I woke up to THIS article and saw that NBC is shelving one of my favorite shows of all time – Community – during midseason. Sure, 30 Rock will be back on, but WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY SMART COMEDY AWAY FROM ME?

Community is one of the most well written shows on television. It’s not your stereotypical sitcom. There is no laugh track (thank God), no one is related to each other. There are relationships within the group, but the plots revolve more around obstacles in and surrounding their friendships. The plots are riddled with pop culture references and often play homage to various genres have oddly specific themes (the Dungeons & Dragons episode, as well as all 3 paintball episodes are MODERN CLASSICS). I mean, this season has veered further away from the shows already off-course path, but it’s still been solid television. And now they’re taking it away because of ratings? Guess what, NBC, most of your shows aren’t all that great. Don’t pull one that actually makes your audience think WHILE they are being entertaining. Of course it’s not doing well – you put it up against The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy. It hasn’t been nominated or won jack shit because it’s probably above the heads of a lot of voters. That’s why shit like The Office keeps getting nominated for crap… it’s what people are used to.

I have loved Community since the first episode and I will continue to love it until it is completely pried from my cold, dead hands. The DVDs for that show are AMAZING. Commentary on EVERY EPISODE. Outtakes. Deleted Scenes. And more! That show treats its viewers/fans extremely well. It’s actors are present on Twitter. It’s themes are super relevant. It’s just such a smart and funny show and I hate to see how under-appreciated it is by the network 😦

If NBC ever does anything like this to Parks and Rec, I don’t know what I’ll do. Besides Community, Parks and Rec is the most quality show on that network. It shouldn’t work but it does – and boy does it ever. That show is so funny, but so poignant and full of heart. My heart has been breaking for Leslie and Ben this season, as well as Ron and Andy/April. And Tom! OMG, a few episodes, when Tom was confessing to Leslie about the downfall of Entertainment 7wenty… my heart hurt.

NBC needs to recognize that it has quality program in Community and Parks and Rec. They might not have the best ratings, but they are the best quality programming a viewer could ask for.

I just really love television, okay? GEEZ

I love movies too… I watched Heavenly Creatures today for my part time job. Holy shit, that movie was an eye opener. My mom watched the ending with me… I told her I would never, ever do that to her. Ever.

I have to work tomorrow, but then I have a few days off. I need to run to Target tomorrow to buy a DVD for work and get the latest issue of People. It’s the Sexiest Men Alive issue… and guess who made the list. If you guessed Darren Criss, then give yourself a high-5.

I’m gonna go read. NBC might be able to take my shows away from me, but NO ONE will ever be able to take my books and magazines. So, ha.

Have a good one

You can obviously tell what I’m watching right now…

Community is one of the best shows on television. Right now it’s the rerun of “Paradigms of Human Memory” – the faux clips show. Such a brilliant use of montage of stuff that never actually happened on any other episodes of the show. This was a ridiculously smart and well written episode, among all of Community‘s entire canon of ridiculously smart and well written episodes. How this show has not been formally acknowledged by the entertainment industry is beyond me. Where are its Emmy nominations for this amazing ensemble? Or the writers? Huh???? I can’t wait to listen to the commentaries on the DVDs for Season Two.

God, I love this show.

Today was a semi productive day. I ran a bunch of errands this morning. I returned some pants at Kohls. Got a few books from Borders. Got half of my parents Anniversary present. Got some black pants and skinny jeans at Old Navy. I was unable to find shoes, though, which was a bit disappointing. But, you can’t win them all πŸ™‚

I got home from errands and watched a bit of Starship with lunch. (Really I just watched the scenes on the first disc of the DVDs that had the songs “I Wanna Be,” “Hideous Creatures,” “Kick it Up a Notch,” and “Status Quo.”)

“Status Quo” is one of my favorite songs from Starship, but as much as I love Joey’s version, my favorite will still be Darren Criss’s version from when he did that Livestream:

The song is just great, though, regardless who sings it πŸ™‚

I played some ping pong with my mom. I did some job hunting (which will, of course, continue tomorrow… I need to find some of the articles I wrote for a pop culture magazine I wrote for when I lived in Indiana and scan them so I can show that I am capable of writing entertainment stuff). I helped make dinner. And now I’m watching some TV with my parents.

I have to work for a few hours tomorrow afternoon, but that means I have the morning to job hunt and the evening to maybe watch a movie or something (I got Deer Hunter out from the library… I know I should have seen it by now, but I haven’t).

I’m looking forward to a nice weekend w/my family. I hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you as well

Have a good one πŸ™‚

So, I totally tried to be super productive today with regards to my thesis stuff. I had this grand plan to download my free trial of SPSS and then do some number crunching/cross-tabbing all afternoon. Did any of that happen?

Say it with me…


I thought I did everything right. I registered where I was supposed to register. I downloaded what I needed to download. I installed what it told me to install. And when all was said and done and I clicked on my program to open, guess what happened?


My computer indicated that SPSS was open, but nothing showed up anywhere. And you know how on a Mac there is a line of information/tabs at the top of the screen depending on what program you have running? Well, there were no tabs or even any sort of options to open up a new screen or start up a new document.

I am friggin’ fed up with SPSS for tonight, so I will tackle it again tomorrow morning. I am too pissed at technology right now to actually accomplish anything of value. (Well, really I’m just too tired and have too big of a headache to start tackling a new project at 9:15 pm… girl needs her sleep, yo. Also, I’m really pissed off at the world right now. We’ll blame hormones for a bulk of my problems as of late, but also people in general are just epically frustrating. I found out today that my brother got roughed up yesterday by some drunk person. My brother is totally non-confrontational and would never start something… he was just on his way either to or from school/the library [I think?] and must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And some drunk person started a physical altercation with him. There were witnesses, but no one did anything to help him. That’s FUCKED UP. My brother is coming to visit next weekend… I can’t wait to see him and hang out with him. He deserves to enjoy his spring break after all of the stupid stuff he deals with on a daily basis where he lives/goes to school.)

So, I didn’t get much done on the thesis-front today. I did watch an episode of Community (“Physical Education” – one of my favorite episodes of all time). I also played some more Wii Sports with my mom (somehow she bested me in billiards today, even though she has literally no idea what she is doing when it comes to aiming the cue ball… I am perplexed). I also made a tasty cookie bar, complete with peanut butter chips, chopped up M&Ms, chopped up walnuts and chopped up dried cherries. DELIGHTFUL

Baking is a totaly stress relief for me. It’s just me and a counter-full of ingredients that need to be measured in exact amounts to get tasty results. (Chemistry was totally my favorite subject in high school… I love measuring and mixing things.) While I did the dishes and baked, I had my iPod blaring loudly in the kitchen so I could sing along and dance around while I worked. It is just the best feeling to be able to sing and dance and just get out all of my pent-up stress and whatnot. Of course most of the music was from Glee… but that’s the best to belt out to, really. I know I’m no Warbler, but I friggin’ love almost all of their songs, and they are the tracks I listen to most often.

Speaking of the Warblers, I was totally laughing yesterday when I was re-watching “Special Education”. There are a few different scenes with all of the guys who play the Warblers. And really, we only know a few of their names on the show at this point (through “Special Education” we only know who Blaine, Wes, David, Jeff and Nick are… through the most recent episode, we have also been introduced to Thad… and we’re supposedly gonna get introduced to Trent on Tuesday’s episode.). However, I follow pretty much all of the Warblers on Twitter and/or are friends with them on Facebook, so every time I see them, I automatically think of the actor and *not* the character. The only Warblers who I think of as characters are really Blaine and Kurt. Not that *you* care, of course. But it’s just something I think about when I’m watching the show now.

And this is waaaaaaaaaay off topic, but I put my iPod on Shuffle Songs the other day (you know, for kicks)… and of the 3600+ songs on there, Selena’s “Dreaming of You” came on the same night that that dude on American Idol sang R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly“. I started laughing like whoa because these two songs totally make me think of middle school. For one of my friend’s birthdays, a large group of us had a sleepover at her house. And I remember, the group of us stayed up the whole night singing these two songs over and over again. At one point, we were literally all standing in a circle with our arms draped over the girls next to us and we were just singing the heck out of these songs… and we just thought we were the bees knees πŸ™‚ Oh my goodness… those were the days.

Well, I am off to sleep. Gotta rest up for another day of trying to outwit, outplay and outlast the SPSS on my computer. (Yes, this is my version of Survivor – deal with it.)

I gotta work tomorrow night… BOOOOOOOO… but then the day after is Glee Tuesday!!

Have a good one

Oh Sunday…

So, that massive snowstorm hit MN. It’s still snowing right now… Zoinks, yo.

I decided since I haven’t received my thesis proposal notes from my professor yet (they should get here tomorrow, I think) that I should do chores and whatnot today.

This morning I cleaned my bathroom and attempted to straighten up and vacuum my room. I did some more laundry, as I had a couple more blankets and towels to wash from when I was sick this week. Boo illness.

Before lunch, my mom and I played our Dance on Broadway game some more. She beat one of her own scores today and I was just 100 points away from stealing the top slot on “Good Morning, Baltimore”. I just need one less “OK” and I’ll be golden. We’ve gotten 100% on several songs and are quickly approaching 100% on some more. I told her we’re going to need to invest in a new dancing game soon because we’re going to beat this one. At this point, I know all of the dances by heart… but my mom somehow doesn’t remember them, even though we play them just about every day. I tease her for not being able to remember the order of the dance moves. When it comes to pop culture stuff, I can somehow remember the most random details. I don’t know why.

After lunch, I decided I should probably do my taxes, just to get that out of the way. I didn’t officially file anything today, but I did my federal return and the state returns for the states I lived in in 2010. I’m awesome at math, but the programs I was trying to use were frustrating. I’m not going to pay $50 to file my shit online. Come on, now.

Once taxes were done, I decided I was going to watch Community with commentary. I started doing that yesterday, but my parents got home and I turned off the commentary since they hadn’t seen the episode. The same thing happened today… I was in the middle of the pilot’s commentary when my dad came upstairs from his workroom and he was reading the subtitles to watch the show while I was trying to listen to the commentary. I ended up turing it off again just because I knew he didn’t want to sit through commentary on a show he doesn’t watch on a regular basis. Alas… someday I’ll get through all of Season One w/commentary. Today was not that day.

Instead, I turned on a movie – Balls Out, starring Seann William Scott. It was pretty bad, but was actually kinda funny in spots. Plus, I will basically watch any movie about tennis, just because there are hardly any movies about the sport (and I love tennis).

The rest of the night was spent watching the news (oh weather updates), Amazing Race (It’s people who played before… and I am familiar with 8 of the 11 groups, so I at least recognize a lot of the people and it’s nice to see them playing the game again. My sister totally got me hooked on this show… I think she and my brother should audition for the show, as they would be awesome on it.), and a Behind the Scenes look at Saturday Night Live.

I have seen every episode of Saturday Night Live from the past decade or so, and have seen a bunch of episodes from before that (thank you, Comedy Central, E!, and Netflix…). There are great episodes. There are subpar episodes. There are beyond memorable hosts. There are people who I question why they even got to host once. There are sketches I will laugh at every time I see them, regardless of how many times I see them. There are other sketches that I wish I would not have seen.

Saturday Night Live has been a popular culture/comedy staple in my life since I was in middle school. It used to be a treat to get to stay up and watch the shows live. I had a VHS tape of the 25th Anniversary special that I would watch over and over again, memorizing the sketches. I learned entire routines from that show… from Mary Katherine Gallagher’s monologues from made for TV movies, to the synchronized swimming routine with Martin Short and Harry Shearer. I can do impressions of Eddie Murphy as Gumby, Mr. Robinson, Velvet Jones, and Buh-weet. I use the phrase “Oh no, Mr. Bill” and/or “The H is O” in everyday conversation. I named my sister’s ghost decoration “Weebs” after the Boston Teens sketch with Ben Affleck. I know the lyrics to most of the songs used in sketches or digital shorts.

It’s all a bit ridiculous, probably, how much SNL influences me on a day to day basis. When I was a little girl, one of my dreams was to be a cast member on the show, or host, or even just see an episode live. I know that’s not likely to happen ever, but part of me still would like to work on that show one day (in a behind-the-scenes position).

When we went to NYC a few years ago and did the NBC tour, we got to go into Studio 8H. There wasn’t a live show the week we were there, but the Jake Gyllenhaal episode had just aired a week or so prior, so I was chatting up the NBC Page about how we liked his monologue. In one of the rooms we got to see the prosthetic heads they used for one of the Brendan Fraser episodes where they did a Peanuts sketch. I was dying on the inside… I was just so happy to be there, in that studio. There’s so much history… I was in the same room that my comedy idols once performed – John Belushi. Gilda Radner. Dan Ackroyd. Billy Crystal. Christopher Guest. Dana Carvey. Chris Farley. Phil Hartman. Ana Gasteyer. Darrell Hammond. Tina Fey. And then some… My SNL-loving heart could barely contain my excitement.

When I have more time, I will post some of my favorite sketches and digital shorts. I know SNL sometimes gets shoved aside, or people think it’s past its prime. But I will continue to stick with it as long as it is on the air. Live comedy is something that should be appreciated more. SNL, even at its worst, is a great representation of current events, relevant music, and a variety of comedy. Sometimes the comedy is crass, and goes for the easy laugh. Other times it’s more cerebral, or at least can catch you off guard (like that Merryville Brothers bit from a few weeks ago…).

I love Saturday Night Live. I always have and I always will πŸ™‚

Have a good one

I was driving home from the mall and was wondering why cars kept pulling out in front of me from a side street. It was right as I was approaching the line when I realized that my light was red and they totally were adhering to the rules of the road. I slammed on my breaks and ended up about 5-10 feet in front of where I should have stopped. After almost having a heart attack, I backed up to where I was supposed to be and then proceeded to drive home, but only when that light turned so green it looked sick.


I felt horrible the whole way home and am convinced that someone is going to track me down and give me a ticket. I sure hope that is not the case.

Today started earlier than I hoped. I had trouble sleeping last night and then the dogs decided that they wanted to be up at 7:30. I should be thankful… they usually want to be up and about way before that. Tonight before we all went to our sleeping areas, I told them that I’d like to sleep in tomorrow. We’ll see if they actually listen.

I had the dogs out, fed and out again all before 8:00. I then made myself a bagel and watched GMA while I plotted out my day. I decided to run to the library right when it opened at 10 to pick up my DVDs and some books. Then back home to let the dogs out and play with them in the yard before I went to the mall to go see Blue Valentine and go to DSW.

(In addition to my red light incident, I went to the wrong checkout desk at the library… there are two and I went to the wrong one. So the librarian had to tell me to go to the other one… and I felt like an idiot.)

Blue Valentine was good, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are two of the most talented actors from my generation of people. And they had great chemistry and were great in the movie. But I just wasn’t feeling the script. It wasn’t special – it just seemed like a hand-held vision of two people who met, fell in love, married and fell out of love. Was the non-linear storytelling supposed to be something mind-blowing? Because it really wasn’t… The movie felt honest and the feelings portrayed were realistic. But I just wasn’t moved in the way I was hoping to be. I wanted to walk away feeling something profound. That didn’t happen. It wasn’t a bad movie; it just wasn’t all that I expected.

After the movie, I went to DSW to try and find some shoes for work. I did find a pair of black shoes… I’ll need to wear them around the house for the next few days to see if they’ll work for work. I have the weirdest shape/size feet. They are super wide and have super high arches. It’s hard finding shoes that are comfortable and can be worn for 8 hour shifts. So, hopefully the pair I found will work. I also bought two pairs of espadrilles that have 3-4 inch wedges. I can’t/don’t wear high heels, but I friggin’ love wedge shoes. I got these ones and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger ones that I can’t find a picture of… πŸ™‚ They are comfortable, but I wouldn’t want to wear them all day, everyday. But this summer they should come in handy.

I was going to go to work to visit my colleagues after the show store, but I opted to go home instead. (Insert red light incident here.) Once home, I took the dogs outside and we played in the front yard for awhile. Moose’s face was covered in snow because she kept kicking her tennis balls into snow piles and then digging them out. She’s too adorable.

Back inside, I decided I should probably do the dishes. I plugged my iPod dock into an outlet in the kitchen, found a good playlist, and cranked that sucker up. Singing and dancing while doing dishes makes that chore slightly more tolerable.

I made Indian food for dinner – brown rice and chicken with Korma curry. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum. I added pecans, dried mango and dried cherries. Delightful πŸ™‚

After dinner, I did more dishes, then played Wii Karaoke for awhile. I played some Glee, then switched to American Idol, since I hadn’t played that in awhile. Plus, I love belting out “More Than a Feeling” and “My Heart Will Go On“.

For Community, I made popcorn and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I decided that since I don’t have to be anywhere for a week, I’m going to see if I like beer or not. Right now, I’m still leaning toward “not,” but I thought I should give beer a chance. I know I still like mixed drinks or fruity beer better than just plain beer. I had a Stella Artois. It was all right. There’s some other beers in our cabinet that may or may not be tried this weekend. We’ll see… probably one for the Super Bowl.

Community was so good tonight. I have never played Dungeons and Dragons, but I was totally into this episode. And I LOVED that the opening credits and music were D&Dified.

I caught part of Idol, then watched Bones (during which my sister called – woot. She was on her way to Wendys to get some food after dropping off some people, and we laughed hard reminiscing about one of our many road trips and an exchange she made with a Burger King drive-thru person. Glorious.) and 30 Rock (Brian Williams!).

I am so friggin’ tired, though, so I am looking forward to some sleep. Tomorrow I’m not going anywhere, so I’ll do some chores (laundry, more dishes, vacuum, etc…), watch some Six Feet Under, and just enjoy spending some quality time with my dogs. Yukon is a bit of a loner, so she’ll lay down on the floor near where ever I’m at but never jump up on the couch with me if I’m sitting there. Moose, however, will always jump up and lay down next to me/on top of me depending where I’m at. During breakfast, she always sleeps on the seat next to me. Tonight during 30 Rock, I was in the recliner and she jumped up on my lap and promptly fell asleep. Nothing keeps you warmer than a 60+ pound dog who is beyond fury. Right now, she’s asleep at the foot of my bed. She’s too cute… even though I know she’ll be kicking me pretty soon. And then flopping down next to me tomorrow morning when she wants me to get up. Oh, puppies.

Well, watching her sleep is making me sleepy. Good night

Have a good one

Well, my siblings headed out today so it’s back to just me and my parents at the house (with the dogs, of course).

It was really nice to get to spend a week with the whole family. It’s increasingly rarer and rarer that the 5 of us are ever in the same room at the same time, so this week was grand. Though, much of my siblings’ time was spent playing Rock Band or watching Pawn Stars in the living room. I did not Rock Band with them (I lack the skills to keep up with the guitar playing) and I didn’t watch all of the Pawn Stars either (Big Hoss and Old Man creep me out… though I find the historical aspects of the show fascinating. It’s just super frustrating watching the people who are pawning or selling their items so easily agree when they are talked down from the amount of $$ they want.)

But, the visit was awesome. We all went and saw A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie and it was amazing. We had great seats and the cast was strong. It was really funny and very touching at the same time. We didn’t get a chance to see any movies in theaters as the weather was wacky on our “free” day. But, I hope to see True Grit, The Fighter and Black Swan on my own in the coming weeks.

I helped my mom cook and bake. We made cookies and prepped almost all of the food for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I don’t know how my mom does it every year… she’s such a good cook/baker.

This was one of our best Christmases ever because there wasn’t any fighting on Christmas among any of us kids (usually one of us wigs out at another one at some point during the day. Stress levels are high. Sleep levels are low. Etc…). But, no fighting. Instead we laughed, played games, watched movies and TV, played Wii Party. It was a good time.

My siblings left this morning. I don’t have to work until tomorrow, so I took today as the last day of my holiday weekend. I watched a bunch of episodes of Community and the extras on Season 1 of Pushing Daisies. We also watched Elf, as my mom and I hadn’t seen it yet this season. I still need to watch Love Actually and The Family Stone!

As 2010 comes to a close, I will expand on some of my New Years Resolutions as well as look back on some of the happenings of this year. I will also be getting back to work on my thesis. I have 3 days off at the end of this week, so you can bet your ass I will be sitting in my big, red, reclining thesis chair and doing some coding like whoa.

I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas. If you are being affected by all of this snow, I hope you are being safe and staying warm.

Have a good one!

So, I have the opening song from “A Very Potter Musical” stuck in my head. Which is beyond fine, because it’s “totally awesome” πŸ™‚

This is gonna be an epically short post. As all I did today was wake up, eat breakfast/watch 30 Rock w/commentary. Then I folded laundry, got a shower, Wii bowled with my mom, had lunch and went to work.

Work was meh… I was super busy. I rebelled and had my water bottle with me at my work space. I was super dehydrated this morning and it was making me dizzy, so unless my bosses/managers wanted me to pass out at my area, I was having water with me.

I got home around 9:30 and watched the end of Castle with my mom. Now I’m typing this up… I wanted to watch HIMYM from tonight, as it was a third Robin Sparkles episode, but the website I watch it on doesn’t have it up yet. Sooooooo, I might try and finish watching Act 2 of “A Very Potter Musical”.

Tomorrow I’ll go w/my mom to her doctor’s appointment, as then we’ll go to Target (GLEE CHRISTMAS!!!). Perhaps I’ll work on my thesis proposal… oy.

Anyways, I hope you have a good one!

So various weathermen are saying that it’s going to snow tomorrow. It will be the first official snow of the year… I like cold weather. I like snow. Just not when it sticks to the roads and makes driving extra not fun. I don’t think this weekend’s snow is supposed to be a crazy amount, so it’ll be nice to look at. And I’ll be inside, cleaning my room (which I didn’t do at all today) and watching Toy Story 3.

I woke up this morning and went upstairs to find both of my parents on their respective computers (awwww – parents and technology). I climbed onto the recliner and called Moose up with me to snuggle (she’s super warm all the time… she’s better than any blanket). We made it through an episode of Modern Family, but then I had to kick her off so I could get up to make breakfast.

My parents wanted to run errands and then go out to lunch at Panera, so I went with them. We went to the library – I didn’t get anything as I have a stack of 5 or 6 books and 10+ CDs from when my mom and I went the other day. Then we drove to Menards, as my dad needs some sort of light for the garage. However, the light is discontinued (sadness for him). While at the store, my mom and I picked out 5 Smore ornaments for our family (one for each of us…). During the holidays, we have several large trees up around the house. One of those trees is entirely decorated with Smore ornaments. The one I picked out for myself has a baseball bat and hat – adorable!

After that, we went to Panera… I must be living under a rock because I was unaware that Panera has Mac and Cheese. What the what?! Needless to say, I got some Mac and Cheese with my salad… mmm mmm mmm. During lunch, my mom and I flipped through a baking cookbook she got from the library. She’s trying to figure out what kinds of treats she wants to make for a party she and my dad are throwing in December for his work people.

When we got home from errands and lunch, my mom and I hopped into her car and we went to the grocery store to get some of our baking stuff in advance. Our cart was basically filled with diet soda and chocolate chips.

When we got home and put away the groceries, we Wii bowled and then I was supposed to help my mom figure out how to play Rock Band. See, my brother got her a Rock Band game, but she doesn’t know how to use the guitar. My sister is bringing her guitar, bass, drums and microphones with her for Thanksgiving so we can all play. But my mom wanted to try and learn some of the guitar stuff before everyone came to the house. We didn’t get to far… in fact, we had to scrap it before I even put the game in the Wii. We ended up then playing our Dancing with the Stars game, which I hadn’t played in over a year. I lasted 3 rounds of 4 dances apiece and then couldn’t do it anymore because I was so tired. So, I laid down on the couch and ended up falling asleep… I woke up around a half hour or so later with my puffy vest over my head. I must have tried to use it as a blanket.

During dinner and for the next couple hours after, we watched the last 8 episodes of Modern Family Season 1. My parents were howling, they were laughing so hard. Earlier in the week, my mom said she wasn’t a huge fan, but she totally got sucked in. So did my dad. He and I have the same sense of humor, so it’s no surprise to my that his two favorite characters are also two of my favorites (Phil and Cam). It was nice to sit down and watch this show with my parents, as it is a family show πŸ™‚ When I lived with my sister, we would watch it together. Now it’s kinda nice to share that with my mom and dad.

And now I’m here… typing this out. After this, I’ll probably watch 30 Rock and/or Community. And then I’ll try to watch some more of the “A Very Potter Musical” on youtube. After Glee on Tuesday, I was interested in finding out more about Darren Criss (the guy who plays Blaine) and learned that he’s in this group called StarKid and they made up these musicals… I watched 5 parts of the HP musical last night, but there are a bunch more to go. So, I’ll chip away at that in the coming days.

Have a good one!

Well, I am fairly sure I finished my Works Cited page today… 8 pages of information, formatted correctly (I think). I think I have between 50 and 60 sources, though I haven’t counted to be sure. I didn’t get any of my Methods Section done today, but I don’t work until 6 tomorrow, so I’ll likely be able to get some of it done tomorrow morning/afternoon.

In other news, I finally saw The Social Network today. It. Was. Good.

Now, those who know me best know that I used to go see at least one movie every weekend… sometimes 2 (or 3) depending on how much work I had to get done. I do not have that luxury anymore. Sadness.

I totally could still go to at least one movie a week if I wanted to, but I know that any “free” time I have should be devoted to my (stupid) thesis. And I’m not even on my thesis yet… just the freakin’ proposal.

Granted, I do not spend my every waking hour on my thesis proposal. I watch a decent amount of TV at night and have been known to run errands or do activities with my parents. But I have been spending a lot of time working on my thesis proposal. And it dawned on me this week that I likely won’t be able to defend my proposal until January. (Sad face.)

Even though I sent my Introduction and Literature Review to my professor a couple weeks ago, I haven’t heard anything back from him regarding edits that need to be made. I contacted him again this week inquiring about my coding sheet and key and have not heard back about that either (though that’s not as big of a shocker – college professors need more than a couple days to look over something). But, OU’s Fall Quarter is over in about a month, and I know I’ll need to edit my stuff before I can even send it to the other two people on my committee. So, I’m thinking this proposal won’t be able to be defended until January. Which sucks like whoa… I was hoping to have my whole paper done and ready to defend then so I could then figure out what my next move would be and not have to burden my parents anymore. (Not that I’m a huge burden to them… but still, I’m almost 27 and have been living w/my parents since June. This can’t go on forever – I refuse to let that happen.)

But, I guess I will just have to roll with the punches. I did think that one benefit of defending the thesis proposal in January would fit better with my work schedule – as my place of business pretty much won’t let you take any days off in November. Friggin’ retail… like me being at work all the time in November is going to make or break the amount of money they rake in. But, after the holiday craziness is over, I’m sure my manager would be more willing to let me go back to Ohio for a few days to take care of school stuff.

Blah. Enough about school.

Let’s talk movies.

So, The Social Network.

I actually liked it more than I thought I was going to. Even though parts of the movie were fictitious, I feel like I have a slightly better understanding about the people behind Facebook. Facebook, whether we like it or not, has become a HUGE part of society. I have been a member since late 2004/early 2005. I have said “Facebook me” just like those characters in the movie. Before this movie, though, I didn’t realize the extent of the involvement of the key players in Facebook’s inception. And I seriously had no idea that Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker were (are?) colleagues.

The two things I really liked about the movie were the script and the cast.

Script – Wow, dialogue was plentiful. That opening scene between Zuckerberg and Albright was devilishly quick and utterly refreshing – it was like an infinitely better written episode of the Gilmore Girls (with better actors – natch). The pace, though quick, never felt rushed. It just seemed like something that highly intellectual people would do… spit out a lot of big words in a little amount of time. Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) is no stranger to writing dialogue-driven scripts, and I feel what he did with The Social Network is extremely fitting for the present. We live in a “now” society. The faster we can get something, the better. Why should that exclude dialogue?

Cast – Oh, Jesse Eisenberg, how I love thee… I know I’ve written on here before about how he is one of the best actors of my generation. My opinion stands strong, if not stronger, after seeing his performance as Mark Zuckerberg in this film. If you’ve ever seen Eisenberg on talk shows, you’ll know that he’s awkward as hell and seems to be uncomfortable in public. I don’t know the guy, so I don’t know if he’s just introverted, or just not used to being a public figure. But, you’d never even get that idea if you have only seen him on films. As Zuckerberg, he commands the screen whether he’s spitting out copious amounts of dialogue in a short amount of time, or executing a scathingly sarcastic comeback to any one of the number of people who is opposing him.

The rest of the cast was solid as well. Justin Timberlake, as I have commented before, is a good actor. (Don’t believe me? See Alpha Dog, and then try to tell me he’s not amazing. You won’t be able to.) Timberlake plays Parker as a cocky, yet paranoid, young man who thinks he has the whole world in front of him, but people following his every move. He’s believable and charming and annoying all at the same time. And then there’s our new Spider Man, Andrew Garfield. I guess I saw him in Dr. Parnassus, but I don’t remember his performance at all (probably because I was so transfixed on Heath Ledger…). However, I won’t be forgetting him any time soon because I was very impressed by his portrayal of Eduardo Saverin. I found myself siding with his character for a majority of the movie… he wanted to get advertisers, he set up the meetings, he wrote that algorithm. I wish the movie would have explained why Zuckerberg and Saverin were friends to begin with. To me, if someone (even a fictional non-fiction character) is that much of a jerk, another character wouldn’t stay friends with him unless there was a good reason.

And then, there were the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer times two) and Divya Narendra (Max Minghella). These guys made buh-rilliant antagonists. They just looked the part… all preppy and handsome and entitled. While they had a solid point for suing Zuckerberg, you kinda didn’t want them to win in the same fashion one probably wanted Saverin to come out on top. Hammer and Minghella were really great. The whole cast really was. Way to go, David Fincher, for crafting together such a smart movie. This *almost* makes up for the POS Benjamin Button movie.

In other media news, I watched more HIMYM reruns (god bless syndication – it was the Robin Sparkles/slap bet episode and the one where Barney and Ted didn’t get in a fight – woot). Again, I heart Jason Segel. Community, 30 Rock and Grey’s all kinda were thumbs down. (Though props to Community for hating on Ben Lyons… that made my night.)

Now, I’ll watch last week’s episode of The Office and then sleep. Work tomorrow from 6-9:15, then ROCK OF AGES on Saturday!!!!!

Have a good one

I’d like to thank Glee for my bizarro movie choices today. All 4 of them had to do with Glee in one way or another…

So, I actually kinda slept in today until 8:45. I got up, fed the dogs and let them run around outside for a bit. After they were taken care of, I made myself some tea and oatmeal (I still have an epically sore throat) and sat down to the hundreds of movies we have in our Netflix queue.

The first movie I put on was Noah Baumbach’s Kicking and Screaming. I chose this because the description said that Eric Stoltz was in it… and as we all know by now, Stoltz directed this week’s episode of Glee (and all that Back to the Future talk…), so he’s been on my mind as of late. I made it about 10 minutes into the movie (and saw Stoltz – woot) before I decided I couldn’t handle something dialogue-driven at the moment.

I arrowed through the queue and landed on Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, unlike most of the people I know, I’ve only seen this movie once. It was when I was in high school and didn’t really fully understand what was going on. At the time I couldn’t appreciate the lyrics of the songs or the utter campiness/cult following of the film. Glee is doing a Rocky Horror episode on the 26th, so I figured I should rewatch the movie so I know who all the characters are and be more familiar with the songs. (For the record, I knew the words to “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” “Sweet Transvestite,” “The Time Warp,” “Dammit, Janet” and “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me”. Just because I only saw the movie once doesn’t mean I didn’t bother to listen to the music…)

I’m really glad I rewatched it because Rocky Horror is downright entertaining. Tim Curry is so great… even though at mention of him, my thoughts immediately turn to Clue, he totally owns Rocky Horror and WORKS those heels. Watching the movie has made me that much more excited for the Glee episode in a couple weeks!

After Rocky Horror, I was going to get started on school work, but knew I needed to get some chores done. I threw in some laundry, bagged up some trash from my room (I kinda went through at least one tissue box over the past couple days), and then took the dogs outside. Yukon was freaking out because some guys with machinery were (i think) repaving someone’s driveway up the block.

I gave the dogs some treats and then made myself some lunch. My mom went shopping yesterday to get me some stuff to eat while I was sick… so I made Spaghetti-Os. I added some organic white cheddar bunny rabbit-shaped crackers on top and had an applecause cup and a Twinkie for dessert. I felt like I was in grade school… if only the Price is Right and Letter People were on πŸ™‚

Instead, I decided to watch Yentl (because on Glee a couple weeks ago, Rachel Berry sang “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” and I have never seen Yentl all the way through before. Plus, I LOVE Barbra Streisand.). I sat down with my Spaghetti-Os and took in the movie.

I quickly came to the realization that watching Yentl was the same as watching Superman. You know how you always wonder why the people of Metropolis, and especially those at The Daily Planet, don’t realize that Superman is just Clark Kent without glasses? Well the same goes for Yentl. Come on, guys at the yeshiva… how do you not realize than Anshel is a GIRL?!

I also didn’t understand why this movie was a musical. I mean, I love Barbra Streisand and her voice, but I was bummed that only her character sang throughout the movie. You don’t have Mandy Patinkin in a musical film and then *not* have him sing. Come on! That’s just a waste of a great voice…

(I love Mandy Patinkin. I’ve seen Sunday in the Park with George on VHS at least 5 times. And I watch old Tony performances of his… especially Evita. SO GOOD!)

Yentl was not as bad as I thought it was going to be… besides my frustrations with people not realizing that Anshel is not a guy and the ending (really?!), I kinda dug it. Some of the songs were good, and I really liked that Yentl was that passionate about studying and learning the Talmud. I don’t know if I’ll ever sit down and watch this all the way through again, but I am really glad I finally watched it.

After Yentl, I did get to work on school stuff… I was hoping to get further on my coding sheet today (well, the coding key sheet), but I didn’t realize how many Academy Award categories I was actually dealing with… Yipes stripes. I’ll work on it more tomorrow.

I fed the dogs and let them outside again to play in the yard for a bit. When they were back in and settled, it was 5:30, so I made dinner. I watched a half hour of Camp

Now, Camp, like Glee, is about show tunes-singing kids who are misfits in society. I actually saw Camp twice in theaters when it came out in 2003. Our theater at school used to show an independent movie on Sunday and Wednesday. After seeing Camp on Sunday, I knew I needed to see the Wednesday showing too… I loved the music and the productions they did in the film.

Later on, when I saw Company on Broadway, I finally realized how inappropriate it was for Fritzi to sing “The Ladies Who Lunch” in the movie… πŸ™‚

I watched a couple reruns of HIMYM and then it was time for new Thursday night tv episodes… woot.

Community made me laugh so hard – I loooooooooved the Apollo 13 references! That show is just so great.

30 Rock was live tonight. It was actually pretty good – I was super worried it wasn’t going to be. I’ll watch the West Coast version tomorrow, but the East Coast version was pretty solid. It was great seeing Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, Rachel Dratch, Bill Hader, Chris Parnell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (!). I was also thankful for the return of Cheyenne Jackson!! He was only on a few episodes last year, so it was nice to see him back. Jon Hamm’s hand commercial was my favorite part of the show… he’s actually really funny. I know most people know him from Mad Men, but his physical humor and comedic timing is pretty solid.

And then, like a dolt, I watched Grey’s Anatomy… bah. I spent most of the episode playing catch with the dog, talking to my dad on the phone, working on school stuff, making popcorn and texting a friend. So, I wasn’t really watching it… which is fine because I really don’t care about the show. However, being a straight female with two perfectly functioning eyes, I did stop what I was doing to ogle a bit at Jesse Williams during his shirtless scene. The man is gorgeous… Besides being waaaaay built, he’s got the prettiest eyes on television. For reals.

After the show, I took the dogs outside one last time and then tried to make room on my bedroom floor for the dogs. That was a waste of time… Yukon is opting to sleep in the guest bedroom (that’s not a joke – she often sleeps in there… she gets peace from Moose and gets to sleep on a wool blanket and with several pillows if she choses to use them) and Moose is on my bed. She’s sleeping on my feet right now (which have since fallen asleep because of lack of circulation from Moose’s giant dog head) and will likely stretch out to take up my entire bed for herself.

(Oh good, she has just repositioned herself as I type this… I can wiggle my toes now!!)

Well, since she’s starting to snore, maybe I should finish up here and turn out the light for both of us.

Tomorrow I will get more school work done… and hopefully catch up on some TV I’ve missed this week.

Have a good one!