I figure if I put that declaration out there into the world, then I’m more apt to actually try and achieve it.


I’m still in the middle of writing my second feature script (okay, maybe not the middle as page 21 is not quite the “middle” of a projected 90-120 page project…), but I can only work on that while I’m at home because I need my laptop (Oh Final Draft 7, how I love thee…). BUT, I have time during the day to work on stuff and I’m stuck behind a computer, so writing a book seemed like the logical next step. I have written two novel-length entities before, but they were for my peers and were not meant for the masses. So, I want to try and write something that could be read by more people than just my friends 🙂

With the plot lines I have milling about in my mind, I think what I write is still going to be for a niche audience. But… we’ll see!


I gotta write it first, right?