Go ahead and judge. I know I’m a month or so behind the rest of society, but I finally started watching Orange is the New Black.

I love it.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a show that features so many sizes, shapes and skin tones of WOMEN. Yes, this lady-centric show has characters that are thin, chubby, white, black, tan, tall, short, tiny, large, sassy, shy, loud, quiet, honest, crooked, devious and then some. Though the lead character (Piper Chapman) is a skinny, blondeish (thanks, highlights) WASP, she is surrounded by so many different-looking women and I seriously dig that.

However, even though it’s great to see all these females in one show, my favorite character so far is OC Bennett. I’m only seven episodes in, but as of right now, he’s the most morally centered character. At this point in the show we know absolutely nothing about who he is or where he comes from except that he (1) Does not like being forced to act like a dick, (2) is mostly soft-spoken, (3) is adorable and (4) has a prosthetic leg. He is the complete opposite of “Pornstache” Mendez (oh, Pablo Schreiber, how I love thee…) and has painfully obvious heart eyes for one of the inmates. I can’t imagine that this will end well for Bennett, but I know that I smile every time he’s on screen – especially when he’s acting all winsome.

I like the structure of each episode. While the main plot always centers around Chapman, the writers also focus on another inmate and give a little bit of her backstory and how she came to end up in prison. Their crimes have all been different thus far, and yet they ended up the same place.

Orange is the New Black has been helping me put some stuff into perspective – mostly in that even though my life is really not awesome right now, at least I’m not in prison.

This show is a Netflix original and you can watch all of Season 1 at your leisure through Instant Streaming 🙂