Okay, so by now you probably saw on Facebook or other parts of this vast thing we call the Interwebs that there is an upcoming interview with JK Rowling where she regrets having Ron and Hermione ending up together and that their union was more of a “wish fulfillment” than a necessity to the plot. (Here is a link to an article on Hypable. I’m not a huge fan of that website, but the site I read the article from first linked its source as Hypable, ergo I will as well.)

Despite this reveal, Ron and Hermione are still my HP OTP because, for me, this relationship actually works. And why does it work?

Two words: Star Wars

“Buh-what?” you say?

Yep, Star Wars. Ron Weasley is obviously the Han Solo of the group, Hermione is the Leia and good old HP is Luke Skywalker. Even though I have came this conclusion on my own, other people have also pointed this out and I cannot/will not claim this as my own. (The HP franchise is similar to the original Star Wars trilogy in many ways, but for now we will just focus on the three lead characters.)

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger work well together because their differences complement each other. Ron is street smart whereas Hermione is book smart. Ron is family-oriented whereas Hermione is an only child. Ron is pureblood whereas Hermione is muggle-born. Ron thinks with his heart whereas Hermione thinks with her head.

But, for as much as they are different, they share a lot of the same ideals. In the books, Ron’s legitimate worry about the house elves’ safety was what finally made Hermione go for it. He cares about what she cares about – it might not be in the same way, or the same level of caring, but he does his best and tries hard to do what’s right. They’re both best friends (and true family) of Harry Potter. Ron is the brother Harry never had while Hermione takes the role of sister and mother. Harry and Hermione would never work (in my opinion) because she sees him as someone who needs to be minded/tended to – not someone who she would see in a romantic sense. Ron is worried that Hermione thinks that she would be better off with Harry (hence what he saw when they were trying to destroy the locket), but really she wouldn’t.

Harry and (movie) Ginny are a terrible couple (because movie Ginny was underdeveloped as a character – she lacked the sass and maturity of book Ginny). But Harry and Hermione wouldn’t make a better couple. If anything, it would be like watching Luke pine for Leia and squirming because you know their love is more familial than romantic.


You could also use a Little Women analogy (though this is a bit of a stretch, but let me explain). Hermione is like Laurie and Ron is Amy (even though he’s definitely more of a Meg or Beth because Amy is truly despicable…). Hermione was always meant to be a Weasley and Ron was her only real way to gain entrance to that family. But Ron and Hermione’s feelings/love is real, or at least waaaaaaaay more realistic/believable than Amy and Laurie’s love. (BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW LAURIE AND JO WERE MEANT TO BE, OKAY?)

So, yeah… that’s my two cents.

I don’t care what JK Rowling’s intentions were/are or that she regrets Ron and Hermione ending up together. As a huge fan of the books and movies (as they are separate entities), I thought this pairing worked. I thought their relationship progressed naturally over the course of the books/movies.

Long story, short… You can call me Captain Smith because I will go down with this ‘ship.

❤ Ron and Hermione 4ever ❤