Don’t get too excited, I’m only 1700 words in… but that is 1000 more words further along than I was a couple hours ago. Progress!

I started writing my book months ago, but had only gotten about a page in before I put it on the backburner. It should probably still be on the backburner until I get a job, but I had some free time this evening and there weren’t any new jobs posted on the sites I use (as it is Saturday and some sites only post Monday-Friday…), so I thought I would try and get some more done.

(Job hunt update – I’m still unemployed. I have applied for 112 jobs since July 1st. We are past the point of “soul crushing.” Now there just seem to be a lot of tears – or at least the threat of them – at random points during the day. Two days ago I almost lost it while walking home from the grocery store. But I didn’t – WOOOOOOOOOT! Progress!)

So, I’m busy with applying for jobs and going to interviews by day, but by night I’m trying to get other productive stuff done. I’ve been reading a lot more. I mean, I read a lot anyway (every morning during breakfast and every night before I go to bed, at the very least), but now I’m really trying to focus on reading stuff within the same genre of the book I’m writing. The library I went to the other day only had two of the books on my list, so I’ll be trying to track down the others that I thought would be good reads/helpful to get a feel for what is getting published.

I love typing, but I really wish there was a way that I could just tell the story out loud and it magically type itself. I have my whole book planned out in my head (and have a pretty kick ass outline, if I do say so myself), but it would be much easier/faster if I could just talk at my computer instead of type. (And I type fast… like, around 70 WPM fast. But it’s still slow going when I’m trying to get out all the exposition and set up my characters. The protagonist and his mom will be the focus of the first chapter, but then I need to introduce the uncle and his family, along with the protagonist’s eventual love interest and then their peers/antagonists.

While I know this will take longer for me to write than previous stuff I’ve written, I have a feeling this could be something worth while. To my knowledge, there aren’t (m)any books out there with what I’m planning to write. I feel there is a market for it, though. SO, we shall see. I just have to finish writing it!

I might set aside the typing until tomorrow and try and finish the book I’m reading. (I reaaalllllllly want to know what happens and I’m 3/4 done.) Also, I need to figure out an outfit for when I go see Katy Perry tomorrow night.

Have a good one πŸ™‚