Okay, so by now you probably saw on Facebook or other parts of this vast thing we call the Interwebs that there is an upcoming interview with JK Rowling where she regrets having Ron and Hermione ending up together and that their union was more of a “wish fulfillment” than a necessity to the plot. (Here is a link to an article on Hypable. I’m not a huge fan of that website, but the site I read the article from first linked its source as Hypable, ergo I will as well.)

Despite this reveal, Ron and Hermione are still my HP OTP because, for me, this relationship actually works. And why does it work?

Two words: Star Wars

“Buh-what?” you say?

Yep, Star Wars. Ron Weasley is obviously the Han Solo of the group, Hermione is the Leia and good old HP is Luke Skywalker. Even though I have came this conclusion on my own, other people have also pointed this out and I cannot/will not claim this as my own. (The HP franchise is similar to the original Star Wars trilogy in many ways, but for now we will just focus on the three lead characters.)

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger work well together because their differences complement each other. Ron is street smart whereas Hermione is book smart. Ron is family-oriented whereas Hermione is an only child. Ron is pureblood whereas Hermione is muggle-born. Ron thinks with his heart whereas Hermione thinks with her head.

But, for as much as they are different, they share a lot of the same ideals. In the books, Ron’s legitimate worry about the house elves’ safety was what finally made Hermione go for it. He cares about what she cares about – it might not be in the same way, or the same level of caring, but he does his best and tries hard to do what’s right. They’re both best friends (and true family) of Harry Potter. Ron is the brother Harry never had while Hermione takes the role of sister and mother. Harry and Hermione would never work (in my opinion) because she sees him as someone who needs to be minded/tended to – not someone who she would see in a romantic sense. Ron is worried that Hermione thinks that she would be better off with Harry (hence what he saw when they were trying to destroy the locket), but really she wouldn’t.

Harry and (movie) Ginny are a terrible couple (because movie Ginny was underdeveloped as a character – she lacked the sass and maturity of book Ginny). But Harry and Hermione wouldn’t make a better couple. If anything, it would be like watching Luke pine for Leia and squirming because you know their love is more familial than romantic.


You could also use a Little Women analogy (though this is a bit of a stretch, but let me explain). Hermione is like Laurie and Ron is Amy (even though he’s definitely more of a Meg or Beth because Amy is truly despicable…). Hermione was always meant to be a Weasley and Ron was her only real way to gain entrance to that family. But Ron and Hermione’s feelings/love is real, or at least waaaaaaaay more realistic/believable than Amy and Laurie’s love. (BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW LAURIE AND JO WERE MEANT TO BE, OKAY?)

So, yeah… that’s my two cents.

I don’t care what JK Rowling’s intentions were/are or that she regrets Ron and Hermione ending up together. As a huge fan of the books and movies (as they are separate entities), I thought this pairing worked. I thought their relationship progressed naturally over the course of the books/movies.

Long story, short… You can call me Captain Smith because I will go down with this ‘ship.

❀ Ron and Hermione 4ever ❀

… and some tears fell.

I am posting at 9something in the morning because everyone else in the apartment is still asleep. So, I am killing time before they awake and we can go get pizza and slushies and watch The Glee Project all day.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6 and was on the road by 6:40 to drive to Kansas to visit my sister and her boyfriend. During my journey, I was belting out a lot of Glee in between listening to some Darren Criss mix CDs I made from a few of the concerts he’s had in the last month or so. (God bless DC fans, because they record audio/video of all of his stuff, and then other DC fans turn it into pretty stellar audio files from which one can make some pretty stellar mix CDs. But, since there is so much screaming from all the fans on all the audio files, it sounds/feels like you are at the concert, except you can’t see anything. Apparently, he’s got a solo album in the works – as in working on it right now. I have his EP, but it’s only 5 songs. So, a studio album is going to be much appreciated by the fans… I’m hoping he’ll have “The Muse” and “Sophomore” on there, but it is going to be extra awesome if there is new music that we haven’t had a chance to hear yet. Or perhaps the complete version of the “New Song Interlude“… that’d be nice πŸ™‚ )

Anyway… car ride to Kansas went well. Even though it rained a lot. And by rained, I mean poured. It was raining so hard at times that it was white out.

I got to my sister’s place a little after 2. She, her boyfriend and I went and got some burgers and then chilled for awhile before we went to the movie theater.

We had tickets for the 9 pm screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, as well as tickets for the 12:01 screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

We got to the theater at 7 and there were three ginromous lines. People had lawn chairs and umbrellas and picnics… crazy. Luckily, since we were seeing 2 movies, we were put in what ended up being the shortest line. (The really, really long lines were people who were just seeing Part 2 … crazy.)

We had to wait outside for about 20 minutes before the let us in. And, somehow, even though we got there a lot later than most everyone else, we had THE BEST SEATS. Back row, center seats… I don’t know how that worked out, but we had those seats for both movies. And they were phenomenal.

The theater we saw both movies in was one of the biggest theaters I’ve ever been in. The seats were comfy, plenty of leg room. Nice.

We had an hour and a half to kill before the first movie, and another 45 minutes to kill before the second one.

I was texting the girl I’m going to see Darren’s concert with when the guy next to me struck up a conversation about my phone. We’ll call him “Poor Man’s Dane Cook” (or PMDC for short). He was there by himself and hadn’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but had seen all the movies, but wasn’t a huge HP fan.

My sister and her boyfriend left me to go get snacks for the three of us. During this time PMDC kept talking, so we conversed about movies and whatnot. When my sister and her boyfriend got back with our food, I munch on my pretzel and PMDC played with his phone. I then tried to nap before the movie started, but that didn’t work because I was too excited for the movies to start.

Throughout HP7 Part 1, PMDC made some audible smart-ass remarks every now and again. It was one of those situations where I think he thought he was being funny/cute, but when I’m at a movie, I kinda don’t want anyone talking to me while the movie is up on the screen. Luckily, I’ve seen HP7 Part 1 4 or 5 times by now, so at least I wasn’t being distracted during something I wasn’t familiar with.

Between the movies, everyone in the theater stood up and stretched. Some people walked about, others got food, etc. My sister and her boyfriend left me again to get provisions for Round 2. PMDC also left for awhile, but soon came back and conversation resumed. There was more talk of movies and whatnot. I told him I hate it when people clap during a movie because it’s not like the people on the screen can hear your appreciation. (That, and then you usually miss subsequent dialogue.)

A half hour later, trailers started. I was pumped to see the teaser for the new Batman movie. I was also wigging out in my seat when they showed the 3D trailer for the 3D Glee Concert movie. (I am totally going to go see this, even though I hate 3D movies…) I could tell PMDC was judging me as I spazzed out in my chair, so I told him I saw the concert.

When HP7 Part 2 started, I went into movie-mode. I was in my zone. My eyes were glued on that screen like my life depended on it. However, PMDC kept making comments/asking questions throughout the movie. He would lean in and ask about stuff that if you read the books, you’d know what the answers were. Every time people burst out into applause, he’d look over at me and I would just shake my head.

I won’t spoil the movie for you… but I will say that I loved it. I got teary-eyed twice and tears actually fell a third time. I will have a full-out review of this plus my comments on the film and key scenes in a different post (right now, my sister’s boyfriend is making breakfast, so I’m going to try and wrap this up before he finishes).

When the movie ended, I said goodbye to PMDC and told him to have fun at work. (Apparently, he had to be at work for 6 am or something like that.) He told me to have fun sleeping in. I gave him the thumbs up and that was the last I saw of PMDC.

On the drive home, my sister, her boyfriend and I dissected the film and went over some plot points. By time I got to bed, it was nearing 4 am. And I woke up less than 4 hours later… I am bonkers tired.

This afternoon, when my sister finally wakes up, we’re going to chillax on her bed for the rest of the day and watch taped television. It’s going to be the best afternoon ever.

Well, breakfast is ready… have a good one!

I’m a fairly tolerant person. Except for when it comes to people who are epically ignorant.

In today’s national and local news, this was one of the big stories – Presidential hopeful/MN congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, run a clinic that tries to cure gay people by trying to turn them straight through prayer.

Now, I know this isn’t the whole story… but come on.

What I always want to know is how/where did present adults learn this kind of thought process/behavior? Intolerance is a learned habit, whereas ignorance is a lack of education. What a horrible, horrible combination.

A friend of mine posted today on Facebook his disgust with Michele Bachmann and her like-minded colleagues (I’m paraphrasing, obviously…) and then went on to say that he hates being considered a second class citizen, but that he loves his partner and is looking forward to another 17 years, at least, of being together and how he hopes one day that what they share will be legal in the state that they live in.

I can’t tell you how ridiculously happy/proud I was to see his post. Even though I’ve heard some stories, I honestly can’t even imagine what it’s been like for him and his partner to be together that long and for have other people (including government officials) tell them that what they have is wrong.

I know I take for granted that if I fall in love with a guy and we want to get married, we can. In any state we want. With pretty much no questions asked. Hell, if I was in Vegas, I could meet a guy and we could get married within the hour if that’s what we wanted to do.

Besides Michele Bachmann and her husband’s pray-the-gay-away techniques, I’m embarrassed to be living in Minnesota right now because our state government is still shut down. A friend of mine from work lost her other job because it’s affected by the shutdown. She’s not the only one… so many people are out of work right now because of this. I’m pretty sure the state is losing money as I’m typing this. And it doesn’t even seem like government officials are even really talking to each other. Tonight on the local news, they showed the governor talking at one press function, while two Republicans were talking at another on. TALK TO EACH OTHER, FOR GOODNESS SAKES. Shit, people. You’re not going to get anything done if you aren’t meeting with each other.

How frustrating.

Today was just an all around frustrating day. I had a heck of a time at work today… there were some mighty unhappy people due to bad experiences with customer service, do to (I’m thinking) lack of training. At work, sometimes I feel like they just shove new people into their positions without any sort of guidance. And since we’re always short-staffed, it’s probably hard for new people to ask questions because there is physically no one around to ask. A colleague and I spent an hour with one couple trying to answer their questions and resolve their issue with our workplace. An hour. And I was only at work for 4 hours today. Needless to say, I didn’t come close to making my sales goal. So, I’ll likely get scolded for that, even though I worked my ass off with my colleague trying to help this couple. Oh well. I did the best I could do with the resources available.

I got someone to cover two of my shifts this week so I could go visit my sister. Today at our meeting, the higher ups were saying that they needed people to work this weekend… which is when my shifts were that I got other people to cover. The higher ups were saying how it’s our responsibility to pick up extra shifts in addition to what we were scheduled on busy days because that’s part of what we signed on to do when we got hired. In my opinion, they should just freakin’ schedule enough people when they’re making the schedules and then they wouldn’t have to call people on the day of to scramble to try and get more coverage in our respective work areas. I used to be in charge of making schedules at a previous job… it’s not rocket science.

But, as much as I like the people I work with, I’m glad I managed to find people to cover my shifts so I don’t have to be there this weekend. Instead, I am going to be enjoying visiting my sister… Harry Potter and the NKOTBSB concert are gonna be epic.

Well… off to sleep

Have a good one

P.S. You know what else is going to be epic? The Darren Criss concert in Chicago in August… I cannot friggin’ wait for this. I heard from the girl I’m going with a couple days ago and we were both gushing about how excited we are for what we have planned that weekend. I already paid for my my part of the trip. This is actually happening πŸ™‚

So, in honor of my epic excitement for Darren’s show, as well as HP7 opening this week, here’s one of my favorite scenes from A Very Potter Sequel… it’s when Harry Potter meets Ron Weasley for the first time before going to Platform 9 3/4… and then Ron sings a song about Harry Freakin’ Potter. Enjoy:

I had full intention on job hunting this morning/afternoon.

However, I logged online at the exact moment the livestream was starting for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II red carpet event was starting, so for the next four hours, my eyes were glued to the pixel-ly video on my screen. I couldn’t help but watch this historic event go down in its entirety. The last Harry Potter premiere in England. I had to be a part of it anyway I could… and that turned out to be me sitting on my bed for four hours starring at the computer, finally having to break into a box of Junior Mints from Christmas because I was starving by the 3rd hour.

I’m beyond grateful that I watched the whole thing. (My mom popped in my room part way through to see if I wanted to play ping pong… I had to turn her down and stick with the red carpet. I told her she could go ahead and eat lunch without me… she laughed and assured me she was going to do just that.)

Even though the hosts and announcer guy were not exactly the greatest (there were several obvious flubs in information – calling Luna Lovegood “Lune Lovejoy” and not knowing the difference between James and Oliver Phelps at any time throughout the entire telecast, calling Draco Harry’s main nemesis, saying there was a love triangle between Harry-Ron-Hermione, saying there was a love triangle between Harry-Ginny-and an unnamed 3rd character, etc…), the livestream was really engaging. They showed a few interview and production clips from the whole series. The arrivals were so staggered that you really got to see each actor interact with the fans and then hear an interview. I was most excited to see Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Radcliffe, J.K. Rowling, and Darren Criss… of course they were all toward the very end of the livestream, but it was worth it.

(Unfortunately they didn’t interview Darren, but they did show him for a little bit… and the presenter guy was hating on him for his outfit and for spinning around and jumping for the photographers. Obviously the presenter was completely unaware that this kind of red carpet behavior is completely normal for Darren Criss… which is why we get to see pictures that look like this, this, and this from various red carpet/premiere endeavors. You keep being you, Darren. You keep being you.)

Ralph Fiennes wasn’t particularly loquacious, but I didn’t expect him to be. I actually laughed a bit when I saw him arrive on the red carpet. True story – I had a super awkward encounter with Mr. Fiennes 5 summers ago in NYC. My sister and I waited for him outside the stage door of The Booth before his play, The Faith Healer, so we could get our pictures with him. He’s my favorite actor of all time, and when I actually got to see him/meet him, I kinda freaked out and delivered an epic monologue about how much I love him and how I’ve seen all of his films and how Quiz Show was the film that made me want to study films. He chuckled at me, but I just kept talking. Luckily, he was kind enough to let me get my picture taken with him. I was so embarrassed after the fact that I couldn’t watch any of his films (except for the Harry Potter series) for two years.

Me and Ralph Fiennes ... I still can't believe this actually happened.

(Another true story – I actually had a super awkward encounter with *another* actor at the HP7 Part II premiere. Ironically, this actor also played Lord Voldemort, albeit in the viral musical version of the source material. A couple months ago, I tried to buy Joe Walker a drink at a bar. I honestly wasn’t trying to hit on him [honest], I was trying to do it as a “thank you” after one of his performances… but the bar was loud, and neither he nor the bar tender could hear me very well. So, instead of getting him the drink, the bar tender gave me a bottle of water, and when I tried to rectify the situation, both guys had moved on to talk to other people, so I was left standing there with a bottle of water, even though I already had a Diet Pepsi in my hand. Even though I was very embarrassed by this, it’s very likely that Joe Walker has absolutely no idea who I am, and that he probably doesn’t even remember this happened. But, every time I see a picture or video of him now, I kinda shake my head and remember the bar situation. I saw a couple seconds of him during the livestream. He was at the premiere with Darren Criss. I think it’s totally awesome that the two of them got to attend this monumental event.)

Anyway, enough embarrassing stories about me…

It was great to see how excited people were to see Daniel Radcliffe, but even more so, it was brilliant to see the reaction when J.K. Rowling showed up.

I am tickled pink that so many people are that excited by a writer. She pretty much single-handedly saved reading (in my opinion, of course). So many people have read this series. Those books are really, really well written. And those characters will stay with us for all time.

Near the end of the livestream, an executive from Warner Bros., Producers David Heyman and David Barrons, Director David Yates, actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, as well as J.K. Rowling all said a few words about the people they’ve worked with and their Harry Potter experience on a whole.

I am not ashamed to admit that I was in tears throughout most of this part of the livestream. These books meant a lot to me over the past decade, and same with the films. I love them. And I am beyond sad that this is the end of the film series. But it’s not the end. Not really. We’ll always have the books and the movies (and the musicals… woot woot.) Rowling put it best when she said, “β€œWhether you come back by the page, or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

I, for one, plan on rereading this series throughout the rest of my life.

I’m going to a midnight premiere of Deathly Hallows Part II. I fully expect to sob throughout most of the move. (For the record, I’ve only ever cried during 3 movies in my entire life… A League of Their Own, In America, and Million Dollar Baby. But, I know I will be bawling during HP7 Part 2. The trailer made me tear up. Hell, I can’t even listen to Hedwig’s Theme anymore without getting choked up.) I’m okay with being a wreck, though. This has been a decade in the making… tears happen when you say goodbye to something you’ve known for so long.

So, after my four hours of Harry Potter livestream, I ate some lunch and folded my laundry. I was going to start making mix CDs, but opted for ping pong w/my mom instead.

Later tonight, we watched Community, Parks & Rec, and Glee re-runs.

Tonight’s Glee re-run was “Original Song” – one of my favorite Glee episodes of all time… mostly because THIS happened. That, and I really love it when the Warblers sing “Raise Your Glass“… I f**king love that song.

I wrote a huge blog about this episode when it originally aired in March. You can read that HERE if you want πŸ™‚

Well, I’m off to read… then sleep… then maybe wake up and go see Horrible Bosses. We’ll see, though.

Have a good one!

It was in the last 30 minutes of my shift too… man. I know what happened, though. I was trying to do too many things at once, and I got wrapped up in a phone cord and I just knocked something right off our work space. Luckily there were more to replace the thing I broke, but still… I hadn’t broken anything in the 7 or 8 months I’ve been there and today I broke my streak. Literally.

Oh well. I was dehydrated/dizzy *and* caught up in a phone cord. It was basically inevitable.

I worked all day, so really there is nothing to report.

EXCEPT, that I am going to see my sister next week! Someone took one of my work shifts, so I can drive down in time to see HP7 Part 1 at 9 pm, and then HP7 Part 2 at midnight with my sister and her boyfriend. YAY!!!!!!!!!! So, that makes me happy. I’m probably the only person who would drive hundreds of miles to see a Harry Potter movie with a sibling. But hey, I miss her. And it’ll be nice to get out of town for a few days. Plus, this gives me an excuse to make some more mix CDs. Woot woot.

Well, that’s really all… I’m gonna head to bed early b/c I have to be up super early to go back to work. Boo.

Have a good one

P.S. Here’s some Warblers performing “Raise Your Glass”… it’s the last song I heard before I turned in for the night. LOVE IT!!!!

Today was beautiful, thank goodness. I really can’t handle 100 degree weather. When I get a place of my own, it will be somewhere where it isn’t ungodly hot all the time, that’s for sure. I like seasons. I like cold weather. I like snow. (Yep. I wrote it. I like snow.)

My parents and grandparents got an early start, but they let me stay home and sleep in since I was still feeling really sick last night. I woke up a few times throughout the night, but then slept until around 9. I needed it, badly. I’m still a bit off today, but since the weather was nicer, I wasn’t doing as horribly as I had been. However, this morning, I drank over a half a pitcher of iced tea because my mouth was feeling really dry and no matter how much I drank, I still felt thirsty. This happened last summer, so I’m not too alarmed. I’m sure it’s weather (or even stress) related.

When my parents and grandparents got home, we hung out for a bit, then headed to downtown Minneapolis. We went out to lunch at some tavern and then went for a ginormous walk near/around/on the Stone Arch Bridge. I’ve been there a few times before, but I never mind going back because I like that area of town – I think the Guthrie and the Mill City Museum are pretty awesome to look at. Plus, since it was such a gorgeous day, it was nice to be out for a walk – good breeze, some mist off the Mississippi River… nice. I had my sunglasses on, so I was all set for the bright day.

We were supposed to go on a boat ride, but we got a later start than we should have, so that didn’t happen. Alas. I haven’t been out on the new boat yet, so I was looking forward to that. But, another day.

I found out from my mom that my sister is going to NYC later this month. I was so jealous/pissed. I haven’t been there in YEARS and it’s my favorite place to visit. I was really sad, so I texted her and told her that I miss our trips (we used to road trip together all the time when we lived together) and that I really want to go to NYC or somewhere w/her sometime soon. (I haven’t been on a proper vacation in forever.) So, she’s not free again until October, and I have no idea where I’ll be then or what my availability will be, so we’re gonna have to play it by ear. I might be going to visit her for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II premiere, though. If I can get someone to cover a couple of my shifts, I’ll go to Kansas and see it w/her and her boyfriend. I should find out tomorrow if that’s going to be possible. I hope it is.

So, since I love all things Harry Potter and I’m going to do my part to spread the word about the amazing musical/acting talent that is Darren Criss… I thought I’d share a video clip with you. (Sorry, blog readers, but whether you like it or not, you are going to be infiltrated daily, most likely, with Darren Criss information… He’s a talented dude. More people should be aware of said talent.)

Anyway, I know you’ve read about my epic love for A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, but here’s a clip of Darren Criss (w/guest Lauren Lopez!) singing “Get Back to Hogwarts” at his recent concert at the Irving Plaza in NYC… enjoy πŸ™‚

And seriously… even if you aren’t a Darren Criss fan (yet), if you like Harry Potter, you should really watch A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. They are BRILLIANT.

Have a good one

So, I was going to post earlier and then go to sleep, but my dad offered to watch another episode of Band of Brothers w/me, and I couldn’t pass that up. I love my dad and that series too much to say no πŸ™‚

My day was pretty meh. I had to work for a few hours – I was super busy, so at least it went pretty quickly. I got home and played some ping pong with my mom, then watched Jeopardy since my friend was on again. She didn’t win again today, but she was up against some tough competitors *and* both rounds had bonkers hard/random answers/categories. My mom and I made pancakes for dinner and watched some more Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I can’t help but laugh when Harry gets all mad after finding out that stuff about Sirius Black and he’s all like, “HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!“. I’ve watched A Very Potter Sequel too many times and now all I can think of during this scene is when Harry yells “I’M IN A RAGE! THIS IS THE MADDEST I’VE EVER BEEN!” (2:28… you’re welcome πŸ™‚ )

I did the dishes and then read for a bit, then watched some HIMYM reruns. My mom and I played some more ping pong (i won one game today… out of a dozen or more played) then my dad and I watched BoB. And now I need to read some more and try to get some sleep in before the storms roll in tonight (we’re supposed to have rain and storms overnight, lasting for a few days… boo).

I’m still reading “don’t you forget about me” and I LOVE IT. These essays about John Hughes films are outstanding. I’ve seen almost all of his films, so I’m at least in the know about what these people are writing about. I can’t help but think, though, about Blane in Pretty in Pink. One of the producers for Glee said that Blaine Anderson was named after Blane… and it’s general consensus that Blane didn’t deserve to end up with Andie in Pretty in Pink… so I’m hoping that there is no correlation between Blane and Blaine besides the name. Because even though one could argue that Blaine doesn’t deserve Kurt, I like the two of them together too much. Whereas, I think Andie should have ended up with Duckie… because Duckie was kinda great. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I could totally expand that into an epic monologue, but I need some sleep.

Have a good one!

I’m very lucky that I got to actually spend Fathers Day with my dad – I know a lot of people who are not afforded this luxury, so I appreciate that (1) I get to spend time with my dad and (2) that my dad and I are really close. I’m all about family πŸ™‚

My mom and I had a good discussion about family today. We were talking about how it’s almost been a year since her grandmother passed away. A relative on my dad’s side passed away yesterday (I had only met him once, but I’m still very sad about this relative’s passing just because I know how much it affects my extended family.). So, my mom and I were talking about her extended family. My mom’s an only child, and her mom is an only child, but her grandma and grandpa had siblings who had kids, so my mom was telling me about them. My dad has 2 siblings, and both his parents had multiple siblings (who all seemed to have multiple children as well), so there are lots of people in my family… I just don’t really know any of them. I have 3 first cousins, and I’ve gotten to spend a bit of time here and there with them over the past 22 years. But, since we live so far away from the extended family, I don’t really have any personal relationships with (m)any of them. I’m facebook friends with some of them, but I know there are a whole lot more people I am related to that I don’t really know. Maybe one day I’ll get to making some sort of family tree to try and straighten this all out πŸ™‚ I know that I’m distantly related to a baseball player, an actor and a singer. But it’d be cool to find out about everyone else too.

I had a pseudo productive day, I guess. I ended up sleeping in because I didn’t get home from work till almost midnight last night (What a horrible end to the work night… there were some people who were accusing my colleague of being racist. It almost got out of hand.). Then, by time I got home, I was awake from the hubbub at work, so I read for a while… and then when I finally put my book down, I couldn’t sleep. I watched my clock change to 2:40 am 😦 So, I slept until 9.

I straightened up a bit in my room and played ping pong w/my mom while my dad did some woodwork in the garage. After lunch, we ping ponged some more, then I went to my room to try and go through some of the stuff I have in boxes. I sorted through stuff and ended up with a bag of recyclables and 2 bags of trash thus far. I also found my missing Quiz Show DVD (you cannot fathom how upset I was when I couldn’t find this for the past year…). I also found 4-years worth of movie ticket stubs (I have almost all of my ticket stubs since I saw Titanic in 1997… and I used to go to the movies about once a week… so, I have lots of stubs in a few locations. I had been missing this chunk of stubs and was happy to finally locate it.).

My dad and I watched a couple more episodes of Band of Brothers, and then later tonight, I started rewatching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s my favorite one, so I’m glad to be watching it again πŸ™‚ I think I like this one so much because it’s a visually dark movie. I dig that.

I have to work tomorrow, but thankfully only until 2:45… that means I’ll be home in time to see my friend Danielle on Jeopardy again! It’s so cool that she got on the show, and then to be on a second show is just too amazing πŸ™‚ I hope she does well again on tomorrow’s episode!

Well, I am way tired from last night still, so I’ll be off to read some more (I’m reading a book of scholarly essays about the films of John Hughes. It is quite fascinating!)

Have a good one

So, I didn’t make any progress today on updating my resume or job hunting. I seriously will get to work on both these things this weekend, as I have the weekend off and I won’t have (m)any distractions.

Instead, I spent the day consuming popular culture and playing ping pong with my mom (and I totally won one of the games… woot woot).

I titled my post “back to the beginning(s)” because everything I watched today represented the start, or beginning, of something bigger than itself.

I woke up this morning in plenty of time to go to the 11:05 showing of X-Men: First Class. I was one of two females in attendance… (though, to be fair, I think there were maybe only 18 people in the whole theater).

X-Men: First Class was AWESOME. Now, I haven’t read any of the comic books, but I’ve seen X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand a bajillion times apiece. (I also saw Wolverine… but I consider that to be one of the worst movies of all time and also not really important to the X-Men film series since it really only has to do with Logan/Wolverine and not really any of the other X-Men characters we were introduced to in the original trilogy…). And even though X-Men: First class is a prequel (or perhaps rather a reboot) of the series, and therefore was not restricted to go along with anything established in the original trilogy, it still felt like it was part of the series. And it “introduced” us to the characters we’re already super familiar with… but this new (for me) back story was completely fascinating, told in a fairly coherent and “believable” manner, and really set up some of the key players in the X-Men canon.

Since I don’t read the comics, I especially appreciated this movie because I was always interested in how Professor X and Magneto first came to meet, befriend each other, and then split off into opposing teams of mutants. I thought this film’s plot was great – albeit very, very historically inaccurate (at least I’m pretty sure that mutants had nothing to do with the Cuban Missile Crisis πŸ˜‰ ). But I enjoyed seeing how the X-Men came to be, the beginnings of Cerebro, as well as the introduction of some pretty kickass X-Men.

I was way more invested in this film than I thought I was going to be. I won’t spoil anything for you, but it’s common knowledge that in the original trilogy, Professor X is in a wheelchair. In X-Men: First Class, he isn’t… but you totally find out how he gets put in one. And that scene (among others between Professor X and Magneto) really got to me… as it, it evoked real feelings from me. As in, I was on the edge of my seat and audibly said, “No!”.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were PERFECTLY cast as Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Their on-screen chemistry was really brilliant and both are very, very capable dramatic actors and that really enhanced their performances in this film. And I really liked Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) and Nicholas Hoult (Beast) too. Very fine young actors… also good casting.

I walked away from the movie super content with how it turned out. I also wondered to myself why Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale have never been cast as brothers in anything yet… they totally look alike and both are amazing actors.

After the movie, I drove around the mall to the DSW (almost getting hit twice by idiotic drivers on the way… geez). Though I saw lots of cute shoes, I was not about to pay $30 for wedges when I just got some for $8. So, maybe in a few weeks they’ll be more on sale.

I got home to find my parents in the backyard trying to fix our pond pump (success!). I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I went inside and munch on a pulled barbequed beef and coleslaw sandwich (don’t knock it till you try it). I popped in a Glee DVD and watched the first half of “Never Been Kissed” (Season 2, episode 6). I watched the episode up through “Teenage Dream” but then stopped to play some ping pong with my mom.

This episode of Glee, though not technically at the beginning of the series, was a huge beginning for me, because it was the first episode that Darren Criss was on as Blaine Anderson, and this epically amazing guest-star casting introduced me to StarKid as well as Darren Criss’s solo music projects. So, because of this one little episode, I now have 13+ hours of his music on my iPod, 10+ hours of various Glee and StarKid videos on my iPod, drove hundreds of miles to see StarKid perform in person, and is the reason I went to see Glee Live a couple weeks ago in Minneapolis.

Besides being completely entertained by all the music, television, video and live theater stuff, I’m also super inspired by Criss and the rest of the members of StarKid. I appreciate their talents, really respect their “let’s put on a show” attitude, and am super impressed by the amount of creativity and artistic abilities of these people.

So, every time I watch the “Never Been Kissed” episode of Glee, I am reminded of all of this and I smile/am thankful for the whole world of new stuff to which it introduced me. Plus, “Teenage Dream” is pretty much one of my most favorite Glee performances ever. I mean, how can you not absolutely love this?:

After Glee, I ping ponged with my mom… we only played 4 games, but I totally won one of them! Woot! Then my mom had to help my dad fix something in the garden, so I went inside to get on my computer. Instead of working on resume/job hunt stuff, I had to look at something to do with my current job. They sent me this CD and left a bunch of messages on my phone saying as an employee, I had to fill out something on our employee website. So, i spent a good chunk of time trying to decipher everything, only to find that I really didn’t have to do anything because I’m not getting any benefits from the company.

Later tonight, after dinner and stuff, I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I totally watched Deathly Hallows Part I last week, but I wanted to rewatch the entire series from the start in preparation for Deathly Hallows Part II.

I don’t even remember the last time I watched Sorcerer’s Stone. It must have been when I was in undergrad. It’s my least favorite of the films, and it’s hard to watch because the latter films are so much more superior (Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite, though… mostly b/c Lupin is my favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor…).

But, even though I haven’t seen Sorcerer’s Stone in forever, I still remember all of the dialogue, and found myself chiming in with the lines before the characters had a chance to spit them out.

Also, it was easy to remember everything because I’ve watched and rewatched A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel a bunch of times over the past 6 months or so (thank you, StarKid!) and a lot of the plot/dialogue is similar.

I am a huge HP fan, and have been since undergrad. I bought books 1-4 and was hooked… enough so that I went to midnight releases for books 5-7, have seen all of the films in theaters (often more than once), have all the movies on DVD or Blu-ray, have an HP shirt and scarf, and desperately want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter down in Florida. I need a wand and some butterbeer. Obviosuly. πŸ™‚

Though I have been a fan of HP since undergrad, it was actually my brother who got me to the see the first movie. At the time, I didn’t even know what or who Harry Potter was. But, my brother had read the book and asked to see the movie when it came out, so my mom took my siblings and I to see it. I wasn’t hooked on Potter until the second movie (my friend, Danielle, and I made Dueling Club shirts to wear to the theater… I ended up making shirts for movies 2-5… the shirts for 3-5 are actually quite good, if I do say so myself… the Dueling Club shirt is pretty elementary when compared to the others.). But, I have been a fan ever since… and I’m gonna be super sad to see the series end with Deathly Hallows Part II.

But, I’ll always have the books, the movies, and the StarKid musicals… so it’s not like Harry Potter will ever really end. And that’s comforting πŸ™‚

Well, I’m off to read, actually… not HP, though Deathly Hallows is lying next to my bed right now.

Have a good one!

Oh my, what a day, what a day. I am completely worn out between last night’s Glee Live and then spending the whole of today at Valleyfair, an amusement park in Shakopee, MN.

So, last night’s Glee Live was pretty awesome. I posted some pictures on yesterday’s post, so you should check those out, if you want πŸ™‚

We had pretty sweet seats – second row on the balcony, right in the center. LXD was the opening act, and they were amazing… but I didn’t get any good pictures of them.

I really didn’t get (m)any good pictures the whole night, which sucked. I ended up spending most of the actual concert watching the show through the 2″ screen on the back of my camera instead of actually watching the Glee kids perform. So, I’ll have to youtube (or tumblr) some of the songs from the show last night. Especially the Warblers stuff… I really was having a hard time with my camera by that point, and I wasn’t quite 100% able to focus on the Dalton boys singing and dancing. What I did see, though, was AMAZING.

The whole show was pretty great. My biggest complaint was that Lea Michele didn’t perform “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” That is one of my favorite Glee numbers of all time, and she sang it at the previous concerts this summer. But, some of the cast is sick (if you follow them on Twitter, you probably knew this), so it’s understandable if they can’t quite keep up with everything all the time. This summer tour has got to be grueling for them – pretty much a different city every day or so. Today, if you follow any of their Tweets, you’ll know they were in Minneapolis until late last night, then the main cast (minus Darren) flew to Indianapolis while the Warblers (plus Darren, it seems… and one would assume this was his choice so he could spend more time with his Warblers friends?) took a bus down I-39 S (which I totally just did this drive about a week or so ago en route to Athens, OH) to the venue in Indy. And, I just saw on Twitter that tonight’s Indy show is over and they’re headed to Chicago. Busy, busy, busy.

I was worn out just watching their production last night – I can’t imagine doing that almost night after night for a month or so. Props to them, because the show was awesome. High energy. Very entertaining. Some numbers were a bit pitchy here and there, but that’s too be expected… it’s not like they sing live on the show each week. So, the fact that most of them sing live on the tour is pretty great.

I had a patchy night’s sleep last night, and then dragged myself out of bed earlyish b/c my brother and I had plans to go to Valleyfair, an amusement park in MN.

We did go – and it was a lot of fun, but it totally wore us both out. We both agreed that we’re getting too old to be galavanting around an amusement park… especially when we were surrounded by school kids the whole day.

It actually wasn’t too bad, though. The longest we had to wait for a ride was 30 minutes, and that was for the first thing we went on. Everything else we only had to wait 2-15 minutes, which wasn’t horrible at all. And really, the only reason we had to wait any more than 10 minutes for a few rides was because we always wanted to sit in the front row of the roller coasters. Which we did on all but one… and for that one, we rode in the very back.

We went on 6 different roller coasters, but one of them we rode twice. Then we went on this giant swing-esque thing. And then I rode the Rip Tide by myself b/c my brother was worn out and didn’t want to go on it. But, since I like crazy rides that make you go upside down a bunch of times, I wanted to ride it. So I did. πŸ™‚

It was really great hanging out with my brother the whole day. We get along really well when it’s just the two of us (we have an older sister… so when it’s the 3 of us, it usually gets to be 2 against 1… but when it’s only any 2 of us at a given time, then we get along like BFFs). He and I are more similar than one might think, though we haven’t always been like this. But, it was really great being able to talk some stuff out with him and realize that we aren’t the only ones who think what we think. He’s a good brother, and I’m super thankful for him. It’s been great being able to spend time with him this past week. He’s visiting until Monday, and then he’ll be working for the summer in another state, so then I won’t see him again until the end of July. But, we’ve had a lot of fun in the past week, and we have a few more days of shenanigans left.

This evening we just kind of chilled in the house since everyone was so worn out. We finished watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I – we were watching it with the bits of extras/commentary on the Blu-ray. Very interesting indeed. Then, it was time for a Glee re-run… “Silly Love Songs”

Now, I made an epic post about this episode when it first aired.

I have seen it many times since (thank you, iTunes), but my mom had never seen it before. So, I forced her to watch it, especially because several songs from this episode were performed at the concert last night, and I wanted her to have some context.

But, since this is one of my favorite episodes of the show thus far, I was more than happy to watch it again, especially with my mom because I get a kick out of her commentary.

Toward the beginning of the episode, when Blaine and Kurt are in the coffee shop and Blaine is telling Kurt that he has feelings for someone and wants to sing him a song on Valentine’s Day, my mom turned to me and said, “Is he talking about Kurt?” I smiled and said “no” and she was like, “What?! Who is he going to sing to?” I said, “The Gap Guy.” She said, “I don’t know who that is.” I told her to just keep watching… πŸ™‚

We finished the episode and my mom liked “Silly Love Songs” a lot, especially the “Silly Love Songs” performance that closed the episode. She actually laughed out loud at Blaine’s facial expressions while he was singing to Santana about “sometimes it [love] doesn’t come at all”.

I could watch this episode over and over again (well, minus the Finn and Quinn stuff… they piss me off so much in this episode. All that cheating – bah). But, I LOVE all of the Puck and Lauren stuff. But mostly, I love all the Blaine and Kurt stuff (of course).

“When I Get You Alone” is still one of my favorite numbers from the season.

That song is just entirely inappropriate for a high school kid to be singing to a slightly older crush. *That’s* what makes it such a brilliant song choice… because this is a huge moment for the Kurt/Blaine relationship. I know I talked about this in my “Silly Love Songs” post, but this is the episode where Kurt really takes Blaine off of that pedestal and the two are really equals in their relationship (which at this point is still just friendship).

This is the episode where Kurt (and the audience) sees that Blaine isn’t perfect. Blaine has flaws. Blaine doesn’t know everything. He even confesses to Kurt, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” That second coffee shop scene is one of my most favorite scenes in the entire show thus far because it’s such a big moment for Kurt (who is still my favorite character… though Burt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are creeping in on this top spot, so much so that it might be a three-way tie depending on how Season 3 goes). I can’t find the clip on youtube, but trust me, it’s a great scene.

Damn, I just love this show πŸ™‚

And I love it even more now that I got to see the cast perform.

Well, I should get to bed. I am waaaaaaay tired. And I don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow, but I’m sure a full night’s sleep can’t hurt.

Have a good one