But before I get to my thoughts on the Dexter Season 5 finale, I was actually a bit bummed when I got online and saw that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are getting divorced 😦 I mean, it’s their lives and I wish the best for both of them, but a small part of me really got a kick out of seeing the two of them go head-to-head as siblings on the past 5 seasons of Dexter. How is their divorce going to impact their on-screen chemistry? Will it? Both of them are such great actors surely they can work through their differences for Season 6. Right?

(In other celebrity break-up news, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hugeons split. IMO, he is way more marketable/talented than she is. However, I wouldn’t call either of them “actors,” per se, but merely people who became famous by playing characters in a popular Disney franchise. Meryl Streep is an actor. Vanessa Hudgens is a pretty face who can kind of sing and looks nice on a lunch box. There is a *huge* difference. That’s why Meryl Streep wins SAG Awards and Vanessa Hudgens wins orange blimps from Nickelodeon. Efron has potential. He was pretty good in Me and Orson Welles.)

But I digress…

So, Dexter Finale


I was looking forward to this hour of television like you would not believe. This season has been amazing… I wasn’t sure how they were going to match or top Season 4, but somehow they did. And I was waiting for a HUGE payoff, or some giant cliffhanger.

While there was payoff, there was no cliffhanger.

The episode started where we left off in Episode 11 – Jordan Chase had Lumen, and Dexter knew he needed to find her asap.

Small tangent – can I just say how AMAZING Jonny Lee Miller has been this season as Jordon Chase?! I have not been more creeped out by a performance in long, long time. Having been a fan of Miller for years (Trainspotting and Eli Stone, represent!), I even had the opportunity to see him on Broadway last year in After Miss Julie *and* get to speak with him briefly afterward. He must have been sick or something, because he was something awful in the performance my sister and I saw of After Miss Julie and he was quite out of it when we met him after the show. However, on Dexter, he has been nothing but spot on and beyond creepy. Between his passive aggressive-ness and then the way he was behaving around Lumen when she was tied up. His eyes were wild, his tongue was moving about as if he were a lizard getting ready to attack his prey. He was an animal – ready to devour Lumen in a way that it appeared he had wanted to ever since he and his friends started beating a raping the barrel girls (well, his friends did all the beating and raping while he watched… but now it was his turn to partake). Cue all the goosebumps that you could ever feel at one time. *That’s* how disturbed I was by his performance in the finale. If Jonny Lee Miller doesn’t get a Best Supporting Actor/Best Guest Actor in a Drama nod somewhere during Awards season, I will eat my Yoda hat.

So many story lines, so little time.

Instead of Dexter going to Orlando to celebrate Harrison’s 1st b-day, the whole family surprised him at his apartment. Whoops… good thing they ultimately didn’t stop him from finding Lumen.

Meanwhile at the station, it was publicly found that Liddy was dead. (We know Dexter stabbed him… and I’m pretty sure Quinn thinks this happened too, but everyone else was clueless thus far.) During investigation, La Guerta connected Quinn to Liddy (Quinn didn’t help by deleting his phone messages and then requesting a lawyer… also that blood stain on his boot is quite questionable… again, we know it’s Liddy’s blood. Duh.). Quinn won’t tell Deb what’s up, as he still has yet to completely confide in why he and Liddy were investigating Dexter anyway. But, it seems that Quinn’s feelings for Deb were stronger than his feelings against Dexter. (And also Dexter later cleared Quinn of Liddy’s murder… so Quinn kinda owes Dexter one. Not that Quinn knows exactly why…)

But, the most important plot line for me what that revolving around Lumen and Dexter.

Dexter loves Lumen. Though those words never came out of *his* mouth, they did come out of Deb’s mouth (not that she knew she was directly referencing her brother and Lumen). This season we got to see Dexter evolve as a person. He’s still a monster (I love the character, but he does kill people in a very methodical fashion.), but we’ve seen him relate more to others this season. He’s compassionate toward Deb and her relationship with Quinn. But more importantly, he’s become attached to Lumen. Though he started out with this hero-complex, as if him helping Lumen would make up for his inability to protect Rita last season, it seemed that the complex gave way to legitimate feelings for Lumen. As he mentioned several times, Lumen was the only person who ever completely saw him for who he really is and still accepted him. This unconditional acceptance was new for Dexter, but he seemed to take it in stride. He let Lumen kill some of their adversaries. He used the word “we” to describe them. They had an intimate emotional and physical relationship. He referred to his apartment as their “home”. Dexter was all-in in that relationship. He didn’t hide his kill tools from Lumen. He got her her own set of gloves. He bought her a knife. They were a super cute couple… *Were* being the important word in that sentence.

Dexter did manage to find Jordan and Lumen before Jordan had a chance to kill her. Though he was in a car accident along the way *and* tied up, Dexter stabbed Jordan through the foot, and then put him in a Hulk sleeper hold. Dexter set Lumen free, then they strapped Jordan to a table.

Jordan woke up tied down and pretty much was celebrating his own influence on Dexter and Lumen. What a jerk. Dexter, romantic he really is, told Lumen the kill was hers. Without the usual kill room setup, Lumen stabbed Jordan and killed him. (Yay!)

But then Shit Just Got Real because Deb pulled up soon afterward.

I was seriously hoping Deb was going to find out this episode that Dexter is a serial killer, and that she was totally right about Barrel Girl #13 and her boyfriend being the vigilante murderers. I want Deb to know so bad about Dexter because this season, Deb seems to have gotten her own Dark Passenger. And I’m sorry, but Deb is not a dumb character… even with the “blind spot” that Dexter talked about, she should be able to deduce that her brother is a bit off and is a serial killer.

So, I thought it was uncharacteristic, yet a great piece of character development, when Deb found Dexter and Lumen (shot at them!), and then let them go. She didn’t know it was Dexter and Lumen, but since Deb had her own past being abused in a past relationship (remember her engagement to the Ice Truck Killer/Dexter’s brother?!), she saw that what the killers did was justifiable, albeit still very, very illegal.

I love how all of the characters have such different views on justice and the law.

So, Dexter and Lumen were free. And as they dumped Jordan’s body in the water and sailed back to shore, everything looked like it was going to be fine and dandy for our misfit couple.

But then there were 14 minutes of the episode left… so you know something was gonna go down.

Unfortunately, the only thing that really went down was Dexter and Lumen’s relationship. The next day he walked into the apartment, telling her the kids were going to spend the summer with him and how he’s a breakfast foods guy. And then Lumen was there on the couch, telling him that she had to leave because she didn’t feel the need to kill anymore. With Jordan’s death, she was ready to move on and didn’t feel that she had to keep going the way she was, as her own Dark Passenger was gone.

This is where my heart started breaking right along with Dexter’s. Again, I will point out what a great actor Michael C. Hall is. As Dexter, his eyes were darting around as he tried to wrap his mind around what Lumen was saying. Dexter had pretty much given into the notion that he found someone and was ready to share his twisted life with her… and now she’s leaving him. So soon after he was left by Rita. The guy just can’t catch a break.

Dexter threw the ugly green plate he was holding against the stove and then sank down into the corner to process what was happening. Even though he was obviously sad about the whole situation, he acknowledged that he needed to keep killing, while recognizing that Lumen did not. His couple lines about how he will carry her Dark Passenger with him for always was really touching. (Great writing on this show – btw – for making the audience really relate to, identify with, and care about a serial killer.) I just wanted to give Dexter a hug. I also then wondered how this will affect him next season… will he kill even more, or with more vengeance, to try to fill this void in his heart? It’s really very sad to see his character arc come crashing down like this – this season Dexter realized he had a heart and was capable of loving and being loved. And now with Lumen leaving, who will love him now? Who will he love now? I mean, he has his kids, but they don’t know about his Dark Passenger. Rita never knew either. Dexter had never related to another character the same way he did with Lumen. And to know that she’s still alive, but is choosing not to be with him has got to be a mind-fuck. (Pardon my French.)

So… now what? I wish Season 6 started now. I want to know what happens to these characters I’ve come to know over the last 60 episodes. Very interesting… very interesting indeed.

But there was no huge cliffhanger like last season. I thought that was a bit of a cop out. Alas.


So, besides Dexter, I did some coding today. Ate *a lot* of cookies. See, yesterday was my parent’s holiday party. And my mom baked and cooked a lot of food… but only 10 people showed up (the roads are still bad, and some people had prior commitments). So, there is lots of yumminess left over.

(BTW – as you may have noticed, I didn’t post yesterday. Instead of working until 10, I had to stay until closing time and by time I got home, I just wanted to go to sleep.)

We ate cookies, I coded, played some Wii, watched a rerun of Oprah, watched an SNL Christmas DVD, and then watched The Sing Off. I love a cappella music πŸ™‚

I don’t have to work tomorrow, but I was going to go Christmas shopping. That’s work… because I hate shopping. I was going to go to a movie, but I wanted to see Black Swan but it’s not playing here yet. Bah. Maybe I’ll see 127 Hours. Or not…

Well, I need to watch HIMYM and then sleep πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

But more importantly, let us pay our respects to the late Elizabeth Edwards.

I can’t imagine being in the public eye like she was, battling cancer as well as the political and personal aspects of her family. She always came across as so composed and strong. While watching the news yesterday, the news anchors announced she was stopping treatment on her cancer, as it had spread. And now today, she has passed. My thoughts go out to her family, especially the children, as it must be a horrible experience to go through this, especially during the holiday season.


Compared to the hardships the Edwards family is facing right now, my day was an epic walk in the park with a side of Glee. And while I am continually grateful to be living my life, even in my state of contentment and happiness, I am always aware that there are other people who are not.

I woke up around 7:30 and went upstairs to find my mom elbows-deep in bakeware. This is day 2 of epic baking for our Christmas party this weekend. I ate some granola and an orange, watched an episode of Parks and Rec I must have missed during the second season, and then went back downstairs to throw in a load of laundry and code some more.

Coding is a process… and it’s definitely not as easy as my professor and I thought it was going to be. I’m sure I am still making it a bajillion times harder on myself than it needs to be, but I’m trying to get good numbers. So, I will stick with what I’ve got going on… The biggest hurdle has been looking up people on the Internet. Try and think of all the gender ambiguous names you know… then double or triple it. Wikipedia and Google Images have been my best friends, for sure.

Before lunch, I couldn’t look up anymore people, so I watched last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was all right… I liked the manatee outfit (I love manatees… and Jason Segel, of course).

Speaking of watching television shows from the other night… holy hell has Dexter been AMAZING this season. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left! I am glad I have watched this season by myself because I have been talking at the computer screen during every episode, saying “What the what?!” and “Aw, hell no!” I have some hunches about what is going down in the finale next week…


I haven’t read anything, but I did watch the promo for next week’s episode and I have read the books. Not that this plot line is in any of the books, but still.

So, I think that Deb is going to find out about Dexter’s Dark Passenger. She knows about it in the books, and I think it’s about time she knows about it on the show. This plot line would definitely be able to be played out over the course of Season 6. It’ll be a good cliffhanger, for sure.

I also think that Lumen will not die. That would just be wrong to kill off another one of Dexter’s “love” interests in a finale. And, as much as I don’t really like Julia Stiles, I am loving Lumen and Dexter together. Dexter never really loved Rita the way people in a relationship should love each other. Their relationship was more of a facade so that Dexter seemed normal. He cared about Rita and cares about her kids and Harrison, but he never seemed very husbandly or genuinely affectionate toward her. However, with Lumen, Dexter is an actual person. He doesn’t have to hide any part of who he is. She knows about the murders and is fine with it, as she is pretty messed up too. And Dexter and Lumen are kinda cute together… they certainly are affectionate and act very much like a legitimate/caring couple. He looks out for her, but also works with her. And Michael C. Hall is such a brilliant actor, the way he plays Dexter. It’s as if Dexter is experiencing certain feelings for the very first time. During the scene in Episode 10 where Lumen takes off his shirt and has his hands behind his back, his eyes darted in a slight panic before he seemed to catch himself and then allowed himself to be intimate with her. And then in this past episode, when everyone at the police is in that room and Deb is talking about how the girl vigilante must have help from a man who loves her, Hall’s eyes and V/O make that scene. He’s working out all of those emotions in his head and realizing that Dexter feels for Lumen in a way he didn’t think he could ever feel for someone else. Its these small moments that really make that character, and in turn, make the show.

I also hope that Quinn doesn’t die. Deb has lost too many love interests as well, and Quinn is a pretty decent character. He’s got a lot of sides to him that could still be explored.


After lunch, I ran to the grocery store for my mom. She wanted to make butter cookies using this cookie press and she needed some colored sugar to decorate the cookies. We didn’t have any colored sugar in the house, so I ran to the store to pick up the sugar and something for dinner later on.

When I got home, I went downstairs to do more coding. After a while, my mom came downstairs to inform me she threw the cookie press away because it was a hot mess. Poor mom. She opted to do cutouts instead, and they turned out nicely.

After I put away my computer and folded my laundry, I went upstairs after 5 to help my mom with dinner. We watched the first episode from Season 3 of Bones. Season 3 was one of my favorites, so I look forward to watching the rest of the season with my mom.

And then, at 7, it was time for GLEE!!! Christmas Glee, to be exact πŸ™‚


Oh Christmas Glee, Oh Christmas Glee, you really outdid yourself…

Even though I’m not sure how kosher all the Christmasing in the public school was, I loved this episode as it really put me in the Christmas spirit πŸ™‚

I felt a little bad for Mr. Schue when Emma came up to him to ask him if they were okay. Good for him for saying he needed some time apart. Then it was time for faculty Secret Santa. Since the commercials already gave it away, the audience probably already knew that everyone pulled Sue’s name out of the protein powder jar.

The Glee tree (with its stolen ornaments and empty presents) was so cute. And I liked that the kids were singing “The Most Wonderful Day of the Year” from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, as I love that song (the misfit toys are the best!!).

How horrible was it when the glee kids were forced to sing in front of their peers? That teacher threw a shoe! What the what, teacher?!

It was brilliant to have Brittany still believe in Santa Claus, as her epic naivety was believable that she would still believe. And I liked how the other kids went along with it, even though they thought it was weird.

Poor Rachel Berry and her poor Christmas gift-giving skills. I loved her set-up on stage for “Merry Christmas Darling“. Someday, I’d like to sing a Christmas ballad on a stage with fake snow and lit trees around me. I’ll have to add that to my Bucket List.

And then there was a few minutes over at Hogwarts, I mean Dalton Academy. Kurt was studying in the common room (I’m going to totally use HP terms for Dalton until the end of time…) when Blaine (swoon) walked in and slammed a boom box down on a nearby table. It seems that our Dapper friend has been cast in some Christmas Spectacular at Kings Island (oh, Ohio amusement parks… how I love thee) and needed Kurt to help him rehearse “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. I liked how Kurt was like, “they’d never let us sing that” (referring to them, being two gay guys) and when Blaine gave him a look of “huh?”, Kurt added “two artists”. But we all know that Kurt’s line was a nod to the chunk of society who is against two guys singing a Christmas love song duet to each other. Deal with it, haters, because it happened. And it was soooooooo good πŸ™‚

Here’s two fine looking Warblers serenading each other:

Now, upon further inspection of this video, one might infer that either Blaine is a really good actor and is just practicing his flirting skills for when he has to sing with a girl, *or* Blaine is just as into Kurt as Kurt is into Blaine (Kurt tells Mr. Schue later when Mr. Schue asks if Blaine is someone special that, “I’m in love with him. And he’s gay. So that’s what we call progress.”).

The Glee writers and directors and producers could have thrown in a Kurt/Blaine kiss during this episode, but that would have been too much too soon for these two. And while this relationship needs to happen eventually, I think their Pushing Daisies-esque flirtation is divine. (I say “Pushing Daisies-esque” because Kurt spent a bulk of that song moving around Blaine with his hands crossed behind his back… *classic* Ned move.)

And while I love Kurt (and Blaine) like whoa, I was uber sad that we, the audience, only got one scene with them this episode. I know the show has been a bit Kurt-heavy this season, but he’s a great character. And it is a bit of a bummer that now that he’s at Hogwarts (Dalton…), he is away from the glee kids. I’m assuming that like Hogwarts, the Dalton students stay at school. The show never flat-out said it was a boarding school, but it does seem that they don’t leave there much. Or when they do, they are still in uniform. How is Kurt supposed to be a fashion icon if he’s stuck in his Hogwarts blazer all the time?

But, outside of the castle, Artie and a bunch of glee kids take Brittany to go see Santa at the mall. She asks Santa to make Artie walk for Christmas. Ummmm… that could be bad news.

I thought it was cute to have the football guys ask Coach Beiste to dress up as Santa and tell Brittany that Santa can’t make Artie walk for Christmas. Coach Beiste is such a great character.

Also a great character, Sue Sylvester (take that, Ed O’Neill). And it was BRILLIANT to have Sue and Becky pull a Grinch and Max… See, Sue rigged Secret Santa, so she got all these presents. When Will and Beiste took them back to give them to the homeless kids, Sue took revenge. In perfect Grinch-style, Sue put on a Santa suit and green makeup, Becky put on some dog/reindeer ears/antlers, and to the tune of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” television magic was made. With crafty blocking and a playful nod to the Grinch cartoon from back in the day, Sue and Becky destroyed the Glee club’s tree, took the presents and made a giant mess. Cue Brittany/Cindy Lou Who who took Sue/Grinch for the real Santa.

So the next day, when the glee kids saw the mess, Brittany was there to tell them that she talked to Santa and everything was going to be okay. Even though Will and the glee kids were on the right track thinking that it was Sue who destroyed Christmas, Brittany convinced them otherwise, stating that Santa is a boy. (duh!)

Brittany had another run-in with Santa… this time at her house. Beiste, dressed in a suit, sat Brittany down and told her that Santa would not be able to make Artie walk this Christmas, but instead would like to give Brittany patience. Beiste then recounted a story from her youth about how she asked Santa to fit in with the other girls… poor Beiste and her body/self-esteem issues from her past. And poor Brittany, who just wanted the magic of Santa to allow Artie to walk.

But, in true Christmas fashion, all was not lost. The Glee kids were going to go all Gift of the Magi on the holiday, but Will stopped them to explain that there was still something they could do to make the holiday right for those less fortunate. So, the glee kids (minus Artie and Brittany, as they went to Brittany’s house because she lost the Christmas spirit) got on their Christmas jumpers and sang for the teacher. Their version of “Welcome Christmas” filled the teachers lounge with smiles and good cheer, and led Sue Sylvester’s heart to grow ten sizes that day.

When the glee kids got back to the rehearsal room after their teachers lounge performance, they were greeted by Brittany and Artie, who was standing thanks to the help of some sort of body brace/crutches. By some Christmas miracle, they were left under the tree for him at Brittany’s house. It was revealed that Beiste was the benefactor… and to be perfectly honest, my mom and I almost got teary eyed during this scene. It was a Christmas miracle to see Artie standing, and just really touching that all of his friends got to see him take those few steps. πŸ™‚

The episode ended with Mr. Schue going back to his apartment, expecting to be alone for the holidays (he’s divorced and now Emma is married to Carl… poor Mr. Schue). But, Sue was there and she decorated a tree and his apartment. *And* she had all the glee kids (minus Kurt… tear) over to help decorate. Sue’s not really so bad all of the time…

BTW – I am glad Finn and Rachel aren’t back together yet. Though, Finn needs to get over it. For reals.

And now that I’m filled with some Christmas cheer, I am going to miss Glee oh so much until it airs again in February. I might break down and buy a couple more episodes on iTunes so I can tote them around on my iPod for the next few weeks. I must have watched the “Rocky Horror Glee Show” and “Never Been Kissed” episodes 20 times by now…


Well, I should get going… I have to be up at 6 to be at work by 8. Workin’ 8-5 blah.

Have a good one!

Even though I will literally only likely be gone for 36 hours, tops πŸ™‚

But still, it will be soooooooooooo nice to be away for a bit. Although I am a bit nervous about flying by myself. But, this is an awfully big adventure, so it’s fitting that I’ll be stepping way outside of my comfort zone on multiple occasions within that 36 hours.

Today was all over the place.

I slept in (yay!), bought my plane ticket (should have done that a few days ago… the price went up $40! Boooooo.), then worked on some coding before lunch. I came across a couple snafus that I was able to fix by switching a couple of numbers on my coding sheet and key. I will check my email tomorrow to see if my professor has sent any editing suggestions for my intro/lit review/methods section. I’m really scared that he’s going to be like, “This is awful. There is no way on Earth you are ever going to graduate because your writing skills are abominable.” But, I’ll deal with that tomorrow… tonight I just need to watch Dexter.

After lunch I talked to my sister on the phone. I showered, then coded some more. I had to work from 6-10:30. I was CRAZY BUSY!

We were short shifted like whoa, so I was busy the whole time. I got condescending looks and remarks from customers, managers, etc… It seems that the busier the store is, the less people we have working, the more customers are demanding, and the less patience anyone has. I kept my smile on the whole time, even when I was being belittled by strangers. I knew they probably weren’t awful people, but they were tired and wanting to go home, just like me. So, I just let that slide… I’m home now. It’s warm. I was greeted by dogs and parents. All is well. And I don’t have to be back to work until Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Glee Tuesday!! I’m soooo looking forward to this Christmas episode πŸ™‚

But for now, last night’s Dexter!!!!!! I friggin’ love this show. Michael C. Hall = sooooooooo amazing.

Have a good one πŸ™‚

Oh man, I am tired. But instead of watching Dexter from tonight (b/c I reeeeeeeeeallllllllllly want to, as last week’s episode was uh-may-zing, and this season only has 2 episodes left including tonight’s!), I will be watching 30 Rock and/or Community from Thursday. I’m behind. Must. Catch. Up.

I didn’t have any weird dreams last night (that I can remember at least…), so I woke up sans alarm at 8, had breakfast w/my parents, then got a shower and got ready for work.

I worked from 1:45-10:30 (really I was done around 10:20… woot). The roads weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. But, I did almost die once on the way to work – as some asshole pulled out in front of me (from a church parking lot, no less). There was NO ONE behind me as far as the eye could see, but NOOOOOOOO, s/he had to get out of that parking lot ASAP. The parking lot, which is at the bottom of a snow-covered hill where the roads were super slippery. As I desperately tried to break so as not to hit the car, my car decided it wanted to Tokyo Drift sideways a bit. I hope that asshole got where s/he needed to go.

The roads on the way home were great… until the block before where I live. Then I was sliding all over the place, of course. Bah!

Work was pretty good… it was busy, so time went fast. I got yelled at by a customer today. And then he asked to talk to a manager. And then he yelled at her something awful too. Then he came back about 30 minutes later and was nice to me. So, all was well in the end.

Tomorrow I don’t have to work until 6, so I will try and get school work done during the day and/or help my mom prep for this weekend’s festivities.

Have a good one!

I hate glitter. And yet I was (and still kind of am) completely covered in it. At work I was told I needed to fill in Christmas ornaments on some of our display trees. And of course the ornament box was full of ornaments that were basically globs of glitter with a hook. It was basically raining glitter on me, around me, near me, following me where ever I went. Even after I washed my hands and face before I hopped in bed, there was glitter surrounding my eyes that would not come off. Bah

Work was okay… I kept busy. And I even had a customer as if there was some sort of place she could write a comment about me because she was so grateful for my help. I was like “awwwwww”. So hopefully my manager (who totally scolded me in front of a customer today, when I was just trying to get an ornament down from the tree for the customer as I was way taller than she) will see that little note in the customer satisfaction folder and see that I am doing my job.

Besides work (which took up most of the day), I folded laundry, washed dishes, scrapped off my car, and played Wii with my mom. I also practiced some Glee duets (I need to get the harmonies down) for when my sister gets here πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to see my siblings this week!!!!! My sister will be here tomorrow and my brother should be here Wednesday night!!!! Super duper πŸ™‚

And that’s about it… I’m gonna finish “Little White Lie” and then watch Dexter from 2 weeks ago (I’m so behind!)

Have a good one!

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN!!! She passed her thesis defense… WOOT!!!! She’s my thesis hero πŸ™‚

Jeez, Grey’s Anatomy. You were actually getting to be a decent show this season. You already got rid of Izzie and some of those annoying Mercy West people. And then what happens? You go and have Cristina quit, Arizona leave, Larry from Numb3rs come on a be a douche bag, and Avery continuing to botch every surgery he’s a part of. Add that to the ever-annoying voice overs by Ellen Pompeo, the continuing annoyance of Patrick Dempsey… I just can’t take it anymore. Oh, I will still watch (because I’m the idiot who likes to follow through with shows. Which is why I’m still watching The Office for some reason…). But I’m ready for Grey’s to be cancelled already. (And to think I used to call the show “Patrick Dempsey Appreciation Hour.” For shame, Katie, for shame…)

(End Grey’s rant)

I slept in until 7:30 – woot – and had some crescents for breakfast w/my parents. I was going to clean my bathroom and my room today, but I only got to the bathroom… but that sucker is clean like whoa. I will tackle my room tomorrow. I need to do laundry, move some of my stuff into the guest bedroom, and make room for our Thanksgiving guests who will be staying in the room I’ve been living in since June. (Yikes… I’ve been here since June.)

In addition to cleaning my bathroom, I edited what I could of my Methods section and coding sheet/keys. I sent emails to not only my thesis chair, but the other two members of my committee. I am hoping they are still willing to be on said committee. (Fingers crossed) I really, really, really want to defend my thesis proposal in January. I just want to move forward and finally get done with this thing. I want to officially graduate from OU for the 2nd time, and officially have my Masters degree so I can officially be done with Ohio and move on to the next stage in my life. Hopefully that involves a better job (dare I say “career”?), a doctoral program in cinema studies (or something along those lines), more money in my pocket, a sense of stability, and maybe the means to travel more or at least have some friggin’ fun being an adult already. But this stupid thesis needs to be done with for most of that to happen… Please, let this happen.

I Wii bowled with my mom, and we also did some more of our cardio boxing/latin dance exercises. We did a beginner’s workout and then foolishly opted to do an advanced one. Good thing the Wii doesn’t have one of those things that can track your body movement w/o the Wii-mote. My feet are never going in the same direction or speed as the trainers on the game. But, if your arms are moving in time to the music, you can usually rack up the same amount of points in order to get “Great” instead of “OK” or “Miss”. Don’t get me wrong, my feet were moving all over the place, just not how the trainers were saying to do it. Oh well… an hour of cardio regardless of the footwork is a good thing, right?

Throughout the day we finished watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a few episodes of Modern Family, and then Bones and Grey’s. Bones is one of my favorite shows, but even that has started to disappoint as of late. At least Hannah wasn’t on tonight’s episode. And then Grey’s… oy.

Tomorrow I will straighten my room and start to really get it ready for the guests. And I’ll do laundry… and probably watch more Modern Family πŸ™‚

Now, off to finish up Dexter, watch The Office (maybe?), read… etc.

Have a good one!

P.S. Just because I’m still obsessed with this, and probably will be for many days/weeks/months to come:

I can’t help it – Darren Criss as Blaine singing “Teenage Dream” a cappella with the rest of the Dalton Warblers was definitely the most smile-inducing moment on television in recent weeks. And so I watch it, multiple times over because (1) “Teenage Dream” is a ridiculously catchy song (2) Darren Criss is the most adorable addition to primetime television and (3) the ever-growing smile on Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel’s face just melts your heart with happiness. This scene has “feel-good moment of the month” written all over it.

I was up early as I needed to be in to work for 9:45 (well, 9:35). I listened to my Spring Awakening soundtrack on the drive… nothing gets you pumped in the morning quite like belting out “Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise)“, “The Bitch of Living” and “Totally F*cked“.

At work, I did what I had to do to get ready for my shift. As my area is on the bottom floor, I had to take the escalator up a floor to the morning meeting (we don’t have stairs at my place of business, only escalators and an elevator). The escalator was turned off, as our store wasn’t open yet, so I was walking up them as if they were stairs. About half-way up, I see one of the managers leaning over the thing to make the escalator start moving. I say loudly, “I’m on the escalator” and all of a sudden I hear a loud beep, and the escalator beings to move under me, jarring me enough to make my heart leap out of my chest, though thankfully not enough to make me fall over. However, the words “Oh, sh*t!” fly out of my mouth rather loudly before I could censor myself. I then hear the manager halfheartedly say, “Oh, were you on there?” (while I’m still on my way up…) “I didn’t see you. That was really dangerous. Sorry.”

Um, ya think?

I don’t have the best track record with escalators. Back in high school, I was running up a down escalator and tripped, my knee hitting the escalator stairs before I righted myself and made it back to where I needed to be. My leg hurt the rest of the day and was awfully sore. I didn’t notice until I got home and was taking off my pants before I hopped in the shower that there was blood covering my entire leg (I had black athletic pants on, so I never saw that my leg was bleeding). To this day, I still have three lines about an inch or two running up my knee (where I fell onto the escalator). I call them my Wolverine scars. They are a daily reminder that you should never, ever run up a down escalator.

So during today’s escalator incident, I had a flash of how I got my knee scars. When I was safely up the escalator and at the meeting, my heart was still pounding in my chest a bit. But I’m okay.

I was only at work for a few hours, but I helped a bunch of people, made my goal and opened up various customer accounts and whatnot. Now I have 4 days off!!! So does my dad… (and mom, of course)… so I wonder if we’ll be doing anything fun. I need to clean my room and bathroom hardcore since we’ll be having so many guests over Thanksgiving.

When I got home around 3ish, I had some stew and played Yahtzee with mom. We then Wii bowled and golfed. My mom and dad had to go to some function, so I stayed home and watched some 30 Rock with commentary, and an episode of Modern Family, in addition to Survivor. I am BEYOND happy that they voted off who they voted off. I dislike him with a passion.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to any of the television shows, though, because I was trying to fix my iPod. It went into recovery mode, so I had to restore it, which meant I lost ALL of the songs that I had on there (6000+ songs. Sadness). I managed to put the 3000+ songs I had on my computer back on there, but I lost 3000+ songs too. I was bummed about losing the songs, so I did what any rational person would do – buy last night’s episode of Glee on iTunes so I could watch the “Teenage Dream” and two mashups over and over again at my leisure. πŸ™‚

(Oh, Darren Criss as Blaine… given more face time on Glee, you may end up tying Chris Colfer as Kurt and Cory Monteith as Finn as my favorite characters on that show.)

My parents got home around 8:30 and we started watching the Netflix movie that we got in the mail today, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I saw it awhile ago, but remembered that I liked it, thought it was funny, and that it had some smart dialogue and decent action sequences. Plus, who doesn’t love Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer? I thought this movie would appeal to both parents… and I was right. We’ll finish the rest of it tomorrow.

And now I’m here… typing this up. I’ll watch a bit of Dexter from Sunday, then read some more. Then sleep. Oh sleep, how I love thee.

Have a good one!!

P.S. I will be getting back to thesis proposal crap tomorrow, for serious.

I know it’s my civic duty to vote. And this year, I opted to not partake in said civic duty… plus I am not registered in the state where I currently live. Although, when my parents got back from the polls, they said that people were registering there and you only had to have lived in the state for 20 days.


Anyway, I didn’t vote. Go ahead and judge. However, I was not up to par on most of the issues and I wasnot really feeling any of the choices for governor (though I for sure would not have voted for Emmer… at the very least for that ad about his drunk driving).

Anyway, I didn’t vote. I will next year, and for sure in 2012.


I stayed up way later than I should have last night to watch the rest of Dexter from Sunday and last night’s How I Met Your Mother. (I ❀ Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris…)

Dexter is still such an amazing show… but I as much as I like the character of Lumen, I am getting for seriously sick of Julia Stiles. Every time she’s on the screen all I can think about is her sub-par turn in The Prince & Me (yes, I’ve seen that movie… probably way more times than anyone needs to have seen that movie. Three times… I think I’ve seen it three times. Curse you, ABC Family channel and your movie marathons.).

(SPOILERS) I am more and more intrigued about the Deb-Quinn-Dexter triangle. Deb and Quinn professed feelings for each other (awwwwww), but we all know Quinn is set on finding out the truth about Dexter/Kyle Butler. When it all comes down to it, when is Deb going to find out what Quinn is up to? Will Dexter end up killing Quinn? Will Deb find out who Dexter really is? Will Deb chose Dexter over Quinn? Quinn over Dexter? (Dexter is her only family left…) I want more of that plot and more and more of the Lumen story. But I am beyond over LaGuerta and Batista. Good god. Enough with the bar fight and IA. Sheesh. (END SPOILERS)

I slept off an on, but awoke for good in the middle of a horrible dream (nightmare?) about my brother trying to stab me with a knife. My parents, brother and I (don’t know where my sister was…) were back in our Ohio house and it was winter time. My brother kept threatening me even though my dad told him not to. I packed my bags and was fleeing the house, though quietly so my brother couldn’t hear me leave. I had a bag slung over my shoulder and was holding a huge box of stuff in my hands. I managed to get outside, but saw a strange dog going up the walk on the side of our house. I went down the porch stairs and around to the side of the house to see what dog it was. I then turned around to head toward my car when I heard someone behind me. It was my brother and he had this knife… I turned around to face him and was trying to hit him with the box as he leaned toward me to stab me and then I woke up.

What a horrible, horrible dream 😦

My brother and I have a great relationship in real life. And there was no stabbings on any of the shows I watched before bed, so I am confused as to how I dreamt that crap up. Maybe I shouldn’t stay up so late…

I got up and had some shredded wheat and watched Robert Downey Jr promote Due Date on Regis and Kelly. I then head back down to my room to work on my Methods Section. I still haven’t heard back from my professor (I plan on sending another email on Thursday when I [hopefully] get my Methods Section completed), but I was super proud of myself for solving a problem with my coding sheet that arose during my work today. Oh the word “other,” how you have come in handy. My Methods Section is a hot mess right now, but I hope to fix it on Thursday now that I think I know what’s going on πŸ™‚

A few hours later I shut off my computer and went upstairs to see how my mom was doing. She took down Halloween stuff and started to decorate for Thanksgiving. We have a couple busy months ahead of us here, having to host various functions. So we need to be prepared and decorated well in advance. Mom took a break too so we made lunch and played some Yahtzee.

I went back to my room to work on my paper some more. I heard my mom’s phone ring a little while later – it was my dad calling to say he would be home early.

I finished up what I could get done today and met up with the parents upstairs for a beverage. My mom and I played some Wii bowling (I got my Pro ball back!) and golf. I did -2 on the 9 hole course, so that was a personal best for me. Mom still needs to learn how to check the topography of the green before she putts. But she’s getting there.

Around 5 my dad went to drill some holes in wood for pens in the garage while mom and I went to the kitchen to start making dinner. Well, mom made dinner… I sat on the counter and kept her company while we listened to my “Power Songs” mix for the umpteenth time. The Wilson Phillips song “Hold On” is on there because of that scene in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (i.e. my favorite scene from any H&K movie thus far):

Then, of course, there was some Michael Bolton because no cheesy power songs mix is complete without some Michael Bolton (2:35 = best part, πŸ™‚ ):

We had dinner around 6 and watched the news to see if there was any election updates (not really).

At 7, we watched the Dancing with the Stars results show. Taylor Swift sang a couple songs… I actually like her music (even though I don’t like country… but she’s more pop than anything). She’s not the best vocalist live, but her lyrics are catchy. She sang that song “Mine,” which I dig. I was glad to see Rick Fox get the boot… he wasn’t going to win. I hope Bristol gets ousted next week, as Kyle, Brandy, Kurt and Jennifer deserve to be Top 4. Though, I want the Top 3 to be Jennifer, Brandy and Kyle. I like Kurt, but he won’t win. He’s not the best dancer of the people left.

In between Dancing Show, I flipped over to the rerun of Glee – “Funk”. It’s the second to last episode from Season 1. Not my favorite by a long shot, but I do like that it was one of the episodes featuring Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James. Groff kills it, of course, on “Another One Bites The Dust.” Also, Will’s performance of “Tell Me Something Good” may be one of the funniest Glee moments of all time. Watching Sue’s face while he dances for her is PRICELESS. The first (and second and third and fourth…) time I saw that part of the show, I almost choked because I was laughing so hard. But if given the opportunity, I would have gladly swapped places with Jane Lynch… πŸ˜‰

I stayed up to watch a bit of the election results, but it frustrates me when they call it one way or another when only 16% of a precinct’s votes have been tallied. So, I figure I can just wait until tomorrow morning to find out who won for where. Plus, the last time I stayed up on an election night (when Obama got voted in in 2008), I ended up getting violently ill and then was bedridden for a week or so with the flu (Happy 25th Birthday to me…).

Side note – a friend from undergrad is actually running for office tonight back in Ohio. Check out his website… his videos and political ads are great. Last I checked he only had 3% of the votes, but I think it’s great that he ran. I don’t know if he’ll run again, but he seemed to have a bunch of good ideas. Maybe Ohio and Congress aren’t ready for this kind of progress. Yet.

Well, off to bed for me… I work tomorrow morning/afternoon. Woot. :/

Anyway, I hope you have a great day!

I just want to say Hi and Thank You to all of the people who stumbled onto this blog because of a link from one of several Constantine Maroulis fan pages and websites πŸ™‚ I am humbled and super excited at the same time that other Constantine fans took time out of their day to check out what I wrote about my experiences at Rock of Ages the other day.

In all seriousness, I was beyond excited that I finally got to see Rock of Ages, and even more thankful that I got to see a production where Constantine was playing Drew. He originated the role on Broadway, and I am just really happy that he reprised his role in the national tour. It’s awesome that fans all over the country get to see him in Rock of Ages if they missed his run in NYC. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed in hopes he’ll get to be in the movie version. Right now IMDB says that Seth Rogen is rumored to be Lonny and Taylor Swift is rumored to be Sherrie. I think Rogen would be great as Lonny, but I’m not sure about Swift as Sherrie… I haven’t been able to find any other casting news online. *sigh*

Well then…

I was very unproductive today, unless you count finding a new background for my computer. For the past week, it was a still from Glee of Finn and Rachel singing “With You I’m Born Again,” but I changed it to Rock of Ages πŸ™‚

I was going to work on my Methods Section of my thesis proposal, but still have yet to hear back from my thesis chair. *sigh times two* Perhaps I’ll get started on that tomorrow… I’ll just go with the coding sheet key I think I should use and then I can always edit my work if he suggests something else.

Work was uneventful today… I was in for 3 hours and it was pretty dead. I basically walked around singing to myself because there was no one else in sight for most of the time I was there. Mondays…

I’m off from work tomorrow, so I’ll probably go to the library with my mom. I finally finished reading Middlesex. I need something a bit more uplifting now… or maybe a biography or something. Hmmm…

And tomorrow is also Glee Tuesday! I am really looking forward to this Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed episode πŸ™‚ I have been listening to “Damn it, Janet” and “The Time Warp” on repeat for the past week!!

Have a great day!!

P.S. I watched last night’s episode of Dexter… and I am still super intrigued where Lumen’s story is going to take us. I think she’s a great foil for Dexter. Even though there wasn’t much Quinn/Dexter/Kyle Butler plot this week, I liked how Dexter and Quinn’s interaction at Deb’s apartment went down. That’s a tricky triangle… I look forward to seeing how that gets resolved. And how can anyone not love Angel?! I love this show πŸ™‚ It’s so addicting. Michael C. Hall is just awesome beyond words.

Okay, so the Rocky Horror Glee Show isn’t on until next Tuesday night (we had a rerun of Hairography tonight… more on that later), but did you see the sneak peek of next week’s “Time Warp”?!?!?!

There are so many amazing things about this video… (opinions/SPOILERS)
– Kurt as Riff Raff = amazingness. The costume is spot on, as is his accent.
– This may be my favorite vocal from Dianna Agron (Quinn playing Magenta). This is also the most animated and engaging she’s been in a music number, in my opinion.
– Is it just me, or does Cory Monteith actually look like he’s getting to be a decent dancer now? He doesn’t look awkward, which is a huge step in the right direction. And, I know I am sooooo biased, but how freakin’ cute does he look as Brad? (It’s those glasses!)
– I’m glad that Brittany and Tina are both Columbia, as they are the two best female dancers in the glee club (though we could have used more face time from Santana, Mike, Sam and Mercedes).
– I love, love, love Artie as the narrator. Kevin McHale is so good πŸ™‚

Again, I cannot wait for next Tuesday’s episode!!

So, besides ogling at the “Time Warp” video a bunch of times today, I did get some stuff accomplished.

I woke up and had some oatmeal and tea to try and warm up (my mom doesn’t really believe in turning on the heat in the house unless it is absolutely necessary). I snuggled up with Moose as I finished watching the last chunk of Invincible. I mentioned yesterday that I think the next movie I want to rewatch is Shakespeare in Love, but I might watch Miracle first… I love sports movies like whoa and Miracle is so good. The huge game against the Soviets gets me every time, even though I knew the outcome of the game well before every seeing the movie. But I love it so!!!

After the movie, I went down to my room to work on my coding sheet and coding key for my Content Analysis. My variables were slightly more complicated than I initially anticipated, so I crafted up three coding key sheets today. I emailed them to my thesis chair this afternoon and hope to hear back from him soonish. I hope he has some critiques for me about my Introduction, Lit Review and now the coding sheet/key. He basically designed the coding sheet (with some minor edits from me), so I hope he thinks that my coding key is workable. I am leaning towrd using the third one, but would be open to suggestions from him, as he is a pro went it comes to Content Analysis.

Tomorrow I hope to work on my Works Cited page and start typing up a bulk of my Methods section. My goal is to have a bunch of that done tomorrow so I can go to the movies on Thursday morning. I haven’t been to a movie in about a month and though there are several things out that I want to see, I think I will go and see The Social Network. I could use a good two hours in a movie theater to clear my head and get lost in someone else’s story for a bit. Plus, that movie is dialogue-driven… woot.

I’ve been having one of those days where my mind has been going a mile a minute. There’s just always so much stuff to think about. Old stuff. New stuff. (Red stuff, Blue stuff… hahaha). But seriously – stuff. Thesis stuff. Family stuff. Friend stuff. Life stuff. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever have everything under control. I’m thinking no… but it’s nice to think that maybe one day I will have at least some of this “stuff” figured out.

While I was working on my thesis stuff today, my mom was super busy raking and mowing and doing other chores in and around the house.

My dad got home around 6:15 and we all had dinner and started watching White Men Can’t Jump, which I had never seen before. I was a bit surprised to see it was written and directed by Ron Shelton (my beloved writer/director of Bull Durham and Tin Cup – two of my favorite sports movies of all time. Bull Durham is also one of my overall Top 10 favorite movies of all time). We’re only about 30 minutes into it, but I like it thus far. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes are really great together. I look forward to finishing the rest of it.

At 7, we put on Glee (even though it was a rerun from Season One *and* I have the DVDs, so I could have watched it commercial-free… but I didn’t). It was episode 11, “Hairography“. Not one of my favorite episodes, but it does have one of my favorite Finn-lines (when he tells Rachel she looks like “a sad clown hooker“) and group numbers (“True Colors“). Ah, Glee… why’d you show “Hairography” when there were so many better episodes to chose from? Oh well, next week is Rocky Horror!!!

Then we watched the DWTS results show. I couldn’t understand anything Shakira was singing and even though I heart Jason Derulo’s song “In My Head,” he’s not the best live singer. I think he thinks he’s the next Chris Brown. Not yet, Derulo, not yet.

And now I shall head to bed… well, probably read and *then* sleep.

BTW – I am all caught up on Dexter Season 5 – and I am still loving it. I like the addition of Lumen and where Quinn’s story is taking him. More and more I think he is a solid guy – as in his head and heart seem to be in the right place. But since we the audience are rooting for Dexter, we can’t root for Quinn too. Drama!

Well, have a good one!