Dude, I was so happy when they announced his name.

What a pretty great finale, right?

I will say, though, as super happy as I was that Phillip won, I felt really bad for him. They literally called his name, handed him a trophy, took away his trophy, shoved his guitar at him, then expected him to sing his coronation song, “Home.” Poor kid made it through a handful of bars before his voice cracked and then he lost it. His eyes filled with tears, his mouth filled with confetti, and he just shrunk back from the mic and played his guitar while taking some much needed moments to himself. He couldn’t even finish the song – just before it was over, he took of his guitar, walked off stage and went straight to the open arms of his family. It was really a very emotional and powerful moment. I mean, I know it’s televised for all the world to see, but this was such a public private moment that I felt bad for watching it unfold. If they would have just given him some time to himself to process it all before expecting him to sing a song… that would have at least been polite. He just looked so overwhelmed. It was painfully endearing, but just so very awkward to watch in that I wish they would have just given him some time to feel the gamut of emotions before forcing him to sing for the masses.

The finale on a whole was pretty solid. I very much enjoyed the guys and Neil Diamond singing (well, the guys sang… Neil Diamond kinda just talks out all his lyrics). I thought Skylar singing with Reba was cute. Phillip singing with John Fogerty was AMAZING (j’adore JOhn Fogerty, yo). Jordin Sparks OWNED her duet with poor little Hollie. The Jennifer Holiday/Jessica Sanchez version of “And I Am Telling You” was CUH-RAZY. Like… I was convinced Jennifer Holiday was possessed or something. That woman had crazy eyes and looked like she was bouts ready to eat her microphone and/or Jessica. Aerosmith was great. J-Lo’s songs were good. (I zoned out during Rihanna… my mom was making us caramel corn and that was way more interesting than Rihanna’s performance… at least to me.)

For me, though, the most AWKWARD part of the whole night was Ace Young’s marriage proposal to Diana DeGarmo. First of all… it was beyond cheesy when he name-dropped the brand of the ring (I get that it was product placement, but that was not very tastefully done.). Second of all, it was hella awkward watching the whole thing unfold. I mean, I am super happy for them (I liked both of them on their respective seasons… I even met Ace by some random happenstance at a Starbucks in LA back in 2006 – I tried to attach a picture, but my computer won’t let me :/ ), but it was just a little awkward. I mean, it was super cute and adorable (yay – she said yes!), but it was awkward. Right?


I’m super happy Phillip won. I will totally buy his albums and try my damnedest to see him in concert. I think he’s a great performer and I like his style of music a lot.

Yay Phillip πŸ™‚

Well… I’m off to read and write some. I gotta get up early to pick up a friend from the airport – woot.

Have a good one

I will be furious if Jessica wins American Idol next week. America already voted her off once this season… I think it would be ridonkulous and wrong if she won this whole thing.


I actually yelled at my television when Ryan announced she was safe. She seems like a really nice girl, but I just haven’t really seen her connect with her songs the way Joshua and Phillip did/do.

SO… I will be voting for Phillip Phillips next week. I have been since the get-go this season, I’m not stopping now.

I’m gonna go buy Phillip’s songs on iTunes (Well, “Beggin'” and “We’ve Got Tonight” at least) and then work on my script.

Have a good one

Did you watch the show tonight? Holy hell, friends… Phillip and Joshua NEED to be in the American Idol finale next week like I need air.

Joshua killed all three of his songs tonight. Like, SLAYED them. The Etta James song the judges picked for him was flawless, his rendition of “Imagine” was gorgeous, and then his version of “No More Drama”… ohmygoodness. My heart was pounding. Like, seriously… pounding. The way he just pours every ounce of himself into each and every song is ridiculous. He connects with every word – you can see it in his eyes. (THIS is one of the major reasons why he has separated himself from Jessica Sanchez. Both of them belt it out like whoa, but the way he interprets his songs is completely different then how she does it. Jessica sings songs, but she doesn’t connect to them. It’s all about song choice… and while Jessica manages to sing her songs pretty decently, Joshua FEELS his songs, and in doing so, lets us feel them too.)

Joshua deserves not only to be in the finale next week, but that kid should win the whole thing.

That being said, Phillip Phillips needs to be in the finale too.

I was BEYOND excited when he started singing “Beggin‘”. Dear Lord, I love the original version of that song, but Phillip Phillip’s take on it was mesmerizing. This was my favorite song of the night, by far… while I loved Joshua’s “No More Drama” a lot, I LOVED “Beggin’.” He was just in the zone … it was so up-tempo and fun. I just really love this song. So much. This might have been one of my favorite performances on Idol ever, to be perfectly honest.

While I wasn’t super over the moon with Phillip Phillip’s second song (Matchbox 20’s “Disease”), I was DYING (in the best way possible) while he sang “We’ve Got Tonight.” You could tell the kid was nervous, as he sat on that stool and rubbed his hand up and down his thigh. But, boy, when he opened his eyes (which didn’t happen often, but enough), you could tell he knew what he was singing. His performance was one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments on that show and I seriously hope it helps him earn a spot in that finale next week. LIke Joshua, Phillip Phillips manages to really get into those lyrics and interpret them as if they were his own original thoughts. You can tell which songs he seems to really believe in and those that he doesn’t (I.e. all those duets he was forced to sing).

Joshua and Phillip Phillips are artists. Jessica is a singer. We have plenty of “singers” out there… we need more artists.


I’m sure you saw by now that the President said in an interview that he supports gay marriage.


I’m straight… why should I care so much about this?

Why SHOULDN’T I care so much about this? Equal rights for American citizens is super important. It makes me sick knowing that marriage equality is still an issue in this country. What the f**k is so wrong with a person loving another person so much that they want to get married? If you don’t support same sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex… SIMPLE AS THAT, FOLKS.

Honestly… what is the big deal with a guy marrying a guy or a woman marrying a woman? You know what ruins the sanctity of marriage? People who get married on a whim. People who divorce each other. People who cheat on their spouse. To me… if a group of people are fighting so hard to have their relationships recognized as legal, they aren’t going to ruin marriage. It’s the people who claim marriage is only between a man and a woman who are ruining marriage. It’s 2012. Pull your misinformed heads out of your asses and focus on the economy and education and clean energy. Gay marriage should be legal – the fact that it’s not is just silly at this point. Silly and sad.

It’s not fair to force your intolerant viewpoints on an entire sect of people when it really has nothing to do with you. All the politicians and citizens who are anti-gay marriage (more than likely) aren’t in a same-sex relationship. Who are they to tell same-sex couples how to conduct their lives? That doesn’t make any sense… (much like all these male politicians trying to tell all us lady citizens about OUR health care or lack thereof… but I digress)

Separation of Church and State, right?


It surely doesn’t seem that way when it comes to the gay marriage debate. I was watching a local Fox affiliate tonight (American Idol was on, yo…) and the anchor woman said something about “President Obama announced that he supports the gay marriage.”

Read that quote out loud to yourself.

Your reaction was probably similar to mine… “buh-what?!”

“the gay marriage”

Who writes your copy, anchor person?!

Anyway… I am happy the president voiced his support of gay marriage. Sure, I bet he’s trying to get the youth vote… well guess what, he’s got my vote. He done HAD my vote, but this just helps solidify it. I’m proud to have a President who supports marriage equality. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You know what else made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet on American Idol tonight.

HOLY SHIT. Their second solo performances were AMAZING. Like, my mouth was hanging open.

Phillip Phillips sang a Damien Rice song. Now, I know a few of Rice’s songs, but I never heard “Volcano,” but oh my goodness… Phillip Phillips moved me with that performance. Those lyrics were just… I can’t even put it into words. All the feelings man, ALL OF THEM. The way he ended that song… my jaw dropped and I picked up my phone to dial his numbers then and there, but there was still 30 minutes of the show left before I could vote. His voice kills me, and that was probably the most perfect song he could have sung tonight. It was so haunting… and beautiful… and man, I have chills thinking about it right now. Jesus. That moved me.

You know what else moved me?

Joshua Ledet’s version of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.

That boy took us to church and back… I was just shaking my head in my chair the whole time. That kid puts so much of himself into every performance and tonight was no exception. His voice is so powerful and they way he emotes just takes you to another place. I don’t know how he does it, but bless him and all his cows because his performance tonight was a gift to watch. Shit. Watch it and feel something.

Oh, and Jessica Sanchez can just go home. I wish female artists didn’t feel like they just have to belt everything. I thought both her songs tonight weren’t right… that Etta James song was WAAAAAAAAAAY to inappropriate for her (come on… a 16 year old singing about a late night hook up?) and that Dreamgirls song should just be banned from all singing shows. Jennifer Holiday and Jennifer Hudson killed that song. No one ever needs to sing it ever again in the future of singing.

My dog is currently standing on top of my feet right now, so I should see what she needs…

Have a good one.

I have watched American Idol since season one. Like, FAITHFULLY since season one. I think I’ve maybe missed 3 episodes ever.

While I think Joshua deserves to win, I am pulling for Phillip Phillips to stick around until the finale because he is the best thing about this show this season.

Phillip Phillips is my American Idol because he takes the music (and ONLY the music) seriously. When he’s doing his solos, he’s 100% into his song. He’s either playing his guitar or twitching around sans-guitar on stage. Regardless of what is in his hands, his mouth is up to that mic, his eyes are dancing with secrets and song, and he’s sharing music with all of us. That kid chews up lyrics and spits them out with such passion and grit… it’s mesmerizing and uncomfortable at the same time. The way he contorts his face is often awkward and his face turns so red you almost think that he might pop a vein or something. He feels the music and then shares those feelings with the rest of us. While his songs may not have been the best tonight, nor the most showy performance, they were real. And to me, the simple act of expressing feelings through song is waaaaaaaaaaay more effective than lounging on the floor surrounded by candles (*cough* Jessica).

Phillip Phillips is my American Idol favorite this season because he doesn’t need a bajillion backup dancers or stupid props on stage with him. Phillip Phillips gives us music because music matters to him.

You know what doesn’t matter to him (at least, so it seems)? Doing a little song and dance for the man. I thought his duet with Joshua of “You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” was the funniest thing I’ve seen on television in a while. Those two boys were so uncomfortable during the first half of that song, it was awkward watching them… I can’t imagine how awkward they were feeling. But, part way through the song, Phillip started eyeing Joshua, as if he was acknowledging the awkwardness of it all… and then it got funny. Phillip broke into smiles here and there, and then when he reached out at the end of the song to put his arm around Joshua, I lost it. I was doubled over in my chair. Phillip Phillips takes music seriously, but he’s smart enough to know when he’s being forced to sing and dance for the man… and he’s obviously not buying it. *That’s* what makes me support Phillip Phillips. He’s in this for the music… he *won’t* just shut up and sing and dance for the man. He makes weird faces. He jokes around. He’s sarcastic. FINALLY… someone who isn’t willing to just bend over and take it for the sake of staying on the show.

But, Joshua is a close second favorite for me… that boy can SANG. Did you see his performance of “To Love Somebody“? SHIT SON, THAT WAS AMAZING.

Well… off to work on my script πŸ™‚

Off from work tomorrow!

Have a good one

This’ll be super quick…

First off – If Phillip Phillips doesn’t win American Idol this year, I’m going to be a sad Idol-watcher. That kid is amazing. He needs music like the rest of us need air. I can’t stop staring at him when he sings – he’s so engaging, even though he never really looks at the camera. I didn’t even know the song he was singing tonight (“Still Rainin“), and I just sat there and watched, thinking to myself, “Holy Shit. This kid feels this music so much, that vein on his forehead is about to explode.” Watch his eyes when he sings – the way he interprets his songs is RIDICULOUS (in the best way possible). I cannot say enough good things about him… he’s truly a unique performer. I’m glad he hasn’t caved and conformed to the Idol model of contestants past. I sincerely hope this kid makes it… I would love to see him perform in a coffee shop-esque setting. The way he contorts himself when he sings and just pours everything into his phrasing and lyrics. Day-yum. Kid’s got talent.


Glee released this BTS of the next episode, “Big Brother.” I’m super excited for this episode for 3 reasons: 1.) This hiatus has sucked 2.) the episode centers around Blaine and 3.) Blaine’s brother, Cooper, is played by Matthew Bomer… who I ❀ *almost* as much as I ❀ Darren Criss.

I am very, very, very much looking forward to Blaine and Cooper's duets (yes, DUETS!!), as well as some back story about Blaine. We don't know much about his family, so it's going to be an important episode in that regard. HOWEVER, I seriously, seriously, seriously hope that Cooper does not end up being the father of Sue's baby (see THIS promo for how I came to that conclusion). I think Cooper being the baby daddy would cheapen and make a joke of the character of Blaine. Uncle Blaine? I think not. Blaine’s already been through enough shit (daddy issues, got the shit kicked out of him at a dance, had to have eye surgery from getting slushied by his former friends/schoolmates, etc…), he doesn’t need to have his brother’s sperm impregnating one Sue Sylvester.

But, I seriously need this episode and its music NOW. Matt Bomer + Darren Criss = my heart will likely explode while this episode happens.


Well… I finished Mockingjay today. I won’t spoil that for you, but I will say OMG. I wasn’t entirely pleased with how that last book played out, but I will accept it for what it is and am glad that my favorite character (who shall remain a mystery to you) ultimately overcame obstacles and succeeded in the end.

Off to read The Town

Have a good one

First off, way to go, America, for kicking Haley off of Idol this week. I was worried when James got ousted last week that somehow Haley was going to growl her way to the finale. But, I guess those country music fans prevailed, because it’s Scotty and Lauren dueling it out for this year’s title of American Idol.

Now we’ll watch the season finale of Bones. After last week’s tragic death in the lab, I really don’t know what to expect tonight.

Season finales just wipe me out. You spend years watching these shows, and the finales come around and give you some super huge cliffhanger or someone dies or people hook up, and it just is too much plot for one show. And then it’s all over and you have to wait months for closure. MONTHS.

I obviously care way too much about the television shows I watch πŸ™‚

I had off from work today, so I spent a majority of the day typing up a presentation I’m to give at the beginning of my thesis defense next week. (Yes, my thesis chair sent me what I needed to prepare… finally.) So, I have 5 1/2 pages typed up thus far. I’ll proofread it this weekend, but I think I have a really solid start. I find it odd typing up a paper about a paper I already typed up.

I am beyond nervous about this thesis defense. I am not good talking in front of people, let alone three prominent professors in a highly accredited journalism program. I shouldn’t have been accepted into the program… and I have a feeling they are going to be thinking the same thing when I am presenting my paper. I mean, I’m a bright person and consider myself an academic, but my paper isn’t even remotely related to journalism… I basically wrote a film paper. For a journalism program. Because I got into a journalism program, instead of the multiple film programs I applied for over the past 5 years. (In my defense, the topic I ended up writing about for my paper was suggested to me by my thesis chair. So, it’s not entirely my fault that I wrote a film paper πŸ™‚ )

Anyway… I’m just nervous about presenting my paper and answering my committee’s questions about my paper. I’m worried I’m going to be so nervous that they’ll think I won’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’ll get flustered and not answer the questions to the best of my ability. But, I’ll try and talk myself down over these next few days, so hopefully it won’t go as bad in real life as it keeps playing out in my head.

I also haven’t told anyone that I’m coming back to campus. So far the only two people who know I’m going to be there (as far as I know), are the two girls I’m staying with when I’m in town. I am going to contact a friend from undergrad who I would meet up with every now and again so we can catch up a bit.

Well… I guess that’s really all for today… I’m gonna watch some Bones and Parks and Rec. I gotta work tomorrow and then I need to run some errands. You know, the usual…

Have a good one

Oh, Wednesday.

I had to get up a little earlier than normal today to feed and let the dogs out since my parents left the house bonkers early this morning for a canoeing event.

Instead of watching the news and learning the more graphic details of Osama bin Laden’s death, I opted to continue rewatching Starship. I just had to rewatch the parts with my favorite songs (“Status Quo” and “The Way I Do“) and my favorite monologue (Bug’s speech about being a Starship Ranger, but how he realized he’s a bug and it’s a bug’s job to be more concerned with the greater good of the hive and not the few/individual… no matter how many times I watch that scene, I will be moved by Joey Richter’s performance. He’s just that good.).

While I was getting ready for work, the house phone rang and it was my brother! He accidentally calls the house phone instead of our cells phones sometimes… boy was tired since he pulled a bunch of all nighters this week while working on his final presentation for school. After I spoke with him this morning, all he had left to do was write a paper and then he was going to be done-done with school for this school year – yay for him!!!

I’m super excited that I get to see him this weekend. And I’m super excited that I get to see my sister this weekend too πŸ™‚ Last night, she and I ended up watching The Voice together… over the phone. That’s a show we totally would have watched together when we lived together, but now since we’re states apart, we don’t have that luxury anymore. So, it was fun to watch it together and comment on all of the contestants and judges… even if we were hundreds of miles away from each other.

I worked all day today… from 9:45-5. And I was by myself the whole day, which sucked as there was so much to do and not enough to get much of anything done since I was so busy with people.

At 5, I clocked out and was ready to bolt, but my (new) manger stopped me and said she wanted to do my 2010 performance review. I was only with the company for 3 1/2 months in 2010, but I still had to do a review. Turns out I pretty much kicked ass at everything, but missed my sales goal by $600. I sold over $86,000 worth of stuff and since I missed my goal by $600, I only get a 10 cent raise instead of a bigger raise. WTF?!?!?! Oh well, I shouldn’t be there too much longer. Boo corporate politics.

When I finally got out of the workplace, I drove and got gas in my car for my upcoming trip. It is a friggin’ CRIME to pay $4 a gallon. A CRIME. It’s not like the gas companies are losing money… jesus. My 10 raise is not going to help this bonkers expensive gas. Boo again.

I finally got home and was met by my mom and dogs in the kitchen where I dropped off my water bottle before I changed into my pajamas. I asked my mom if I got any mail today – NOPE. Still no thesis notes… THANKS GRADUATE SCHOOL FOR CONTINUING TO FAIL ME.

I went down to my room and changed into my jammies and then called Robin since she texted me earlier while I was at work. Turns out we’re both having horrendously off days/weeks. God, it’s good to vent to a person and listen to a friend vent about her stuff too. Sometimes you just need to let it out. It was good to vent. It was good to listen. It was good to laugh. I am so freakin’ stressed about school stuff, and it’s nice to have someone to talk to who knows what’s going on and the professor I am having issues with.

After our awesome phone conversation, I had to go and have dinner with my parents, which was nice. I like being able to sit down with my parents and just be a family. It’s something I will never take for granted.

We had dinner and watched American Idol. Haley’s got such a bad attitude, but I did feel bad that she got harsh judging with the Gaga song. She deserved it, but I just felt bad that seemed to get forced into singing it from Jimmy Iovine (sp?). I think Jacob’s getting kicked off this week, which sucks because I like him a lot. I really want James to win… that boy is consistent like whoa. He’s amazing. I dig his sound. I love his stage presence.

And now I’m just killing time until Happy Endings πŸ™‚ It’s one of my new favorite shows… I just love it.

And that’s about it… tomorrow I’m going to send my thesis draft to the other two members of my committee even though I haven’t gotten my notes from my thesis chair yet. I’m also going to resend my thesis draft to the Thesis and Dissertation people so they can double check the formatting… I already sent it to them once and they sent back what I needed to fix. I did (most of) that, and will tweak it further tomorrow. So, even though my thesis chair is not being very timely, I am still going to advance this process along the best I can. I am still determined to graduate on time.

Well, Happy Endings is on… twice. So I will watch that πŸ™‚

Have a good one

I’m only halfway kidding about this… but not really.

My mom is leaving tomorrow morning to go visit my sister for a few days, so I’ll be here with my dad. I spent all last summer with him and survived, so I know I can handle four days.

We’re sitting here watching Christian Slater’s show while we wait for Happy Endings to start at 9:00. My dad is making all sorts of bad jokes and whatnot… you know, the usual.

I love my dad πŸ™‚

Plus, I’ll be at work most of Thursday and Friday… and so will he. So everyone’s a winner here.

I had a mostly uneventful day.

I did wake up in time to see the president’s mini-press conference while I was eating breakfast. I think it is bonkers ridiculous for people to question the president’s place of birth. I mean, surely he’s been confirmed a US citizen by this point, since he made it this far in our federal government. Donald Trump (and others who questioned Obama’s birth place) have wasted soooooooo much time with this ridiculous birth certificate witch hunt. I applaud the president for calling out the media and the people who have kept focus on birth certificate issues instead of the much MUCH bigger problems/issues our country is facing. We’re in multiple wars, our economy is still pretty horrendous compared to what it has been in the past, and the budget is still way out of whack. Not to mention health care, gas prices, lack of wage increases to deal with the crap economy/high gas prices… To me, this is all waaaaaaaay more important than if Obama was born in Hawaii… which he was. OF COURSE.

After that, I spent the rest of the day puttering around my room. I got rid of a bunch of clutter on my dresser. I went through all of my shoes and gave 3 pairs to my mom. I bought last night’s episode of Glee and uploaded it onto my iPod so I can watch Chris Colfer sing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” as many times as I want until the end of time. I packed up a bag of sweaters that I know I likely won’t be needing (even though it flurried a bit today). I put all my dirty clothes into one pile so I can do laundry on Saturday. I put all the stuff I need to return in one area so I can deal with that (maybe also on Saturday…).

What I really wanted/needed to be working on is my thesis, but I haven’t received my notes from my professor yet. If I don’t get them tomorrow, I will be contacting him Friday morning to see what the deal is with that. I wanted to have my edits done by the very beginning of May so that I could send my paper the rest of my committee and figure out when I’m going to defend this thing. I am running out of time and stuff needs to start happening. I hate not having all of this completely under control – I hate relying on other people like this.


I also finished watching What’s Up, Doc? today. I laughed so hard, even though I’ve seen the movie before and I knew what was coming πŸ™‚ But it’s just such a great screwball comedy – I love it! I would actually like to adapt this movie into an updated version… I have a few ideas of how it could be tweaked to fit the present day. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to actually type this out, but I think it would be a fun project if I ever had free time.

Two minutes until Happy Endings, so I’ll finish this later…

… okay, Happy Endings is over (God, I love this show! Max is my favorite character πŸ™‚ )

So, American Idol was pretty awesome tonight. I grew up on Carole King’s music (both the songs she sang and the songs she wrote), so I was familiar with almost all of the songs that the contestants sang tonight. My absolute favorite performance of the night was James Durbin singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.

It was, in a word, perfect. I love his voice. I love his stage presence. I love his musicianship. The boy can sing and he OWNED that stage. I used to want Casey to win this season, but I am now 100% behind James. He has always delivered a solid performance, he always looks like he’s having the best time, and every time he sings it’s like he’s singing at one of his own shows. I really, really hope he keeps getting voted through because he deserves to win this thing.

Well… I should get going. Hafta be up early to take care of the dogs before I go to work. I’m working until 5 tomorrow… booooooooo. But, then I get to see my dogs and hang out with my dad tomorrow night. So, it’ll be fine.

Have a good one!

[P.S. So, while I was brushing my teeth, I rewatched the “Somewhere Only We Know” and “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from last night’s episode of Glee. And while some of the more literal visual cues in AIWNSG are a bit overdone (the cardboard trees and painted scenes, and then him sitting at the makeup mirrors – oy), I really appreciate the cut to Rachel when Kurt sings the line “So watch me fly, we all know I can do it…” because it’s such a great nod to their “Defying Gravity” diva-off from Season One. πŸ™‚ I could seriously watch these two song sequences from last night’s show on repeat for all eternity.]

Before I go on about all the good stuff I accomplished today, I would like to take this moment to rant a bit about the Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Version 2 game I shelled out $49.99 for the other day.

Those who know me best (or those who have poked around my blog enough) know that I love all things Glee. I love the show, I love the cast, I love the music, I love the first Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Game. I have spent more money than I care to admit buying the DVDs, CDs, video games *and* tickets to see Glee Live this June. I friggin’ flew to Chicago in December to audition for The Glee Project (that reality show that’s going to air on Oxygen in June).

However, I am ROYALLY DISAPPOINTED with the Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Version 2. I honestly regret buying this video game…


Here are just a couple reasons:

1. Number of songs – The packaging boasts that you get to sing from 20 songs from the second half of season one. (The first game has 30 songs.) So, when I went to play my game today, I realized there are only 18 songs on the game. You have to UNLOCK the other two. Since I bought my game from Target, included in the packaging was a code to UNLOCK “Ice Ice Baby” … a song that was already listed as being included with the game. So, I used the provided code and unlocked my song that I should have already had to begin with. Then, when I went to sing the songs in Kurt’s scrapbook, I realized that “Pink Houses” was not on the game at all (even though it’s listed on the back of the packaging). Turns out, you need a friggin’ code to unlock this song as well. I went online to try and find the code, but had trouble finding it. I guess you get the code to unlock this song if you pre-ordered the game from Amazon. SO, instead of 20 songs, you actually only get 18 or 19 songs, depending on where you get your game from. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the code to unlock “Pink Houses”…

2. Song Selection – … not that I even like “Pink Houses” anyway. Because I don’t. I really don’t. In fact, I don’t like most of the songs that are a part of this second Glee Karaoke game. I don’t want to sing along to “Ice Ice Baby” and “U Can’t Touch This” or “Like a Virgin”. I wanted to sing along to “Faithfully,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Like a Prayer”. But none of those songs are on the game. And I’m pretty sure none of those songs are going to be able to be unlocked either. I’m pretty sure the only songs that are available to unlock are “Ice Ice Baby” and “Pink Houses”… which songs that you’re ALREADY SUPPOSED TO HAVE, AS PER THE BACK OF THE GAME’S PACKAGING.

So, unless I’m able to find some sort of cheat sheet to unlock a bunch of awesome songs, I am going to stand fast with my utter disappointment of this game. And while there were some improvements with the format of the game’s menus from the first game, that does not make up for the crappy song selection and epic lack of songs. It’s not like the second half of Glee Season One was musicless… the second half of Season One had a lot of the show’s best songs. But they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND on the game.

Shame on me for buying this game. But shame on Fox and Glee and the other people responsible for creating this game for ripping off video game loving Glee fans. We fans spend so much money on your Glee franchise… you’d think they would try and keep us happy. But no… this is all about money.

(btw – I’m totally watching American Idol right now. Iggy Pop is performing. This is highly disturbing. The dude is 64 years old and running around with no shirt on. He’s fit and all, but this is just wrong. J-Lo and Steven Tyler are totally laughing during this performance. Also btw – Constantine Maroulis performed earlier on the show. He sang “Unchained Melody“. I immediately burst into a fit of giggles as he sang/smoldered into the camera. I can’t help it. This happens every time I see him perform on television. Something about him eye-f**king the camera makes me giggle uncontrollably. Pia, Jacob and Stefano are in the bottom 3… I actually want Pia to go home b/c I like Jacob and Stefano so much. I have a feeling Stefano is headed home, though. But we’ll see…)

Anyway, besides my Wii Glee rant, today was actually really productive. I slept decently last night – I think because I had a solid game plan for today: make charts.

I did wake up super early, but that just meant I had more time to work on my charts. I had 5 charts planned and was able to make each one, along with do some additional calculations I needed to show percentages of nominees and winners.

My charts are a bit convoluted right now, and I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but I feel like I made a really good start. I now have visuals of my data and I will be able to use it to get started on my results and discussion section. I hope to have this section of my paper typed out by the end of the day tomorrow.

I am really pleased with my data. I have some good numbers to work with and I think I will be able to make some pretty solid statements.

(Dude, Ryan Seacrest is SO MEAN. I know he probably doesn’t write his script for Idol… but when he tells people they are safe or not, it’s a mind-f**k. STEFANO IS SAFE!!!!!!!! People are booing, but I totally am not. I love Stefano! Poor Pia looks really shocked. I mean, she’s a good singer. And J-Lo is crying and stammering… But, to be honest, this is a really good season. Most of these people could be the winner. And America can’t complain… America voted her off. Pia was really good. She was my favorite girl of the three that were left. But, a guy is going to win this season. There is no doubt about that, especially now that there are only two girls left. Because Haley is not going to win… and I don’t think Lauren will either.)

So, Bones is on now, so I’m gonna go… I may add some more later, but I’m super tired so maybe not πŸ™‚

Have a good one