Yep – my sister is engaged. Yay for her πŸ™‚ No date is set or anything, as I don’t think they are in a rush since they are both still in school, but yay for her and her fiance πŸ™‚

I wish I had exciting news about myself but I really don’t. Well, I did get a freelance writing gig that has to do with movies, so that’ll be fun… I have to submit my first assignment in by the 26th. Since I have off the next couple days, I’ll work on it Monday.

I had to work all afternoon. It went kinda quick… I was busy, but mostly because I was by myself for half of my shift and I was constantly being rushed from person to person to see what I could do to assist. I made my sales goal, thankfully, so hopefully my numbers for this week will be okay. That’s not what I’m most focused on, though (even though I’m sure some higher ups would argue against that). Since it is a Customer Service position, I really try to make sure I am doing all that I can to make sure the Customer is happy. And today was extra good in that area because everyone was super happy and thankful for my help and not one person walked away without everything they wanted/needed. So, that was good.

Shifting to another area of Customer Service for a second… and this (sadly) has been on my mind for most of the day. BUT, I figure this is as good a place as any to vent a bit about what I feel is poor Customer Service. Here goes – I don’t think that the people who are in charge of marketing and products for Glee really care much about their customers.

I posted awhile back how disappointed I was with the Wii Glee Karaoke Volume II and how there were only 20 songs on the game and how most of the awesome songs from the second half of season one were not included. I also posted awhile back how the Glee 3D movie really did not live up to its potential.

Now, I would like to vent for a little bit about the Glee Season Two Volume Two DVD set.

I love the Glee Music Jukebox on each disc. I love how there is an option to watch all of the music performances from the episodes on each disc. That gets a bit thumbs up from me.

However, I do not think that the bonus material included on the fourth disc is all that great. There were a few things that were okay… The BTS from the “New York” episode was good… I like getting to see how they shoot stuff and hear the casts opinions about the shoot. I thought the “Guesting On Glee” video was good too.

BUT, I was not pleased with the Sue and Santana montages of all of their stupid insults to other characters. That’s not new material. Know what else wasn’t new material? The “Stevie Nicks Does Glee” bit. This was already made available months ago on youtube. For once, I would love to see some interviews or Behind the Scenes footage from the whole season that I haven’t seen before. There was so much potential for interesting and informative material as bonus features… why couldn’t we get deleted scenes, or a gag reel, or commentary, or how about some information about the Warblers???? But no… instead we get a little video about how the auditorium set got built.


Just sayin’… I think there was potential to have really awesome extras on the Glee DVDs. And once again, the people in charge of selecting material for the DVDs let us down with their utter lack of creativity and understanding of what fans want to see.

(End rant)

Well, I am tired… so I am going to read πŸ™‚

Emmys tomorrow night!!!!!!

Have a good one!

Okay, so growing up, we weren’t allowed to listen to Christmas carols or watch anything Christmas related until you saw Santa Claus at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That was the official start of the Christmas season in our household… and we Christmas like whoa.

Well, today I let my dad break tradition and we watched a Christmas movie… I only allowed this to happen because one of his catfish died and last night on the way home from dinner he was saying how much he wanted to watch a particular Christmas movie… Bad Santa. (We had been talking about Billy Bob Thronton because I was making all sorts of noises in my throat and was sounding like his character in Sling Blade… and that somehow got my dad thinking about Bad Santa. Which we only saw once. And that was probably 5+ years ago.)

Anyway, more on that later.

I woke up still feeling pretty crappy. However, I got a solid night’s sleep because there was no dog in my room to take up my entire bed and/or kick me mid-REM cycle.

I got up just before 9 and went upstairs. I made myself some oatmeal and watched some woodworking show on PBS with my dad. By 10:30ish, I was headed out the door to go pick up my BFF as we needed to run some errands today.

Awhile later, she and I were at the mall in search of a coat. On our adventure, we got some awesome-smelling hand sanitizers from the BBW and mini Pumpkin Pie Blizzards at the DQ (yum!). She found the cutest coat ever and it was on sale, which meant a win for all. As we were headed out, we went into a shoe/accessories store and saw the cutest pair of Chucks – purple with owls on them. Adorable. (Although, I was slightly more into the pink sparkly ones, as well as the ones with a Batman cartoon on the sides of them. But owls are awesome too.) I got the owl Chucks for her as a wedding present πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see pictures (!)

Best exchange from our trip to the mall:


MOLLY and KATIE are in the Men’s Department of Macy’s, heading toward the doors to the parking lot. They pass several displays with mannequins modeling preppy men’s clothes – mostly plaids. Katie comments about how if she ever sees a guy dressed up in an entire outfit from a mannequin, she would call him a tool.

Molly: The only people who should be wearing that much plaid are Scottish or Waleian.

Katie: Um, you mean “Welsh”?


From the mall, we headed toward one of many Targets in the area. First stop – Applebees.

I think it’s going to be awhile still before I can eat at an Applebees and not think about grad school peers and the bizarre conversations that went down at that chain of restaurants over the 9 month period of time I spent with said peers.

After that, I sat and read my book while my BFF got her hair did. Then we went to a nearby Pawn shop. I had never been to one before and was very curious about what was in there… turned out it was HUNDREDS of DVDs, CDs, guitars, bikes and electronics. Oh, if I had time to look around, I would have walked out with so many movies! DVDs were, like, $3. We were only in there for a few minutes, but I spotted Bad(der) Santa (the unrated version of Bad Santa) on the shelf and knew I had to get it for my dad. Best $1.99 I spent in awhile…

We had to leave the pawn shop (I will be back, mark my words) and then went to Target for some odds and ends. I got a new toothbrush and toothpaste, among other randomness.

(Side note – I freakin’ love using a new toothbrush and a brand, new tube of toothpaste. Somehow my teeth know I’m using new products and feel extra clean afterward. Yay teeth)

I dropped Molly back off at her house and then drove toward home… I stopped to fill up my car with gas (so I wouldn’t have to do that again for another couple weeks) and then went home. I found my dad sitting in his chair, on his computer. The first words out of his mouth were “Whiskers Jr. died”. Awwwwwww… just this morning my dad was commenting how our smaller catfish (who was still pretty big, mind you) was not looking very well. And there he was, later on in the day, dead at the bottom of the tank. Sadness 😦

Because of this small tragedy, I told my dad I had a surprise for him and presented him with the Bad(der) Santa DVD. He asked if we could watch it tonight. And, because of his dead fish, I said we could. (Even though that totally breaks the rules of the house.)

He had gotten us pizza for dinner, so he heated that up while I fed the dogs and let them outside. During dinner, we watched In the Valley of Elah, which turned out to be a pretty good (albeit depressing) movie. Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor… even if he did steal the 1993 Best Supporting Actor Award away from Ralph Fiennes (come on, Academy, Fiennes’s turn in Schindler’s List is what Oscar Dreams are made of… sure, Jones was solid in The Fugitive, but Oscar worthy? That’s questionable…)

After Elah, we watched Bad(der) Santa and laughed like whoa. And then it was time for sleep…

I gotta go to work tomorrow. Blah. My 4 day weekend is over… but I get another few days off soon. Woot.

Have a good one.

(P.S. I carried around an entire box of tissues in my purse all day. True story. A full sized box… yeah, I’m that awesome/in need of tissues because my nose hasn’t stopped running for a week now. Blah.)

Before I launch into an epic monologue about how much I LOVED tonight’s episode of Glee, I will recap the rest of the day…

Last night before I went to bed, my dad told me he was cooking a birthday breakfast for my mom and if I wanted to join, that was going to happen at 7:30 this morning. I laughed at this early time and told him I’d see him when he got home from work…

Well, I was up at 7:22 for some reason, so I dragged myself upstairs and sat with them at the table while I tried to wake up and they had breakfast. Dad and I each gave my mom her birthday presents (he got her a book about bird feeding, I got her a gift card to Half Priced Books… we are a book-loving household). Dad left for work, I had some yogurt and then went back to my room to watch last night’s episode of HIMYM and work on my Literature Review.

I love HIMYM. A lot. I think the cast is great and the stories are usually very relatable because the characters are actually in the age bracket of myself and my peers. I found last night’s episode to be particularly poignant – at least more so than most of last season’s shows. While I could have done without Lily asking Robin “Where’s the poop?” a bajillion times throughout the episode, the rest of the show was great.

When the credits rolled, I got back to work on my Literature Review. Oh, how those Guilds and Associations were trying my patience today. Blah.

My mom got home from an errand around 11:00 and told me it was time for a break – we had a birthday treat and played some Yahtzee. I then went back to my room to knock out a few more paragraphs before lunch.

Dad came home from work early, so he joined us for lunch before they headed out to the lake while I stayed home to try and finish my Literature Review.

In the middle of working on my paper/watching clips of American Idiot (the Broadway musical) on youtube, the phone rang. I put my computer down and ran into the hallway to pick up the phone (landline, yo) and said “Hello?” I hear “How ya doin’?” on the other end of the line and for a fraction of a second I had no idea who it was. Then as quickly as I spaced out, I realized it was my mom’s dad. He never announces that it’s him on the phone… you just need to figure it out during the series of non-specific questions he asks. Luckily, I figured out it was him after just one question… I talked to him for awhile and then he passed the phone to my mom’s mom. We also chatted for awhile. It was nice to catch up with them – I don’t think I’ve talked to them in a couple months! Time flies

We hung up and I went back to my room. I hammered out information about my remaining Guilds and whatnot and finished just before 4:00. I hope to edit my Introduction and Literature Review a little bit on Thursday (the next day I have off) and email it to my thesis chair to see what he thinks. I have about 40 pages of information right now… and I am super worried that he’s going to think it’s bad. I’m not the best at writing papers. But I have this huge worry that he’s going to tell me I did a lot of work for nothing and that I’ll need to scrap what I wrote. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case… or that at least some of my stuff is good enough, at least for a proposal. I worked really hard on this… I just hope it counts for something.

My parents came home soon after I finished. I relayed the message to my mom that her parents called, then went and read “One Day” in the living room for awhile. I was pleased to find that the author, David Nichols, also wrote “Starter for Ten,” which was adapted into a film of the same name a few years ago. I totally have the DVD! It starts James McAvoy, so of course I have it πŸ˜‰

My parents and I watched the news as we had mom’s choice for birthday dinner – pizza.

Then, from 7-8, I was glued to the television watching Glee.


So, tonight’s episode, episode 3 of the season, was called “Grilled Cheesus” because Finn makes a grilled cheese sandwich in his Forman grill and it grilled a picture of Jesus on the top of it. Finn suggests to the Glee club that they should sing songs about Jesus and God during rehearsals. This does not go over well for Kurt, who says that he doesn’t believe in God or go to church because churches and the people at them don’t look highly on gay people.

Obviously, the themes of this episode were Faith, Religion, and Spirituality. These not only fit into Finn’s Grilled Cheesus scenario, but Burt Hummel’s heart attack.

When the rest of the Glee kids find out that Kurt’s dad is in rough shape at the hospital (i.e. coma and possible brain damage), they all want to pray for him. This just makes Kurt even more upset because he doesn’t believe in God and he doesn’t believe that praying about something works.

This was the most serious episode of Glee, by far, dealing with religion, life-threatening situations of a parent, and peer relationships in trying times.

For me, the biggest props go to Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Cory Monteith (Finn) this week for their performances.

When Emmy nominations were announced awhile ago and Colfer was announced as a Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominee, some people may have been shocked. He hadn’t acted in anything this huge before, let alone on television. But, his work in “Grilled Cheesus” solidifies Colfer as a very, very talented young man.

Colfer has the ability to play smug, cruel, charming, joyous. vulnerable, angry and every emotion in between. His emotions are plastered across his face like a ginormous billboard. But it doesn’t ever look like he’s acting… it just seems like he is Kurt.

He’s also a gifted singer – his performance of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” was hauntingly beautiful and gut-wrenchingly sad.

Cory Monteith gets my vote for Most Improved Glee cast member. It takes a dedicated person to go for broke the way he played Finn in this episode. I am being completely serious when I write that Monteith’s dedication to Finn’s dedication of the Grilled Cheesus was brilliant. Monteith full out made you believe that Finn was naive enough to believe that his Grilled Cheesus was the reason that they won the football game, he got to 2nd with Rachel (that awkward bedroom scene was HILARIOUS, the way he kissed her and then feet-on-the-floor got in bed with her), and that he’s quarterback again. And then the hurt and deception in his eyes when Emma told him that the Grilled Cheesus was not the reason those three events happened… (though, for the record, at least Finn looked a little bit ashamed during the conversation in the locker room when Puck admitted to praying for Burt and Finn pretended he did too). Props to you, Monteith.

It’s always nice to see Sue Sylvester interacting with her sister. I almost got teary eyed when her sister asked if she should pray for Sue, and Sue tearily said “Yes”.

And the songs… there were so many. And they were all stunning in their own special way.

1. “Only the Good Die Young” – Oh Puck, singing your songs by Jewish artists. Who doesn’t love Billy Joel? This was one of the more upbeat moments of the episode. Mark Salling (Puck) has a great voice. Plus, a guy with a guitar is always attractive…

2. “I Look To You” – I think I’ve heard this Whitney song once or twice before. Amber Riley (Mercedes) always does an amazing job on vocals, and this was no exception.

3. “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” – There is something so right about Lea Michele (Rachel) singing Barbra Streisand songs. I haven’t seen Yentl all the way through ever, but I know this song a bit. She did an amazing job, as per usual.

4. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” – And, cue the goosebumps. Chris Colfer’s voice is so angelic, but when it’s used to deliver the most melancholic version of this song I’ve ever heard, it’s downright haunting. And I mean that in the best way possible. Plus, the montage of Burt and young Kurt just broke your heart :*(

5. “Losing My Religion” – I’m glad they didn’t *just* make this song about Finn being told his Grilled Cheesus did not have Godlike powers. Sure, Finn was upset about finding out that he is not so special as to have a direct line to God via his grilled cheese, but this song ended up being about way more than that. I thought it was good that they showed Finn looking at Kurt crying in the corner chair. Monteith may not be the best singer on Glee, but he makes up for his lack of Lea Michele skill with believability. Monteith plays Finn as someone who sings from the core. He sings like a normal person – sometimes he squints his eyes and tilts his head back. Tonight. he belted out this R.E.M. classic like a young man who just lost it all. Again, props to you, Monteith.

6. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – This is probably in my Top 20 favorite songs of all time anyway, and then Glee goes and takes it to CHURCH… love it!!! I may not be the most religious person on the planet, but I do love me some gospel music when done properly. I thought Amber Riley did a great job on lead vocals. This was a very powerful number and gave me goosebumps.

7. “One of Us” – Oh, Joan Osborne. I remember when this song came out on the radio back in the day… I freely admit to liking the Glee version better. Eleven voices singing in harmony is so much more powerful, for me, as a listener. I know I’ll be singing this one out loud a lot in the car sometime in the near future…

All in all, a brilliant episode of Glee. I liked that singing religious songs in a public school was addressed and then handled as it was. Mr. Schue wasn’t preaching to the kids, he was just letting them express their beliefs. I also thought the dialogue between Emma and Sue in Sue’s office was great – about how people should be tolerant of other people’s religious choices and not to denounce someone else because their choice may be different than your own. BRAVO!!

I love Glee. And I love that it covers weighty topics like ones on tonight’s episode. Yay for good, SCRIPTED, television.


Well, I could write a lot more… I was going to go into a bit about my own music habits and how, like the kids on Glee, I turn to specific songs or types of music to help cope with various situations.

But that is for another day – I must get to reading!

Have a good one

… because your past and present are just staring you in the face. And the little smiley face icon you see is really just a facade. And little red hearts aren’t just doodled all over your high school book covers anymore – instead they are plastered on your Facebook home page for all your “friends” to see. Sometimes those hearts are whole. Sometimes those hearts are broken. Sometimes they are both at the same time. But it’s all good… for reals.

(Did I mention how happy I am not to be in Ohio anymore? πŸ˜‰ )

So, true to my word, I totally worked on my Lit Review today!! I am almost done with the second of five parts I have outlined… and this second part was going to be the longest one, so I feel really good about what I accomplished today. I probably could have gotten more done, but I think I did at least two or three pages of solid work. I’m still worried about sending a draft to my thesis chair because I’m so afraid he’s not going to like it and I’ll need to start all over again. I really believe in what I have typed up so far… I just really hope other people are on board with it too!

Besides working on my Lit Review, I watched an hour of I Love You, Man with commentary. I almost spewed my Grape Nuts I was laughing so hard at the commentary… good times. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are two of my favorite actor people… they are hilariously funny πŸ™‚

I also watched quite a few clips from Broadway shows online. I could literally watch the same clips over and over again and be completely content. My favorite three clips from today are as followed:

1. Audra McDonald singing “Your Daddy’s Son” from Ragtime

Her voice is GORGEOUS. She is such a powerful performer and has the ability to evoke all sorts of emotions from the audience while she is singing. I know that song frontwards and backwards, but when I watch her sing it, I find myself getting choked up a bit. If ever there was a performing arts genie and he granted me three wishes, one would be to sing as good as Audra McDonald, hands down.

2. Matthew Broderick and Company singing “Brotherhood of Man” from the Tony Award performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Oh, Matthew Broderick. You bring me such joy with all your singing and dancing. “Brotherhood of Man” is one of the best songs from that show, and this performance is awesome. Such a great number!

3. Sutton Foster and others singing “Five Forever” from Little Women

Even though I am obsessed with “Astonishing” from Little Women, “Five Forever” has been on repeat on my iTunes several times in the past week or so. I love Sutton Foster, but I also dig the harmonies of the rest of the March sisters and the guy who plays Laurie (esp. during the part where he sings “I am yoooooooooooooours!”).

And because I’m in a place with cable for another day or so, I watched last night’s episode of Mad Men with my sister when she came home for lunch, then I DVRed some VH1 countdown of the greatest 100 Artists of all time. I friggin’ love me some VH1 countdown shows!

My sister and I went and got some Chinese food for dinner and then went into a Goodwill that was next door. I got 2 things – a book about theater (and it has, like, 30 really amazing plays in it – woot!) and a VHS copy of Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day-Lewis… day-yum). Both my purchases were a grand total of $1.39, so I was pleased πŸ™‚

Tomorrow morning I’m headed out right after I wake up to go get Glee!! I’m so excited! And then tomorrow night, my sister and I have tickets for Aziz Ansari! I love him and his stand-up!

Well, I’m super tired, so I am gonna pack it in! *Maybe* read a couple pages of Ian McEwan’s Solar… but maybe not. I am super sleepy.

Have a good one!

So, I woke up this morning around 7:30 and was in my car and driving to Kansas by 8:30. I drove for three hours before I stopped to stretch my legs and call my mom to let her know where I was (outside of Ames, Iowa). I hate driving, so my plan was to only stop once more to fill up the gas tank and then keep on going. I was eating gum drops and organic rabbit-shaped crackers, so I was good to go, food-wise. I just wanted to get to my sister’s apartment as soon as possible with the least amount of stops.

In Iowa, I decided to stop for gas at this place called Kum & Go, as it seemed to be the only gas establishment in the state (or at least where I was at). I got out of my car, pressed all the right buttons until it got to the prompt that said “press for kind of gas” and it showed a picture on the screen of a button you were supposed to press. Well, that button didn’t exist anywhere on the gas pump. I was hitting all sorts of stuff that I thought was buttons (including the “help” button, to no avail). I cursed loudly at the machine, cancelled my order and drove off in a huff. Of course I had to stop at another Kum & Go a few miles down the road… and again the prompt screen showed a picture of a button you were supposed to press… but again there were no buttons. I cursed some more and finally figured out how to get the gas – you had to lift up some lever thing. Perhaps the prompt screen should have showed a picture of a lever and told you to lift it, as opposed to showing you a picture of a nonexistent button you are supposed to press. Bah!

I made it to my sister’s place in about 7 1/2 hours, which was good time. We carried my stuff up to her apartment (3rd floor) and then decided to go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant she thought was supposed to be good (it was). After that, we went to the BBW so she could get some soap, then Old Navy so I could get some black clothes for work, then Target (well, Super Target) for some socks and groceries (I need to get shoes, so I needed socks so I could try on shoes…). We’re going to some mall tomorrow, then watching the VMAs!!

My sister loves Halloween, and there is a bunch of Halloween stuff out in stores now. While in Target, we happened upon this little ghost with blue felt eyes and mouth. Sarah was enamored right away, so she bought him. While in the checkout line, he was on the conveyor belt, and the little girl behind us poked him, looked at Sarah and then asked her mom, “Why is she getting Christmas?” The mom pointed out that the ghost was for Halloween, to which the little girl asked, “Why is she getting Halloween?” My sister and I chuckled.

On the way to the car, we were trying to figure out what to name the ghost. I suggested “Weebs,” from that SNL Boston Teens sketch where Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck are listing off a bunch of their friends names and they talk about “Casper” (pronounced “Caspuh”) and “Weebs”. So since there is already a ghost named Casper, I told her we should name him Weebs. And so we did…

After errands, we were both pretty wiped out (she had a football game in the morning and was super sunburned). So, we had some soda, watched Camp Rock 2 (my sister was uber kind enough to DVR it for me… CHEESETASTIC!) and played with Weebs. The best line of Camp Rock 2 went to Kevin Jonas who told some little campers that if they wanted to be lead singers, they had to get tighter pants and learn how to play the tambourine (a blatant jab at Joe Jonas… for those of you not in the JoBros know… for the record, I am not a die-hard JoBros fan, but I did like the first Camp Rock movie. So sue me…)

The movie ended and my sister (w/my permission) went to a party while I stayed at the apartment to type this up. I’ll also watch some extras on my I Love You, Man DVD and then get some sleep… I’m bonkers tired.

One of the nice things about being in Kansas is that I actually get to sleep in my bed, as my bed is the one that is in her guest room. (I also noticed that she has my hairspray and the framed photo my brother gave me for Christmas… so my sister is basically an art thief…).

So, I will link out to clips in the next couple days… too tired to search youtube for links that no one clicks on anyway πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

So, tonight was the Stand Up To Cancer special… I hope you got a chance to watch it and/or donate to the cause. It’s nice to see that the different scientists who are working toward cures are collaborating in the effort and not competing against each other. The show was really moving (even if a few of the music acts left something to be desired – this year’s song was definitely nowhere near as catchy or powerful as the 2008 song “Just Stand Up”).

I’m actually trying to get on the Stand Up To Cancer website right now so I can donate to the cause (cancer has affected several members of my extended family and friends families, so this cause is important to me). I’m having a bit of trouble loading the site (damn Safari), but if I can’t get on tonight, then I will use my sister’s computer tomorrow so I can log on and donate what I can πŸ™‚

Um… today I did some laundry so I could pack for my trip to Kansas. I ran some errands and got gas for my car and a couple DVDs (I Love You, Man and Fever Pitch). Best Buy was disappointing… I wanted the 2-disc edition of The Dark Knight. Didn’t have it. The 2-disc edition of Iron Man. Nope. The 2-disc edition of Quantum of Solace. They didn’t even have the single disc version. The movie The Fall. Nope again. Pushing Daises Season One and/or Two. Nope and Nope. Come on, store!

I packed, played some Yahtzee with my mom. She kicked my ass a bunch of times in ping-pong. We watched several episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. We only have 2 more episodes until we’re done with all of them… this show got overly dramatic way fast. Too many serious/heavy/depressing plot lines going on all at once. And the one plot line that I was getting into (Matthew Albee’s anti-depressant pill problem) hasn’t been addressed for a couple episodes now… isn’t he supposed to be starting withdrawal at this point? Geez, show!

And that’s about it… we watched the Stand Up To Cancer special (but I already said that) and now I should get to bed as I am leaving earlyish tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend… I know tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of 9/11. I have so much respect for the men and women who lost their lives that day, in addition to the men and women who were at the forefront of the rescue efforts. I know I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I have not forgot about you… and I’m sure the same goes for the rest of the country – Thank You for all you did and all you’ve done.

I get that the low tonight is only 46. And thought that is not in any way “cold” by MN standards, that’s cold enough to make my nose start running and my throat feel scratchy. Ever since I can remember I just can’t handle these sudden changes in the weather. And although I’m perfectly fine in 46 degrees, I totally busted out my grandpa socks. I’m wearing them right now, so my feet are nice and toasty.

Grandpa socks… let me explain.

My siblings and I called our great-grandfather “grandpa”. (We called my mom and dad’s parents “Grammy” and “Pop-Pop”), so I didn’t understand until fairly recently that parents parents are actually grandparents and parents grandparents are great-grandparents… I just assumed everyone had Grammies, Pop-Pops, Grandmas and Grandpas. Anyway, my grandpa (great-grandfather) passed away when I was a sophomore in college. I didn’t get to attend any service for him because he lived in New Jersey and I was at OU and it was finals week. Somehow I ended up with two pairs of his socks… and I think I’m the only one of his three great-grandchildren to end up with anything of his.

So, go ahead and judge if you must, but I totally wear the socks during the fall and winter time. They are super warm and it’s like he’s wrapping me up in a huge hug… or at least a hug that warms my feet. But I think of him every time I wear them and I remember all the good times I got to have with him. I feel lucky that I got to know my great-grandfather and spend a decent amount of time with him, even though we lived far apart. I love my grandpa and I love wearing my grandpa socks πŸ™‚

So, today was a fairly busy day where once again zero point zero school work was done. (Tomorrow, for reals… I already told my mom that I need to work on the paper and not play ping-pong all the time.)

My job interview was at 11:30, but I got to the mall way early because I had never been to the department store before where I was to interview at. I had directions to where I needed to go, but the store had 3 levels and I was under the assumption it had 2. I was wrong, obviously. I found out where I needed to go, then walked around the mall for a bit to kill time and look at purses and Chucks.

You were supposed to check in for your interview 5-10 minutes early. Since I am freakishly early all the time, I checked in fifteen minutes early. I was told to wait outside the office on a chair. I brought a book, so I sat down and read… after 25 minutes no one had come for me. I was a bit peeved. I checked in well before my interview time, and know how important punctuality is at a job interview. So finally I got up and asked again if I was in the right spot. They told me someone would be with me soon.

I finally got called to my interview and was taken to some manager’s office. A nice girl started interviewing me, then saw what my prior retail experience was and called a manager from a specific department (though not the department I had placed my application for…). So, the woman who was interviewing me stopped and had this other manager person interview me for a department that I had not applied for. And after a handful of me awkwardly trying to answer some ridiculous questions (and talking with my hands A LOT), I was offered a position at the store. I said “yes” even though I really would have rather worked in the department that I applied for, but there was an immediate opening in this other department, so I accepted. I need money, and I have prior experience and the manager seems super nice. So, I will be making near minimum wage at a department store that almost makes a billion dollars a year profit (yeah, I read all the information on their website the night before…). But, a job is a job, and I am thankful to have one. I start my training in a week and a half. This weekend is quality time with my sister in Kansas πŸ™‚

An HR woman had me fill out some paperwork and scheduled me for my training and answered some questions. She was also super nice. So far, it’s been a pleasant introduction to the new workplace.

After my interview and job acceptance, I called my mom to tell her the good news. I drove home and we played some Yahtzee during lunch. We then ran errands to the library and grocery store. My mom reads more books than anyone else I have every known in my entire life, which is a huge compliment to her. She likes murder mysteries, and most of them have horrible titles chock full of puns. But my mom can get through an entire stack of books in less than a week (she reads a lot before bed each night… and sometimes during the night if she can’t sleep). I still have about fifty pages left on my Dexter book that I’ve been reading for awhile, and another stack of ten or twelve library books next to my bed. I wish I could read as fast as my mom… I’m never going to get through all I want to read!

After the library we ran to the grocery store to get her another flavor of Gatorade for tomorrow and me some soda for my trip to see my sister. My mom isn’t allowed to eat stuff with fiber in it before the colonoscopy, so we each got a doughnut, because we figured there can’t possibly be any fiber/anything of healthy substance in a doughtnut. She’s not allowed to eat any food besides Jello or popsicles tomorrow, which I know is not ideal for my mom. But, it’s only one day, so I’ll help make sure she gets through everything okay. She’s got instructions for different pills and powders she has to ingest tomorrow. I’ll work on my paper tomorrow morning, but then will try and do whatever I can to make sure my mom is doing okay in the afternoon (she’s a tough cookie, I’m sure everything is going to be just fine). Thursday morning I’ll drive her to her appointment, then we’re celebrating with Panera for lunch *and* she’s getting me a DVD at Best Buy for me being her chauffeur – awesome! But, her health is more important to me than a DVD, just for the record!

After errands, I kicked her ass in Yahtzee while we had a drink/doughnut break. Then she kicked my ass in ping-pong… we played for over an hour, which was probably eight or nine games and I lost every single one. My mom then mowed the front lawn and our neighbor’s lawn while I checked email and my entertainment news… and was super pleased to see on that Amy Poehler is hosting the SNL season premiere and that Jenny Slate is leaving the cast!! I was not a huge fan of Slate’s, but I will say that I did like her Marcel the Shell with Shoes Ons video. It’s adorable!

My dad got home a bit later and we all watched the two Glee reruns, much to my dad’s chagrin. (Spoiler Alerts ahead if you haven’t seen the episodes…)

Laryngitis – Seeing/hearing Lea Michele sing Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” is super funny. My mom even said that it must have been hard for Lea Michele to sing that bad on purpose, and I tend to agree with her. This episode hit a lot of serious notes… the whole Puck using Mercedes for popularity was on the low end of the serious spectrum, while Finn’s paralyzed friend and the ongoing Kurt/Burt Hummel story were heavy plot lines to be tackled in one 42 minute program. There were almost too many dramatic moments. But I love Glee, so I’ll watch regardless.

Dream On – Oh, Neil Patrick Harris as Bryan Ryan. Soooooo worthy of the Emmy win for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series πŸ™‚ I wish there was a full length version of the Bryan Ryan/Will Schuester duet of “Piano Man”. I laugh so hard when NPH sings into his beer bottle… as I’m totally the type of person who sings into any bottle, remote, brush, ping-pong paddle, etc. The Artie wanting to walk plot is another one of Glee‘s heavy, yet briefly mentioned themes. His dream sequence of the “Safety Dance” flash mob is great. Kevin McHale is a great dancer πŸ™‚ Besides the return of Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff!!!!!!!), the other two best parts of the episode are the Bryan/Will duet of “Dream On” and the Rachel/Shelby duet of “I Dreamed a Dream”.

“Dream On” is money… that note that NPH hits at the end is SICK. Just sooooooo good. I love me some Mr. Schue and NPH.

“I Dreamed a Dream” is great because Lea Michel and Idina Menzel can SING. They are well cast as daughter/mother and their singing voices complement each other very well.

And that’s that…

Please remember that the Stand Up 2 Cancer special is on this Friday night on all the major broadcast networks at 8/7c.

Now, off to try and finish my Dexter book… then sleep!!

Have a good one πŸ™‚

So, I was brushing my teeth this morning (as one should do every morning) and I had my Broadway playlist blaring at full volume on my iPod and guess what song started to play?

“Love is my Legs” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

My sister and I saw this musical on Broadway, but unfortunately Norbert Leo Butz was out for the performance. And then somehow his understudy got hurt during the performance, so he was replaced by someone else… it was bizarre.

Anyway, “Love is my Legs” is my most favorite song from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels if only for the part that goes “Love is my legs / And you are my love / So you are my feet bones of love” near the end of the song.

Feet bones of love. Is that not the greatest string of words ever put together. Forget cellar door, “feet bones of love” is brilliant.

I got to thinking how much I love “Love is my legs” which got me thinking how much I love Norbert Leo Butz. His comedic timing is excellent, and I heart his singing voice. Although I only have three musical soundtracks featuring him (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Wicked and The Last 5 Years), I rank him up there as one of my favorite male musical theater performers.

Ever since the Wicked CD came out years ago, I’ve listened to portions of it just about every week. Like Rachel Berry, “Defying Gravity” is a go-to shower song. But, one of my other favorite songs from the show is “As Long As Your Mine”. Butz and Idina Menzel’s voices mesh together so well, and the ballad is just beautiful.

I love the blocking of this song – it’s so simple, yet ridiculously intimate. And Butz is so manly…

Speaking of manly and intimate… one of my favorite numbers from The Last 5 Years is The Next Ten Minutes. If this song doesn’t make you feel something, then check your pulse my friend.

But my favorite *favorite* song from The Last 5 Years was actually one that was cut from the show. Instead of “I Could Be in Love With Someone Like You,” “Shiksa Goddess” was put in the show instead.

The line “I don’t know what I’m doing but come in and ruin me” KILLS me every time. The build up to that invitation is brilliant and those words are the epitome of vulnerability. Every time I listen to this song or watch the video, I rewind to that line and listen to it several times. That line, to me, is poetry.

As you may (or may not) know, Norbert Leo Butz was also in Cabaret at one point – he was the emcee. So many great performers have played this role over the years, but he puts his own stamp on it.

Awesome πŸ™‚

So, besides listening to show tunes today, I did get some stuff done (although nothing further on the thesis proposal… whoops).

Once again, I woke up in the middle of the night (4 AM) and had trouble getting back to sleep. I woke up for reals around 8:30 and by 9:15, my mom and I were at a tennis court trying to do better than yesterday’s outing. We volleyed pretty well, but I was super tired. I could only get myself into a rhythm by singing Glee songs out loud to myself… it worked, don’t judge.

We got back to the house and then pretty much went right into moving around a bunch of furniture. We got one dresser out of my room, moved the bookshelf to where the dresser was (I put ALL of my DVDs on the bookshelf… it’s glorious to see row after row of DVDs… beautiful), and then we moved two other heavy dressers into my room.

After all of this moving stuff around we took a lunch/Yahtzee break. I was exhausted and could have fallen asleep at the table.

After lunch was more of the same… I had to keep moving the dressers so I could have access to the wall plugs while I set up my TV and DVD player. My DVD player wouldn’t work, and neither would the one that used to be in my parents room, so my mom said I could use the DVD/VCR from the living room. I hooked everything up and it all works, but the only crappy thing is that widescreen DVDs look skewed when played on my non-widescreen tv. The aspect ratio is all wrong and it bugs me (full screen stuff looks fine, but I own maybe 20 full screen DVDs of the hundreds of DVDs I have in my room…), but I’ll need to deal. I am just thankful I now have a working TV and DVD player in my room!!

I also unpacked a lot of clothes into the two dressers… I’m only going to be here for four or five more months (hopefully!), so it’s not like this is permanent. But it’s good to get stuff in drawers as then I have more floor room.

I have plans tomorrow to hang out with my BFF, so I shan’t be working on any thesis proposal stuff then either, but next week I promise I will get back to it with a vengeance.

Tonight I watched the Physical Education episode of Community, the Emmanuel goes to Dinosaur Land episode of 30 Rock and Clash of the Titans (2010). I have seen all of these before, but the Community episode is my 2nd favorite one thus far, the 30 Rock episode is HILARIOUS (oh Jon Hamm and your hooks…) and Clash of the Titans is cheesy, but it’s got some uber attractive guys running around in tunics.

Clash of the Titans is such a girl’s movie packaged to look like a “man’s movie”. All the fighting and special effects aside, it’s full of eye candy and a cheesetastic love story between Perseus and Io. Come on! But Sam Worthington is hunky, and let’s not count out Nicholas Hoult. Yep, that little kid from About a Boy is grown up and ridonkulously cute. Did you see him in A Single Man? Day-yum.

Anyways, time to read and then off to bed… I gotta friend-date tomorrow πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

So, this evening I rewatched Star Trek (2009) for probably the tenth time… somehow I like the movie more each time I watch it – and I’m not even a Trekker.

I am a Star Wars gal through and through… I have a TIE fighter cling on the back window of my car, I had a Star Wars themed room when I was in middle/high school (posters, action figures, pillow…) and I got a Yoda Buddy from my sister for Christmas. He’s currently seated in my ginormous red recliner where I work on my school work if I’m in my room. I know all of the dialogue from the original three Star Wars films by heart and my graphing calculator (which just got mailed to my little brother this morning) is adorned with Star Wars stickers.

But I still love the Star Trek movie.

I’m not a traitor – the Star Trek movie has elements of the Star Wars movies. Plus, the Trek cast is awesome… one of the most well-cast movies in recent years, in my opinion. Chris Pine NAILED it as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto was pretty much born to play Spock. Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin make for a perfect Enterprise crew and Eric Bana was a solid Romulun bad guy. Star Trek was funny, action-packed, well paced and visually stimulating (good effects, both practical and CGI). I kinda want the sequel to be out now…

Other than watch Star Trek, I did some other stuff today too. I woke up freakishly early (okay, 7:00) and instead of falling back to sleep went out to breakfast with my parents. When back at the house, I cozied up to the dog (it was cold this morning and Moose makes a better blanket than an actual blanket) while my mom took care of some stuff she needed to do over the phone. Afterward we went to the post office to mail my brother my calculator and my uncle some books.

My mom and I then went to go play tennis… and neither of us as played in a long time. But, we weren’t as bad as I thought we were going to be. The grip on my racket is shot, so I’ll need to fix that soon. My racket’s grip is also way to big for my hands (and I have big hands), but I’ve had the racket forever. The only reason I picked the racket is because it was my favorite colors (blue, green, purple and black). Didn’t matter that it was physically too big for my middle school hands – it was pretty, so I wanted that one.

After a half-hour of sub-par tennising (we’re going to go again… we’re going to get better), we went to the library to return some books and Season Three of Dexter (I hope the next person in line enjoys it as much as we did!) and get some more books, some DVDs and CDs. I got the original version of True Grit so I can watch it before the remake comes out this winter. I also got Cool Hand Luke b/c I friggin’ LOVE that movie. My mom picked out Mrs. Miniver. She’s suggesting we try and watch all of the movies that have won Best Picture. That’s a good goal and totally fits in with the work I’m doing for my thesis proposal… I was actually counting up all the Best Picture winners I’ve seen and/or own. There have been 82 movies named Best Picture thus far. I’ve seen 50 and I own 14 of them. So, I still have some work cut out for me…

After lunch, I was supposed to be hard at work on my thesis proposal Literature Review. I probably got a page done when I got sidetracked… I saw on that Jimmy Fallon is having a sort of contest for the Emmys. You can Tweet introductions for fifteen of the presenters and he’ll pick people’s Tweets and read them out loud on the telecast… I submitted a few and will try and think of some more!

I helped my mom with some rearranging and then we plotted out how we’re going to rearrange my room tomorrow morning. Should be pretty good… I am *this close* to having an entire bookshelf full of DVDs. It’s going to be exciting… almost like my dream of an entire wall of DVDs. But a bookshelf is a great start πŸ™‚

After our plotting, I cut up a bunch of tomatoes to make bruschetta for dinner (we have soooooo many tomatoes in the yard that we need to eat, it’s ridiculous). My dad came home and decided he wanted cayenne pepper in his bruschetta, so he picked one and cut it up. My eyes began to water and my mouth began to tingle (it’s still burning a bit) and I had to leave the kitchen because my mouth and eyes hurt so bad just from breathing in the pepper smell. Ouch!

During dinner we watched Star Trek, then I watched Modern Family. The Billy Elliot line gets me every time!!

And now I’ll read… not my Dexter book that I am a few chapters into already, but a guilty pleasure book … hahaha. (I didn’t see the movie, so it’s only still a lot embarrassing for me to be reading this. I just didn’t feel like thinking right now…)

Have a good one!

I must have missed my mom this morning by mere minutes, as when I woke up at 8:32, the house was empty, except for the dogs. (After a few years of being mostly away from the family pets, I gotta admit that it is super wonderful to be greeted by two dogs every morning… gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside πŸ™‚ )

As I knew my mom would be coming back with celebratory doughnuts after her doctor’s appointment, I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water and cozied up next to Moose on the couch and opted to start watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I boycotted this show when it first aired (If I was going to support a show about a TV sketch comedy show, it was going to be Tina Fey’s 30 Rock and *only* Tina Fey’s 30 Rock), but I thought I’d give it a whirl now that it’s available for Instant Stream on Netflix. I wouldn’t be watching it otherwise, as I’m not a huge fan of several of the actors/actresses on the show. I didn’t have my Dexter DVDs yet and I didn’t think I should get into something that’s more than one season long (I think my next long-running Netflix show is going to be Rescue Me, as I think firefighters are an interesting topic and I love me some Denis Leary). Plus, I used to work on a student late night variety show and I have read several books about the inner workings of late night comedy shows (i.e. SNL), so I appreciate the technical aspects of Studio 60. I’m only one episode in and it’s okay thus far, but I won’t be watching it again for awhile…

My mom got home around 10 and had great news from the doctor!! Despite her horrendous cough, she’s healthy and should be getting over her cough/congestion soon πŸ™‚ We shared a couple doughnuts and played some Yahtzee. While we were plotting out the rest of the day, she was mentioning house chores and yard work stuff… she asked me if I was going to work on school stuff. I told her I guess I would, although she had said earlier in the week that Friday was going to be a fun day. I hinted at going to see a movie like she had suggested… and we ended up postponing chores (and canceling any school work for today – ha!) and went to go see The Switch.

Now, I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, but I thought she did all right in the movie (I didn’t dislike her…). And I love Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum!! (I’ve seen both of them on Broadway and like them as actors.) The little kid who played Sebastian was uber cute. But the biggest props for this movie go to Jason Bateman. (Btw – this movie is being promoted and advertised as a Rom-Com… not as such, people. More of a drama with a few comedic elements and major sarcasm via Bateman’s character.)

Good for you, Jason Bateman… you have come a long way since Teen Wolf Too πŸ™‚ I loved Bateman in Arrested Development as Michael Bluth, and I thought he was great in Juno as the kinda creepy husband to Jennifer Garner’s character (you know his character’s relationship with Juno was not on the level…). But he really was great in The Switch. He was his usual sarcastic self, but the scenes he had with the kid were really great and often very moving (the picture frame scene!), and even the epic monologue he did near the end at Jennifer Aniston’s character (tear!) was solid. It didn’t feel contrived or anything… just some honest and vulnerable feelings-sharing. You really rooted for his character. (And, not that this makes or breaks an actor’s performance, but Jason Bateman looked ridonkulously attractive throughout that entire movie… daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-YUM.)

After the flick, mom and I came home and had lunch. I finished the Studio 60 pilot while she fielded calls from the doctor’s office and the guys who are bringing the truck full of furniture tomorrow. After that, we disassembled the dining room table and moved it to the sun porch to make room for the table we’re getting from my mom’s mom tomorrow.

It was getting to be 4 and we were tired (it’s hot and muggy here, blah). Mom went outside to read on our front yard deck chair while I went to my room to check emails. I had an email from the library saying my Season Three Dexter DVDs were in, so I flew outside to tell my mom I needed to go to the library. My car was blocked in (by my mom’s car and a boat), so she said she’d drive me. Within the half-hour. the Dexter DVDs were in my hands and I was super excited that I would be able to watch more Michael C. Hall goodness this weekend.

We got home and I fed the dogs and let them out. We sat with my mom for awhile outside, but it got to be 5:30 and hot/muggy, so we went in to start making dinner – fresh bruschetta. I picked some tomatoes from the side of the house and then sat on the counter while my mom chopped everything up. (For the record, I offered to help, but said offer was declined.)

Dad got home from work and mom and I finished up in the kitchen (I was allowed to mix all the ingredients together… so I guess I did help a bit). The three of us sat down for dinner and Dexter and ended up watching the entire first disc (three episodes). In between episodes, I helped clean up the kitchen and then Moose climbed up onto the couch in between my mom and I and fell asleep on me for awhile (Moose = one of the most cuddliest dogs we’ve ever had… I love her!).

So, now I have some Dexter Season Three under my belt and am about to read a few more chapters of the third Dexter book. I still like the show better than the books, but the books are decent.

I promise I will link out to stuff soon… it’s been too busy around here (for reals).

Have a great weekend!!!