So, awhile ago, a friend of mine co-founded a nonprofit called The Box Scene Project and they have since started a blog called Fandom For Equality. Unbeknownst to my friend, I applied to become a writer for Fandom for Equality and am now one of their contributors. (I will mostly be writing about Modern Family and Community…)

Fandom For Equality is a community for fans of all fandoms (not just Glee, which is the fandom from which The Box Scene Project started, as it is literally named after “The Box Scene” which was a Klaine scene that was cut from the Season 3 Christmas episode…) to unite and discuss minority representation in media (mostly w/regard to television shows). 

The contributors were each asked to write a piece for our “I See Me In…” series that allows us (as well as anyone else who wants to chime in) discuss what media characters we relate to. I honestly couldn’t name any – especially any television characters – that I could relate to, physically. So, I opted to write about a few movie characters I gravitated toward in my youth. (Of course they both played sports…).

What I love about The Box Scene Project and Fandom For Equality is that they are fan-run but achieve really great things. The Box Scene Project has raised over $71,000 for charity and Fandom For Equality looks to be a great hub for fans of all fandoms to unite and discuss our similarities in being different. It’s a nice group of people and I’m grateful to be a little part of it.