A boy from my graduating class in high school was shot and killed the other day while at his job. From what I read, he appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that doesn’t make it any less horrific. In fact, I think it makes it worse. The articles described him as a quiet, kind and friendly person. 

I didn’t really know the boy. I knew of him, but I didn’t “know him know him.” We weren’t in any of the same classes. I wasn’t in his social circle. We weren’t in any extra curricular clubs or activities together. I did know of him, though. I remember what he looked like and probably passed him in the hall or was in the same lunch period as him at some point. We never had cause to speak with each other, but at the same time no one ever made any extra effort to reach out to him. 

I feel awful about his death and my thoughts are with his family and friends. 

It’s disheartening the number of people you hear about passing away or getting murdered at far too young of an age. Just after high school, one of my friends was gunned down in a drive-by shooting. Another girl I knew lost a battle with cancer. Most recently, a boy from my graduate program passed away. And now this boy from high school… what does it all mean? 

Why are some people fated to not live longer lives? Why does the lives of their family and friends have to be destroyed? 

I am grateful every day for the health and presence of my family. Yes, we have had our share of loss and incident, but most of us are still here. I pray every night for the health and safety of my family and friends. I’m not religious in the slightest, but somehow I feel like I need to thank someone for looking out for the people I love and beg whoever is out there to please keep watch of them just another day more… and then the day after that… and after that.

I understand how selfish that makes me sound, but my family and friends are the most important people in my life and I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I always pray for them before I ask for guidance in my own life. (I don’t ask for things – *that’s selfish* – but I do ask for guidance… and then if I don’t follow said guidance, that’s my own damn fault.)

I know I’m a selfish person on a whole, though. And I’m trying to work on that. But I’m going to keep praying to whoever is out there for my family and friends. I don’t know if that actually accomplishes anything, but it gives me a little peace of mind. I guess that’s what faith is… but it’s not my end-all, be-all mode of thought. 

I honestly don’t know why I posted this. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.