So, I’m up to my elbows in job applications right now (Because, if you’ve read one of my prior posts, you’ll know I was let go from the job where I got harassed and screamed at one a weekly basis…), but I took a few minute break to check Facebook (because that’s what my demographic likes to do). 

Two of my journalism friends from undergrad posted a link to THIS AMAZING ARTICLE by Mark Bors on titled “The generation we love to dump on.” The piece is a cartoon/social commentary about the Millennial Generation (of which I fall into, as I was born in 1983). I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… so instead, I’m writing.

The first cartoon alone was enough for me cringe… I am attached to my phone, I did live at home with my parents for two years after grad school, and I do have a plastic bin full of trophies (that is stored in the cupboard under the stairs at my parents’ house). 

There is this tendency for people to assume that since a number of my demographic and I aren’t married, having babies and taking the world by storm is because we’re lazy.

I would argue that most of us aren’t lazy. It’s that we’ve been set up to fail. (Though, please note that there are people in my age bracket who are doing these things… do you know how many baby pictures I see on a daily basis on my Facebook feed? A lot.)

What really got me seething in this article was the graphic with the red and green arrows with regard to the job market. CEOs and those who are already established in whatever power position they already have are doing just fine. However, it’s those of us who are trying to start a career on today’s wages who are on a downward trajectory. At this point, I still don’t even want to take a retail job because that won’t be enough for me to live on AND it’ll take time/energy away from my job hunt. (I have enough money saved up where I could theoretically not work for 3-4 months and still not be completely broke/homeless… but I also can’t spend money frivolously either. BUDGET TIME, YO.)

I already had my student loan payments reduced once, but I dare not reduce them again, at least for now (even in my jobless state) because I don’t want to pay even more interest than I’m already amassing. 

I’m not lazy. I work super hard and have been working super hard since I was in kindergarten. Part of me wishes I could go back in time and tell little Kate she doesn’t have to get 4.0s all the time because it’s not going to amount to anything 20 years from now. She should have quit school at an early age and gotten a job because she already knew how to read and do math (thanks, parents!), but she was going to need every penny she could get because when she’s two years out of graduate school she’s going to get let go from a job where she is constantly verbally harassed and those perfect grades in grade school, countless of academic and athletic accolades, two college degrees and years of office management, customer service and journalism experience isn’t going to amount to jack shit.

Wow – that got real bitter, real fast. Apologies.

I should probably get back to the job applications because I’m actually doing something tonight! (In an attempt to save money, I haven’t left my neighborhood in about 9 days… but tonight, my theater buddy friend and I are going to the first preview of the new Broadway musical comedy, First Date. I actually felt really guilty when I bought the ticket this morning, to the point where I was almost crying on the phone when I was talking to my mom. But, my mom said she was really glad I was going because I was driving myself crazy with all the worrying and lack of sleep that’s been going on. [I’ve maybe slept 10 hours in the past 4 nights  :/ ])

Anyone else having similar issues with the job hunt or stressing out about feeling so behind in life?