If you follow my blog, or keep tabs on me in real life, you’ll know that I used to post in-depth recaps of Glee. I stopped after Season 4 because I was getting so mad at the show. I’m still mad at the show and at this point I wish it would have just been cancelled already. It’s hard watching something I once loved get so far away from what it once represented and championed.

For those of you who don’t know, the RIB in the title of this post refers to Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk.

MAJOR SPOILERS for Glee Seasons 2-6. You have been warned.

I’ll say that again… MAJOR SPOILERS for seasons 2-6.

I should be working on another chapter of the book I’m writing. But instead, I’m typing this out because I feel I needed to get up on a soap box for a moment and express my utter discontent about Glee as we continue on in the hiatus between seasons 5 and 6.

At the moment, MyTV is rerunning Episodes 5.1 and 5.2. In 5.1, “Love, Love, Love,” the glee kids sing a bunch of Beatles songs but one of the bigger plot lines is that Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) is planning a marriage proposal for his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer).

Kurt and Blaine (referred to as “Klaine” by fans) have been a fan pairing since Blaine’s first appearance back in Season 2 (Episode 2.6, “Never Been Kissed”) and officially canon starting in 2.16 (“Original Song”). Their relationship has been punctuated with several meaningful moments – their first school dance together (2.10, “Prom Queen”), the first time they said I Love You (2.22, “New York”), when Blaine transferred to McKinley to go to school with Kurt (3.1, “The Purple Piano Project”), their first time having sex (3.5, “The First Time”), their first big fight (3.17, “Dance With Somebody”), their first break-up (4.4, “The Break Up”), their first big step toward reconciliation (4.8, “Thanksgiving”), Kurt’s dream sequence of them singing “Come What May,” i.e. the song they were planning to sing to each other at their wedding (4.15, “Girls [and Boys] on Film), when Blaine asks Kurt’s dad about proposing to Kurt (4.21, “Wonder-ful”), when Blaine buys Kurt’s engagement ring (4.22 “All or Nothing”), when Blaine and Kurt get back together and Blaine proposes to Kurt (5.1, “Love, Love, Love”), when Blaine and Kurt live together in NYC (5.14, “New New York”), when Blaine and Kurt have a huge fight and decide not to live together in NYC (5.16, “Tested”), when Blaine and Kurt have another fight but ultimately decide that loving and trusting each other is something they will choose to do and they move back in with each other (5.20, The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”).

And then we come to Season 6, which although is presently filming, won’t air until early 2015.

I don’t actively seek out spoilers (in fact, I’ve unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter and Tumblr to avoid spoilers), but plot points have still popped up on my dashboards and from what I’ve gathered, Season 6 starts off six months after Season 5 ends. Kurt has called off his engagement to Blaine, Blaine has flunked out of NYADA and moved back to Ohio and is now dating (living with?) David Karofsky. Yes, that same David Karofsky who used to bully Kurt (to the point of death threats) and whose only two interactions with Blaine have contained shoving matches where Blaine tried to stand up for/protect Kurt (2.6 and 2.17, “Night of Neglect”).

It has been increasingly harder to care about Glee the past few seasons, but this is really it for me. It is so frustrating when the show has taken my favorite character (Blaine) and has repeatedly committed epic character assassination. Not only is this a huge disservice to the fans; it’s an overall disservice to the people who have actively looked up to/cared about Klaine.

When Blaine was first introduced in 2.6, he was seen as a mature mentor and confidant for Kurt. Blaine was someone Kurt could talk to about being bullied and being out at school. Though his age/grade was never explicitly stated on the show, fans assumed Blaine was either a year ahead of Kurt or in the same grade as Kurt.

Season 3 was Kurt’s senior year of high school. It was revealed, however, in 3.2 (“I Am Unicorn”) that Blaine was a junior. And all of a sudden, the confidant Blaine disappeared and his character became a lot less confident, a lot more whiny and increasingly further away from the strong character he was introduced as. Flaws were a necessity to knock him off the pedestal Kurt had put him on, but the radical shift in character was inconsistent even with the already noticeable lack of character continuity on the show. (Among other things, it has since been revealed that Blaine was meant to be a junior in Season 2 and subsequently should have graduated when Kurt did. Fan theory is that because Blaine/Darren Criss were fan favorites, he was Benjamin Buttoned to be a junior in Season 3 to keep him around at McKinley for an extra season and a half.)

As mentioned before, Kurt and Blaine had their first huge fight in 3.17. Kurt was texting/flirting with another boy (Chandler) and it was making Blaine jealous and feel insecure about their relationship. He was already worried about losing Kurt when Kurt went away to NYC the following school year, and Kurt texting another boy was adding insult to injury. Kurt was jealous of Blaine with other guys twice before (Jeremiah in 2.12, “Silly Love Songs;” Sebastian in 3.5, “The First Time”), but his texting with Chandler was a bigger problem between them because of the impending distance issue. Kurt and Blaine came out of 3.17 seemingly stronger than ever with promises that distance was not going to be a problem.

Of course it was, though. As soon as Kurt got to NYC in Season 4, he and Blaine’s relationship became strained, driving Blaine to cheat on him. They officially broke up in 4.4 and it pretty much broke the fandom. (Note – I was there when they broke up. Some friends and I were at Battery Park while the Glee cast was shooting the scene where Blaine told Kurt that he was with someone else. There was a lot of tears from both the fans and the actors. It was a really emotional night watching my favorite tv couple – at the time – break up over and over and over again.)

Fans were hopeful, though. And so was Blaine. (Sadly, Blaine just said his line from 5.1, “Kurt and I will have a happy ending” as I’m typing this… Stab. Twist. Remove.) From then on, Blaine was insistent on earning back Kurt’s trust and getting Klaine back together. Even though I was dead-set on them getting engaged (the characters were too young), I was on board with them reuniting.

Since Klaine happened, their relationship became a big deal in the fandom and in the media. Criss and Colfer (dressed as Kurt and Blaine) were featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Klaine won several online polls about favorite couple, including Entertainment Weekly’s Greatest TV Couple of All Time. They were even nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Best On-Screen Couple. These young men were a positive representation of a gay relationship on television and inspired countless people. If you’ve seen the Glee 3D Concert movie, you can see clips of fans talking about how much they love Kurt and Blaine and Klaine. If you are into fanfiction, there are hundreds or thousands of stories revolving around Klaine. These characters matter to a lot of people. Though fictional, they were characters to root for. We fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other. And it was nice.

Until it wasn’t.

Kurt and Blaine went through some more relationship drama after they got engaged. Though bumpy, at least it was a depiction of the realistic ups and downs couples face (jealousy, miscommunication, needing space, etc…). They lived together. Then they didn’t live together. They dealt with STD testing (since Blaine had been with someone else). They dealt with making a home but also needing to make space for themselves. There were some decently written (and much needed) discussions between the characters and we saw them grow as men and as a couple.

But then all these rumors and spoilers for Season 6 started floating around and even the biggest Klainers were like NO.

Why are RIB tearing our beloved couple apart yet again? Is that really necessary to drive the story.

At this point, No.

Season 6 is Glee’s last/final season. With Rachel and Finn no longer an option for the show’s big couple, Klaine is basically it. And RIB is ripping them apart in the worst way possible. Not only by breaking them up, but by having Blaine dating Karofsky. (Annnnnnd, as I’m typing this, Blaine and Co are singing “All You Need is Love” to Kurt and then making the most romantic proposal speech in recent television history. Sigh.)

Having Blaine date Karofsky not only diminished Blaine as a character, but it seems like the ultimate disrespect to Kurt’s character as well. (Kurt has gotten the short end of the stick for pretty much all of his plot lines. No character has gone through more shit on Glee than him. He gets absolutely nothing handed to him and often has to overcome layers of obstacles just to break even. And don’t even get me started about how the NYC characters from Season 5 are all back in Lima in Season 6. Like, way to quash the characters’ hopes and dreams about growing and moving away from their small town to achieve their life goals.) I just can’t wrap my head around a plot that would make sense for Blaine to date Karofsky after Karofsky bullied (and then ultimately befriended) Kurt. You just don’t do that to a person who you love. You don’t date his tormentor. You don’t date the person who beat him up. You don’t date the person who threatened to kill him. You just don’t do it. And it doesn’t matter how reformed Karofsky is (because guess what, I liked Karofsky as soon as he got nice and began to accept himself) – you don’t write scripts where Karofsky and Blaine are dating.

But on top of that, you don’t write scripts where Karofsky and Blaine date each other if you still plan of having Blaine and Kurt get back together. Because you know that and Blaine are still going to get back together. And they’re probably going to get married. But at this point, I kind of actually don’t want that to happen.

Kurt and Blaine have been referred to the “Ross and Rachel” of Glee. I wish they were considered the “Monica and Chandler.” Because Monica and Chandler were the heart and soul of Friends. Ross and Rachel were the “will they/won’t they/who gives a flying f**k” couple. They never seemed to have their shit together and by the end of the series, I didn’t care if they did or did not get together.

I care about Kurt and Blaine. Or at least, I did much more than I do right now. And I think RIB used to too. But now they just seem to care about causing unnecessary drama on a show that already has too much drama and ruin the one great thing that it had going for it – a strong gay couple with fan-favorite characters. Sure, people are talking about it… but when everyone is talking about how much they wish the show was cancelled already or that they don’t want to watch anymore because everything we loved about the show has been tossed by the wayside. Well… that just seems like poor planning on RIB’s part.

Why piss off fans who have been loyal to Glee for 5 years? We, the fans who went to the live tour, bought the CDs, downloaded songs on iTunes, bought DVDs and Blu-rays, bought merchandise, increased visibility and notoriety of the people on the show… There are 13 episodes of this stupid show left. For all time. Why ruin it for the people who built you up from nothing? Why besmirch the integrity of the characters? Why destroy the happiness of the people who have stuck with you through time slot changes and shortened seasons? Sure, RIB will likely end up giving us what we wanted in the beginning (a Klaine wedding), but now it will just feel tainted.

Glee no longer brings me as much glee as it once did. It hasn’t for a long while now.

And yet I still watch. I’m too stubborn to give it up. Though I still enjoy the covers, I now hate-watch the shows and seethe about how the writers have almost entirely given up on everything that was once good about Glee.

July 3, 2011 was the last day of the Glee Live tour for this summer. Chris Colfer / Kurt Hummel and Darren Criss / Blaine Warbler Anderson delivered in SPADES. If you are a Glee fan, or a Klaine fan, or a Brittana fan, or all of the aforementioned, then your heart likely almost exploded when watching that video. I have seen a bajillion different versions of this skit posted on a bunch of websites. Props to you people for having the time and skill to collect all those videos and turn them into various gifs and whatnot. “They Kissed” was even trending on Twitter. Worldwide. It actually still is… and it’s 10:52 PM Central Time. This video was from hours and hours ago…

It kinda makes me smile that there are people out there who are really, really dedicated to this show. I love Glee. And you can be damn sure I love Klaine. So, not gonna lie, this video made me smile a bit. Okay, a lot.

The cool thing is, besides knowing that there are tons of other gLeeks out there… is that so many people are actually super happy about two same-sex couples sharing kisses on the stage. (I mean, I’m sure there are some haters out there too, but on a whole, this has been a joyous occasion among the gLee-loving community.) I’m proud of my generation of people. Something like this gives me hope that equal rights for all and marriage for all, regardless of sexual orientation, will actually be a reality during my lifetime. Yeah, I said it. (Well, wrote it.) Glee may just be a show, but it’s bajillions of fans, and other like-minded people, will be the ones to go out and vote and make sure that everybody gets treated equally because we all were created equally. 🙂 (And this is me getting off of my soap box and going to sleep like I said I was going to do an hour ago…)

So, here’s to the other Glee/Klaine fans out there. The hiatus is now officially upon us. We can make it until September. It may get ugly, but we can do it.

And always remember:


You matter.

I’ve been looking for you forever.

I’m never saying goodbye to you.

I love you. I love you, too.


Have a good one

I keep waking up early, which is not awesome. Especially because I went to bed extra late last night… because of last night’s episode of Glee, the Internet basically exploded and all of the Glee websites/blogs I read had so much material to peruse. 🙂

So, when I got up at 7:45, the first thing I did before I got out of bed was turn on my computer, go to iTunes and buy last night’s episode of Glee. I needed that on my iPod as soon as humanly possible. I cannot put into words how much j’adored last night’s episode. (Well, parts of last night’s episode.)


Kurt has been my favorite character for awhile now. He was well before Blaine ever came into the picture. I have been a Kurt Hummel fan since early season 1 – starting with when he “auditioned” for the football team and did the Single Ladies dance. My heart belonged to Kurt Hummel. Then, during season 1, we are introduced to Kurt’s back story (the death of his mother) and his relationship with his dad, Burt Hummel. Burt quickly became my 2nd favorite character on the show. How can you not love Burt Hummel? He’s 100% supportive of his son even though he’s not 100% comfortable, it seems, with homosexuality. Burt + Kurt = happiness.

Kurt has had the most conflicts and bad stuff happen to him over the course of the show. So, last night when Blaine put his hand on top of Kurt’s and told him that Kurt moved him, I stopped breathing and I literally thought my heart was going to explode for the happiness I felt for Kurt.

Yes, I know he is a fictional character. But come on! How beautiful is it to see someone who has been bullied and threatened finally get a shot at being happy? In “Sexy,” Burt told Kurt that he matters. Now here in “Original Songs,” Blaine tells Kurt that he moves him. Kurt is loved and he knows it now. And fictional character or not, that’s something that everybody (probably) wants to feel.

I cannot get over that scene. In the hands of lesser actors, that dialogue could have come across as epically cheesy. But the sincerity and vulnerability displayed by Darren Criss and Chris Colfer was so beautiful and handled so carefully and honestly. My heart melted along with Kurt’s when Blaine was searching for and delivering the sweetest little monologue about his moment of realization. “You move me, Kurt.” I will never not be in love with this scene. It’s too glorious.

The day after a new Glee episode airs, I check a few websites for their comments/recaps. My FAVORITE recaps come from Videogum… they are spot-on and hilarious. Check it out 🙂

Also, since I have watched and rewatched several scenes from the episode last night, I really love the Warblers. Their dialogue scenes are HILARIOUS in that what they’re talking about is RIDICULOUS. Right before Kurt comes in to tell the guys that Pav is dead, Blaine is suggesting that instead of wearing blue ties with red piping on their jackets, they should wear red ties with blue piping. And the other guys are seriously against this. Then later on, when Blaine says that they are going to lose at regionals and that he wants to do a duet instead of a solo, the boys go off again in protest. It’s such insignificant details in the grand scheme of things, but those guys play the Warblers as a group of guys who are really passionate about stupid stuff… and it makes me smile and laugh 🙂

And, going along with my epic love of the Warblers/Darren Criss/Chris Colfer, I really, really liked their performance of “Raise Your Glass“. Although I kinda don’t understand why Blaine/Darren acts out every single line of dialogue (I’m pretty sure if you turned off the volume and just watched them dance, you would still know what they’re singing because Blaine/Darren mimes out everything – from “lose our minds tonight,” (make crazy motion w/hands, point to head) to “5 am turn the radio up” (i.e. look at watch and then mime turning up a radio), to “where’s the rock and roll?” (strum air guitar, then flash some rock/totally awesome fingers a la Draco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical – 3:52 of the AVPM link), etc…. My FAVORITE moment of this whole song, though comes at 1:25 (“anything but loud”)… the guys w/Blaine in the front, are moving across the stage in front of the camera, and then the camera pans slightly to the left (well, in the non-flipped version, it’d be to the right). I don’t know why I love that moment so much, but I thought it was a really great combination of choreography and camera direction. Plus, I just friggin’ love this song.


So, I had to work from 3:15-9:15. There was a Bridal event going on near my area, so there was a DJ there for a few hours. He was playing OLD stuff… which I happen to know/love. So, since people were just milling about the register and not actually buy anything, I was pretty much left on my own for awhile. So, I totally entertained myself and colleagues by singing and dancing pretty much my entire shift. I don’t know how I have not been fired yet… I mean, it’s not that I don’t help customers (I totally do), but instead of restocking stuff, I am usually singing into random objects around my work space or having a dance party in the aisles. Girl’s gotta keep herself busy.

And then on the drive home from work, the first thing I heard on the radio was Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On”.

Now, if you’ve seen Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, *this* is what I was doing the whole drive home…

Yep, I’m lame.

Have a good one!

What a day, what a day.

I woke up too early for my liking. I did get a lot done today, though.

I did laundry while my mom was off running errands. I also figured out why SPSS wouldn’t work on my computer. I emailed my brother to see if he could help me out, and he sent me a link of some software I need to buy/install so my computer could handle the program.

Since I won’t get that until Thursday, I decided to clean my room for my sister’s visit this weekend. Also, i thought I would file my taxes. I got Federal done, but when I tried to do my state taxes, i couldn’t b/c the website was not compatible with my computer. WTF, world? I have a Mac… shit should just work on this thing. BAH

Oh, well, my day was made better because it was Glee Tuesday. And I was so friggin’ excited for this episode that I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack before it started. And then I really almost had one during the actual show…

Glee – “Original Songs”


Btw – I can’t find video clips of most of the performances… but I did manage to find videos of the BEST GLEE SCENES EVER… which you will read about below.

I loved that it opened with the Warblers, as the boys at Dalton have been my favorite bits of the show this season (which the large exception of Burt Hummel… j’adore Burt Hummel).

I love Maroon 5’s “Misery” and it was cute to see all the boys dancing and singing. But it was super telling that Kurt was not to enthused. While his peers were getting their groove on, Kurt seemed very over the whole process. And when the number came to an end and Blaine declared that that was their opening number for Regionals, it was refreshing that Kurt flashed the “Oh, I’m not surprised in the slightest, you predictable bubble of preppy boys” look and flat out told Blaine that he (Kurt) is tired of the group being Blaine and the Pips. Blaine always gets the solos… and it was nice to see someone point out how boring that is. It was especially nice that it was Kurt telling this to Blaine… Kurt likes the guy, but he’s not against telling it like it is.

Back at McKinley, Rachel has prepped a new original song to showcase to Finn – “Only Child”. Though the line about her being the only “Berry” on her family tree was cute, the song sucked a la “My Headband” (which evidently is Brittany’s favorite song… nice). Finn told her she needed to reach down and sing what she was feeling. Quinn overheard/saw this and via a lame voice over spouted on about he she needs Finn back to be prom queen so she can get a shiny tiara. Quinn is definitely my least favorite character on the show. I am so sick of her and her scheming to be #1. Boooo

J’adored that Kurt was doing his facial routine while whistling with Pavoratti. But then the whistling stopped and Kurt looked over to see Pav dead on the bottom of his cage. (Since I knew this was going to happen this episode, I was not surprised in the slightest. My mom, was, however, beyond shocked… especially because I made her watch “Special Education” right before Glee… i.e. the episode where Kurt is given Pav. Mwuahahahaha.)

So, when Kurt burst into the Warbler’s practice room wearing all black, I knew what was coming – Blackbird. I LOVED how Kurt was so sad about Pav’s death. The “he was my friend” speech was really touching. So, when he whipped that cassette out of his fashionable coat, I chuckled and then braced myself for Blackbird.

This was one of my favorite scenes in the whole episode… Kurt was singing lead on Blackbird. Blaine was the first to start singing background vocals, and then the other boys joined in. But, midway through the song, Blaine stopped singing and just stared at Kurt. And by stared, I mean STARED at Kurt. With the kind of look that was like, “Oh my goodness, I am falling for this boy.” My heart skipped a beat and my mom turned from where she was sitting to look at me and raise her eyebrows. (This was one of several parts of the show where my love for Darren Criss and his glorious acting abilities was pouring from my heart… this sounds ridonkulous, but i was just so happy for Kurt in this moment because he wasn’t even aware of how Blaine was staring at him. I mean, we’ve known that Kurt has had feelings for Blaine since like forever ago… but this was the biggest indication/showing of Blaine having feelings for Kurt.) Blaine was beyond smitten and I couldn’t help but smile until my face hurt.

Back at McKinley, Mr. Schue told the kids they couldn’t sing that My Chemical Romance song (“Sing”) b/c of a cease and desist order from their drummer, who had relations with Sue Sylvester (we later learn she made the whole thing up. Of course.) So, Quinn, deciding she should keep enemy Rachel close, sided with Rachel when she suggested doing original songs for Regionals. So, New Directions spent a few minutes throughout the episode singing some “original songs,” including Santana’s opus to Sam’s lips – “Trouty Mouth”, Puck’s ode to Lauren – “Big Ass Heart,” and Mercedes’s “Hell to the No”. Zoinks.

At Dalton, there was a Warbler meeting where Blaine said that he didn’t want to have all of the solos anymore. Though the other boys argued, he suggested that instead of him doing a solo, he would do a duet. The boys voted that that would be okay. Kurt mentioned he’d like to be on the list of those to audition, but Blaine cut him off and said that that wouldn’t be necessary because he wanted to duet to be between him and Kurt. Kurt protested, saying there were other talented boys in the group, but Blaine insisted. They took a vote once more, and with a flick of Wes’s gavel (and a knowing look from Wes…), it was decided.

McKinley. Horrible original songs. Blah blah blah. Rachel confronts Quinn about Finn. Quinn tells her that she and Finn are an item and that when high school is over, Quinn will be a successful Real Estate Agent, Finn would take over Burt’s tire shop and they’d start a family. Quinn tells Rachel that Rachel needs to let go of her dreams with Finn because she’s not meant to be in that town later on… so, in a way Quinn was kinda being nice in telling Rachel that she’s too talented to stick around Lima. But on the other hand, it hurts like whoa when girls get all uppity about liking boys that other girls like.

And then back at Dalton, Kurt is bedazzling Pav’s coffin when Blaine walks in the room. Blaine tells Kurt to hurry up and finish so they can practice their duet. Kurt asks what song, and Blaine takes a breath and says “‘Candles,’ by Hey Monday.” Kurt expresses being impressed by the selection, as Blaine usually sings something from the Top 40, and Blaine kinda sarcastically says “… a little more emotional.” Kurt gives a “um, okay…” look and then asks why Blaine picked him to sing a duet with. Blaine looks at Kurt, blinks a few times, and then looks away to collect himself before launching into the portion of the scene where my heart stopped:

Blaine: Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself, “Oh, there you are! I’ve been looking for you forever.”

Blaine then stops and puts his hand on top of Kurt’s (which was resting on the table amid the casket decorations). Kurt is obviously shocked, because his body jerks slightly. He doesn’t move his hand, though.

Blaine (con’t): Watching you do Blackbird this week, that a moment for me. About you. (Cut to Kurt’s reaction… his eyes are wide like whoa… just as mine were as I was watching this scene.)

Blaine briefly searches for the right words and then says, “You move me, Kurt. (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW) And this duet would be an excuse to spend more time with you.”

Kurt smiles through glassy eyes, and then (… and this is where my heart totally stopped for a few moments… ) BLAINE TOTALLY MADE A MOVE ON KURT AND KISSED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And when my heart started working again, I totally screamed “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) And during the first couple seconds, Kurt’s right hand fidgeted as he was kissing Blaine, but then he soon brought his left hand up to Blaine’s cheek and pressed the Warbler closer and totally returned that kiss and then some.

When they finally parted, both of them had the “wow, that just happened” look on their faces as Kurt’s hand thudded back down on the table. Blaine awkwardly laughed and pseudo-facepalmed himself and then, red-faced, he sputtered, “We should practice.” And then Kurt gets the gold-star with his flirty reply, “I thought we were.” AND THEN THEY WENT FOR ROUND 2!!!!!!!!

That’s right, dear readers, Fox totally showed not one, but TWO, passionate kisses shared between two gay teens, who now appear to be in a full-fledged relationship (as will be shown by other actions later in the episode).

And while I’m sure I will watch this scene a bajillion times over the next month (Glee is on hiatus now until April – BLAH!), my thoughts for the time being are these:

I am sooooooo glad that the writers had Blaine initiate this conversation/the kissing at a point in the plot where Kurt was (1) not expecting it and (2) not pining over Blaine like he had been in prior episodes. We knew Kurt still liked Blaine, but they were at the point in their friendship/relationship where Kurt’s feelings for Blaine didn’t hinder him telling Blaine the truth about his cockiness or the fact that it’s boring that he gets all the solos. Kurt wasn’t looking for more between them ever since their talk at the coffee shop where Kurt told Blaine that he thought Blaine wanted to sing to him on Valentine’s Day.

During that same scene in “Silly Love Songs,” Blaine confessed that he cares about Kurt, but was so bad at romance that he didn’t want to screw anything up. HIs drunken makeout sessions with Rachel Berry in “Blame it on the Alcohol” hinted that Blaine wasn’t all that sure who he was. But it was during last week’s episode, “Sexy,” that we saw Blaine really step up his game when it came to caring about Kurt. Not only did Blaine try and have a one-on-one with Kurt about sex so that Kurt would feel more comfortable with being “sexy” during their performances, but he cared enough to go talk to Burt about Kurt’s lack of information. This sort of initiative helped set up Blaine’s seemingly “all at once” realization that he has romantic feelings for Kurt. Kurt stands up to Blaine and is so caring and thoughtful when it came to Pav’s death. These little things were obviously the wake-up call Blaine needed to realize that he does care about Kurt as more than just a friend.

I thought it was downright adorable and huge character development point when Blaine confessed that Kurt moves him. The thing is, though, if you rewatch Kurt singing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina,” in “Special Ecducation,” Blaine is physically moved by this performance as well. Kurt’s ability to express himself without censor or any sort of need to hide his emotions, I feel, is something that Blaine admires and finds as an attractive trait in Kurt.

BTW – Darren Criss and Chris Colfer get a million trillion gold stars and heart stickers for this scene in tonight’s episode. Both actors have a bottomless pit of talent when it comes to showing vulnerability and sincerity. You really feel for Blaine and Kurt because of the epic amount of chemistry shared between Criss and Colfer. They play off each other so well and their scenes are always enjoyable because they (the actors *and* characters) are amazing. I look forward to more scenes between the two of them as they explore this newfound relationship between Blaine and Kurt.

Also BTW – I knew from spoilers that Blaine and Kurt were going to hold hands at some point in the episode. But BRAVO to everyone involved, because I did not see this kiss coming… at least not yet. It had to happen before the end of the season, but I was beyond shocked that it happened (1) during tonight’s episode and (2) that it was completely and totally initiated by Blaine’s feelings for Kurt and NOT the other way around.

And then, who really cares about the rest of the episode, right?

Well, there was more…

At regionals, we are introduced to the judges. That news guy who always is a judge, a Sarah Palin-esque Tea Partier (Kathy Griffin) and an ex-stripper/current nun (Loretta Divine). Sue’s group, Aural Intensity goes first and sings some Jesus song to play up to the judge’s wants/needs.

The Warblers are up next. Kurt and Blaine are backstage, and Kurt is panicking a bit because he’s so nervous. Blaine rolls his shoulders, looking like a hobbit boxer getting ready to spar/sing and dance. He gives Kurt a bit of a shoulder rub and tells his beau that they are going to kill it.

The Warblers take the stage and Kurt and Blaine launch into their duet of “Candles“. Now, I’m not a huge fan of this song (I think it sounds a bit like the Robin Sparkles song “Sandcastles in the Sand“) but it was just too friggin’ cute watching Blaine and Kurt make “I’m smitten with you” eyes while they sang to each other. There were a few awkward face/reaction shots, but j’adore Klaine. J’adore them so much.

Then, after the schmultz, Blaine took a bow, and then pulled Kurt center stage for him to receive his deserved applause. Awwww! Then, my boys burst into my FAVORITE Pink song, “Raise Your Glass“. I was a HUGE fan of this number… it was just so fun, and there was lots of Warblers moving about the stage. I LOVE THEM ALL. And, after this performance, Kurt and Blaine hugged – awwwwwwww. I love them so 🙂

Then, it was time for New Directions. They sang their original songs – a Rachel Berry ballad called “Get it Right” and an up-tempo team effort called “Loser Like Me“. Both songs were a bit cheesy, but that’s to be expected if they are written by inexperienced high school song writers, right? I liked both songs and will likely be humming “Loser Like Me” for awhile 🙂

After the judges deliberated (poke fun at religion, politics, etc…), New Directions walked away the winners. Yay for New Directions. But my poor Warblers!!! I seriously hope this was not their last episode. I don’t think it will be… at least based off of some Tweets from various Warblers (Riker Lynch, this especially means you.)

Later, Kurt and Blaine held a mini-funeral for Pav. Blaine brought up how this must make Kurt think of his mom’s funeral (which means that Blaine must know some of Kurt’s backstory by now… hopefully we’ll all get some more Blaine backstory soon). Kurt agreed that he was reminded of his mom’s funeral, but was also sad that they lost regionals because he wanted to win. Blaine said that Kurt did win, and that they both won because they got each other out of the whole experience, and how that was better than a trophy. (Awwwwwww again, even though this was uber cheesetastic dialogue). And then Blaine reached his hand out to Kurt, Kurt took the extended hand, and they walked off together… say it with me – AWWWWWWWWWWW. To quote the many Klaine-themed Tumblr websites I’ve perused over the past few weeks, “Everything is Klaine and nothing hurts.” 🙂

Back at McKinley, Mr. Schue gives Rachel Berry an MVP trophy for all she did for the group/competition. She teared up and gave a decent speech about how she felt that the others were honoring her like this.


I will be downloading tonight’s episode from iTunes bright and early tomorrow morning, for sure. The thought of future Klaine will keep me going until April, I guess. That, and finishing my thesis 🙂


So, there that is… 🙂

Have a good one