I started editing my thesis proposal draft today. It wasn’t too awful… it’s actually going a lot better than I thought. Most of the stuff I needed to fix were grammatical or proofreading errors. I’m the first person to admit that I’m not an awesome writer, nor am I extremely skilled in word order. I tend to write (type?) how I talk… which in some cases works (like this blog), but that doesn’t really transfer too well to a scholarly paper. For being as well educated as I am, I have really bad grammar. A lot of people at my work who don’t know that I’m in the middle of a graduate journalism program probably think I didn’t make it too far out of high school with the mouth I have…

But, with all of the typing I do from this blog and for my thesis stuff, my wrists are worn out like whoa. So this will be short.

Really I spent most of the day behind the computer. I read through my thesis chair’s notes twice, then made an outline of what I needed to do, then I started fixing the “easy” stuff. I highlighted the parts I’ll need to get back to with further notes or sources. I will work on that more tomorrow. I did some of it today, but I will try and finish tomorrow.

I almost had a heart attack today. I was trying to register for my last credit hour and I saw that I needed a special code. So, I went and checked my DARS (OU kids know what I’m talkin’ about…) and it said that I still needed 4 credit hours to graduate. For a couple minutes I was panicking that I somehow overlooked a class I needed to take. I am a master at reading the DARS, there was no way I was off by 4 credit hours… but it turns out none of my thesis hours have counted yet. Phew…

I still need to register for my credit hour. I also still need to get a thesis proposal defense date set. During the time I wanted to do it, there was no day/time where all three members of my committee were available. BAH. So, I have to push it to the first week of Spring Quarter. I am panicking about this, but I feel I will be able to get everything done on time and still be able to graduate in June. I am going to punch someone if I don’t. I’m just saying… Fists will fly.

Really all I did was work on my paper. I also watched American Idol and 30 Rock. I was sooooo happy Casey and Brett made it through on Idol!!! I think they are both adorable in their own way, and I look forward to their performances next Tuesday. 30 Rock was actually pretty funny… although I was like “Hey, that’s not Bob Ballard. I’ve seen Bob Ballard in person. That’s Terrence Mann! Who I’ve also seen in person…” Crazy times.

Tomorrow will be more of the same… workin’ on my editing my thesis proposal. Saturday I’ll get to see some friends, which will be awesome πŸ™‚ Yay for a break from paper typing.

And, last but not least, a big CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing friend Robin who found out she got a magazine job today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freakin’ happy for and proud of her πŸ™‚ Words cannot express how super excited I am for her, as I know she was totally wanting this job. Get it, girl! You are the best πŸ™‚

Have a good one

Wow, I am two for two with crappy days. Things can only get better, right? I mean, Glee tickets go on sale Saturday morning… so that at least is a positive something to look forward to. Another positive thing about today is that I did not throw up. Yay me. I am living the dream right now.

I did sleep a bit better last night than the night before. Double points for not getting sick throughout the night – woot.

Although I was feeling a bit better, I stuck to dry cereal and applesauce for breakfast. I then headed back down to my room to look over some stuff and take notes before I called a professor about my thesis proposal stuff.

Two things on my “I’m not awesome, but I still try” list are:

1. Writing
2. Phone conversations

So, you can totally guess how my phone conversation about my thesis proposal draft went.


Although the whole conversation didn’t suck, parts of it were epically bad. There’s nothing more embarrassing than an academic telling you that you obviously didn’t proofread your 50 page paper you sent him, when in reality you totally spent a week looking over everything and trying to fix errors and rearrange passages so it flows better.

I know writing isn’t my forte. *That’s* why I went to journalism school. I wanted to learn how to become a better writer. I’ve never written anything longer than 20 pages before, and I certainly hadn’t done that amount of research before. So, when I spent the whole summer reading 100 articles and taking pages upon pages of notes, and then spent a couple months going over those notes and filling them into a multi-page outline, I thought I was doing a good job. I know I’m not a great writer. This is why I sent my proposal draft to my professor in OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER so that he would have more time to read it and I would have more time to do rewrites instead of him not answering me for FOUR MONTHS and then belittling me over the phone for him having to take hours and hours out of his already busy schedule to read my stuff so that I can get my friggin’ thesis proposal and ultimately my thesis defended in time so I can GRADUATE at the end of this school year.

During this semi-heated phone conversation, I know my voice broke a couple times and I was totally on the verge of tears several times as well, but I held my ground (at least I think I did) and I (as calmly as I possibly could) defended myself and my need to adhere to a timeline and for my professor to adhere to one too. I didn’t think that was too much to ask.

ALSO, I am pretty sure my professor has been writing scholarly papers for more years than I’ve been alive, so I would think that he would take into some consideration that since I have never written a thesis before and he has about a bajillion times, of course my first draft is not going to be flawless. I am new to this. I have been doing my best, but I have had ZERO guidance in this whole process thus far.

So, I am really frustrated right now.

But, as awful as that conversation was, at least it looks like I do not have to whip together a new thesis committee. And when I get my professors notes and work on rewrites and edits, I should totally be able to graduate on time (so long as correspondence between myself and my committee keeps up… no more of this waiting four months to get my shit read).

I just need to breathe in and breathe out and keep repeating that. This is all going to turn out okay. It’s just a hot mess right now.

Really other than thesis drama, I took it easy today for fear I was going to hurl again (but thankfully, I did not).

I rewatched “Acafellas” and then started watching the first movie in the Red Riding Trilogy. I didn’t get too far because my dad got home from work early and watched to watch The A-Team since we got it on Netflix. (He and I saw it over the summer, but my mom didn’t… plus, I wanted to rewatch it as I liked that movie. So many good people… Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Patrick Wilson, Jon Hamm… mmmmmm)

Can we just pause for a second to appreciate how ridiculously handsome Bradley Cooper is? My sister and I saw him on Broadway in Three Days of Rain a few years ago. Believe me when I say, the man is as attractive in person as he is on screen:

Bradley Cooper signing autographs after the final performance of Three Days of Rain

I know, right?

We also watched American Idol, Bones and 30 Rock. I love 30 Rock… and I laughed outloud when they showed a clip of Pete in Loverboy. HAHAHAHA. And then Eion Bailey was on as Anders! What?! I love him… I remember when he was on ER and Band of Brothers. Awwwwwwwwww πŸ™‚

Now it’s time for sleep… I gotta work tomorrow. But then it’s the weekend!!!

Have a good one

You know… from The Pajama Game?

I’m sure probably no one has seen this show and/or heard of it. My high school actually did this show my senior year and then my sister and I saw the revival on Broadway (starring Harry Connick Jr and Kelli O’Hara … 2:07… You’re welcome).

I’m super tired, and when that happens, random song lyrics pop into my head. I was going to start the blog post off with “Hey there,” but then I just continued on with the song lyrics… and I’m rambling. I need to stop typing.

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. By time I got home from the airport with my parents I was super tired and couldn’t type because (1) I was tired and (2) I was really cold and just wanted to curl up into a ball in my sleeping bag and go to sleep forever.

I’m still tired and cold, but I figured I should post.

Hence this post.

Yesterday I finally bought the rest of the songs I needed to complete my A Very Potter Musical/A Very Potter Sequel mix CD. Also, I got a couple more tracks from the Little White Lie and StarKid albums. Woot. I totally was belting out “No Way” on my way home from work today… god, I love StarKid πŸ™‚

Also yesterday I rewatched Glee “Silly Love Songs”. May I just give a big “Cheers, Cheers, Cheers,” to Tate Donovan, the man who directed the episode. I was totally loving a lot of the shot choices. My two favorites were:

1. During “Fat Bottomed Girls,” when Puck is singing to Lauren and the camera is on a M/CU of her, and his head pops into the left side of the frame when he sings the word “Yeah”. LOVE IT. (in the linked clip, since it’s flipped, he comes into the right side of frame at 1:37 … but the effect is still the same. So Money.)

2. During the Warblers meeting when Blaine asks if they can serenade a boy off campus, j’adored the backwards dolly shot from a CU of Kurt’s face right after Blaine says that he wants to sing at the Gap because the guy he likes is a junior manager there. I love how perfectly the camera move is matched with the song “Tell Him” from The Exciters. (I cannot find a clip right now 😦 But know that this scene is soooooo good, and this is a great way to transition from the Warblers meeting to Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel’s sleepover.)

Today I had to work from 9:45-2. I hadn’t been to work in 8 days, so it was weird being back. At least the music was back on in the area where I was working.

When I got home from work, my mom and I played some Dance on Broadway, then I finished watching Zombieland (I love this movie – Jesse Eisenberg is so great). I basically watched TV the rest of the night… HIMYM, Idol, Bones (poor Booth!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m glad that happened.) and 30 Rock (which is still my favorite show, even though it’s gone downhill as of late).

I work tomorrow afternoon/evening and then all day Saturday. But at least I have Sunday off – GRAMMYS!

Have a good one

I was driving home from the mall and was wondering why cars kept pulling out in front of me from a side street. It was right as I was approaching the line when I realized that my light was red and they totally were adhering to the rules of the road. I slammed on my breaks and ended up about 5-10 feet in front of where I should have stopped. After almost having a heart attack, I backed up to where I was supposed to be and then proceeded to drive home, but only when that light turned so green it looked sick.


I felt horrible the whole way home and am convinced that someone is going to track me down and give me a ticket. I sure hope that is not the case.

Today started earlier than I hoped. I had trouble sleeping last night and then the dogs decided that they wanted to be up at 7:30. I should be thankful… they usually want to be up and about way before that. Tonight before we all went to our sleeping areas, I told them that I’d like to sleep in tomorrow. We’ll see if they actually listen.

I had the dogs out, fed and out again all before 8:00. I then made myself a bagel and watched GMA while I plotted out my day. I decided to run to the library right when it opened at 10 to pick up my DVDs and some books. Then back home to let the dogs out and play with them in the yard before I went to the mall to go see Blue Valentine and go to DSW.

(In addition to my red light incident, I went to the wrong checkout desk at the library… there are two and I went to the wrong one. So the librarian had to tell me to go to the other one… and I felt like an idiot.)

Blue Valentine was good, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are two of the most talented actors from my generation of people. And they had great chemistry and were great in the movie. But I just wasn’t feeling the script. It wasn’t special – it just seemed like a hand-held vision of two people who met, fell in love, married and fell out of love. Was the non-linear storytelling supposed to be something mind-blowing? Because it really wasn’t… The movie felt honest and the feelings portrayed were realistic. But I just wasn’t moved in the way I was hoping to be. I wanted to walk away feeling something profound. That didn’t happen. It wasn’t a bad movie; it just wasn’t all that I expected.

After the movie, I went to DSW to try and find some shoes for work. I did find a pair of black shoes… I’ll need to wear them around the house for the next few days to see if they’ll work for work. I have the weirdest shape/size feet. They are super wide and have super high arches. It’s hard finding shoes that are comfortable and can be worn for 8 hour shifts. So, hopefully the pair I found will work. I also bought two pairs of espadrilles that have 3-4 inch wedges. I can’t/don’t wear high heels, but I friggin’ love wedge shoes. I got these ones and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger ones that I can’t find a picture of… πŸ™‚ They are comfortable, but I wouldn’t want to wear them all day, everyday. But this summer they should come in handy.

I was going to go to work to visit my colleagues after the show store, but I opted to go home instead. (Insert red light incident here.) Once home, I took the dogs outside and we played in the front yard for awhile. Moose’s face was covered in snow because she kept kicking her tennis balls into snow piles and then digging them out. She’s too adorable.

Back inside, I decided I should probably do the dishes. I plugged my iPod dock into an outlet in the kitchen, found a good playlist, and cranked that sucker up. Singing and dancing while doing dishes makes that chore slightly more tolerable.

I made Indian food for dinner – brown rice and chicken with Korma curry. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum. I added pecans, dried mango and dried cherries. Delightful πŸ™‚

After dinner, I did more dishes, then played Wii Karaoke for awhile. I played some Glee, then switched to American Idol, since I hadn’t played that in awhile. Plus, I love belting out “More Than a Feeling” and “My Heart Will Go On“.

For Community, I made popcorn and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I decided that since I don’t have to be anywhere for a week, I’m going to see if I like beer or not. Right now, I’m still leaning toward “not,” but I thought I should give beer a chance. I know I still like mixed drinks or fruity beer better than just plain beer. I had a Stella Artois. It was all right. There’s some other beers in our cabinet that may or may not be tried this weekend. We’ll see… probably one for the Super Bowl.

Community was so good tonight. I have never played Dungeons and Dragons, but I was totally into this episode. And I LOVED that the opening credits and music were D&Dified.

I caught part of Idol, then watched Bones (during which my sister called – woot. She was on her way to Wendys to get some food after dropping off some people, and we laughed hard reminiscing about one of our many road trips and an exchange she made with a Burger King drive-thru person. Glorious.) and 30 Rock (Brian Williams!).

I am so friggin’ tired, though, so I am looking forward to some sleep. Tomorrow I’m not going anywhere, so I’ll do some chores (laundry, more dishes, vacuum, etc…), watch some Six Feet Under, and just enjoy spending some quality time with my dogs. Yukon is a bit of a loner, so she’ll lay down on the floor near where ever I’m at but never jump up on the couch with me if I’m sitting there. Moose, however, will always jump up and lay down next to me/on top of me depending where I’m at. During breakfast, she always sleeps on the seat next to me. Tonight during 30 Rock, I was in the recliner and she jumped up on my lap and promptly fell asleep. Nothing keeps you warmer than a 60+ pound dog who is beyond fury. Right now, she’s asleep at the foot of my bed. She’s too cute… even though I know she’ll be kicking me pretty soon. And then flopping down next to me tomorrow morning when she wants me to get up. Oh, puppies.

Well, watching her sleep is making me sleepy. Good night

Have a good one

Oh Pink, how I love your song so πŸ™‚

I’m serious… I could listen to “Raise Your Glass” 10 times in a row and still feel the need to fist pump at the very least. You can tell what I listened to while I was brushing my teeth before climbing into bed tonight.

I always have a song in my head. Always. I have to or I can’t function. This morning, the last song I heard before heading into work was “Love the Way You Lie”. And since they turned off the music in my department at work, I was singing/humming “Love the Way You Lie” to myself for the entirety of my 4.25 hour shift. Thank you, Eminem and Rihanna, for keeping me awake.

Work went quickly today, thank goodness. It was another one of those days where I didn’t get a break. I’ll just tack that 15 minutes on to the pretend list of all the breaks I was forced to skip because of lack of coverage. Way to go, giant corporation, for not allowing our managers the money to have double or triple coverage on busy sale days. Way to go.

After work, I went to Target. While driving, I realized I was out of windshield wiper fluid. Not good… luckily I had some in my trunk (though I didn’t pour that in until *after* I got home after Target). I was happy that I found a puffy vest! They only had one… it’s black and red. Not my first choice, but at least now I have puffy vest that goes with my black boots. Yay πŸ™‚ I also got Minnesota Wild shirt. Gotsta represent the hockey, right?

When I got home, I had a ginromous orange and watched all of the music numbers from the first disc of Glee Season One Volume 2 (Hell-o, The Power of Madonna, Home and Bad Reputation). Some of my most favorite Glee performances EVER are on this disc… “Hello,” “Borderline/Open Your Heart,” “A House is Not a Home,” and “Run Joey Run” especially. I could watch these performances over and over and over again.

After that, I went to my room to watch another episode of Six Feet Under. I have 2 left! I’m going to have to return them a day late to the library so I can finish. Well worth the 30 cents I’ll have to pay in late fees, for sure.

Mom and I had dinner and watched some Bones, then I chatted with Robin for awhile πŸ™‚ Yay for catching up!

As tonight is Thursday, mom and I watched American Idol (both admitted that we love this season and how we were both going to not give the show a chance with the new judges… we’re so glad we stuck with it), Bones (Gravedigger episode… what the what?!?!?!?! Such a fake head explosion.) and 30 Rock.

I love 30 Rock, but I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to last. I get the Kabletown jokes, the reality tv/scripted tv stuff, the ratings talk and the product placement humor, but I need more substance. However, I LOVED the last bit between Liz and Jack because that’s exactly what I hate about other shows. And the word “snart” will be worked into conversations in my household… mark my words.

Well, time for some blogs and another episode (if only a few minutes worth) of Six Feet Under. My love for Michael C. Hall is ever-growing, and I am on the Peter Krause bandwagon for reals now. Though I won’t be watching Parenthood anytime soon.

Work tomorrow – boo. Off on Saturday – yay. Hanging out w/a friend *and* new SNL – yay times 2.

Have a good one

This is a problem I’ve had for a while… I hated coming up with titles for term papers, projects, and scripts. When I wrote for an Indiana pop culture magazine, I always had trouble coming up with good titles for my entertainment stories. I would submit a whole bunch and my editor would always just make one up before my stuff ran. My lack of skills when it comes to titling things came to a climax during my News Editing class the summer before I started graduate J-school. Coming up with headlines and sub-heads for my newspaper layouts was a hot mess and a half. I remember that class was coming to an end one day and I was just having the worst time trying to come up with a catchy, brief, but awesome headline. I think I ended up typing “I HATE THIS” where the headline was supposed to go (or something along those lines…). It was just frustrating.

The reason my suckiness of coming up with headlines and titles is on my mind is that today I was trying to come up with an awesome title for my thesis. Instead, I just ended up making it longer and even more boring-sounding, which sucks because my thesis topic is AWESOME. I’m just sayin’, it’s gonna knock the socks off of the masses when this shit finally gets done.

Oh, thesis. Why do you bog me down so?

Today I made some progress of my own… I edited my coding key and sheet (though I might have made the key a bit worse… I’m too verbose). I also went through my Works Cited page and double checked that I actually had all of my sources listed. I forgot one, Merriam-Webster.com, so I added that in. Nice. I also took out the one Wikipedia citation that I had. It wasn’t necessary, and just made me look like an idiot for citing Wikipedia.

I’m always worried about citations. I know a decent amount about the topic I’m working on, as well as some background information about the film industry that I’ve picked up from film classes or my leisure reading. So, sometimes I know facts and whatnot off the top of my head. But I’m worried that people won’t believe that I just know this random stuff. So then I have to go out of my way and find someone else who had the same thoughts and facts and cite them. Bah!

I emailed my thesis chair again and re-sent him my stuff. I asked if I could call him next week on one of my day’s off, as I am fearful I am not on the right track to completing my thesis in time to graduate in June. I need to be done by the end of this school year. The rest of my life needs to start, and in order for that to happen, my thesis needs to be DONE. So, hopefully he’ll acknowledge my concerns and we’ll be able to get this straightened out.

So, last night after I posted, I was browsing around on some blogs like I do and saw that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss were to be on the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. My heart leapt a bit, as j’adore them both. I always get my EWs on Thursdays, so today I was beyond looking forward to getting the mail. When the mail finally came at 6 pm, my mom handed me the stack and I dug through it to get to my magazine. My magazine was ripped!!!! 😦 There was a giant tear right through Darren Criss’s face! I am going to have EW send me another issue… but I can’t do that for about a week because they don’t have this issue in the Customer Service queue yet. Booooooooooooo

Besides thesis stuff and torn magazines, the rest of my day was spent dancing and reading. My mom and I were crazy people again and decided to do the Expert level on our latin dance/cardio boxing game. At least we had mostly good songs today… Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Madonna. It’s way easier to dance and punch it out when there is a good song playing. After that, we did a bunch of the Dance on Broadway dances too. I do really good on the tap numbers for some reason, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

After our crazy dancing, I went back to my room to read the latest installment of Dalton. This is the closest thing to a soap opera that I’ve ever been into. Holy hell, it’s addictive. And it’s sooooooo cheeseball, but I love it. It helps pass the time while I wait for new Glee episodes.

Tonight we watched American Idol again (I am really liking this season thus far… all two episodes) and Bones. I am so looking forward to next week’s Gravedigger episode! After that, I actually got to watch 30 Rock (return of Cheyenne Jackson – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)! Since 30 Rock used to be up against Bones, I would miss it live and have to watch it on the computer. BUT since NBC changed it’s lineup for tonight, 30 Rock is on after Bones – woot! (BTW – I finally broke up with Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve missed 2 episodes and I don’t even miss it. Yay!)

All in all, a grand night for television πŸ™‚

I work all day tomorrow (9:45-5:30), but then have the weekend off! My sister is supposed to be on TV on Saturday afternoon, so it looks like I’ll have to watch college basketball. Boooooo 😦 But I love my sister, so I will watch. It’s her b-day on Monday. This is her first b-day in 4 years where we won’t get to celebrate together. Sadness 😦

Well, off to read. I’m gonna try and finish my Gilda Radner book tonight… that might not happen But I will try!

Have a good one

Before I spout on with my opinions of the Golden Globes, I will quickly recap my day…

I didn’t sleep much, then got up at 7:30 and had some oatmeal and watched Party Down before I went to work. I worked from 9:35-4:30. I helped a couple for 1-2 hours to pick out luggage. After I rung them up, I went on my break… when I got back from my break, my colleague told me that not two minutes after I left, they returned the luggage. What the what?! Oh well.

The drive home was pretty crappy… always in our neighborhood. The roads are never awesome around here, which sucks because it makes the last 5 minutes of the ride horrendous. It’s like, I’m so close to home, but I have the biggest chance of getting into an accident. Bah!

I just got done watching HIMYM. And once again, the tears were welling up like whoa. Jason Segel just makes me want to cry, and I mean that in the best way possible. As an audience member, you really feel for Marshall. Sad Jason Segel, I love you.

Now I’m waiting for Castle to start. My mom and I friggin’ love that show. I have 40 minutes yet, so I have plenty of time to type up my thoughts about last night’s Golden Globes awards.

So, Ricky Gervais was pretty rude, eh?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Ricky Gervais and I usually dig his mean humor. But it seemed like he was being extra cruel last night. And not even funny cruel… just cruel. (Well, he was trying to be funny, but he kinda wasn’t.) I loved The Office, Extras, and Gervais’s standup. I get British humour. (yeah, I just “ou”-ed you there) And I’m a fairly mean person at times, but even I thought he went a bit over the top. I don’t even like Charlie Sheen or Tom Cruise, but I even felt a bit bad for them getting picked on when they weren’t even there.

As for the actual awards portion of the show, nothing was really super shocking. I was super thrilled that Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor. He was AMAZING in The Fighter. I mean, he’s amazing in everything he’s in, but I’m glad that he finally got recognized for his superb acting skills. I thought it was really great that he gave Mark Wahlberg a shout-out for how Wahlberg’s performance as the straight-man/anchor allowed Bale’s performance to be able to be that big. They were great foils. And if Wahlberg wasn’t up against Firth, he might have had a shot. I was also glad that The Fighter won for Best Supporting Actress. Melissa Leo was great as Alice. She deserved recognition.

Colin Firth, like Bale, was a shoo-in for an award last night. His performance in The King’s Speech wasn’t showy, but it stood out for the epic humiliation vulnerability, frustration, and ultimate triumph that King George VI achieved. Natalie Portman winning Best Actress Drama was another sure thing. She is another actor who always turns in a solid performance. The combination of the difficulty of the dance and the psychological journey she took her character and audience through warranted her winning the award. I predict she’ll win the OScar for Best Actress.

In the comedy acting categories, I was not surprised about Annette Bening’s win. Though Julianne Moore was equally great in The Kids Are All Right, Bening’s performance stood out a bit more because it stood out less. It’s kinda the opposite of the Bale/Wahlberg pairing. Instead of Moore’s more open and carefree character, Bening’s character had her emotions more reeled in. She wasn’t a victim, but definitely the more adult/mature character between the two of them. Bening’s reserved performance shined because she was overshadowed. If that makes any sense…

As for Paul Giamatti. Well, good for him. I like him a lot. To be honest, I know nothing about the movie he won for. I voted for Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland (my sister and I do our own predictions each year for the past 9 years… I got 16 right this year whereas she got 13. I always win. πŸ™‚ ).

My sister and I both voted for The Kids Are All Right to take Best Picture – Musical or Comedy. Of the films nominated, it was the only one with any real sense of prestige or critical acclaim. Though we both voted for The King’s Speech to take Best Picture – Drama, I wasn’t surprised at all that The Social Network took home the award. I really liked The Social Network. It is one of the only quality/critically acclaimed movies that really defines my generation. The script was so smart (Aaron Sorkin is so money) and the ensemble was so great (and completely age-appropriate for my generation as well). There weren’t any explosions (except for verbal ones). There weren’t any aliens. There weren’t any guns. There was just rapid-fast dialogue, relatable conflicts, and Facebook. My generation to a friggin’ T. I expect The Social Network to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. (I was also not surprised by The Social Network‘s script, director and score to win last night. All were deserving, even if I liked Inception‘s score better. Hans Zimmer 4EVER!)

As for television… yay Glee!

I was beyond thrilled that Chris Colfer won Best Supporting Actor. I voted for him, so I was happy about that, but I was more happy for him. Colfer is a talented, young actor whose presence on television the past year and a half has been nothing short of a blessing. Colfer’s Kurt Hummel is a much-needed character on primetime television. I have a feeling it was this season’s plot about bullying that really launched Colfer into the hearts and minds of HFPA voters. Seeing Kurt being shoved into lockers and fielding death threats from a bully, then dealing with these issues (and then some) with poise, honesty, and dignity is pretty special. It helps that Colfer is very likable in interviews and seems to be taking his newfound fame really well. Also, yay for Jane Lynch as Supporting Actress (even though I voted for Kelly Macdonald). (btw – how often are two openly gay actors winners of awards on the same night? Someone could probably do a study about that…) And yay for Glee winning Best Musical or Comedy (even though 30 Rock is still my favorite show ever and Modern Family was equally deserving of recognition too) πŸ™‚ Best part about Glee winning awards was that we the audience got several glimpses of Darren Criss in his tux and bow tie (so cute!).

I was not surprised that Boardwalk Empire won a couple awards. I haven’t seen the show, but I have heard good things about it. Yay for Jim Parsons winning Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy. I have only seen a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but he’s just so darn likable πŸ™‚ And his acceptance speeches are always good (see also last year’s Emmys). I haven’t seen any of the Mini Series or Motion Pictures Made for Television, though Temple Grandin is in my Netflix queue.

Even though the show was fairly predictable (no big stunners or upsets), I still like watching the Golden Globes. It’s the best of television and film – two media that I love like whoa. I am very much looking forward to the Oscars. James Franco and Anne Hathaway will likely be more entertaining than Ricky Gervais was. Fingers crossed, at least.

Well, off to bed I go… okay, that’s a lie. First read some blogs. Than read some more of Gilda Radner’s autobiography, “It’s Always Something”. Then sleep. Tomorrow I’ll run errands with my mom, work on my thesis stuff (still haven’t heard back from my prof since the last time I emailed him a week or so ago, though I haven’t checked that email account in a day, so who knows), and watch the Glee rerun. I think it’s the “Never Been Kissed” episode. And you know what that means… Darren Criss singing “Teenage Dream” πŸ™‚ Woot.

I’m tired. Away I go…

Have a good one

Happy Belated Birthday to me… care of my sister πŸ™‚ But more on that in a bit…

Once again I was up waaaaaaaaay later than I should have been. I am beyond engrossed in “A Very Potter Sequel,” but try as I might I will not finish it before I go see HP7 tomorrow morning. I will watch a few more parts of it tonight, but I am tired. As in, I fell asleep watching Bones tonight, tired.

So, I got up at 7:30 and watched a couple more episodes of 30 Rock Season 4 with commentary. I love 30 Rock and still claim it as my favorite TV show of all time. Tina Fey = my lady hero.

After 30 Rock and some scones, I went with my mom to run errands. We went to Target again so I could exchange my Josh Groban CD for the right one (sans DVD) and then we went Thanksgiving dinner shopping (among other household needs). Tomorrow we’ll hit up our for real grocery store to get some more stuff. I can’t believe a week from today is Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to see my siblings – I haven’t seen my brother since August and my sister since September. I know September doesn’t sound like a long time, but I lived with my sister for the past 4 years (up until this past June), so I’m still getting used to not seeing her more often.

When Mom and I were done with errands, we had lunch and then Wii bowled before we each started on our big shore for the day. My mom spent a good couple hours cleaning the master bathroom (oh, smell of bleach, how I loathe thee…) while I went downstairs to my freezing cold room to work on revising my coding sheet. I worked on it for probably 20 minutes when I heard our dogs start to bark. I knew the mailman wasn’t here yet, but by the barking I could tell it was the UPS man.

I heard my mom go outside to get whatever was on the porch. When she came back in and shut the door, I could hear her tell the dogs that she was bringing something to my room (yes, we talk to the dogs in our house like the dogs are completely aware of what we are saying… and they actually do most of the time, so ha). So, moments later, two dogs burst into my room followed by my mom wielding a puffy white envelope… it was the Glee Karaoke Wii game that my sister ordered for me for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

So, obviously I shut off my computer and ran upstairs to try my game out. I probably sang for about an hour… it was so fun πŸ™‚ It’s pretty much exactly like the American Idol Wii games, except it’s all songs from the first half of Season 1 of Glee. I hope they come out with a game for the second half of Season 1, because I like that chunk of songs a lot. However, the songs on the game are great, and some are pretty challenging. I’m not the best singer ever, but I can at least stay on pitch. But even when I got 98% of the notes right, I was still hundreds of thousands of points away from the top score… I’ll need to figure out how to set the game on hard. I’m just looking forward to playing it with my sister when she gets here – we like singing duets πŸ™‚

After I played the game for awhile, I went back to my room to finish revising my coding sheet. I was really pleased with the results, so I sent it to my thesis chair. I took a lot of his suggestions and comments into consideration and I think I came up with a decent coding sheet that is not too hard to follow.

Awhile later, I went back upstairs to find my mom making a new kind of Chex mix (it has orange juice in it…). It’s actually pretty yummy. We made pizza and watched a Season 2 episode of Bones. Then I got a shower and checked what time HP7 is playing tomorrow morning… luckily it’s on 3 screens at the theater we go to, so if I get there and the first one is sold out, I can catch another one. I cannot wait!!!!

Then we watched tonight’s new episodes of Bones and Grey’s. However, I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep during part of Bones. Whoops… And once again Grey’s was pretty disappointing.

I’m in my room now, so I’ll watch Modern Family from last night and then a few more parts of “A Very Potter Sequel”. Tomorrow will be HP7 in the morning, then likely helping decorate and/or go to the grocery store with my mom. My dad will be home too, and I think he’s going to try and get us to watch Elf, even though it’s too early for Christmas movies.

Big entertainment news for today – SNL announced that Robert DeNiro, Paul Rudd and Jeff Bridges will be hosting in December. I almost screamed I was so happy about Rudd and Bridges. They are two of my favorite American actors and I am very much looking forward to their episodes.

Also, in Glee news (POSSIBLE SPOILERS), I saw some photo stills from Episode 9, “Special Education” and Kurt is not in the New Directions group shot (though to be fair, neither is Puck or Rachel). I have seen pictures of Kurt in a Dalton Academy uniform, so I think that because of all the bullying, Kurt switches schools and will be in the Warblers for Sectionals. Just a hunch… I actually hope we get to see more of Dalton Academy and the Warblers because I heart Blaine (Darren Criss). Yay team πŸ™‚

Well, that’s all… time for Modern Family and “A Very Potter Sequel”.

I am so looking forward to HP7 tomorrow, you cannot imagine πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

Glee Tuesday is always a good day…

After an ridonkulously horrible night of sleep (totally stayed up waaaaaaaaaay late to watch HIMYM and finish “A Very Potter Musical”) I woke up well before my alarm was to go off. So, I dragged myself upstairs, made an egg sandwich and watched some 30 Rock Season 4 w/commentary. (Yep, w/commentary… because I’m a dork and eat stuff like that UP)

I then accompanied my mom to her dermatology appointment. I sat in the waiting room and read my Dexter book/watched some Glee on my iPod (I am still watching and rewatching that “Teenage Dream” scene from last week over and over and over again… and the scenes where Kurt confronts Karofsky. “Teenage Dream” is my favorite performance scene thus far, and those Kurt/Karofsky scenes are brilliant. Max Adler, who plays Karofsky, is handling his part masterfully. Yep, masterfully. Watch his eyes and facial expressions during the scene where Kurt and Blaine confront him after the kiss… I expect great things from him this season, but more on that later.) Mom’s appointment went pretty well… so that was good news πŸ™‚

We went to Panera for lunch and plotted out the rest of our errands. Next was Target, as I needed the Glee Christmas CD and Josh Groban’s new album, “Illuminations”. It was only hours later when I realized I bought the wrong album. I got “Illuminations,” but ended up getting one with a DVD in addition to the CD that I didn’t really need. I’m sorry, but an extra $4 for a 30 minute DVD is ridiculous. I love you, Josh Groban, but I will be returning this on Thursday in exchange for just the CD. When you come out with another live CD/DVD, you can be sure I will be there on opening day to buy it. However, I want that $4 back so I can get Inception when it comes out on DVD in a few weeks. I got priorities… and they are awesome DVDs.

We then ran to Wal-Mart for some holiday candles and whatnot for when my siblings and some friends come over next week, and then to the library. As I am still slowly plowing through the stack I got the other day, I didn’t get anymore books. However, my mom did as she can get through a book a day. Seriously, the lady reads more books than anyone I know.

After the library we ran to the grocery store as we needed garlic rolls and fish tank filters. Random, but necessary.

Once home, we had snack and played some Yahtzee. Since I was bonkers tired, I opted not to work on school work (yep, I’m horrible) and instead I turned on the Wii and practiced some sports. I put my Glee Christmas CD in the living room CD player and I Wiied while my mom ironed and hung new curtains (very festive).

The Glee Christmas album is okay… it sounds kinda like an album that would come from any of those Disney channel kids. But I still dig it. I’m just happy because it has “O Holy Night” on it (one of my FAVS), and I am loving Chris Colfer and Darren Criss’s version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside“. Awwwwwww πŸ™‚

Later I helped my mom make dinner, and then we watched an episode of Bones Season 2. I’ve seen every episode of Bones at least once (twice or three times, minimun when it comes to the first 4 seasons…), so it’s fun to watch ones my mom hasn’t seen. Since she reads so many mystery novels, she always tries to guess who the killer is during the first few minutes of the episode.

After Bones, it was time for GLEE!!


So, tonight’s episode was called “The Substitute”. Some sort of cold/flu/illness was going around mcKinley. Principal Figgins was out and Sue was taking over (she says for good, though I highly doubt that). Mr. Schue got sneezed on right away, so we all knew he was down for the count.

Enter the substitute – Holly Holiday (Gwenyth Paltrow). Loved her version of “Conjunction Junction”. πŸ™‚ Her method of teaching was to ask the glee kids what they wanted to sing (cue hilarious flashbacks of Mr. Schue turning down the kids’ suggestions in lieu of more Journey songs!). She instantly won everyone but Rachel’s hearts with her version of Cee-Lo’s “Forget You”. I dug it…

Meanwhile, Mr. Schue was at home and sick. Evil ex-wife Terri came over to take care of him and she introduced one of the main musical themes for the show – Singin’ in the Rain. Who doesn’t love this musical? I have seen it a bunch of times, as it is my 2nd favorite movie musical of all time. Gene Kelly was a GENIUS and this film is so full of great musical moments. I could watch this movie once a week until the end of time and never get sick of it. It just makes me smile.

Which of course means that I LOVED Mr. Schue’s and Mike’s version of “Make ‘Em Laugh“. Sure, Matthew Morrison is no Donald O’Connor, but the spirit of the song and performance was there. I wish I had hallucinatory dreams where I dreamt myself into a number from Singin’ in the Rain.

It was easy to see why the glee kids like Holly Holiday – she listens to them. Even Rachel warmed up to her when Holly let her do a number from the movie Chicago. And while Paltrow and Lea Michele may not be the best dancers ever (sorry, but neither of them could match Catherine Zeta-Jones’s hoofing as Velma Kelly), their performance was fun and it made me smile. I know when I saw Chicago four times in theaters and then a bunch of times since then, I wished I could sing and dance as Roxie Hart or Velma Kelly. So it was fun to see Paltrow and Lea Michele take on “Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag”.

As principal, Sue fired Mr. Schue and hired Holly Holiday in his stead. However, this wrong was righted and Mr. Schue was back. He tried to force “Singin’ in the Rain” on the kids (and if they knew better, they would have dropped down and bowed at his feet for suggesting such an amazingly iconic song… I mean, did they not see Usher’s version of it on Movies Rock?!), but they balked. However, they seemed perfectly fine singin’ and dancin’ in the rain during their version of “Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella“. (Sorry, no video was posted yet!)

In other Mr. Schue news – he hooked up with Terri (BAD MOVE, WILL) and looked like he was ready to put the moves on Holly Holiday (btw – LOVED the Mary Todd Lincoln bit).

The other MAJOR storyline this episode was Mercedes and Kurt. They are besties, but since Kurt now has Blaine, he has pushed some of his Kurt/Mercedes time/conversation by the wayside. As we all remember from Season 1, Mercedes had a crush on Kurt and kinda thought they were dating, but then Kurt told her that he was gay.

Him being gay is still an issue in their friendship because now he likes Blaine and seems to want to spend all of his free time with him. Kurt finally has someone who can completely empathize with being an out, gay kid at school.

And while every girl at one point or another has a GBFF (gay best friend forever), she’s got to let him have his man. GBFFs are sometimes used as a crutch, as it was with Mercedes. And she was taking her frustration out on Kurt by turning to a food BFF – tater tots. Now, I love me some tater tots (totally had some with dinner tonight), but Kurt was right to tell Mercedes that she needed to quit the tots and take care of herself (i.e. not use food as a crutch). He didn’t call her fat, or anything remotely condescending like that. But he was looking out for her that she needed to find her own happy while he was finding his. And that “happy” should be a person, not food. So, I’m thinking that cute football player guy may come back… or at least this is a good preface to the boyfriend that Mercedes is supposed to get this season.

It was nice to see Blaine again… even if it was only for one small scene. But it’s good to see Kurt and Blaine’s friendship (relationship, I hope) from the beginning. Plus, I think their blossoming whatever we want to label it is going to lead to something pivotal down the road…

Now, everything in the coming sentences/paragraphs is entirely speculation of my own accord. Although I do read Glee fansites and other people’s articles about Glee, I have not read anything about the following… but I have a hunch. And a big part of me hopes I’m wrong. I feel the most important moment of the episode was when Karofsky approached Kurt and asked him if Kurt told anybody about the kiss. After their exchange of Karofsky blaming the kiss on Kurt, and Kurt correcting him that it was Karofsky who kissed him, Karofsky told Kurt that if Kurt told anyone, “I’m gonna kill you.”

As Kurt is one of the most popular characters and such a staple on Glee, I highly doubt that Kurt would be killed off. However, I think that in light of all of the bullying in real life, and the sad stories of gay youth who have taken their own lives because of bullying, I think that the writers of Glee could possibly kill off Karofsky. I could see a storyline where Karofsky either attempts to kill himself, or succeeds in taking his own life. Now, again, this is just me probably overanalyzing this one little scene of Karofsky threatening Kurt. But, on Glee, even the tiniest moments have a way of coming back into feature episodes. I don’t know if the writers of Glee would ever go there, but there is epic potential for a plot line involving Karofsky’s threat to Kurt’s life. I don’t think Kurt would ever get killed off, but I could see Karofsky’s threat coming into play at some point in the near future. The writers have potential to address threats from bullies, as well as self-acceptance from someone who is trying to suppress their feelings. Karofsky has become an important character on the show…I hope the writers follow through with his story line.

And it looks like on next week’s episode, Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom are getting married πŸ™‚ I think it’s great that Kurt and Finn will be brothers… that will open up a new window to their relationship. I look forward to the show!!


And now I will likely start watching the sequel to “A Very Potter Musical” (I can’t help it, I’m hooked on Darren Criss). Work tomorrow from 1:00-9:30… blah. The a couple days off! Besides helping my mom decorate and prep for next week, I will totally work on my thesis crap, I swear.

Have a good one!

So, I have the opening song from “A Very Potter Musical” stuck in my head. Which is beyond fine, because it’s “totally awesome” πŸ™‚

This is gonna be an epically short post. As all I did today was wake up, eat breakfast/watch 30 Rock w/commentary. Then I folded laundry, got a shower, Wii bowled with my mom, had lunch and went to work.

Work was meh… I was super busy. I rebelled and had my water bottle with me at my work space. I was super dehydrated this morning and it was making me dizzy, so unless my bosses/managers wanted me to pass out at my area, I was having water with me.

I got home around 9:30 and watched the end of Castle with my mom. Now I’m typing this up… I wanted to watch HIMYM from tonight, as it was a third Robin Sparkles episode, but the website I watch it on doesn’t have it up yet. Sooooooo, I might try and finish watching Act 2 of “A Very Potter Musical”.

Tomorrow I’ll go w/my mom to her doctor’s appointment, as then we’ll go to Target (GLEE CHRISTMAS!!!). Perhaps I’ll work on my thesis proposal… oy.

Anyways, I hope you have a good one!