If you follow my blog, or keep tabs on me in real life, you’ll know that I used to post in-depth recaps of Glee. I stopped after Season 4 because I was getting so mad at the show. I’m still mad at the show and at this point I wish it would have just been cancelled already. It’s hard watching something I once loved get so far away from what it once represented and championed.

For those of you who don’t know, the RIB in the title of this post refers to Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk.

MAJOR SPOILERS for Glee Seasons 2-6. You have been warned.

I’ll say that again… MAJOR SPOILERS for seasons 2-6.

I should be working on another chapter of the book I’m writing. But instead, I’m typing this out because I feel I needed to get up on a soap box for a moment and express my utter discontent about Glee as we continue on in the hiatus between seasons 5 and 6.

At the moment, MyTV is rerunning Episodes 5.1 and 5.2. In 5.1, “Love, Love, Love,” the glee kids sing a bunch of Beatles songs but one of the bigger plot lines is that Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) is planning a marriage proposal for his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer).

Kurt and Blaine (referred to as “Klaine” by fans) have been a fan pairing since Blaine’s first appearance back in Season 2 (Episode 2.6, “Never Been Kissed”) and officially canon starting in 2.16 (“Original Song”). Their relationship has been punctuated with several meaningful moments – their first school dance together (2.10, “Prom Queen”), the first time they said I Love You (2.22, “New York”), when Blaine transferred to McKinley to go to school with Kurt (3.1, “The Purple Piano Project”), their first time having sex (3.5, “The First Time”), their first big fight (3.17, “Dance With Somebody”), their first break-up (4.4, “The Break Up”), their first big step toward reconciliation (4.8, “Thanksgiving”), Kurt’s dream sequence of them singing “Come What May,” i.e. the song they were planning to sing to each other at their wedding (4.15, “Girls [and Boys] on Film), when Blaine asks Kurt’s dad about proposing to Kurt (4.21, “Wonder-ful”), when Blaine buys Kurt’s engagement ring (4.22 “All or Nothing”), when Blaine and Kurt get back together and Blaine proposes to Kurt (5.1, “Love, Love, Love”), when Blaine and Kurt live together in NYC (5.14, “New New York”), when Blaine and Kurt have a huge fight and decide not to live together in NYC (5.16, “Tested”), when Blaine and Kurt have another fight but ultimately decide that loving and trusting each other is something they will choose to do and they move back in with each other (5.20, The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”).

And then we come to Season 6, which although is presently filming, won’t air until early 2015.

I don’t actively seek out spoilers (in fact, I’ve unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter and Tumblr to avoid spoilers), but plot points have still popped up on my dashboards and from what I’ve gathered, Season 6 starts off six months after Season 5 ends. Kurt has called off his engagement to Blaine, Blaine has flunked out of NYADA and moved back to Ohio and is now dating (living with?) David Karofsky. Yes, that same David Karofsky who used to bully Kurt (to the point of death threats) and whose only two interactions with Blaine have contained shoving matches where Blaine tried to stand up for/protect Kurt (2.6 and 2.17, “Night of Neglect”).

It has been increasingly harder to care about Glee the past few seasons, but this is really it for me. It is so frustrating when the show has taken my favorite character (Blaine) and has repeatedly committed epic character assassination. Not only is this a huge disservice to the fans; it’s an overall disservice to the people who have actively looked up to/cared about Klaine.

When Blaine was first introduced in 2.6, he was seen as a mature mentor and confidant for Kurt. Blaine was someone Kurt could talk to about being bullied and being out at school. Though his age/grade was never explicitly stated on the show, fans assumed Blaine was either a year ahead of Kurt or in the same grade as Kurt.

Season 3 was Kurt’s senior year of high school. It was revealed, however, in 3.2 (“I Am Unicorn”) that Blaine was a junior. And all of a sudden, the confidant Blaine disappeared and his character became a lot less confident, a lot more whiny and increasingly further away from the strong character he was introduced as. Flaws were a necessity to knock him off the pedestal Kurt had put him on, but the radical shift in character was inconsistent even with the already noticeable lack of character continuity on the show. (Among other things, it has since been revealed that Blaine was meant to be a junior in Season 2 and subsequently should have graduated when Kurt did. Fan theory is that because Blaine/Darren Criss were fan favorites, he was Benjamin Buttoned to be a junior in Season 3 to keep him around at McKinley for an extra season and a half.)

As mentioned before, Kurt and Blaine had their first huge fight in 3.17. Kurt was texting/flirting with another boy (Chandler) and it was making Blaine jealous and feel insecure about their relationship. He was already worried about losing Kurt when Kurt went away to NYC the following school year, and Kurt texting another boy was adding insult to injury. Kurt was jealous of Blaine with other guys twice before (Jeremiah in 2.12, “Silly Love Songs;” Sebastian in 3.5, “The First Time”), but his texting with Chandler was a bigger problem between them because of the impending distance issue. Kurt and Blaine came out of 3.17 seemingly stronger than ever with promises that distance was not going to be a problem.

Of course it was, though. As soon as Kurt got to NYC in Season 4, he and Blaine’s relationship became strained, driving Blaine to cheat on him. They officially broke up in 4.4 and it pretty much broke the fandom. (Note – I was there when they broke up. Some friends and I were at Battery Park while the Glee cast was shooting the scene where Blaine told Kurt that he was with someone else. There was a lot of tears from both the fans and the actors. It was a really emotional night watching my favorite tv couple – at the time – break up over and over and over again.)

Fans were hopeful, though. And so was Blaine. (Sadly, Blaine just said his line from 5.1, “Kurt and I will have a happy ending” as I’m typing this… Stab. Twist. Remove.) From then on, Blaine was insistent on earning back Kurt’s trust and getting Klaine back together. Even though I was dead-set on them getting engaged (the characters were too young), I was on board with them reuniting.

Since Klaine happened, their relationship became a big deal in the fandom and in the media. Criss and Colfer (dressed as Kurt and Blaine) were featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Klaine won several online polls about favorite couple, including Entertainment Weekly’s Greatest TV Couple of All Time. They were even nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Best On-Screen Couple. These young men were a positive representation of a gay relationship on television and inspired countless people. If you’ve seen the Glee 3D Concert movie, you can see clips of fans talking about how much they love Kurt and Blaine and Klaine. If you are into fanfiction, there are hundreds or thousands of stories revolving around Klaine. These characters matter to a lot of people. Though fictional, they were characters to root for. We fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other. And it was nice.

Until it wasn’t.

Kurt and Blaine went through some more relationship drama after they got engaged. Though bumpy, at least it was a depiction of the realistic ups and downs couples face (jealousy, miscommunication, needing space, etc…). They lived together. Then they didn’t live together. They dealt with STD testing (since Blaine had been with someone else). They dealt with making a home but also needing to make space for themselves. There were some decently written (and much needed) discussions between the characters and we saw them grow as men and as a couple.

But then all these rumors and spoilers for Season 6 started floating around and even the biggest Klainers were like NO.

Why are RIB tearing our beloved couple apart yet again? Is that really necessary to drive the story.

At this point, No.

Season 6 is Glee’s last/final season. With Rachel and Finn no longer an option for the show’s big couple, Klaine is basically it. And RIB is ripping them apart in the worst way possible. Not only by breaking them up, but by having Blaine dating Karofsky. (Annnnnnd, as I’m typing this, Blaine and Co are singing “All You Need is Love” to Kurt and then making the most romantic proposal speech in recent television history. Sigh.)

Having Blaine date Karofsky not only diminished Blaine as a character, but it seems like the ultimate disrespect to Kurt’s character as well. (Kurt has gotten the short end of the stick for pretty much all of his plot lines. No character has gone through more shit on Glee than him. He gets absolutely nothing handed to him and often has to overcome layers of obstacles just to break even. And don’t even get me started about how the NYC characters from Season 5 are all back in Lima in Season 6. Like, way to quash the characters’ hopes and dreams about growing and moving away from their small town to achieve their life goals.) I just can’t wrap my head around a plot that would make sense for Blaine to date Karofsky after Karofsky bullied (and then ultimately befriended) Kurt. You just don’t do that to a person who you love. You don’t date his tormentor. You don’t date the person who beat him up. You don’t date the person who threatened to kill him. You just don’t do it. And it doesn’t matter how reformed Karofsky is (because guess what, I liked Karofsky as soon as he got nice and began to accept himself) – you don’t write scripts where Karofsky and Blaine are dating.

But on top of that, you don’t write scripts where Karofsky and Blaine date each other if you still plan of having Blaine and Kurt get back together. Because you know that and Blaine are still going to get back together. And they’re probably going to get married. But at this point, I kind of actually don’t want that to happen.

Kurt and Blaine have been referred to the “Ross and Rachel” of Glee. I wish they were considered the “Monica and Chandler.” Because Monica and Chandler were the heart and soul of Friends. Ross and Rachel were the “will they/won’t they/who gives a flying f**k” couple. They never seemed to have their shit together and by the end of the series, I didn’t care if they did or did not get together.

I care about Kurt and Blaine. Or at least, I did much more than I do right now. And I think RIB used to too. But now they just seem to care about causing unnecessary drama on a show that already has too much drama and ruin the one great thing that it had going for it – a strong gay couple with fan-favorite characters. Sure, people are talking about it… but when everyone is talking about how much they wish the show was cancelled already or that they don’t want to watch anymore because everything we loved about the show has been tossed by the wayside. Well… that just seems like poor planning on RIB’s part.

Why piss off fans who have been loyal to Glee for 5 years? We, the fans who went to the live tour, bought the CDs, downloaded songs on iTunes, bought DVDs and Blu-rays, bought merchandise, increased visibility and notoriety of the people on the show… There are 13 episodes of this stupid show left. For all time. Why ruin it for the people who built you up from nothing? Why besmirch the integrity of the characters? Why destroy the happiness of the people who have stuck with you through time slot changes and shortened seasons? Sure, RIB will likely end up giving us what we wanted in the beginning (a Klaine wedding), but now it will just feel tainted.

Glee no longer brings me as much glee as it once did. It hasn’t for a long while now.

And yet I still watch. I’m too stubborn to give it up. Though I still enjoy the covers, I now hate-watch the shows and seethe about how the writers have almost entirely given up on everything that was once good about Glee.

Girl Most Likely opens in select theaters on Friday July 19th, but thanks to a friend, I got to see an advanced screening of it last night.

This was a movie I was very much looking forward to because of my love of Kristen Wiig and Darren Criss. Going into the film, I knew bits and pieces of the plot (and read some less than favorable reviews), so I wasn’t expecting it to be the greatest movie of all time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the film far more entertaining than I thought it was going to be. Girl Most Likely boasts a great ensemble cast, an assortment of interesting characters and an okay script. The last ten minutes or so got a lot weird for me and it ended a little clunky, but the overall journey put a lot of things into perspective.

(Some spoilers ahead, so ye be warned.)

The film opens with young Imogene Duncan rehearsing the role of Dorothy in a youth production of The Wizard of Oz. She finds the “There’s no place like home” line to be bullshit and we quickly learn that adult Imogene has been trying to separate herself from her own home life as much as she can. (In her eyes, her mother is self-centered, gambles a lot and has control issues – for example, though Imogene and her brother, Ralphie, had birthdays 84 days apart, they had a combined birthday party.) Imogene hails from Ocean City, but lives in New York City and would probably prefer never to step foot in her hometown again.

But, after a fake suicide attempt (which she did solely to try and get her ex-boyfriend back), Imogene gets turned over into her mother’s care for 72 hours. Imogene assumes the worst in her mother when she (Imogene) wakes up in the back of her mom’s car in the parking lot of a casino. She then finds her childhood room has been rented out to a 20something stranger named Lee (Darren Criss) and that her mom has a live-in boyfriend who “works” for the CIA.

To be honest, most of the characters are a little far-fetched. The CIA boyfriend (Matt Dillon) is spouting all this nonsense about being a Samurai and speaking like he’s some sort of demented fortune cookie. Imogene’s mom, Zelda (Annette Bening) keeps making these sandwiches for her boyfriend, and she really does seem to have a gambling problem. Ralphie (Christopher Fitzgerald – who ended up being one of my favorite people in the move) has some sort of developmental handicap and won’t go anywhere past the Boardwalk. He also fancies the girl who works the glitter facepaint kiosk across the Boardwalk from his Crabville kiosk (he is a mollusk expert and designed this super awesome human shell which comes into play multiple times throughout the film). And then there is Lee… the Yale grad who works as the frontman for a Backstreet Boy cover band.

Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of Darren, I still would have been a fan of his character. Lee is the most emotionally balanced character in the whole film. While his first few run-ins with Imogene are a little tense, it’s not his fault (she walks in on him in his room, he accidentally walks in on her in the bathroom, she demands he drive her to NYC, etc…). Lee is slightly standoffish, but all his points are valid. When Imogene finally asks him about himself, he is completely honest with her and she doesn’t believe him, as she never seems to put trust or faith in the right people (except her brother – I really liked her relationship with her brother).

The Lee/Imogene relationship shouldn’t work, but it makes sense that it does. Usually an older woman is more mature than a younger guy, but in this film, Lee has the emotional edge on Imogene and though there is about a 10-15 year age gap, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and manages to be carefree and fun (the bar scene) while still legitimately caring about Imogene and her family (the scene on the Boardwalk and the scenes in NYC). This character is actually really sensitive and with a less than genuine actor, Lee would have come across as two-dimensional and cliché. But Darren made Lee charming, sympathetic and empathetic. He wasn’t dealt a great hand either, but at least he’s trying to make the best of it. Lee is also the only character who effectively calls Imogene out on her shit. 

(Small tangent on Darren as Lee – He looked phenomenal throughout the entire film. Props to the wardrobe department because every outfit was a winner. Also, props to the makeup department, because Darren in guyliner for the Backstreet Boys routine was a big old 10 out of 10. The Backstreet Boys bit was great. I literally had the same reaction as Imogene… a little startled/embarrassed at first at its ridiculousness, but then very turned on by the boyband-ness of it all. And, the greatest Darren moment in the whole movie was when he is sitting up in his bed, waiting for his lady friend to come back… his eyes were so kind and expectant, silently saying “I’m glad you’re back. Though this started out as a hookup, I’m still here and we’re in this together if you let me.”)

Lee’s inherent goodness actually made me like Imogene a lot less than I was expecting. (She was a bit redeemed with her caring relationship with her brother and the arc of the relationship with her mom, but on a whole Imogene was the most selfish character in the entire film and that bugged me because I didn’t want to root for her.) Imogene complained a lot but didn’t really take much action toward doing anything about it – and the actions she did take were volatile and a little (okay, a lot) cray cray. She came across as really entitled and put a lot of blame on her mother. And while her mother did make some odd choices over the years, it turned out they really were for the best interest of her children. When Imogene finally realizes this is when I started to actually care about her character a little bit.

Even though I am a woman, I am usually drawn to Father/Son movies as opposed to Mother/Daughter ones. Were I still living with my parents, I probably would have dragged my mom to this movie (she would have acquiesced because she loves me and I love Darren), but we wouldn’t have been able to relate to the Zelda/Imogene relationship. I have a fantastic relationship with my mom and never once thought her to be a self-obsessed parent. (If anything, my mom is the most selfless person I know.) So, perhaps it was my inability to relate to the female lead that also prevented me from fully enjoying the film. Zelda was not a bad mom. She wasn’t “Mother of the Year,” but she was far from a terrible mother and it really bothered me that a lot of Imogene’s attitude problems stemmed from deep-rooted anger at a mother who actually did a lot for her. I mean, we all focus on the wrong things at times and let our grudges get the best of us, but I just felt that Imogene wasn’t being proactive about making things better.

So, besides not really liking Imogene that much or the last 10 minutes or so of the film (I literally muttered “What the hell?!” a few times when the plot got unbelievable to the point where it was silly, I also have a problem with the title. The film was originally called “Imogene” when it was released last year at TIFF. A few months ago, though, it got changed to “Girl Most Likely.” Wiig’s character isn’t a girl – she’s a woman. She’s a woman in her 30s and she’s an adult (albeit one who acts childish on occasion). “Girl Most Likely” makes it sound like the movie is going to be this quirky rom-com (with emphasis on the “com”), but in reality this film is a balance of the dramatic and comedic. It shouldn’t be pigeonholed as a rom-com because the “rom” part isn’t really a major player. In fact, one could argue it’s not even a player at all. This isn’t a movie about Imogene finding love or a relationship with a man; it’s about her accepting her life and realizing the stuff she thought was important isn’t and that she can’t just give up when things don’t go her way.

I have a feeling this film is going to get buried at the box office. I actually haven’t seen any commercials for it (even though I know some have aired), and it’s only playing in select theaters. It’s not a rom-com, it’s not a broad comedy like Bridesmaids was (even though that was more poignant than some people give it credit for), and it doesn’t have robots or aliens in it. Girl Most Likely is an enjoyable film that does make you think and feel… but a majority of the theater-going audience likely won’t know about it. That’s actually a shame because there were some really great moments in the film and the cast was really very good.

I’m grateful to have seen this in theaters and will buy the DVD when it comes out. (My fingers are crossed for a commentary and some BTS stuff.)

As promised, here’s a post about Darren Criss’s concert at Roseland Ballroom on 6/27.

This was his fourth to last stop on his (sold out!) Listen Up tour. This was his first tour and he was debuting some new songs that could potentially be on his upcoming studio album. I had successfully managed not to listen to any of the songs before the night of the concert (though I did know the titles of time, as well as some select lyrics from gif sets on Tumblr…). I had also been keeping an eye on what he had been wearing for the tour, as he had a similar, yet different outfit on each stop of the tour. It seemed he wore some sort of jacket, a plain top and whatever pants/shoes at each concert. (Not gonna lie – he looked gooood in everything. I was very pleased with the maroon bomber jacket, white t-shirt and black/gark gray pants he had on for the NYC show. Because, damn.)

I was fortunate to see Darren perform in 2011 at Market Days in Chicago. So, I knew going into the Roseland show that it was going to be high-energy and a solid block of performances. My already high expectations were met and then some. For those of you who have yet to figure out that Darren Criss is a legitimate rock/pop star, go on youtube and watch some stuff. (I’ll likely link out to stuff below… you’re welcome in advance.)

Since this was the only concert on the tour that I was going to, I sprung for a regular VIP ticket. This entailed a (super brief) meet and greet with Darren, priority entrance to the venue, a free lanyard and a free poster.

So, while thousands of other people spent all day waiting in line, I spent probably an hour in line total before we were allowed in to “meet” Darren.

The meet and greet for Deluxe VIPs was about ten minutes… I think us regular VIP people had maybe 20 seconds with him. To be honest, I was actually okay with this. I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” him twice before and it’s to the point where I’ve seen him enough times in person (I’ve seen him in person 9 or 10 times prior to this concert and have actually spoken with him twice for a total of about 5 minutes) that I really don’t want him to know who I am. I’m a fan, but I’m not a stan. He’s one of my favorite performers and is basically the only reason why I still watch Glee, but I never want to be *that person* who is the annoying fangirl. Plus, and I kid you not, he is so handsome in person that looking him in the eye is the equivalent of looking into the sun and as much as you want to be eloquent, he’s just too damn nice and handsome for me to try to make any sort of head-scratching conversation with him. (For example, the first time I met him I told him that I listened to his music while I wrote my thesis and then we spent the rest of our time together with him asking *me* questions about my thesis and what I had majored in in school. He’s polite and genuinely friendly. It’s almost off-putting.)

So, this time around, an assistant with the company behind the meet and greet asked us our name, then told it to Darren. Then we got a couple of seconds to talk and then someone took our picture. And then it was the next person’s turn.

Darren would do any pose with you that you wanted. I thought about doing a silly pose, but by time it was my turn, things got a little jumbled so we just did a “normal” pose. (See below)

Myself and Darren Criss

Myself and Darren Criss

When it was my turn, the woman didn’t ask me my name until I was already walking up to Darren. It got awkward because right as he was about to hug me, she was like, “What’s you’re name?” And I tried to answer her, but still walk toward his open arms, so I was like, “Katie” and nobody heard me because she asked me again as I was responding. So, Darren and I were hugging and he asked me, “What’s your name?” So, I told him, “Katie,” but there was a lot of noise from the line. So, after our hug, we kept an arm around each other and he leaned in and asked my name again. I repeated my name and he said, “Hi Katie, I’m Darren.” And I wanted to say “No shit, Sherlock,” but I didn’t. We then got our picture taken and he thanked me for coming and I told him to have a good show. And then he was like “Aw, thank you” and then that was it. I was given my purse back from the person who was holding it (I thanked him too) and then got my poster.

Then my friends and I stood in front of the stand for an hour and half or so until the concert started. I was in the third row, center, but by the end of the show, I was in the fourth row and hand some pushy girl’s hair in my mouth because she had squirmed her way in front of me. *shrug*

The concert started off great because I was already a fan of both opening acts – Charlene Kaye and Theo Katzman. (I’ve seen both of these performers two or three times prior to the show and I have a CD from each of them.) It was neat that during Charlene’s set, she brought Darren out and they sang two songs together. I was super excited to get to hear/see them sing “Dress & Tie” live in person because that is one of my favorite songs of all time 🙂

Theo’s set was great too. I keep telling my friends that he reminds me of Buddy Holly (because of the glasses and he’s just such a little rock star in the body of someone who looks like he works in an office). Theo also served as drummer for Darren’s set. The kid is crazy talented.

So then it was time for Darren’s set. He comes out singing “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King and then segues into a rocking version of “I Still Think.” “I Still Think” is one of my favorite songs Darren has written and his rocked out version is infinitely more awesome than his already awesome acoustic version. (Link to Circle of Life/I Still Think)

I won’t hash out the whole set list for you, but some highlights included his duet with his brother, Chuck (they sang Bob Dylan’s “New Morning“) and rocked out version of “To Have a Home” from A Very Potter Sequel.

However, my most favorite song of the night was when he did “Teenage Dream” during his encore. This was the only Glee song he sang the whole night (since it’s the song that basically launched him into the public eye… it certainly was the song that made me ask “Who is this guy?!” while I was watching his first episode of Glee). I had heard rumor that his version of Teenage Dream on tour was really great… what I wasn’t expecting was it to be the most amazing power ballad that will forever trump any version of Teenage Dream you will ever hear. Like, I already can’t listen to the Katy Perry version anymore… but now I have completely given up both Glee versions in favor of THIS epic masterpiece. I was blown away – it was just so great.

Darren put on a great show. If you missed him on tour, there are hundreds of youtube videos and you can probably see every song from every stop from the comfort of your own home. He’s a gifted performer with so much talent it’ll make you sick (he only played keyboard, various guitars and the drums on the tour, but can play other instruments ). His vocals have gotten stronger over the past few years and though his “new” music was kinda cookie-cutter in how it’s all very radio ready, he deserves all the praise he gets. He’s a great musician and also happens to be a great actor (I’ve seen him on tv and on Broadway… and on July 19th, his movie with Kristen Wiig – Girl Most Likely – hits an independent theater nearish to you). It’s so fun to be a fan while his career is blowing up like it has been. (Did you see last night he performed on PBS as part of the A Capitol Fourth special? He sang “Shout” – it was manic and random.)

So, yeah… I had a lot of fun at the concert. It was nice to see him perform in person again and I had a good time hanging out with my friends. We had a great view of the stage, the music was awesome and it was all just really, really entertaining.

Yesterday, I had a chance to attend the first ever Fox Upfronts for fans, called the “Fox Fan Front.”


The event was to start at 2:00pm. They told people who RSVPed that wristbands would be handed out at 1:30pm but suggested to get there a little early because seats were not guaranteed. I got in line around 8:30am and was about 60th person there. Other people showed up at midnight.


Were these crazy fans there because of their love of Fox? No – they were there for their love of Glee, or more specifically, their love for Darren Criss.


It was not surprising in the slightest that an entire network’s event that was supposed to be about all of Fox’s returning programming and new programs for the fall ended up being a love fest by the fan’s for Darren Criss – one of Glee’s highly featured actors for the past two seasons (who started off as a guest star in the show’s second season). Though Darren wasn’t even part of the show’s original cast, he has quickly become its biggest draw because of who he is. He’s Darren Freakin’ Criss – and he’s probably the nicest famous person you could ever hope to meet.


The Fox Fan Front was a great idea that was sort of poorly executed. They had all 250 of us seated on these cramped bleachers in front of a small stage and a blue carpet. After we were seated, they showed footage from The Mindy Project, The New Girl and the worst BTS video from this season of Glee and told us to “feel free to get up and get a t-shirt and some popcorn or shaved ice.” So, we tried to get from our seats in the cramped bleachers to go acquire a shirt and some sustenance. Once most people were finally settled back down, they brought out Fifth Harmony from last year’s X-Factor and they sang a song.


Then, the emcee (who did not seem to know very much about actors or characters on Fox shows) read information about the shows off of the press release all of us had in our bag of swag they handed us when we walked in. (Don’t get too excited – the “exclusive swag” featured hand sanitizer, a stain remover stick, some mints, cheap sunglasses, a sticker, and other knick knacks with Fox show titles on it. The best swag was the t-shirt, which we were allowed to “customize” in that there were two colors to pick from and five different designs to choose from… I got a Glee shirt. For reasons.)


After being read all the same information we already had on hand, we were shown excerpts from the upcoming Fox shows that will be new this fall. Some of the shows actually looked really great. I’m most interested in Andy Samberg’s cop comedy (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) and Karl Urban’s futuristic cop drama (“Almost Human”). Oh, and the update of “Sleepy Hollow.”


Then, it was finally time for the actors and stars of the Fox shows to come out. As soon as the people from The Mindy Project walked out, our seats in the bleachers were useless and people just started rushing the front to try and get signatures and pictures with people. So, since I was in the third of four rows in the bleachers, I was SOL because I am not a pushy person, nor was I going to try and shove people out of the way to have access to these famous people. So, I stood on the second row of bleachers for the next couple hours and took pictures of other people getting pictures with all these television stars.


It was RIDICULOUS the amount of famous people I saw. Like… think of any show on Fox. I saw anywhere between 1 and 7 people per show.


Since most people (myself included) were there for Glee, the biggest cheers erupted when the Glee cast was announced. Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison paraded in front of the crowd, most of them extremely quickly. A couple people got pictures or autographs with the younger cast members. Jane answered some fan questions on stage. Matthew posed for a fair amount of photos. But, Chris, Lea, Jenna and Kevin pretty much flew by.


Then, the host announced that Darren Criss was there and the crowd cheered. Darren entered the tent and started at the very end and worked his way s-l-o-w-l-y down to the other end. He took pictures with as many people as he could, stopped and signed things, had small conversations with people, and basically was the most gracious person at that event. He must have known a majority of the fans were there for him and he was kind enough to try and oblige as many of them as possible. He was on the floor for far longer than any other person at that event. Numerous actors came and went by in the time it took Darren to move a few feet.


Though it would have been nice to get a picture with Darren, I was not about to elbow my way through the crowd. I have had the privilege of meeting him twice before (and have a few pictures with him/talking to him) and will be seeing him again at his concert. (I have a VIP ticket, so I’ll get a chance to say Hi face-to-face.) Even though I know a lot of the people who were there yesterday also have met him on previous occasions and have prior pictures with him too, I wasn’t going to squeeze my way through (especially since the partition almost fell over at one point anyway). I got some decent pictures and it was nice, as a fan, to watch him interact with others. He’s truly one of the nicest celebrities I’ve had the opportunity to meet/interact with before and I whole heartedly believe that he is 100% sincere in how kind he acts toward his fans (even though some of them can get a bit crazy).


There were a lot of actors I admire there yesterday, especially Chris Messina, Mindy Kahling, Kevin Bacon, Martha Plimpton and Greg Kinnear. I was hoping for a picture with Greg Kinnear (as the crowd of people had dissipated slightly at that point since Darren was gone), but some rep pulled him back once he got over toward where I was standing. I did get pictures with Karl Urban (!) and M. Night Shyamalan, so that was pretty cool.


But, one of the coolest things was that the Bacon Brothers performed after the pomp and circumstance past was over. They don’t play my kind of music, but it was AMAZING to see Kevin Bacon perform with his brother from roughly 10 feet away. They were really good and it was fun to see them play. I felt bad, though, because a lot of people had left by then – or were trying to leave during their set. The people at Fox obviously were not aware that the demographic of attendees were not those who listen to the Bacon Brothers. Demi Lovato or Darren Criss (both of whom were in attendance) would have been more appropriate performers for our crowd. But, I really appreciated seeing the Bacon Brothers and got a real kick out of the whole experience.


I’m grateful that Fox decided to do this kind of event for the fans and that I was able to attend. I watch an awful lot of television and admire/respect the work of a lot of people who I got to see yesterday. It was unfortunate that a majority of the people in attendance were unable to interact properly with the actors. We were told we would be “mingling” with the actors, so I thought that meant we’d get a chance to ask them questions and actually talk with them. Instead, it was more of a “grab the famous person closest to you and take a picture with them and hopefully ‘please and thank you’ was a part of the interaction.” I had a bunch of legitimate show/acting-based questions I wanted to speak with these people about, when the event actually turned into a “see how many famous people I can get my picture with because it’ll probably get me more followers on Tumblr or Instagram.”


I’m hoping Fox will do this again next year (though with slightly different/better organization) and that other networks will follow in its footsteps. I would LOVE to go to the NBC upfronts.


Television doesn’t exist without fans. I mean, it does… but if no one is watching your show, or talking about it, or recommending it to friends, then what is the point?


Major props to Fox for attempting to cater an event toward the fans. The network was able to dangle interacting with celebrities under our noses enough for us to bite. I would have loved the opportunity to formally talk to these people, if only for a minute or two, but I am content with at least being invited to participate in the hype.


Some of these new shows look great and I’ll definitely be giving them a whirl. And I’ll probably be wearing my Glee shirt this weekend… you know. For reasons.


You don’t understand the extent of my love for Whitney Houston’s music. It rivals my love of Klaine. So yeah… I love it a lot.

(SPOILERS for Glee Season 3 Episode 17 – Dance With Somebody) – p.s. I will post links to audio/video when I can. My internet is still f-ed up. :/

I knew I was going to feel all the feels during this episode, but I thought it was going to just be during the songs. While most of the songs were pretty powerful (in different ways), the main plot line of saying goodbye and impending separation hit home the most.

The show opened with a GOREGOUS a cappella version of How Will I Know, sung by Mercedes, Santana, Kurt and Rachel. While the original is upbeat, this version was slow and serious… have you ever really listened to the lyrics? How Will I Know If He Really Loves Me? All those who sang are seniors in relationships and there is an underlying theme of “What will happen next year?” No one’s post-McKinley future is set in stone. This song was kinda depressing, but in the best way possible. My biggest beef with it was the awkward transition (aurally) in the middle from the library to the stage segue… I wanted more song to make a smoother transition, but not enough time. Also, how can Mercedes have lit candles in her locker?! At least Kurt blew them out before they left the hallway.

After the Glee title card (which reminded me a bit of The Bodyguard), Will talks with Emma about how he’s confused as to why the kids are still bummed about Whitney’s death. (Shut up, Schue… I’m still super sad about this, and will continue to be for a long, long time.) Emma pulls out a pamphlet regarding the death of Lady Di and explains how Whitney’s death is to these kids what Lady’s Di’s death was to her… a physical manifestation of her pain. It’s easier to channel all your energy and focus into an outside source instead of dealing with your own problems… like, graduating and saying goodbye. (*cough* tonight’s theme)

In the choir room, Mercedes and Rachel are debating over who was supposed to star in The Bodyguard (Mercedes was right… Diana Ross and Steve McQueen were supposed to star back in the day). Mr. Schue interrupts them and says that this week’s assignment is Whitney songs. They will be sung not only to honor her memory (and NOT pass judgment on the rough patches of her life), but to explore the kids’ own feelings about saying goodbye. A quick cut to Blaine indicates that this is a sore spot for him (and this will be discussed at length a little later).

After glee rehearsal, Kurt asks Blaine to go with him to Between the Sheets (BEST sheet music store name EVER), but Blaine can’t go. Kurt goes alone and meets new character (who best NEVER show up again EVER) Chandler.

Chandler is everything I hate in this world – overly chipper, filled with horrible puns, and seems like someone who just wants to be your BFF and snort rainbows and stardust with you. Back the Fuck off, Chandler… Kurt’s with Blaine.

Or is he? (Yes, yes he is… but Klaine was not all sunshine and happiness this week)

Chandler was very forward with Kurt and after their spastic conversation (Chandler is auditioning for NYU… so they could potentially both be in NYC in the fall), he asked Kurt for his phone number. Kurt was obviously flattered. Obviously. Flattered.

At school the next day, Brittany starts singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and grabs various Glee kids to come and dance with her. Quinn is not having it, and gives a look when Brit tries to dance with Quinn and Quinn’s wheelchair. We transition to the auditorium stage and Brittany and Santana are singing while dressed like classic Whitney (down to the horrendously awesome 80s makeup and hair). I loved this. I love this song. And while it didn’t quite meet the level of awesome as Whitney’s version, it was so upbeat and fun and I couldn’t help but smile.

After the song, Brittany said that she loved dancing with everyone. She told Quinn, “Quinn, you can still dance in my dreams. And fly and breathe fire.” Oh, Brit. But, poor Quinn.

When we came back from commercial, Joe approaches Quinn at her locker and asks her about physical therapy (she must have been there ALL last week since she was barely in last week’s episode). She says it’s depressing, so he offers to go with her. He says he wants to go because he cares about her and because he wants to be a good Christian. I can’t wait until we see Joe’s flaws… we get a little bit of that a little later tonight, but so far, he’s pretty squeaky clean, character-wise.

Will surprises Emma in her office with news that he hired a wedding planner. She had planned for their wedding to be around Christmas, but he wants it pushed up to May (May sweeps, anyone?). She asks if his reason for this is sex, but he says no and about how they’ve been in love for 3 years, so why wait until December. Lots of kissing ensues. Really, I could care less about the Wemma wedding. Bring on the Klaine drama…

… Oh wait, here some is now.

Rachel meets up w/Kurt at his locker and he gets a text from Chandler. Turns out, he gets lots of texts from Chandler all the time now. Rachel thought it was Blaine from the way Kurt was chuckling (she comments how she gets inappropriate texts from Finn, so assumes Kurt and Blaine do the same). Kurt tells Rachel that texts from Chandler are “fun” and make him feel good. Rachel tells him that, “Blaine is supposed to make you feel good.” Kurt confides that things are kinda bland between them… says they haven’t had any unscheduled makeout sessions in over a month. Kurt then (seriously) asks Rachel if she’s heard of “lesbian bed death” – about how two women in a relationship have ended up more as sisters than lovers. He says that he and Blaine are like an old married couple and that he loves Blaine, but that Blaine isn’t making Kurt blush with his texts. Rachel asks if he’d show Blaine the texts. Kurt promptly says No.

(small tangent – This bothers me because Kurt and Blaine’s relationship began as friends who were completely honest with each other. Well… not completely honest… they didn’t really talk about feelings and stuff early on and there was some conflict about bisexuality last season… but on a whole, they seemed pretty open and honest with each other. However, I was thankful for this story line tonight. Kurt’s grown over the past few seasons. He seems to realize now that he deserves and can accept positive attention. Blaine helped him realize this… but Blaine’s been distant and they both are not as communicative as they could be. And YES, I realize these are fictional characters… but I’m so thankful we got some Klaine conflict this week. I still believe they are endgame, but they needed a shaking up in order to bring them closer together in the end.)

In the choir room, Joe and Quinn sing “Saving All My Love For You.” Everyone notices the chemistry between the two of them. It’s a very relationship-charged song, and to sing it together helps thrust forward their potential romantic story line. Plus, this song is just awesome. I liked how the kids sat on chairs on the choir room floor while the band was up in the risers. It allowed Quinn to be on the same level as everyone else.

During their song, they cut to Quinn (and Joe) at physical therapy. She looks really unhappy about being in therapy, but you can so tell that Joe and Quinn both are feeling feelings toward each other. Joe is also, like, super cute (He is. Samuel Larsen is adorable.). You can tell her wants to make a move… and that she wants him to make a move… but they have a moment and it’s ruined. Aw :/

After the commercial break, we come back to the choir room for something we’ve never seen before – a Rachel and Santana duet! They sing “So Emotional” and it’s so upbeat and fun and lovely and… god, I just love Whitney Houston music, okay.

During the song, Kurt (who is sitting several feet away from his boyfriend) is texting on his phone the whole time. Sam looks over Kurt’s shoulder and poor Blainers just sits there, looking over at Kurt with the saddest look on his face. It’s as if someone kicked Blaine’s puppy. And by Blaine’s puppy, I mean his own face. I’m telling you… sad Blaine is just really sad to look at ☹

In the bathroom after class, the girls ask Quinn about Joe. Quinn brings up the “moment” they had at PT, but says that he pulled away because he didn’t want her because she’s in a wheelchair. This is obviously not true, but Quinn thinks so low of herself right now that she can’t see that her being in the state she’s in is in no way the problem. Jesus is the problem. (Which you will see later…)

Back at Schue’s apartment, Emma is meeting with Mr. Lavender (pronounced Luh-vender). He’s a large and very sad man. He says he needs more time to plan the wedding… perhaps September? (September sweeps?) Will still wants May. And to rap at his own wedding. (UM, NO.)

The next day (?) Joe approaches Sam and asks him about Quinn. They talk about feelings… “in your pants feelings” (as Sam says…). Though both boys are Christian, Sam admits that he had sex last year (while he was a stripper) and that it doesn’t make him less of a Christian b/c of it. He mentions how some of the stuff in the Bible is outdated and doesn’t make much sense nowadays. Joe still thinks the no-sex rule makes sense, but Sam questions whether Joe wants to get closer to God, or closer to Quinn.

This next scene will go down as one of my favorites of the night (and probably of the series). Blaine is in Kurt’s room and Kurt walks in with a cheese tray, ready for a night of watching Bobby Brown, when Blaine asks “Who’s Chandler?”

Uh oh…

Kurt asks why Blaine is looking at his phone. Blaine wasn’t prying, but Kurt’s phone kept going off and as each message popped up, Blaine surmised that Kurt is cheating on him with Chandler. (side note – I love Darren Criss and think he’s an awesome actor/singer/performer. But, his performance in this scene KILLED me. I liken it to the scene in LA Confidential where Bud White confronts Lynn about sleeping with Ed Exley. Just the amount of hurt and pain in his eyes… god.)

Blaine asks if Kurt likes this guy and says that he’d rather Kurt just talk to him instead of cheat. (Why don’t guys ever like to talk things out? Props to whoever wrote this episode… Guys not talking about feelings is such a real-to-life story line. I bet countless acts of violence and whatnot could have been stopped if guys would have gotten together and just talked it out. Also, countless relationship woes… am I right, ladies?) Kurt brings up how Blaine did the same thing with Sebastian, but Blaine counters that anything he said to Sebastian was family friendly. Kurt says that it’s hard being Blaine’s boyfriend b/c Blaine is the “Alpha-gay” – even Rachel wanted to be with him. Kurt says how he used to get solos all the time, but now spends his time sitting on stools watching Blaine sing. Kurt tells Blaine that Blaine doesn’t compliment Kurt or make him feel special… Blaine says that he changed schools for Kurt and changed his whole life for him. He still thinks that Kurt is cheating on him, and Kurt counters that it’ll be okay. Blaine scoffs and says, “It’s not right, but it’s ‘okay.” So, the next day in school, sings “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay.

HOLY HELL. ANGRY/JEALOUS BLAINE DURING THE MUSIC VIDEO-ESQUE PARTS WAS SO HOT. (And, I thought it was kinda great that the glee kids seemed to be on Blaine’s side in this. Kurt’s been with this group since Season One, while Blaine is a new transfer to the group this year… and yet, they are singing backup for Blaine and glaring at Kurt. OH SNAP)

Sorry, where was I? Oh right… Blaine had all the feelings, yo. He was angry, but finished the song with tears in his eyes. I think he’s more hurt than jealous. He probably understands that Kurt would attract attention of other guys… but it probably hurts him that Kurt won’t talk with him about this, and that Kurt doesn’t really seem to think he’s completely in the wrong. (He’s not… both boys are right and wrong here). Blaine admitted last season that he’s not good about talking about his feelings (Season 2, episode 12, “Silly Love Songs”), and that’s obviously stil the case. Fear not, Klainers, we’ll get some resolution. Later.

After the commercial break, Rachel approaches Santana at Santana’s locker and says that they blew 3 years hating each other when they could have been singing amazing duets together (PREACH. Why did this pairing not happen before?!) She also says that there are 42 days until graduation and that she wants to be friends with her. So, Rachel gives Santana a picture of herself to put in her locker (which she does). I like that they get along now… especially after they really hated each other… like, when Rachel found out that Finn slept with Santana WAAAAY after the fact. Remember? Yikes bikes.

That night, Burt (!!!!) walks into his son’s room to see Kurt putting various colored post it notes on everything. Burt asks Kurt why Kurt wouldn’t want to take the prom picture of him and Blaine to New York w/him. Kurt explains that he and Blaine are on the rocks as of late. Burt says the same goes with them. Burt wants to keep Kurt’s stuff because he doesn’t want Kurt to go to NYC. He calls them “Starsky and Gay Hutch” and says how they’ve been a team since Kurt’s mom died. Burt’s been skipping Friday night dinners because he’s doesn’t want to be reminded that next year, they won’t have them because Kurt will be gone. Burt tells his son that none of it lasts, and that everything is going to change. Forever. He then tells Kurt that, “We made each other men” and both guys get a bit teary eyed. Burt will miss Kurt and Kurt will miss Burt.

I LOVE Burt Hummel. Besides Blaine, he’s my favorite character on the show. (And to be honest, if anyone but Darren was playing Blaine, then Burt would be my favorite character ever… but I have a Darren bias. So I love Blaine. But, I digress…)

I love the Burt/Kurt relationship. It’s just so positive and supportive and perfect. If one would stereotype Burt Hummel, he would likely not be accepting of his son… but he’s the complete opposite. He is his son’s biggest champion and mode of support. It’s such a beautiful, loving, caring relationship. I wish there were more Burt/Kurt scenes. They are so powerful and well acted.

The next day, Kurt sings “I Have Nothing” in front of his peers. Is the song for Burt? Is the song for Blaine? IT”S FOR BLAAAAAAAAAINE.

While Chris Colfer’s vocals come no where near the amazing vocals of Whitney (sorry, Chris… while I usually enjoy your songs, this was not one of your best ones for me for you, Dawg), it was still an important moment. I love how Mike looked up at Blaine throughout the song, just to drive in the fact that Kurt is singing this to Blaine. You can tell he’s serious, because he points at Blaine several times during the performance. (Cooper Anderson would be proud.) Kurt’s got tears in his eyes… Blaine’s got tears in his eyes. And when the song is over, he brings his hands up in front of his face and does his signature Blainers seal-clap. (This is another song where the lyrics literally rip your heart out and make you FEEL. Whitney and her song writers just GOT IT.)

(Btw – major props to the wardrobe department for Blaine’s outfits tonight… all of them went very well with Darren Criss’s eyes. Awards for everyone. Awards for Darren and his face. Awards for the clothing people and their choices of sweaters/black outfit.)

After the commercial, most of the glee boys are in the locker room. Puck gives his boys goodie bags w/shot glasses in them (Finn’s has a guitar pic) and asks them all to remember the bro-ness. He then says, “I’m going to miss all of you. I love you guys.” I like that Puck is taking all of this seriously (missing people) and I think it’s funny that Blaine gets included in all of this. I’d like to think that Puck teases Blaine a bit… but you know that Puck ships Klaine harder than all of us. He’s always crying during their duets.

Speaking of Klaine… they are in Emma’s office for couples counseling. This scene ended up being pretty powerful too. Emma encourages the boys to be brutally honest. Blaine mentions that he did something similar (texting-wise) with Sebastian, but then lashes out and says how he doesn’t like when Kurt snaps at the wait staff at restaurant. He doesn’t like how Kurt puts bronzer in his moisturizer (Blaine only uses lotion on his hands… he doesn’t like when he only has tan hands.). Then, he brings up what is REALLY bothering him… how all of their conversations end up being about Kurt and NYADA… and how it seems like Kurt can’t wait to get out of Lima and be in NYC. Blaine breaks down and says how he’s going to be here. And he’s been distant because he’s practicing what life is going to be like without Kurt. He tells Kurt that Kurt is the love of his life, but how he’s pissed he has to be without Kurt. Kurt promises Blaine that he won’t lose him – they’ll have Skype dates and Blaine can come visit. This honest discussion about the fear of losing someone because of distance ends in a hug and (hopefully) the promise of Klaine being endgame… or at least strongly attempting to overcome physical distance in their relationship.

(side note – This part kinda killed me a little bit inside. Saying goodbye and physically being separated from a loved one/friend/family via long distances is super heartbreaking and really hard. I don’t know about you, but I spent a lengthy amount of time sobbing after various distance-related goodbyes in my life. When my parents dropped me off for college freshman year. When I said goodbye to my friends after graduating college. When I left for a month after grad school classes ended. When I left Ohio for good after packing up my apartment after grad school ended. So many tears. And maybe I still have some left… I am legit tearing up thinking about these goodbyes. They were all so sad, but for different reasons. Some of these goodbyes were temporary… some were permanent. It’s just really sad ☹ )

Later, Will tells Emma he found a place for them to get married – a campground. Obviously he’s only thinking about himself b/c as an OCD person, she’d never get married somewhere so dirty. She suggests a wedding in November because all the kids would come back for it (November sweeps, anyone?), but Will freaks out and yells, “What if they don’t?!?!?!” He says he doesn’t want them to leave and how they changed his life. Emma tells him that you always keep the love with you and that never goes away. Why won’t you go away, Mr. Schue? And just leave Blaine and Burt Hummel to fill the hour of Glee… (but I digress)

At physical therapy, Joe helps stretch Quinn out and gets a boner in the process, which Quinn feels. (I thought she felt it with her leg, but it must have been with her hand/arm because something would have been pointed out, dialogue-wise, if she got feeling back in her leg, right?) They play it off without making things super awkward and talk about feelings. Quinn asks him if he wants her to be his girlfriend. He doesn’t know… he talks about questioning giving up his faith to be with her. She tells him she doesn’t want that, but she also doesn’t turn him down. Their relationship is left without a label, but there is definitely something there.

Blaine approaches Kurt at his locker and compliments his jauntily angled hat. He then texts him (well, it’s an implied sext), to which Kurt raises his eyebrows and comments how that was very unscheduled of Blaine. Blaine wants them to blow of Glee club (to fool around), but Kurt says they should go even though it’s not mandatory b/c they only have so many left together.

Mercedes and Artie are on the auditorium stage and begin singing “My Love is Your Love”… slowly, but surely, the rest of the Glee kids come and join them (first Klaine, then Finchel, then the others…). Mr. Schue watches in the wings, a bit teary eyed, as his kids come together on their own to sing. Awwwwww… just like the end of the season premiere of the whole series ☺ This is what the show is about… a bunch of kids from a bunch of walks of life coming together as one to sing. It’s such a simple concept, and yet it’s really not.

I liked this episode a lot. I was thankful for the Burt/Kurt scene. I was thankful for Klaine fighting/making up. I was thankful for a Rachel/Santana duet. I was thankful for Whitney songs. And I was thankful for them addressing the all to real topic of separation and saying goodbye.

The promo for next week’s episode, “Choke,” featured Kurt and Rachel prepping for their NYADA audition… as judged by Whoopi Goldberg. Woot. Someone “chokes,” on their audition, I believe, but we don’t know who… I’d guess Rachel, but Kurt makes sense too. Both have blown a song on purpose before. I’m sure it could happen on accident too.

WELL… that was almost 4000 words about Glee. I should work on my script now ☺

Have a good one.

What a day… in the last 24 hours, I got my fingers rolled up/smashed in an automatic car window (super long story short, my fingers are okay, just bruised a little cut up). I also drove 8 hours to get back to MN after visiting my sister for a few days. I finally got my SPACE Tour DVD in the mail (and my StarKid sweatpants) and I watched it and it was glorious… and extra hilarious to watch because, like, 4 or 5 of my friends were in the front row of the audience and you could see them all the time.

And, semi-importantly… today ended the horribly long Glee hiatus.

So… SPOILERS for Glee Season 3 Episode 15, Big Brother


So, there were 3 main story lines… Quinn, Sue, and Blaine/Cooper (Since I will ramble about Blaine and Cooper, I am saving them for last…)


The show opened with Rachel and Finn talking about how their wedding didn’t happen and how Rachel feels bad that Quinn got hurt on the way to their wedding.

Quinn did get hurt, but she’s already back at school – buh-what?! She doesn’t have a bruise or a scratch on her, but she is in a wheelchair (and it’s explained later that her spine was compressed and she lost feeling in her feet and legs, though she is slowly getting sensation back and hopes to fully recover/be able to walk again). She and Artie sing a tongue-in-cheek duet of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” to the rest of the glee kids.

Later in the episode, the senior glee kids are in the library plotting what they should do for senior ditch day. A lot of them had dumb ideas, but it was Quinn who said they should go to Six Flags. (I lived in Ohio for 20+ years… and Six Flags is pretty great… but they should have gone to Cedar Point because Cedar Point has waaaaaaay better roller coasters.) Quinn also told Rachel that Rachel was not to blame for her accident (tonight’s main PSA was “Don’t Text and Drive. Or Text and Walk.) and gave her a big hug.

Since Quinn and Artie are both in wheelchairs, Artie was showing her the ropes and convinced Quinn to roll herself up the steepest ramp at the school/in the city. He also manages to convince her to skip the senior ditch activity that *she* suggested and he took her to a ramp park where other teens with disabilities were skateboarding, skating and wheelchairing down a bunch of ramps (wearing helmets – another PSA moment, but I’m all for people wearing helmets… and not texting when they drive. woot.). So, Quinn and Artie at the ramp park were juxtaposed with the majority of the other Glee kids (except for Blaine, but more on that later) at Six Flags. They all sang “Up Up Up.

Quinn did wheel herself down a series of ramps and her and Artie high-5ed. Artie, though, tried to give her a reality check and say that Quinn should prepare for a life in a wheelchair (i.e. that her recovery was not a sure-fire given). This frustrated Quinn, who told Artie that she wasn’t like him – she was going to walk (she told the glee kids she’d walk by Nationals and graduation). Artie looked upset and disappointed.

Later, Teen Jesus (i.e. Joe Hart played by Ghlee Project Winner Samuel Larsen) was helping Quinn at her locker and then walked with her to class. He said that he was praying for her. She thought he was praying for her to walk again, but he said he was praying for whatever journey she was on (i.e. whether she walks again or not). This frustrated Quinn, but she sucked it up and instead brought him to join the New Directions at Booty Camp (dance rehearsal on stage). But wait? Doesn’t he have to audition? Hmmm… I guess not? Unless he has a song next week.

And thus ends Quinn’s story line this week.


Sue’s pregnant. Everyone but her thinks this is going against nature (especially the synchronized swimming coach… j’adore Nene Leakes [sp?] on Glee… she’s got some great insults for Sue). But, Emma and Will are semi-supportive and actually go with Sue when she goes to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby. The baby is a girl, but then the doctor says she found some anomalies on the sonogram. When Becky visits Sue later, it’s understood that Sue’s baby is going to be born with Down Syndrome because Sue emphasis’s how the baby is going to be just like Becky.

Sue is helping the Glee club w/Booty Camp because she needs to ensure they win at Nationals so they can get the $$ that you win at Nationals. Sue has a deal with Figgins that if she helps the Glee club, she will be allowed to coach the Cheerios by herself (Nene’s character is now co-captain). At the final Booty Camp of the episode, Sue admits that she wants her baby to absorb some of the Glee Club’s optimism. Maybe pregnant/parent Sue won’t be so horrible after all :/


The “big brother” of the title of this episode is Blaine’s older brother, Cooper, played by the ever-handsome and talented Matthew Bomer (of White Collar… seriously, watch that show. It’s AWESOME). Cooper is 10 years older than Blaine, is the star of a series of Free Credit commercials (that jingle is hella catchy), and is a complete dick with regard to his brother and the craft of acting.

From the moment Cooper arrives, you can tell Blaine is not going to have a great time this episode. Blaine is with Kurt at Kurt’s locker when he tells Kurt that his brother is in town and going to take him to lunch. Kurt is excited to meet Blaine’s brother (who Blaine never talks about) and is even more excited when he finds out that Cooper is on those commercials. Kurt immediately swoons for Cooper and says how he loves those commercials and how the jingle is his ringtone. Poor Blaine… nothing to do but roll his eyes a bit and probably feel a bit miffed that his own boyfriend is oogling his brother.

To Cooper’s credit, he introduces himself to Kurt without any sort of judgement (so I take it that regardless of how hard Cooper is on Blaine throughout the episode, it has NOTHING to do with Blaine being gay… Cooper seems to accept that without question.). But then Cooper gets pulled away by Sue, who asks her to sign her breast (which he does) and she says that Alan Menken should be writing him a musical because he looks like a Disney Prince (which, he does… I mean, have you seen Matthew Bomer? Day-yum) But, when Blaine and Cooper finally get walking, Kurt has the nerve to say that Blaine’s brother is the most handsome man in North America. (Shouldn’t he be thinking that about his own boyfriend?)

Before Blaine and Cooper make it to lunch, Cooper is brought to the glee room and is going to give the glee kids a master class on acting the next day. Presently, though, he and Blaine sing a duet/mash-up of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” (omg…. this was epically amazing). Cooper uses the song to try and outshine his little brother, as well as shove Blaine aside whenever he can. Blaine rolls his eyes and gets discouraged throughout, but he presses on like a true performer. At the end of their number, Cooper exclaims how good *he* was (as opposed to saying how good he and his little brother were).

They finally go to lunch at Breadstix where Cooper tries out accents on the waitress and scores free food for them. Blaine continues his eye rolling and then gets defensive when Cooper points out what Blaine did wrong during their number. Blaine points out that Cooper has always done this – how he is quick to point out what he does wrong instead of giving him encouragement for what he does right. There is a brief flashback of a little Blaine dancing to MmmBop and Cooper telling him he’s doing it all wrong. Poor little Blaine tells his brother that he’s only been dancing for 3 years :/

The next day in Glee, Cooper is teaching their acting master class. For kids who want to get into acting in real life – DO NOT LISTEN TO COOPER ANDERSON. That boy was handing out misinformation left and right. He went on to say how it’s important to ignore your scene partners, how you have to point during dramatic scenes, how you have to ask the director if the scene is comedic or dramatic, how New York/Broadway/College are not the way to go and how TV/Movies are where it’s at. The whole Glee club (except for Blaine) is jotting down his words of wisdom while Blaine looks on in disgust… even Kurt is writing stuff down (and Rachel). Why is everyone under Cooper’s charm/spell? He’s obviously giving them horrible advice, but no one can see past his handsome exterior. Poor Blainers.

After Cooper’s lecture (and demonstration of how to pose for headshots), he has them read sides from NCIS. Everyone is pointing and not paying attention to each other, but Blaine presses on and tries to actually act out his lines. Cooper stops him and tells him he needs to point and whatnot and Blaine kind of explodes and asks Cooper why he never takes Blaine’s side. So much Blaingst 😦

The next day, Cooper and Blaine have an unfortunate encounter in the hallway and Blaine breaks into song, singing Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” to a montage of Blaine boxing, showering (um, Hi Darren’s back…), and then singing up on stage in front of a wall of televisions all playing Cooper’s commercial. Blaine just has so many feelings that the only way he can express himself is through punching stuff and singing it out. Even though this song/sequence were ridiculously cheesy, major props to Darren for fully committing to everything. The kid’s face can express a vast array of emotions within fractions of seconds.

Kurt meets up with Blaine at Blaine’s locker and gives him a puppy stuffed animal that Finn won at Six Flags. They have a little chat about Cooper… Blaine thought Cooper was gone already to his audition (for a Michael Bay movie… what), but Kurt said that Cooper was in the auditorium waiting for Blaine. Blaine didn’t know what to say because his brother wouldn’t listen to him at all earlier in the week, so Kurt suggests that Blaine get everything out in song.

Blaine marches into the auditorium in time to a few opening bars from Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and proceeds to sing his feelings at his brother. Cooper joins in, and the two have an entire conversation through song. This scene totally worked (again, it could have been super cheesy, but I thought it was well performed and, thanks to the epic talent from Bomer and Criss, made an impact on the audience).

And, again, major hats off to Bomer and Criss for their acting skills. Their reaction shots in this scene are powerful… one that really stands out for me is the slightly guilty look that Blaine flashes after Cooper sings the lines “So when we found that we could not make sense / Well you said that we would still be friends / But I’ll admit that I was glad it was over.” Like, he realized he was a bit to blame for how sour their relationship had turned. Good times.

As much as I loved the song, I really loved the dialogue between the two boys. Cooper said that that was the best Blaine every sounded. He also said he was hard on his brother because he knows he’s going to make it at whatever he does… movies, concerts, Broadway (which Blaine jokes is “dead”). (This bit was funny and an “awwwwww” moment all at the same time because within the last year, Darren has filmed his first largeish part in a movie, he’s done a bunch of concerts, and he made his Broadway debut.) Cooper then says he’d like for him and Blaine to not just be brothers, but be friends, to which Blaine replies how he’s wanted that forever. Blaine thought Cooper had to get going, but it turns out Cooper’s audition was cancelled (Cooper said they probably found somebody better or hotter). Blaine suggests that they put his audition on tape. They have a cute moment when Blaine points at Cooper while he’s talking and Cooper jokes that he knew Blaine was serious because he pointed. Blaine then said he could have done something else like RAISE HIS VOICE. And the AnderBros walked off into the sunset (well… not really… more like out of the auditorium) and we hope they live happily ever after.

I hope we get to see more of Cooper in upcoming episodes. If not season, then hopefully next season. Since this was a MAJOR Blaine episode, I doubt we’ll see any big Blaine story lines for the rest of this season (well, unless they deal with Kurt… we’ll see Klaine stuff, I’m sure. But Blaine-only story lines are likely over until Season 4 since he’s a Junior and they are really going to be focusing on the kids who are graduating). But, I would love to see more AnderBros in the future. Especially now that Cooper isn’t as big of a douche as he was at the beginning of the episode.

WELL… thus ends my recap. Here’s the promo for next week. I cannot f-ing wait for this episode, as j’adore the Saturday Night Fever. Disco does NOT suck.


I should get to sleep… have a lot of work tomorrow.

Have a good one


I’m still kinda sick. I had to call off from work yesterday because I was still getting over my fever and I have a runny nose, sore throat and funky/swollen tonsils. By now, the fever is completely gone, but I’m still blowing my nose every couple minutes, my tonsils are still super lumpy and I haven’t eaten much in the last 3 days.

I do plan on going to work tomorrow, though. It’s a huge day and they were making sure everyone was going to be in, so I’ll just have to suck it up and go in LIKE A BOSS. I’ll just need to line my pockets with tissues and make sure I stay hydrated. There isn’t really anything I can do to make myself feel better. I’ve had tonsil problems since I was little… my tonsils are ginormous and they used to rub together in one, giant blob in the back of my throat. They have since separated (thanks to the widening of my mouth due to an expander I was painfully forced to wear in high school to correct my bite… my top teeth used to rest *inside* of my bottom teeth instead of outside of them… yeah. ouch.), but are still abnormally large. They get irritated more often than they should and sometimes get lumps all over them. It’ll go away soonish… it’s just a little uncomfortable, especially on top of the sore throat and runny nose.

But, seriously. I’m okay. I’m very used to all this by now.

So… (part deux)

It’s Tuesday. I wish it were Glee Tuesday, but we still have to wait one more week.

However, the people at Glee/Fox were kind (mean?) enough to release the full performance of one of the songs.


In this episode, we meet Cooper Anderson – Blaine’s older brother (by 10 years). This places Cooper to be around 27 or 28 years of age and sets us up for some potentially angsty/unrequited sibling rivalry… at least that’s what it looks like from the video clip we got of one of their duets – “Somebody That I Used to Know”.

I’ll give you a minute to process that.

Powerful stuff, right?

Now, I have somehow managed to never hear the original version of this song before, as performed by Gotye featuring Kimbra. I’m more than okay with this. From what I gather, it’s a song about people who used to be in a romantic/intimate relationship. That is obviously not the same context for the Glee version (on Glee, it’s a set of brothers who have grown apart), but I like how the same words can be used to express two completely different kinds of relationships.

In the Glee version, Blaine seems to be singing about how he grew apart from his brother and how his brother once cherished their relationship (“so happy I could die”), but then screwed his brother over and grew estranged (the lyrics about changing numbers and packing records, etc…). Cooper later sings these same lyrics at his brother, so it kinda makes you wonder if one of the boys is more at fault than the other, or if the estrangement was mutual, albeit truly undesired by either Anderson Brother.

Since we have never heard anything about Cooper Anderson before, one can only speculate about his upbringing and relationship with his little brother, Blaine. Ten years is a huge age gap when you’re younger… I mean, I’m only two years apart from either of my siblings and at times that seemed like ages. So, 10 years is a big age gap, and it could be big enough for Cooper not to realize how his little brother felt throughout various times of their upbringing. You also have to figure he’s probably been gone for a lot of Blaine’s teenage years, so he may have missed out on a lot of important things… like when Blaine came out, or when Blaine got beat up after the Sadie Hawkins dance, etc…

I obviously have way too much time on my hands to think about these characters and this show. But, I’m invested in the show – I’m very invested in Blaine (since Darren Criss is one of my favorite performers), and now I’m invested in Cooper (Matt Bomer, how I love you so on White Collar… damn).

Plus, Glee hasn’t been on in, like, 7 weeks. This hiatus has given myself and other Glee fans waaaaay to much time to speculate.

I’m legit interested in Blaine and Cooper’s relationship not only because I love the two actors playing these parts, but because neither Blaine nor Cooper were originally part of this show. Blaine was only introduced last season and has since risen to one of the main(ish) characters of the show. I’m very interested in his back story since it has changed soooooo much over the course of a season and half. (Like, remember when he was introduced in Season 2 Episode 6 “Never Been Kissed” as an older, confident mentor to Kurt… only to question his own sexuality 8 episodes later… only to be revealed as a year younger than Kurt during Season 3 Episode 2? Yeah… Blaine’s been all over the map thus far… it’ll be nice to get some back story, especially back story that has nothing to do with his relationship with Kurt. I’m all for individual character plot lines, and not just ones that deal with significant others.)

Plus, I really just want to know what leads up to this scene because I want to know what causes Blaine to express that amount of emotions in 2 minutes and 44 seconds. This isn’t just a one-off thing… this kid obviously has had some pent-up issues with his brother that he needs to get off his chest via song.

The amount of feeling and emotion that both Darren Criss and Matt Bomer put into this song is ridiculous and deserves the most epic of slow claps. They are both super talented actors and performers and their commitment to this song and ability to showcases everything they’re feeling on their faces and in their body language like that is really powerful and special. My heart can’t help but to break when I watch this video clip… the amount of hurt going on between those two is crazy.

Watching this video actually reminded me a lot of the song “Being Alive” from Company. The comparison was there for me because of the repeated use of the word “somebody.”

Though I haven’t heard the Gotye version of the song, I’m assuming that the word “somebody” in the phrase “somebody that I used to know” can be interpreted both as “somebody” *and* “some body”.

Think about that for a second…

“Somebody” you used to know could be a person… any person. But, “some body” you used to know… to me, that implies a more intimate action.

In the Glee version of this song, I take the song to be interpreted as “somebody” even though toward the end of the song, they emphasize the latter half of the word.

In Company, there’s an exchange of dialogue between the main character, Robert, and his friend Amy that ends with “you need to marry somebody, not someBODY.” Then, later during “Being Alive,” Amy interjects again…

AMY: Blow out the candles, Robert, and make a wish. *Want* something!
Want *something*!

And then Robert continues to sing…

Somebody, hold me too close,
Somebody, hurt me too deep,
Somebody, sit in my chair
And ruin my sleep
And make me aware
Of being alive,
Being alive.

Somebody, need me too much,
Somebody, know me too well,
Somebody, pull me up short
And put me through hell
And give me support
For being alive,
Make me alive.

Make me confused,
Mock me with praise,
Let me be used,
Vary my days.
But alone is alone, not alive.

Somebody, crowd me with love,
Somebody, force me to care,
Somebody, make me come through,
I’ll always be there,
As frightened as you,
To help us survive
Being alive,
Being alive,
Being alive!

Again.. powerful stuff, right?

(side note – I saw the revival of Company on Broadway and actually cried when Raul Esparza sang “Being Alive.” From the moment he lets out that guttural, primal yell right through the end of that song, there were just silent tears streaming down my face. It was such a powerful, private moment and I couldn’t help but cry. It’s still really hard for me to watch that scene… it’s just so moving :/ )

Well… I’m going to get going. Now that I’m feeling all the feelings.

Have a good one.