So, January is, like, over.

I was looking at my list of New Years Resolutions and felt pretty good that I’ve been making progress on some of them. Just the other night I finished the 20th chapter of the book I’m writing. (There are likely 5-8 more chapters to go, and then it needed heavy revising because right now it is epically lacking in the description department.) I’m almost done reading another book. (I’ll need to do a book post soon, as I’ve read 3 or 4 books in the past few weeks and have some opinions about them.) I saw a couple movies. And, yeah…

One thing I really need to work on is seeing more of my friends. I live so close to a lot of really great people, but I hardly see anyone anymore. One of my BFFs from middle school and I are determined to see each other once a month and so far we have been able to keep that up for the past year. It’s just really great playing catch up with her because we’re genuinely invested in each other’s lives. I love hearing her work stories and she’s really great about listening to what’s happening in my life. We’re each other’s cheerleaders and it’s nice knowing I have someone in my corner who really knows me. (There’s always much more going on with me/in my head than I ever let on to 95% of the people in my life. I have a hard time letting people in. It’s not a great attribute, but I’m trying to let myself be more vulnerable. It’s hard.)

But some of my other friends, who literally live mere blocks away, I haven’t seen in months. I’m going out to lunch with one of them tomorrow. It’s just really hard to make time for people when I barely have time for myself. I’m gone from 9-7 Monday through Friday and then I try to have Sunday free for laundry and working on my book. That really only leaves Saturday.

If I’m being totally honest, I really wish I had a whole weekend just to myself. That is super selfish of me to say, but I am exhausted. It’s been really cold these past few weeks, right? Well… since I walk dogs all day for my job, I’m out in that cold pretty much a majority of the day. It’s very taxing. I am constantly going in between extreme hot and cold (people have their apartments at 80 degrees… and then when I have to take their poor little dogs outside into 10-25 degree weather. I’m surprised the dogs still tolerate me). My nose has been running for weeks. My legs and nose are always cold. It’s kind of miserable. I love the dogs I walk (I LOVE THEM), but my body hates me right now and I don’t blame her. It is damn near impossible to get out of bed in the morning. But I do it because bills need to be paid.

But I’m cold and tired all the time. And I wish I could be warm and rested. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

My eyes are twitching as I write this, so I think I’ll end this post and head to bed. (or, let’s be real, watch the Season 2 finale of Girls and then head to bed. Yes, I started watching Girls. And you can be damn sure I have a ton of opinions about that show…)

I hope your 2014 is off to a good start!