Instead of doing my usual Glee-Cap from beginning to end of episode, I’m going to tackle each song in the order in which it was sung and talk about its significance/purpose within the arcs it fell under. Some of these numbers were stand-alone performances, but all had some greatest aspect of importance in the canon of Glee.


(I’ll give a brief overview of the other major non-music related plot points at the end, as the Rachel/Santana plot is just too good to not mention.)


This week’s theme was songs from the movies. In the show, Will says that movies transport us; they provide comfort and help us escape our day to day anxieties. (Being a cinephile myself, I was nodding my head at these words.) The songs from movies sung in this episode were all outlets for escape, either through the films they were from, or the costumes used during the performances.




You’re All the World to Me – Will and Emma


The show opened with Will and Emma (Schuester) in Fred and Ginger-esque costumes. They did the infamous walk on all the walls shtick from Royal Wedding (1951) – the movie this song comes from. It’s a great sight gag and worked for the show because it’s a little goofy and unrealistic. It turned out Will had fallen asleep watching old movies. He and Emma still aren’t married and she’s still missing. So, this song was Will’s dream of them having a happy, music-filled romp around the room.




Shout – Blaine, Brittany and the New Directions


After it was announced that not only were the kids supposed to do movie songs, but they were to do their annual boys vs. girls mashups. Blaine and Brittany have the bright idea to do boys vs. girls within one song, so they can still compete while singing together. Blaine suggests they sing Shout, “from the seminal American college comedy, Animal House.” As he flashes his friends the thumbs up, the kids kick it into gear and do a high-energy rendition of this classic number from one of the greatest film comedies of all time.


This was Glee’s 500th musical number performed on the show and it did not disappoint. The kids were all over the school, dancing on tables, crawling on the floor, jumping onto peoples shoulders (did anyone else notice that Blaine leapt onto a girl’s back, while all the other boys were the ones supporting girls on their backs?), etc… I’m super biased when I watch this show and if Blaine is in a group song, I only watch him. So, as Blaine sang and danced his little heart out, I couldn’t help but wonder how Darren managed to dance in those pants. Like… when he was going some sort of kick step down the hallway, it looked like he was grimacing. The kid derps a lot on the show anyway, but this song was just an extra large helping of Blaine getting lost in the music, dancing like a goofball and taking himself to Church.


This song wasn’t a mode of escape so much as it was just a fun number that the New Directions had a fun time singing and dancing along to. It was entertainment for entertainment’s sake and not any sort of plot-driving device.



Come What May – Blaine and Kurt


I was ready for the song itself, but not the three little flashbacks that were woven into Blaine’s part at the beginning of the song. (I might have muttered “Oh My God” as I clutched my Batman Buddy while watching the song unfold…)


Knowing this was Kurt’s dream going into watching the performance was one thing, but finding out that it was a daydream (as in, Kurt was watching Moulin Rouge – at HIS suggestion – with Adam, Santana and Rachel and his mind wandered), put a whole other spin on it.


I’ll start from the end and work our way back with this one… AFTER the song, Kurt snaps back to reality and is crying. Adam and Rachel question him and he blames it on something in his contacts. Rachel counters that he doesn’t wear them and Adam digs around in his bag for eye solution. Santana sees right through his words and comments that he and Blaine used to dream about singing that song to each other at their wedding and that singing that song with someone is a more intimate act than having sex.


That sentence in itself is a whole lot of plot summarized into a few words.


Kurt dreaming about Blaine and himself singing that song together shows that Kurt is thinking about Blaine in an intimate/romantic way. (It’s a romantic song… so that’s obvious.) BUT, it’s Kurt thinking about Blaine in how they used to think about each other while singing the song.


See… if you watched the song without knowing it’s Kurt’s dreams, you think those flashbacks are Blaine’s because Blaine is the one on screen. They’re not – they are Kurt’s flashbacks (mutual flashbacks at best… but definitely Kurt’s). “Never knew I could feel like this.” They then flashed to Kurt and Blaine’s first meeting on the Dalton steps. No matter how many times we’ve seen this clip, there are obvious feelings upon first glance at the other boy. It might not have been love, but it was definitely interest. They also flashed a clip of Kurt and Blaine lying on Blaine’s bed, as well as their fingertips intertwining – both scenes from their first time together. This was a HUGE moment in Kurt’s life, as well as in his relationship with Blaine.


So, watching the song and knowing it’s from Kurt’s point of view is completely heartbreaking. Blaine is the one who starts singing, because he is the one between the two of them who already knows what his feelings are. Blaine is 100% committed to reuniting with Kurt and has said so in previous episodes. Kurt is not so sure. He joins in the duet because it’s what he’s supposed to do – it’s a song for two people, so he must sing. His actions seemed forced, as if he was going through the motions of a routine he was supposed to do as opposed to something he wanted to do.


At one point, his hands slide into Blaine’s and they slow dance for a few beats. Neither boy looks happy, but both sway together because that’s expected of them. Kurt quickly breaks out of hold and walks away. Blaine follows, but doesn’t initiate any sort of touching because Kurt has to be the one to take the next step. (Blaine lost power in their relationship when he cheated on Kurt. As soon as that trust was broken, Blaine could no longer set the pace for any sort of reconciliation.)


They sing together some more, and for the first time on the show, Kurt says “I love you” first before it is echoed by Blaine. HOWEVER, his lyric is “But, I love you.”


The BUT is extremely telling of their situation. It’s a simple (but powerful) way to address the fact that Kurt loves Blaine in spite of what was done. It’s like he’s saying to Blaine, “You did this, this and this and that broke me, but I love you.” (Until my dying day/until the end of time.)


Toward the very end of the song, Kurt reaches for Blaine once more and allows himself to hold Blaine and be held by Blaine. Kurt’s eyes are shut tight as he rests his head on Blaine’s shoulder and we watch Blaine’s hands move tenderly over his back. It’s painful to watch, but hopeful at the same time. Obviously Kurt is torn with his own emotions – he still is not over Blaine cheating on him, but at the same time he loves Blaine (and has made love to him recently). He’s dealing with a lot of shit and it’s a lot to take in.


(An alternate and even more depressing take on this is that Kurt is dreaming about his and Blaine’s wedding, with a healthy dose of Moulin Rouge set because he’s watching that movie as he dreams and it’s easy to put himself in its sets because it’s one of the last things on his mind. So, maybe he’s dreaming about him and Blaine singing this at their wedding, as they are both in tuxes, but he’s just not as into it as he should be because Blaine broke his promise. Sure, Blaine did not stop loving Kurt, but he broke Kurt’s trust and their relationship *didn’t* last until the end of time because it ended for a period of time. How is Kurt supposed to really put himself 100% into their “secret song” if Blaine can’t live up to the lyrics?)


So, when Kurt cries after he snaps himself back to reality, it’s a release. He’s obviously hurt and stressed out by his feelings, but he refuses to voice his problems aloud.


Later in the episode, Adam finds Kurt in the dance studio. (He was at Kurt’s b/c they were snowed in for a couple days… I’m guessing he slept on the couch because there was no sort of evidence or dialogue that indicated he and Kurt slept together.) Anyway, Kurt said it was nice to hang out and watch the movie. Adam asks Kurt if he and Blaine used to sing “Come What May” together (probably to see if Santana was telling the truth or not) and Kurt says, “Yeah, but it feels like a lifetime ago.” Adam asks Kurt if Kurt still loves Blaine, but Kurt doesn’t answer. (We know Kurt still loves Blaine, but we don’t know if he’s still “in love” with Blaine…) Adam then asks if he’s a rebound. Kurt says No to this and then goes one step further and says he wants to be over Blaine. (Note how he says he wants to be over Blaine as opposed to saying “I want to be with you.”) Adam then asks Kurt out to a movie right then and there and then proposes that they find the sappiest romance movie out there and then that will be their movie. He then reaches out and takes Kurt’s hand and Kurt barely latches on to his.


This hand grab can be read two ways. 1. Adam grabbed Kurt’s hand and Kurt was not enthusiastic about grabbing it back. It was something that he had to go along with in the moment because Adam was basically saying “come with me, we’re going to go find our own movie so you can forget about your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you and move on with me.” In this version, Adam was forcing Kurt to move forward.  2. Adam grabbed Kurt’s hand and Kurt was hesitant to take it. The last boy he held hands with (and fell in love with and gave his everything to) broke his heart and his trust. Kurt doesn’t feel ready to put that much trust in anyone yet because he knows what can happen. It’s not that Kurt didn’t want to go with Adam; it’s just that he’s scared of going through another emotional rollercoaster again.


I hope with every fiber of my being that the hand grab was version #1. I really don’t see Adam as anything more than a friend and support system. A Y chromosome among the Xs he is constantly surrounded by. Adam seems to like Kurt, but he hasn’t offered anything more than a laugh yet. He has no substance because we don’t know much about him. He sings with a bunch of misfits and is from England. He’s older than Kurt and has a cute accent, but we don’t know what he has to offer (if anything). Why should we trust him? Why should Kurt trust him?  If/when Kurt and Adam do officially become Kadam; I don’t see it lasting very long. (And that’s not because I’m a Klainer… it’s because Adam literally has nothing going for him at this point. He likes Kurt, but Romantic Kadam is still less intimate and romantic than Platonic Klaine… even Platonic Klaine from Season 2.)




Danger Zone/Old Time Rock n Roll – New Directions Boys


For their glee assignment, the New Directions boys tackled some songs from “macho” Tom Cruise movies. It was significant that Blaine, Artie and Joe were in flight gear from Top Gun and Sam, Jake and Ryder were in their underwear from Risky Business.


Though they just appeared in a Men of McKinley calendar, Blaine, Artie and Joe are all much more conscious of their body and/or appearance. Joe is religious, and though he has showed off his body on more than one occasion, it made more sense for him to be with Blaine and Artie. Artie is in a wheelchair, and would be unable to do the famous sock-slide across the floor. Blaine has said before that using sex for attention is cheap and that his body is not for sale. Though these three boys were covered head-to-toe in their flight gear, helmets and Aviators, their half of the mashup was kinda sexy BECAUSE they were covered up. (Men in uniform get extra sexy points… that is factual information.) Sam, Jake and Ryder are all very proud of their bodies and have put themselves on display several times throughout the show. OF COURSE they were going to take advantage of the mashup to strut (well, slide) their stuff.




Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl – New Directions Girls


Our second Moulin Rouge song from the night… the girls (including Unique) looked beautiful in their pink dresses with black feather fans.


Right before they went on, the girls were getting ready in the bathroom and Marley confessed to Kitty that Ryder kissed her. (Marley asked Kitty not to tell anyone, and Kitty said she wouldn’t but crossed her fingers, so you would have thought that would have come back into play at some point in the episode, but it didn’t.) Kitty said that Marley was not a slut at all and that boys are like diamonds and that you should collect as many as you can.


My one qualm with this year’s boys vs. girls competition was that there was no question that Unique would perform with the girls. I know that Wade identifies as female, and wears women’s clothing when he is Unique, so it would make sense for him to perform with the girls if that’s where he felt most comfortable. But, isn’t it a little retroactively unfair that Kurt wasn’t allowed to perform with them too? Granted, Kurt does not identify as female, so if you were going on what you identify with, then he would be stuck on the boy’s team. However, Kurt was always lumped in with the girls for other things (in the “Summer Nights” number, he was with the girls before Rachel’s wedding plans at City Hall, he helped them with their prom dresses in S2…), so why wouldn’t Mr. Schue let him sing with the girls during previous competitions? I just think that is something to think about. (Or, maybe this is yet another example of Kurt forever getting the short end of the stick.)


Regardless, the number was fun and everyone looked amazing. I love Unique and Marley together as friends – they are adorable.



In Your Eyes – Will (with backing harmonies by the New Directions)


Will was kind of mopey at the beginning of the episode, but Finn encouraged him to go find Emma. Since he wouldn’t, Finn and Artie took it upon themselves to find them. (Finn asked Sue – no luck. Artie and Finn then pretended to be gingers to talk with her parents, but they saw through their disguises.)


Knowing where Emma is, Will drives up to the driveway, gets out of his car and starts singing “In Your Eyes.” The New Directions kids walk up, harmonizing, and Blainers has got a boom box, so you know Will’s going to go full-Say Anything… (for the record, getting Say Anything-ed is totally on my Bucket List).


I love this song (Say Anything is my jam, and this song is so iconic) and I actually didn’t mind Will singing it because he sounded good and it was totally appropriate for his story. I liked how they positioned Emma on her bed, just like the girl in the movie. The boom box part was corny and didn’t have the same effect as when Cusack did it in the movie (no one can top a young John Cusack… no one), but it was still effective.


I had listened to the song a few times before watching the episode, so I was like “Ohhhhhhhh” when Unique started singing some of the vocal runs. I would have sworn it was Santana, but Unique makes much more sense.


After he’s done singing, Will asks Emma to come down so they can talk. He dismisses the kids (Blainers takes the boom box back) and then Will and Emma have a heart to heart. She finally confesses that she was scared she didn’t know Will anymore when he got back from DC and he asks why they didn’t talk about it. (Don’t you know, Will? Characters on Glee rarely get a chance to talk it out…) They decide to start their relationship from scratch and he asks her to a movie for Friday night.


Later on, Finn talks to Will in the hallway again and asks if Emma said anything about him. He finally tells Will that he (Finn) kissed Emma, but that he didn’t mean to. Finn blames himself for Will and Emma’s problems and offers himself up to be punched. Will looks epically pissed, but then just walks away. (However, in the promo for next week’s episode, Will looks like he tackles Finn after their NSYNC/BSB number… oh snap. Attack of the boy bands.)



Unchained Melody – Jake/Ryder and Marley


Listening to just the song gives the crack Jake/Ryder shippers something to cling onto. But, the actual scene didn’t play out that way.


Jake invites Marley to the pottery room to reenact a scene from her second favorite romantic movie. (Marley’s first favorite romantic movie is The Hunger Games… that is actually wrong on a lot of levels, seeing as she is recovering from an eating disorder.) Jake confesses that he lied on Valentine’s Day and that Ryder was the one who came up with all that romantic stuff he did. He said he was nervous and was just trying to impress her.


So, they go sit down by the clay and he starts singing to her and it’s really sweet. I like Jake’s voice when he’s not reaching for higher notes and the actors have good chemistry. BUT, part way through the song, Marley imagines she is watching Ryder sing this to her. She’s so conflicted because she obviously likes both boys, but she imagines kissing Ryder again and she pulls away when Jake actually tries to kiss her. Marley tells Jake that she lied too about Valentine’s Day and that she knew Ryder was the one who did all those things. She said it was sweet and that Ryder kissed her, and that she let him. Jake gets pissed and walks out before they can talk anymore about it. (See, no talking… because why should the audience ever get any sort of realistic resolution? Oy.)



Footloose – New Directions


Will announces that everyone won the boys vs. girls mashup competition (to which Blaine rolled his eyes with disgust). The prize was going to be starring in Artie’s senior film project, so then EVERYBODY gets to be in the film, “Hollywood Hootenanny.” (Really, Artie?)


So, the whole of New Directions is on the stage in the auditorium and they do a dance/choreo-heavy version of the title track to “Footloose.” (Let us all have a moment of silence for Mike Chang… Mike Chang who was missing from one of the biggest dance numbers in cinematic history.) All the kids were dressed in black and wearing black Chucks.


I love big group numbers like this because everyone looked like they were having fun. (Well, everyone but Jake… he was shooting daggers with his eyes toward Ryder. I hope these BFFs have a talk during the next episode. But, seeing how next week is “Feuds,” I doubt they’ll just talk nicely… or at all. #Glee)



So, that’s it for the songs.


The biggest non-singing related plot line was Santana and her epic dislike of Brody and her knowledge of Rachel Berry’s pregnancy test. (She also asks Kurt – in front of Adam – if Kurt and Blaine are dating because they were together at the wedding. Rachel wants her to move out after Santana keeps suggesting they watch movies with the word “baby” in the title.)


Santana dug through all of Kurt, Rachel and Brody’s stuff and found a giant wad of cash and a pager. She says that means that he is a drug dealer. (I’m still thinking he’s a male prostitute. While equally as gross as being a drug dealer, it’s more probably for the script since we’ve seen him have sex and be sexy with people, whereas we haven’t seen him handling drugs of any kind.) She also questions why Brody wasn’t home with them during the snowstorm. Rachel calls him to prove a point that he was stuck at a friend’s place, but even she didn’t seem convinced when they hung up. (I love that Kurt is siding with Santana in this, btw.)


Later, in probably one of the more poignant scenes in the episode, Santana comes back to the apartment and Brody is in the shower and Rachel is in the living room. Santana says she’s found her people in NYC, and also that she found Rachel’s pregnancy test. Rachel starts crying and in an instant, Santana goes into protective friend-mode and comforts the other girl. She says repeatedly that it will be okay, and knowing Glee, Rachel’s probably not actually pregnant, but the thought of being pregnant when her whole life/career were ahead of her is a scary situation. I hope we get more Rachel/Santana scenes because Santana offers both tough love and genuine concern.



And that was the episode. We had a few little cliffhangers, but nothing entirely daunting. Sure, we don’t know where Kurt and Adam stand, but we got to see Blaine and Kurt sing “Come What May,” so I’m good for awhile.


The promo for Feuds shows that Santana and Brody will square off, Will and Finn will fight, and Blaine goes head-to-head with Sue. (He even asks her, “Are you threatening me?” Pretty sure she’s blackmailing him or threatening to blackmail him. Remember when Blainers was on the Cheerios for an episode… well, looks like he’s going to get back in that uniform. Spoiler pictures have already shown him in his Cheerios uniform for 4.17, so we’ll see how long the poor boy is stuck in that awful poly-blend instead of his cute little sweaters and ties.)


So, yeah. It was a pretty decent episode (at least by this season’s standards…).


Thoughts?  Favorite song?