So, I’ve been a reading (and writing) machine these past couple weeks. I think I’ve read four or 5 books that I would like to share my opinions about. Unfortunately I don’t have time right this very second (I’m falling asleep as I’m typing this… I haven’t been sleeping so well since I got back to NYC), but hopefully this weekend.

Yeah, I got to go back to MN for Thanksgiving and spent some much-needed time with my family. We played a lot of Just Dance 2014 (IT HAS KARAOKE!!!!) and my mom, sister and I saw Catching Fire. I was the only one of the three of us to have read all the Hunger Games books, so my mom and sister were wholly disappointed when Catching Fire ended abruptly (as the books does…). I tried to explain to them that they should just read the books. Because they should. (Although I’m still not a fan of Mockingjay. The movies best be better than the book. Catching Fire was as good as the book. I owe you a whole post on that.)

And yes, I’ve been writing. I’m on page 53 of my YA book I’m writing and page 80 of my screenplay. I finished a super detailed outline of my book and I’m really excited to get the rest of it written. I’m a few pages away from one of my favorite moments and I just hope I can do it justice 🙂  The book is slow-going just because I tend to only get a couple pages done at a time if I’m lucky do to my cray cray schedule, but I got 10 pages done over the weekend. So that was good. That likely won’t happen this weekend since I have to type up a report, but I’ll do my best to press forward. Those who know me best know I’m not the biggest champion of my own work, but I really think this has potential. I just need to keep at it!

Well… I’m gonna end this and try to get some sleep. Besides having trouble sleeping, I’ve been having problems with an increased amount of headaches and migraines over the past few weeks. Not ideal, lemme tell ya.

Have a good one