(originally posted on 2/16/13 on my Tumblr)

Dear Ben Affleck,

Sorry I hated on you a bit in the early-2000s. It wasn’t your fault that Pearl Harbor was a hot mess. I have seen the error of my ways and have grown to love you over the past several years. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite directors of all time and I consider you to be your generation’s Robert Redford/Clint Eastwood. You know… talented actor and beyond talented director. I saw Gone Baby Gone, The Town and I finally (FINALLY!) saw Argo.

If I wore a hat, it would be forever off to you, sir.

Please keep directing awesome movies!

– ❤ – Kate

So, I finally saw Argo. And, not that my opinion matters to the masses, but it is completely deserving of all of the hype and awards it has been earning. I can’t wait to see Argo win Best Picture at the Oscars on February 24th.

Argo was a solid film on every level. Great story (that happened to be TRUE), great script, great cast and great crew. Affleck successfully surrounded himself with the right people to get this film made. George Clooney and Grant Heslov are phenomenal producers and their work with Affleck was inspiring. The film looked amazing (*that’s* how you do a period piece) and the cast delivered, creating palpable tension in all the right spots.

I’m grateful for films like Argo that rely on story and characters as opposed to special effects and gimmicks. There were no noticeable CGI images. Though there was violence, it wasn’t exaggerated or celebrated as something spectacular to behold. Though there were countless famous/recognizable actors, they weren’t a distraction like they were in Lincoln. This wasn’t a “love story,” even though there were several couples with varying levels of relationship issues. The film looked amazing (the wardrobe; the hairstyles; the saturated color palette; the imagery used to show acts of violence, as well as the aftermath of violent acts) and I genuinely cared about what was happening, plot-wise. I purposefully didn’t read anything about the plot so I didn’t know how the movie ended before I saw it. (Yeah, none of my American History classes covered this moment in our nation’s past…) The script built tension well and really made you hang on the edge of your seat while you hoped the hostages would make it safely home from their hiding spot in Iran.

Although I am frustrated that Ben Affleck did not receive a Best Director nomination, that omission will help the film come Oscar night as Argo is the frontrunner for Best Picture. And while it would be awesome if Affleck won as a write-in candidate, he will take home an Oscar as part of the producing team. If for some reason another film takes Best Picture… well then I have completely lost faith in the Academy and its voters.

I can’t wait for whatever project Affleck directs next. I love his directing style and his set seems to nurture strong performances from the actors he works with. He will win a Best Director Oscar some day. But for now, he’ll be the guy who should have won for directing the best film of the year.