On Friday April 26th, I finally got a chance to see the current Broadway revivial of Jekyll & Hyde.


I have two very, very differing views of this show, so I will – in a sense – present to you my own two takes on this show.


  1. This show was all over the place


I have never seen a production of Jekyll & Hyde before but was very familiar with the story (remember Wishbone did an episode about it… “Mixed Breeds”… plus, I read the book when I was younger). I knew three of the songs going into the show, but not much else besides that.


As I sat down in my seat, my heart raced (for reasons that will be made clear during my second take on the show), and I was ready to fall in love with Broadway’s tale of the two sides of one man. Instead, I giggled my way through 2 ½ hours of awful plot and even more awful accents.


For those of you who don’t know the story of Jekyll & Hyde, it’s about this scientist (Dr. Jekyll) who seeks funding and a test subject for his experiment to separate a person’s good and evil. He goes to some rich people on a council for the funding and they shoot him down, saying he has no right to play God. As much as the snooty people are annoying, they are totally right. But, Dr. Jekyll decides to proceed with his experiment on his own. He uses himself to test his methods and he morphs into Mr. Hyde (a dangerous and violent person) where he (SPOILER ALERT) cheats on his fiancé with a prostitute and then murders a bunch of people.


Now, I am quite able to suspend disbelief when necessary, but I could not wrap my mind around the plot of this musical because of how wrong the male protagonist was to do the experiment in the first place. How am I to root for Dr. Jekyll when I am morally against his entire story line?


Even if I was able to look past the ridiculousness of the plot, I couldn’t get over the horrendous accents used by our leading man and his character’s fiancé. I heard English, Scottish, Irish and American accents poorly strung together like a crooked paper chain. The outcome resulted in serious lines being laughable because of the way words and phrases were being pronounced. It was distracting and took me out of the story, especially in the first Act. By Act II, I had almost acclimated myself to the accents and was able to keep a straight face for most of the second half of the show and could concentrate on the ludicrous plot.


The biggest strength of this show was the singing. I was very impressed with the presentation of the trifecta of songs I was familiar with (“This is the Moment,” “Someone Like You” and “In His Eyes”), but enjoyed the delivery of the other songs as well. Though the lyrics were not amazing, the emotion showed on stage during most of the numbers was impressive and powerful. Deborah Cox’s voice is a godsend and Constantine Maroulis is at his best when he’s allowed to rock out. (His Mr. Hyde numbers definitely out shown the Dr. Jekyll songs.)


I’m glad I saw the show, but that will be detailed in my second take of the show.


  1. I am still a lot in love with Constantine Maroulis.


A fan since his stint on American Idol eight years ago, I have been a lot in love with Constantine Maroulis. Every time he was on my television while on Idol, I would burst into a fit of giggles. He had that smolder and the hair and the… everything.


I was able to see him twice on the Rock of Ages tour, but when I heard he was going to be in Jekyll & Hyde, I knew I had to see the show because I had yet to experience seeing him on Broadway.


And so, I went to Jekyll & Hyde, ready to have my mind grapes blown. Though I laughed at his horrible accent throughout the show, I legitimately thought I was going to melt in my seat any time he turned into/was Mr. Hyde. Although I was deeply attracted to the ponytailed, glasses wearing Dr. Jekyll, it was Mr. Hyde’s hair tosses and overtly sexual and sensual actions that kept my heart racing. I mean – he was ALL over Deborah Cox. And though I was completely turned off by Mr. Hyde’s murderous streak, his animalistic tendencies were another story. As Hyde, Maroulis worked that stage like he owned it and he let loose with his power ballads and rock numbers. I didn’t expect the show to get so 80s hair band, but I went with it.


My favorite moment of the night, though, came after the show at the stage door. We got a chance to speak with some of the cast members who all seemed like nice people. It took Maroulis a little longer than the others to come out, and the anticipation almost gave me an anxiety attack.

This was MY moment. I had been waiting 8 years to meet Maroulis and I didn’t want to blow my one chance. So, while talking with my friend, I had the idea to ask Maroulis is he could take not one, but two pictures with me – one as Dr. Jekyll and one as Mr. Hyde. When I posed the question to Maroulis, he obliged my request and what resulted was the greatest picture set of all time.



Myself and Constantine (Dr. Jekyll)


Myself and Constantine (Mr. Hyde)


I normally wouldn’t post pictures of myself, but this was too good not to share. (He did the smolder in the Mr. Hyde picture… Luckily I didn’t know that until after the fact because I would have swooned right then and there. And, for the record, he did NOT choke me. His hands brushed against my coat but at no point did they touch my neck.)


So, for me, this encounter at the stage door was worth the entire price of admission. I don’t need to see the show again, but I will look back at these pictures and smile fondly at the opportunity to interact with someone I’ve admired for almost a decade.



I’m too excited to sleep.

I got off the phone with my sister a bit ago… we made some BIG plans for when I go visit her in a couple weeks. And now my brother will be there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIBLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, not only am I seeing my sister conduct a concert *and* StarKid at the Digitour… but now we’re also seeing



Yes, I know I totally saw him in Rock of Ages in September w/my mom… but ROA is going to be in Kansas while I’m in Kansas, and my sister hasn’t seen that show (we ❤ going to musicals), so we are totally going!!!!! And I am going to lose my shit again before/during/after the show because (1) I love Constantine Maroulis (2) I love Rock of Ages and (3) I love Constantine Maroulis in Rock of Ages.

My heart is racing right now as I'm typing this… I cannot friggin’ wait to see this again!

And then, after the show, we’re meeting my brother at a KC Royals game…

PRO BASEBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I haven’t been to a ball game in years! I friggin’ LOVE baseball. I love ballparks. I love the atmosphere. I love the uniforms. I love the rules. I love the GAME.

Jesus, it’s going to be an epic weekend.

I was super excited to see StarKid at the Digitour and get to spend some time with my sister… but now I’ll get to see my brother and a musical and Constantine and a baseball game. (And supposedly Darren Criss will be w/StarKid at the Digitour, but I’m not going to get my hopes up for that. I know I’ll get to see him perform when I see Glee Live this summer… so if he’s at the Digitour, that will just be the biggest added bonus of all time. But I am super content with seeing the other members of StarKid, as I respect and admire them all equally. I am so looking forward to Starship and seeing the StarKid people… and it would be totally awesome if I got to meet any of them afterward. But again, I’m not getting my hopes up. It’s going to just be amazing seeing any StarKid person up on that stage. 🙂 )

My heart is going to explode from the amount of excitement I am feeling right now.

How am I supposed to sleep now?


Before I go on about all the good stuff I accomplished today, I would like to take this moment to rant a bit about the Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Version 2 game I shelled out $49.99 for the other day.

Those who know me best (or those who have poked around my blog enough) know that I love all things Glee. I love the show, I love the cast, I love the music, I love the first Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Game. I have spent more money than I care to admit buying the DVDs, CDs, video games *and* tickets to see Glee Live this June. I friggin’ flew to Chicago in December to audition for The Glee Project (that reality show that’s going to air on Oxygen in June).

However, I am ROYALLY DISAPPOINTED with the Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Version 2. I honestly regret buying this video game…


Here are just a couple reasons:

1. Number of songs – The packaging boasts that you get to sing from 20 songs from the second half of season one. (The first game has 30 songs.) So, when I went to play my game today, I realized there are only 18 songs on the game. You have to UNLOCK the other two. Since I bought my game from Target, included in the packaging was a code to UNLOCK “Ice Ice Baby” … a song that was already listed as being included with the game. So, I used the provided code and unlocked my song that I should have already had to begin with. Then, when I went to sing the songs in Kurt’s scrapbook, I realized that “Pink Houses” was not on the game at all (even though it’s listed on the back of the packaging). Turns out, you need a friggin’ code to unlock this song as well. I went online to try and find the code, but had trouble finding it. I guess you get the code to unlock this song if you pre-ordered the game from Amazon. SO, instead of 20 songs, you actually only get 18 or 19 songs, depending on where you get your game from. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the code to unlock “Pink Houses”…

2. Song Selection – … not that I even like “Pink Houses” anyway. Because I don’t. I really don’t. In fact, I don’t like most of the songs that are a part of this second Glee Karaoke game. I don’t want to sing along to “Ice Ice Baby” and “U Can’t Touch This” or “Like a Virgin”. I wanted to sing along to “Faithfully,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Like a Prayer”. But none of those songs are on the game. And I’m pretty sure none of those songs are going to be able to be unlocked either. I’m pretty sure the only songs that are available to unlock are “Ice Ice Baby” and “Pink Houses”… which songs that you’re ALREADY SUPPOSED TO HAVE, AS PER THE BACK OF THE GAME’S PACKAGING.

So, unless I’m able to find some sort of cheat sheet to unlock a bunch of awesome songs, I am going to stand fast with my utter disappointment of this game. And while there were some improvements with the format of the game’s menus from the first game, that does not make up for the crappy song selection and epic lack of songs. It’s not like the second half of Glee Season One was musicless… the second half of Season One had a lot of the show’s best songs. But they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND on the game.

Shame on me for buying this game. But shame on Fox and Glee and the other people responsible for creating this game for ripping off video game loving Glee fans. We fans spend so much money on your Glee franchise… you’d think they would try and keep us happy. But no… this is all about money.

(btw – I’m totally watching American Idol right now. Iggy Pop is performing. This is highly disturbing. The dude is 64 years old and running around with no shirt on. He’s fit and all, but this is just wrong. J-Lo and Steven Tyler are totally laughing during this performance. Also btw – Constantine Maroulis performed earlier on the show. He sang “Unchained Melody“. I immediately burst into a fit of giggles as he sang/smoldered into the camera. I can’t help it. This happens every time I see him perform on television. Something about him eye-f**king the camera makes me giggle uncontrollably. Pia, Jacob and Stefano are in the bottom 3… I actually want Pia to go home b/c I like Jacob and Stefano so much. I have a feeling Stefano is headed home, though. But we’ll see…)

Anyway, besides my Wii Glee rant, today was actually really productive. I slept decently last night – I think because I had a solid game plan for today: make charts.

I did wake up super early, but that just meant I had more time to work on my charts. I had 5 charts planned and was able to make each one, along with do some additional calculations I needed to show percentages of nominees and winners.

My charts are a bit convoluted right now, and I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but I feel like I made a really good start. I now have visuals of my data and I will be able to use it to get started on my results and discussion section. I hope to have this section of my paper typed out by the end of the day tomorrow.

I am really pleased with my data. I have some good numbers to work with and I think I will be able to make some pretty solid statements.

(Dude, Ryan Seacrest is SO MEAN. I know he probably doesn’t write his script for Idol… but when he tells people they are safe or not, it’s a mind-f**k. STEFANO IS SAFE!!!!!!!! People are booing, but I totally am not. I love Stefano! Poor Pia looks really shocked. I mean, she’s a good singer. And J-Lo is crying and stammering… But, to be honest, this is a really good season. Most of these people could be the winner. And America can’t complain… America voted her off. Pia was really good. She was my favorite girl of the three that were left. But, a guy is going to win this season. There is no doubt about that, especially now that there are only two girls left. Because Haley is not going to win… and I don’t think Lauren will either.)

So, Bones is on now, so I’m gonna go… I may add some more later, but I’m super tired so maybe not 🙂

Have a good one

So, I am not even embarrassed to admit that as soon as I woke up this morning, I marched upstairs and planted myself in front of the television and sat through Regis and Kelly’s banter and their first guest (Matthew McConaughey… all right, all right) to see Darren Criss’s interview *and* performance.

That boy is downright charming. And even though the interview was really nothing out of the ordinary (he answered the same questions he’s been asked a bajillion times in other interviews), it was still pleasant to watch because Darren Criss just seemed happy to be there. I felt a bit bad that when he was talking about StarKid and kinda paused to see if there was audience reaction/support, the NO ONE clapped or anything. I may have come late to knowing about StarKid, but I started watching their stuff and reading up about them the very first week that Criss was on Glee back in November. Since then, I have seen all of LIttle White Lie, Me and My Dick, A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel (the latter two I’ve seen a bunch of times… hell, I even watched part of A Very Potter Sequel today while I was eating lunch). I have seen interviews and stuff from StarKid on youtube about Starship and am super looking forward to seeing it as soon as they put it up on youtube. It would be epically cool if they got to bring Starship to Broadway…

Anyway, back to the interview. In addition to the interview, they showed this clip from tomorrow’s Glee episode, “Sexy” (he’s too adorable for words) and then he played “Silly Love Songs” on the piano. It was during this portion of the show when my mom came in from shoveling snow and sat down on the arm of the couch. She looked at the TV and saw it was Darren Criss playing the piano and without listening to what he was playing she said, “Oh, is he playing some Harry Potter songs?” My mom is the cutest… she hasn’t sat down and watched AVPM/S with me, but they have been on while she’s been in the room and she knows that the guy who plays Harry Freakin’ Potter is the same as the guy who plays Blaine. I’m not sure if she knows his name is Darren Criss, but she at least knows to connect AVPM/S and Glee 🙂 (Also, yesterday, I was on the phone with my mom while I was out, and though I forget what we were talking about, she told me to “Thank Grilled Cheesus” for something… My mom + Glee references = awesome.)

After he was done on Regis, my mom and I Wii bowled before she had to run errands and I had to check something on my computer and grab a shower before work.

As I mentioned before, I watched some of A Very Potter Sequel while I was eating lunch. Although I love A Very Potter Musical like whoa, I think I like the Sequel better. But I have favorite parts from both of them, so whatever one I’m watching, I’m laughing.

Work was soooooooo sloooooooooow today. I was only there for a little over 5 hours, but it felt like an eternity because there was hardly anyone there. A colleague and I played “The Game” for a bit, but we had to stop because one of us would have to help someone. I was no where near my goal tonight, but I did have a good time singing along to the music. I heard “Animal” and I danced a bit inside because I’m soooooooooooooo looking forward to it tomorrow night. (SPOILER – I don’t think the warehouse bit is a dream sequence like some fan sites were suggesting… especially after the clip they showed on Regis this morning. END SPOILER)

On the drive home from work, I had the soundtrack to Rock of Ages CRANKED UP LIKE WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! The movie version is being cast right now. I am super sad that Tom Cruise is going to be Stacie Jaxx 😦 BOOOOOOOO. I wonder who they will cast as drew. I totally want it to be Constantine Maroulis, but I doubt they’ll actually cast him, even though he originated the role on Broadway AND did the national tour (which I totally saw and think about all the freakin’ time… OMG, it was so good). The soundtrack to that show is so awesome it hurts. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Well, time for sleep. Tomorrow I have off from work so I will work on some charts for my thesis (what!?!?!??!?!) and it’s GLEE TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! I’m just glad for new Glee, but I really wish tomorrow was the Regionals episodes (from all the spoilers I’ve been reading, Regionals is going to be one of my favorite episodes. I just know it.) But, tomorrow’s episode, “Sexy,” will probably be great too. Woot.

Have a good one!

Today’s Friday, right?

Yes… because nothing was on TV. (That’s how I keep track of what day it is… by what’s on TV at night. I’m sure that sounds awfully depressing, but it’s a good system. Also, I was seriously thinking about studying television for future research and/or academic endeavors. So ha.)

The dogs let me sleep in until 8:00. Best dogs ever, I tell ya. Fingers crossed the same for tomorrow.

The day started out okay. Got up, took care of the dogs, and by 8:30 I was munching a bagel and watching Six Feet Under. All was right with the world.

After breakfast, I decided I should probably Latin Dance/Cardio Box away that bagel I just ate, so I popped in my Wii game and made my own workout. It was better than doing a pre-made workout because I chose routines based on the songs I liked and I ended up burning 250 calories (so said the Wii) without having to dance or box to lame songs.

I threw in some laundry and decided I should probably pay my car insurance now so I don’t forget when it’s actually due. I paid in full, but then when I tried to change my address, my computer told me to call the car insurance people to set up a new policy. So, I spent the next 15 minutes on the phone with a very nice lady from my car insurance place… I got my new policy set up and actually saved $40. So that *totally* covers the shoes I bought yesterday. Score!!

Then I got an email from my thesis chair saying he hasn’t had time to look at my Intro/Lit Review/Methods Section. Mind you, I sent him all of this in October and November (and a couple times since). I was epically frustrated and hungry, so I turned off the computer, let the dogs out and then made myself lunch (leftover Indian food and an orange… woot).

I watched another episode of Six Feet Under. I’m on Season Three right now and Ben Foster is on as Russell, one of Claire’s art school friends. I love Ben Foster anyway, but I am extra digging him as Russell because he reminds me of someone I went to undergrad with. I am now removed enough from undergrad that I can finally look back and smile at the time I spent with this particular person. I wonder what said person is up to nowadays… 🙂

After lunch, I put my laundry in the dryer and decided I should straighten up my room. I had so much crap piled on top of my dresser because every time I come home from work, I just put whatever is in my pockets on my dresser… clock in/out slips, granola bars, unused tissues, chapstick, Purell, etc… I also gathered up all my tax stuff so I can do that soon. Yay me for trying to be on top of things. I was singing and dancing about my room, as I had brought my iPod and its dock downstairs with me.

After cleaning my room, I was still frustrated about thesis stuff. *cue me texting Robin for advice* A big thank you to Robin for our brief phone conversation this afternoon 🙂 I emailed my thesis chair and another member of my committee. I will check that email account tomorrow, for fear I will read something tonight and it upset me enough to cause me not to sleep more than I’m already not sleeping.

Around 3:15, I bundled up and let the dogs outside so we could all run around the front yard for a bit. It was such a nice day out, and it was good to blow off some steam playing catch with Moose and chasing Yukon around the yard.

When we all got tired, we went back inside. I decided I wanted to bake something. I wasn’t sure if I felt like eating my feelings, or if I just wanted to mix up ingredients (Chemistry was my most favorite subject in school), but I opted to bake a triple chocolate cake. I like making circle cakes because I like putting a layer of sprinkles in addition to frosting between the layers. Plus, we have a cake holder here, whereas when I lived with my sister we didn’t have one so I always had to make rectangular cakes in one of our Pyrex 13x9s. Circle cakes!! Again, my iPod provided the soundtrack for my baking extravaganza. My dogs just kept looking at me like I was bonkers.

After the cakes were done, I fed the dogs and let them out before I heated up the last of the Indian food for dinner. And then I totally watched 2 or 3 episodes of Six Feet Under. I am loving this third season. With David being in the gay men’s chorus, Claire and Russell, Josh Radnor *and* Bobby Moynihan played dead people (though Moynihan’s IMDB page doesn’t reflect this, I swear that was him as the corpse in the episode “Make Love Work”. Right?!?!?). Awesome.

I let the dogs outside once more before brushing my teeth. By this time, I had moved the iPod dock so I could hear the music as I brushed.

Usually I listen to the same 20 songs over and over and over again (mostly Glee, some select Pink, Maroon 5, Jason Derulo, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, etc…). But today I opted to just put the iPod on Shuffle Songs and see what happened.

I have 3200+ songs on my iPod. I’m sure that’s not a lot compared to some people. 200-300 of those songs are Christmas songs, which I have to skip since it’s not the holiday season anymore. I don’t listen to most of the songs, nor have I even heard some of them ever in my entire life. But there are whole CDs on there that I know I only listen to one or two songs.

But, throughout the day, I made it through probably 300 songs. I skipped a whole bunch, mind you, but I would listen to bits and pieces of most songs. Some I would listen to all the way through. I love it because it’s almost my entire musical history (I say “almost” because I have a bunch of CDs I haven’t uploaded onto my iPod yet).

It’s amazing what’s on there. At least I think it’s amazing. Some music is on there because of my parents (The Cars, ELO, Elton John, Queen, James Taylor, John Denver, Barry Manilow). Other music is there because of my sister (Chicago, NSYNC). Then there are the artists I came to love on my own (Josh Groban, The Killers, Darren Criss). I can tell what Broadway shows I’ve been to (Company, The Addams Family, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Sweeney Todd, Rent, Ragtime, In the Heights, etc…) or ones that I’d like to see (Titanic, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Phantom of the Opera, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, etc…). There are soundtracks from films I’ve loved. Scores that I could listen to over and over again. Every Glee song known to mankind. American Idol has a heavy presence (Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Elliot Yamin, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Carrie Underwood, David Archuletta, Jason Castro, Constantine Maroulis, Kris Allen, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Hicks, and even Clay Aiken). So do boy bands (BSB, NKOTB) and female pop vocalists (Whitney, Mariah, Britney, Mandy, Christina, Beyonce, Gaga). There is rap, select country tracks, hip hop, R&B, rock, a cappella, dance, etc. So much music. I love it.

Certain songs remind me of certain times in my life or evoke specific feelings. I listen to “Flight From Neverland” from the Hook soundtrack or the theme from Lawrence of Arabia and the corners of my mouth instantly slide upward – those instrumentals will remain with me forever because they are that powerful. I heard Christina Aguilera’s “I Turn To You” and will always be reminded of that awkward slow dance in high school. (I totally went out and got her debut album after that dance… and I totally still listen to it because her music makes me smile.) There are songs I have to skip because they make my heart hurt (“Broken“). There are others that I can listen to a bajillion times in a row and never get sick of them (“Rock With You“).

I love music. I may not have what you think to be the best taste in music, but I don’t care. I love my music. And without it, I wouldn’t be able to function. I need it. I need to sing along to it. I need to dance along to it. Sometimes it makes me so happy I could cry. Sometimes it makes me so sad that I do cry. But it’s mine. And I love it 🙂

Have a good one

I just want to say Hi and Thank You to all of the people who stumbled onto this blog because of a link from one of several Constantine Maroulis fan pages and websites 🙂 I am humbled and super excited at the same time that other Constantine fans took time out of their day to check out what I wrote about my experiences at Rock of Ages the other day.

In all seriousness, I was beyond excited that I finally got to see Rock of Ages, and even more thankful that I got to see a production where Constantine was playing Drew. He originated the role on Broadway, and I am just really happy that he reprised his role in the national tour. It’s awesome that fans all over the country get to see him in Rock of Ages if they missed his run in NYC. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed in hopes he’ll get to be in the movie version. Right now IMDB says that Seth Rogen is rumored to be Lonny and Taylor Swift is rumored to be Sherrie. I think Rogen would be great as Lonny, but I’m not sure about Swift as Sherrie… I haven’t been able to find any other casting news online. *sigh*

Well then…

I was very unproductive today, unless you count finding a new background for my computer. For the past week, it was a still from Glee of Finn and Rachel singing “With You I’m Born Again,” but I changed it to Rock of Ages 🙂

I was going to work on my Methods Section of my thesis proposal, but still have yet to hear back from my thesis chair. *sigh times two* Perhaps I’ll get started on that tomorrow… I’ll just go with the coding sheet key I think I should use and then I can always edit my work if he suggests something else.

Work was uneventful today… I was in for 3 hours and it was pretty dead. I basically walked around singing to myself because there was no one else in sight for most of the time I was there. Mondays…

I’m off from work tomorrow, so I’ll probably go to the library with my mom. I finally finished reading Middlesex. I need something a bit more uplifting now… or maybe a biography or something. Hmmm…

And tomorrow is also Glee Tuesday! I am really looking forward to this Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed episode 🙂 I have been listening to “Damn it, Janet” and “The Time Warp” on repeat for the past week!!

Have a great day!!

P.S. I watched last night’s episode of Dexter… and I am still super intrigued where Lumen’s story is going to take us. I think she’s a great foil for Dexter. Even though there wasn’t much Quinn/Dexter/Kyle Butler plot this week, I liked how Dexter and Quinn’s interaction at Deb’s apartment went down. That’s a tricky triangle… I look forward to seeing how that gets resolved. And how can anyone not love Angel?! I love this show 🙂 It’s so addicting. Michael C. Hall is just awesome beyond words.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. No, I didn’t work on anything remotely related to my thesis proposal today. It was Rock of Ages day… how was I supposed to think about anything but rocking hard and face melting?


My dad dropped my mom and I off at the Orpheum at 1:10ish for our 2:00 show. My heart was racing the entire drive there, and more so once we entered the theater. We looked at the souvenir stuff on the main floor and then began our trek to the upper most balcony.

About halfway up, we stopped off on another floor where my mom said she’d get me a program. She ended up getting me a program *and* the Original Broadway Cast recording of the CD… Happy Halloween to me 🙂 (See, she gave/sent my brother and sister their Halloween treats and whatnot already. But I got the best Halloween treats of all… going to see the musical with my mom and the awesome program and CD!!!!)

As we sat in our seats (dead center, and about 3 rows down from the very top of the theater), there was some great 80s rock playing on the speakers. My heart continued to race… I was so freakin’ excited!

I downed a cough drop, put all my belongings under my chair, then had to get my purse back out to dig out my glasses (better to see crystal-clear tops of the actors heads than just a blur of action…), then put my bag back under the chair. My knees bounced up and down… and finally the lights dimmed.

I had a shit-eating grin on my face for the next several hours… that’s how awesome the show was.

For those of you who don’t know what Rock of Ages is, it’s a musical about Drew (a young guy who wants to make it big as a rock star) and Sherrie (a young lady from Kansas who wants to make it big in Hollywood as an actress). Of course they like each other and of course there is conflict between them, as well as conflicts among the supporting characters. And said conflict ensues and everyone sings about it… through the greatest 80s power ballads ever.

The show was colorful. The show was loud. The show ROCKED like whoa.

Now, I have wanted to see Rock of Ages since it opened on Broadway in 2009. “Why?,” you ask?

Two words. (One name.)

Constantine Maroulis.

“Who?,” you ask?

Only one of my favorite American Idol contestants of all time.

Season Four… Constantine Maroulis was considered the “rocker”. He had (and still has) long, 80s hair-band hair, he gave smoldering looks to the camera, and he had a solid rock (albeit musical theater-esque) voice. He was my favorite performer of that season, and every time he was up on my TV screen, I would burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. I couldn’t help it.

So, fast forward a few years later… I hear that he is to star in a new musical on Broadway called Rock of Ages. And I want to see it, in a bad way.

My sister and I frequented New York City and the Great White Way on our road trips, but when it came time to pick what shows to see, she said she’d rather see something else. And so my heart sank a little bit, but I was at peace that I was not to see Constantine in Rock of Ages on Broadway. I watched him on the Tony Awards in June 2009, and a bajillion times on YouTube ever since. I had some of the songs on my computer and would listen to them all the time… Rock of Ages peppered throughout my 7 epic Broadway mixes.

Cut to the middle of this summer… my mom and sister, on their epic road trip around the country, go to New York City and see Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in A Little Night Music. When they return home, my mom gives me her Playbill. Awhile later, I go to put that Playbill in the box with the rest of my Playbills. As I go to put it in, I flip through the pages to see what other shows are being advertised. Near the back, there is a page about American Idol contestants who have gone on to star on Broadway. Of course there was a picture of Constantine in Rock of Ages… but below that, it said that Rock of Ages would be going on its national tour starting this September, and that Constantine would be headlining.


So of course I checked to see if Rock of Ages was coming through Minneapolis. Um, yes! And then I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale…

Which brings us to today.

Oh Rock of Ages, you did not disappoint. Neither did you, Constantine Maroulis 🙂

I was familiar with all of the songs, but it’s a totally different experience seeing them performed live on a stage by the characters. Amazing! The show was so loud! The music was so 80s-tastic! Constantine was so… great 🙂 Solid vocal. Really great comedic timing. Just a freakin’ joy to watch.

And not only was he great, but the whole cast was too – especially the narrator/sound guy, Lonny. Great physical humor and epic amounts of sarcasm… loved it!

Going into the show, my favorite song on the CD was the “Heaven/More Than Words/To Be With You” medley. Constantine’s vocals on “Heaven” are soooooo good. And then seeing it live today was really amazing. I couldn’t help but smile. Even though the entire theater was full, I zoned out for awhile and could only focus on the stage. In that moment, I was just so happy to be where I was, watching this show, that it felt like I was the only person in that darkened room.

During the show, though, I think my most favorite music moment was “Here I Go Again“. That’s such an epic song, and to see how they staged it, and then the entire company came out to sing (it was the end of Act I finale)… it was just so great. I can’t wait to listen to that song in the car on the way to work tomorrow.

And then the last three songs of the show are sooooooo good too. “Oh Sherrie,” “The Search is Over” and “Don’t Stop Believin‘”… could they be anymore epic than that? Nope 🙂 And once again, Constantine’s vocals were freakin’ spot-on. He nailed them all… wailing like all the great 80s rockers. And we saw the matinee… the whole cast had another performance to do today.

I was so sad when the show was over, but I was so energized from what I saw. That was the most energetic musical theater show I’ve seen since The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee… and Rock of Ages was probably even more physically exhausting for the cast, I’m guessing. It was great… just great 🙂

My dad picked my mom and up after the show and we went home and watched Repo Men. It’s not the greatest movie ever, but it’s highly entertaining. Plus, I love Jude Law (esp. after my sister and I met him last year in NY before we saw him in Hamlet… woot). Repo Men is pretty ridiculous, but I dig it. I actually saw it in theaters. It’s the only movie I’ve ever been to where I was the only person in the entire theater. So, it will always have a special place in my heart.

And now we’re watching the Phillies/Giants game. Being from PA, and a former Philly resident, I am rooting for the Phillies of course. Go team

I am so tired and have to work tomorrow… I wonder how far I’ll make it into the new SNL tonight. Hmmm

Have a good one 🙂