So, last night I went and saw Katy Perry perform at the VMAs.

Before you ask – NO – I did not get to see any of the rest of the VMAs. Katy performed at a different location than the rest of the broadcast, so we just saw her and that was it.

It was an interesting evening… about 10 minutes of fun after hours of waiting in line and being surrounded by some rude people.

I had “priority” tickets, which basically meant nothing except that we got to jump the line about halfway through waiting in line so we could go wait some more elsewhere. Check in was at 7:30. They told us to get there at 7:00. We got there at 6:22 and there was already a line a block long. So, my friend and I got in line and waited, as we do. (I’m not stranger to waiting in long lines for stuff… it’s kinda what you do when you go to the kind of events I go to.)

At about 7:15, someone finally called out for the priority ticket people to move forward, so we went to the head of the line, got our IDs checked, were forced to throw away our water bottles, and then were ushered to another holding area. We waited there for probably 30 minutes (and were standing behind some kid who would not shut up). From there, we were slowly ushered into another holding area where our bags were searched. Then, we were wanded and asked by that security person if our bags had been searched (um… yes…), and then we were released into this large outdoor room where there were tables set up with free bottles of water, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi. (If you watched the VMAs, you saw that Pepsi was one of the sponsors.) But, even though we were in this HUGE outdoor space, everyone was crowded around this one door area that led to the adjoining room.

We were crammed near this door for another 30 minutes or so. My friend and I were watching the VMA red carpet on a neighboring bystander’s phone and chatted a little with the boyfriends who were standing next to us. (One of them had on this black top with spikes on the shoulders and he looked fierce. He was happy when we told him we were enjoying his shirt.)

As we stood in this area, some people who worked the venue stood up and told everyone that the taping wouldn’t begin until we were all in place, which meant there was no need to run or push because we would all get in.

So, when it was time to move over into the next room, people completely disregarded what the guys had JUST told us and the crowd began to push and shove. It got unnecessarily ugly. My friend and I got separated for a few seconds, but then we grabbed onto each other’s hands and didn’t let go for the next 15 minutes or so until we got to the final spot.

While we were in line, we inched forward and I was not surprised that people were still trying to push and shove. Some girl’s purse got “stolen” (when, honestly, I think it probably just got pulled off her arm in the rush and likely fell to the ground… we were in a contained area surrounded by security and cops, so I doubt it was actually stolen).

After walking through this poorly set up maze of barricades (hands still tightly clasped with my friend because we were not about to get separated again in that crowd), we were ushered onto this grassy field by a stage that was already set up.

The weather was GORGEOUS and we were right on the water and the city and Brooklyn Bridge were all lit up. So, it was really neat to just be outside and enjoy the cool breeze and our beautiful city.

We stood around some more. Some guy had a kid up on his shoulders and people were yelling for them to set the kid down b/c he was blocking peoples’ view. The kid was eventually placed on the ground. But, like, a minute later, this guy hoisted an adult woman (likely early 20s) onto his shoulders and the crowd yelled for her to get down as well. She looked around and shrugged like she was someone special, but more people booed and yelled at her, so she was finally put back on the ground. People then cheered.

What I didn’t get was how she thought she could be in peoples’ way like that when just moments earlier they yelled at a CHILD for being in the way. You are not a special snowflake, young woman… so get off your boyfriend’s shoulders and stand like the rest of us.

Finally, someone came out and had us practice being loud. It was really a waste because as soon as Katy came out, people were too busy taking pictures and videos that no one was clapping or singing along.

I admit, I took some pictures too. And since I had an empty Diet Pepsi bottle in my hand, I couldn’t clap much either. But, I did “woooooo” a bit and definitely sang along.

Once Katy was done, she left the stage and we were told that they were going to film it again. (Yep – what you saw on the show was definitely not live.) So, I put my phone away and tried to just enjoy the second performance. Before the song started, Katy explained that they were going to film it again because they could and she told people to sing along with her. (To be honest, it was hard to hear her when she was actually singing… but the chorus was easy to pick out.)

So, we watched her sing again and I sang a little bit louder because I like “Roar” and because I could. I still had my Diet Pepsi bottle in hand, so I kind of used it as a microphone (as I do) while I was singing along in the crowd.

Once the second performance wrapped, Katy thanked everyone and said some nice words to the crowd before leaving the stage.

And that was is.

My friend and I hung around for a few minutes to take some pictures (because we could) and then we schlepped it back to Queens.

I stopped by the CVS to pick up an Anniversary card for my parents (32 years on August 29th!) and then called my sister as I trekked home in my painful footwear (I will never again wear my cowboy boots for that long of a time… my feet are killing me.).

My sister gave me a rundown of the VMAs as I walked and she talked. She told me about the horrible Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke trainwreck (which I haven’t watched, but I’ve seen reaction pictures from people… yikes) and how great the Justin Timberlake medley was (which I totally DID watch and thought was amazing… I was so excited for NSYNC and wish that their part was longer, but my smiles hurt as I BEAMED while watching them perform “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye Bye”… dear Lord, I love me some NSYNC/boy bands). I still need to watch Gaga’s performance and Bruno Mars. I can probably skip everything else.

I am bonkers tired.

I got home after 11, but then watched the JT stuff (did you see Kenny Wormald dancing backup right behind him during “SexyBack”?!?!?!?!). I was awake from the Katy Perry stuff, so I read for a bit, but then didn’t fall asleep until around 3:30am. I woke up at 9:00, but I feel kinda awful. I applied for a job, sent an email to a temp agency I was supposed to hear back from, and made a huge list of things I need to do over the next couple days (call another temp agency, edit an article I wrote for FFE, write this blog post, apply for more jobs, etc…). I really just want to sleep for a long time, but applying for jobs is more important at this point. (Especially since I can’t really sleep anyway since I’m so stressed about finding a job. It’s a vicious cycle.)

So, yeah… that was my Sunday night/Monday morning thus far.

I hope your week is starting off well 🙂

My view of the stage during Katy Perry's first performance of "Roar" at Brooklyn's Tobacco Warehouse.

My view of the stage during Katy Perry’s first performance of “Roar” at Brooklyn’s Tobacco Warehouse.