). They do some manscaping when Sam told them to shave their chests and get rid of their nipple pubes (This at least explained why Blaine did not resemble Darren’s spread from Out Magazine… RIP Darren’s chest [and other areas’] hair). There was also a weird spray-tan bit and a bunch of pushups during their mashup of “Hot in Herre/Centerfold.” I actually laughed out loud at the couple seconds of the boys running up the auditorium stairs in those shiny outfits that athletes wear when they run to help them sweat… Blaine looked like the biggest dork (he was running completely upright and breathing in an oddly methodical fashion). But, what one was supposed to glean from this scene was that Artie felt left out and down on himself.

In the teacher’s lounge, Finn put more sugar than coffee in his coffee (I love that Finn can’t stand coffee…) and then tried to psyche himself up to drink it. Sue confronted him about the Men of McKinley calendar, but Finn countered with the fact that she posed for Penthouse and was therefore a hypocrite. He was determined to find proof so she would leave them alone regarding the calendar.

In NY, Kurt was eating breakfast when a naked Brody walked in and planted his ass on one of Kurt’s vintage chairs. (Ew.) When Kurt questioned Brody’s nakedness, Brody said he was doing it to support Rachel’s topless scene. Kurt is blatantly against her doing it (and referred to her as “slutty Barbie”) and called the movie a porno. Rachel defended herself and said she was growing up. (I’ll address the double standard of it all later…)

Back in Ohio, Marley and Jake were onstage in the auditorium. She had sent him a text, saying it was an emergency when really she just wanted to talk with him about music for Regionals (she felt she had to redeem herself from passing out at Sectionals). They sing “A Thousand Years” and I find myself not minding because their voices complimented each other well. But, then I remembered that I don’t ship Jarley (even though RIB is still forcing that down our throats) and how I wished Ryder would get more screen time (because if I had to, I would ship Ryley… or Marder. Whatever they’re called…). No sheet music was needed for the making of this sappy scene. And then they kissed. Of course.

When they pulled away from each other, Jake could tell Marley wanted to say something. I like that the writers have allowed Jake to be sensitive and in tune with Marley’s needs (i.e. taking it slow, etc.). Marley panicked, though, and said, “I love… this song. But it’s not right for Regionals.” (Of course it’s not right for Regionals. Sappy duets are not appropriate for competition. They are self-indulgent and do not show off the club as a whole. But I digress…)

After the commercial break, Finn had Artie meet him in the library to see if the bespectacled ND kid could track down Sue’s issue of Penthouse. Apparently looking through copious amount of vintage porn was right up Artie’s alley and he accepted the challenge. Artie then got serious for a moment and told Finn he didn’t want to pose for the calendar because his body is literally broken. Finn suggested some out-of-the chair poses, but that offended Artie, calling the ideas emasculating. Realizing his mistake and how what he said was actually offensive, Finn apologized and told Artie he was brave for saying no. (Okay, so Finn-turned-teacher was one thing, but Finn realizing his own shortcomings and ultimately respecting other people’s wants/needs… character growth?!)

In the locker room, Ryder and Jake are working out and talking about Jake and Marley. Though it’s a sore spot for Ryder (which Jake acknowledged and said he tried not to bring it up), Ryder was a good friend and encouraged Jake to talk about his feelings and even initiate saying the “L” word to Marley. (If Blam wasn’t already the best bromance ever, I would say that Rake/Jayder [?] was pretty great. But Blam… more on Blam in a bit!) They end up being goofy and having a pose-off when Tina and Kitty walked in to inform them which months they would be in the calendar.

(Okay – important question time… Are Tina and Blaine still Cheerios? Because neither of them walks around in their Cheerios uniforms… but Kitty, Brit and Becky do. I’m not complaining… I would miss Blaine’s bowties and sweaters. I tweeted this question to RM – doubt I’ll get a response, though.)

In glee club, Jake sang Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You” and all my “aw, Jake has an okay singing voice” thoughts from earlier flew right out the window. A friend on Twitter commented he sounded like Kermit – and I tend to agree. I thought this ever since he sang “Everybody Talks” with Kitty back in S4E5 :/ I do appreciate Jake’s vulnerability, though (oh, those Puckerman boys) and how he said the song was for Marley (who was almost in tears as she was so moved by the lyrics).

Back in NY, Rachel found Santana and Quinn at her apartment. “Lady Hummel” phoned them in for an intervention. Though Santana, Quinn and Rachel were never besties (Rachel’s bestie was Kurt, but he obviously wasn’t getting through to her, so maybe 2/3 of the Unholy Trinity would…), they immediately told her not to do the nude scene because she would regret it and it would follow her around forever. Quinn brought up the “2 2 2” scenario – how would Rachel feel about it in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years? Rachel admitted she would probably feel guilty and hoped that her kids would never see it. Santana did a sex tape and it followed her around, so she doesn’t want the same to happen to Rachel.

Meanwhile, in Men of McKinley calendar land, the boys are getting their pictures taken. Sam got pissy and said they should have just done a Sam Evans calendar. He stormed off and was followed by Blaine, who tells his BFF that he is out of control and that “you’re not [just] some body-obsessed musclehead.” Sam said that his body is all he has and that he has to “announce his presence with authority” (my FAVORITE line from one of my FAVORITE movies, Bull Durham). Defeated, Sam confessed that he’s not special because he’s only a body and no brains. Blaine, in a serious and sure tone, told Sam that he was special and not just because of his body. He told Sam to loosen up a bit – have a burger, eat some Cheetos, sleep in. Blaine tried to convince his friend that he doesn’t have to try so hard because he’s more than how he looked. “All of us will still love you. And we’ll laugh at your impressions.” (And then the scene ended on that… I felt like we missed out on additional conversation. Perhaps a segue into Blaine having a crush on Sam, and then Sam being like “What?” but them still being BFFs b/c Blam is the greatest thing to happen on Glee since Klaine. BUT, Sam and Blaine never had that conversation… I doubt they ever will.)

Finn confronted Sue in the teacher’s lounge again and presented her with a folder of his evidence. As she confessed to her posing in Penthouse, she opens the folder to see that Finn gave her a copy of Highlights (LOVED those magazines, dude!), but taped her confession to use against her if necessary. (Well played, Hudson. Well played.)

Later, Sam walked into Emma’s office to find Blaine sitting there. Blaine had asked Emma to look up colleges that didn’t need SAT scores to get in. Sam replied he wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway, but she pointed out that even in a recession, there were scholarships available. (I was having a lot of Blam feels in this scene, but I’ll save them for later b/c there were even more Blam feels by the end of the episode… *sigh*)

After the commercial, we found ourselves on the set of the student film Rachel was in. When she’s asked to drop her robe, she yelled “Cut!”. The director kept pressuring her to drop the robe, but Rachel kept stalling. (btw – I was super thankful they had a female director pressuring Rachel to do the nude scene. It would have taken a completely different turn/tone if it were a male director trying to coerce her into showing her breasts.) Rachel asked if the crew could take off their clothes too, so they take their shirts off. (Um… no.) After all that, Rachel decided she couldn’t do it. She said she was ready when she said yes, but in the moment, she realized she wasn’t ready. So, she’s asked to leave. She then meets up with Quinn and Santana on some stage and they sing “Love Song.” While I love this song, there really wasn’t any reason for it. I mean, I get that in this instance the “love song” in the lyrics was loosely a metaphor for Rachel’s body, in that she wasn’t going to show her boobs even though someone asked her too/needed it for the movie. But, this scene was more an excuse to give Rachel another song, and to let Quinn and Santana sing too and make it look like the three of them are the best of friends. Santana also quipped on the way out that she could get used to NY.

Okay… so, my thoughts on Rachel and her situation this episode: It’s her choice and her choice alone. She wasn’t ready to do nudity (so, yay for her for realizing that in the nick of time), but she’s of age and in charge of her own body and decisions. Brody was wrong to tell her she should do it because that’s how to get Oscars. Old Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Quinn were wrong to tell her not to do it because it was basically porn or a decision she would regret. Yeah – it probably would have been a bad move for her to do that for her first role in a non-high school entity. But, (as much as I hate Rachel Berry this season), it’s ultimately her decision (and if she makes a bad one, so be it). She shouldn’t do it or not do it because someone else said so… she should do it or not do it because it’s what’s best for her. If she were my friend, I would also try to convince her not to do it – but I wouldn’t say that she was a whore or doing porn to try and guilt her into not doing it. Just sayin’…

Back at McKinley, Blaine asked Sam if he’s ready to write his essay for his college applications. Sam wasn’t, so Blaine showed him a little video project he worked on – it was a collection of clips from past and present members of New Directions who Sam had helped in some regard. It was a really touching moment to see Sam break down while listening to/watching his friends say such nice things about him and how he encouraged them, or assisted them (or his family) in some life-altering way. Full of emotion, Sam got up from his chair and wrapped his arms around Blaine in a full-on man-hug. Though their hips were several inches away from each other, their top halves were pressed together in a Blam-filled hug of brotherly love.

I love Blam. Like, a lot. They have a give and take friendship that other ‘ships on this show could take a few pointers from. Each boy has pulled the other one up in a time of need and is able to use some tough love to get the point across. Earlier this season (E7) when Blaine was getting ready to flee back to Dalton, Sam was the one who made him realize that running from his problems weren’t going to solve anything. And in this episode, Blaine was able to communicate to Sam that he’s so much more than his body and that while his test grades might not be stellar, his character and ability to help others during their times of need was more than noteworthy. They bring out the best in each other when they themselves are feeling their worst. It helps that Darren and Chord seem to be good friends in real life, but Blam’s chemistry onscreen is really special to watch. I’m grateful for Blam and I’m hoping their friendship remains intact for the rest of the series.

During the last few minutes of the episode, Glee returned to form (oh how I wish it would stay like this forever…). Sam approached Artie and asked him to fill in the 2 remaining months of the calendar. When Artie hesitated, Sam told him he wouldn’t be the only one dressed in the calendar. So, as the glee kids sell their calendars, the audience got a quick peek at each month and Sam and Artie are both fully clothed in their months (and still look adorable). Sue called the calendar money “smut money,” but Finn just looked on with pride as his glee kids raised money for Regionals. Oh, also Jake wrote out a calendar just for Marley… it said “I love you.” She read it and said “I love you back.” (We get it – Jarley is a thing.)

Then, the New Directions launched into a beyond wonderful group number of “This is the New Year.” I had never heard this song before, but I’ve listened to the Glee version a bunch of times this week. I like group numbers, but I especially like group numbers where people sing contextually relevant lyrics.

This group number was magical for a lot of reasons. Group numbers in Season 4 have been extra awesome because they are truly group numbers. Yes, Blaine and/or Marley usually have more lines than others, but on a whole, it’s a very collaborative entity. These kids come together to make a wall of sound and it is literally music to my ears. The blend of voices is amazing this season… group numbers from earlier seasons were too saturated with divas (mostly Rachel, of course) to be wholly aurally pleasant. Though you can very much pick out certain people’s voices in this season’s group numbers (even when they sing en masse, I can hear Darren… and I am more than okay with that), the end result is often this big, warm sound.

So, this is a new year for the Glee kids… it’s 2013. They are in the back half of their school year, as well as Season 4. We now have 10 episodes left and I’m hoping this episode is the start of the momentum we’re going to need to take us through the rest of the season. I seriously hope the writers can maintain (but preferably exceed) the plot lines we got in this episode. There is a Kurt/Rachel diva-off next week (I hope they really hash out how she invited Brody to live with them w/o asking him), a Wemma wedding (and potential Klaine reunion?), Regionals, this year’s batch of seniors figuring out what their academic (or otherwise) futures hold…

I’m sure I will go back to really disliking this show several more times throughout the rest of this season. This episode was surprisingly good (thank you, Blam) and gives me a false sense of hope that the show can get itself back on track to the level it was at in prior seasons. This batch of New Directions kids is the best yet… please don’t write them into crappy story lines.

(Also… we need more Sugar. Just sayin’…)

Thoughts? Do you love Blam as much as I do?