Well, I am fairly sure I finished my Works Cited page today… 8 pages of information, formatted correctly (I think). I think I have between 50 and 60 sources, though I haven’t counted to be sure. I didn’t get any of my Methods Section done today, but I don’t work until 6 tomorrow, so I’ll likely be able to get some of it done tomorrow morning/afternoon.

In other news, I finally saw The Social Network today. It. Was. Good.

Now, those who know me best know that I used to go see at least one movie every weekend… sometimes 2 (or 3) depending on how much work I had to get done. I do not have that luxury anymore. Sadness.

I totally could still go to at least one movie a week if I wanted to, but I know that any “free” time I have should be devoted to my (stupid) thesis. And I’m not even on my thesis yet… just the freakin’ proposal.

Granted, I do not spend my every waking hour on my thesis proposal. I watch a decent amount of TV at night and have been known to run errands or do activities with my parents. But I have been spending a lot of time working on my thesis proposal. And it dawned on me this week that I likely won’t be able to defend my proposal until January. (Sad face.)

Even though I sent my Introduction and Literature Review to my professor a couple weeks ago, I haven’t heard anything back from him regarding edits that need to be made. I contacted him again this week inquiring about my coding sheet and key and have not heard back about that either (though that’s not as big of a shocker – college professors need more than a couple days to look over something). But, OU’s Fall Quarter is over in about a month, and I know I’ll need to edit my stuff before I can even send it to the other two people on my committee. So, I’m thinking this proposal won’t be able to be defended until January. Which sucks like whoa… I was hoping to have my whole paper done and ready to defend then so I could then figure out what my next move would be and not have to burden my parents anymore. (Not that I’m a huge burden to them… but still, I’m almost 27 and have been living w/my parents since June. This can’t go on forever – I refuse to let that happen.)

But, I guess I will just have to roll with the punches. I did think that one benefit of defending the thesis proposal in January would fit better with my work schedule – as my place of business pretty much won’t let you take any days off in November. Friggin’ retail… like me being at work all the time in November is going to make or break the amount of money they rake in. But, after the holiday craziness is over, I’m sure my manager would be more willing to let me go back to Ohio for a few days to take care of school stuff.

Blah. Enough about school.

Let’s talk movies.

So, The Social Network.

I actually liked it more than I thought I was going to. Even though parts of the movie were fictitious, I feel like I have a slightly better understanding about the people behind Facebook. Facebook, whether we like it or not, has become a HUGE part of society. I have been a member since late 2004/early 2005. I have said “Facebook me” just like those characters in the movie. Before this movie, though, I didn’t realize the extent of the involvement of the key players in Facebook’s inception. And I seriously had no idea that Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker were (are?) colleagues.

The two things I really liked about the movie were the script and the cast.

Script – Wow, dialogue was plentiful. That opening scene between Zuckerberg and Albright was devilishly quick and utterly refreshing – it was like an infinitely better written episode of the Gilmore Girls (with better actors – natch). The pace, though quick, never felt rushed. It just seemed like something that highly intellectual people would do… spit out a lot of big words in a little amount of time. Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) is no stranger to writing dialogue-driven scripts, and I feel what he did with The Social Network is extremely fitting for the present. We live in a “now” society. The faster we can get something, the better. Why should that exclude dialogue?

Cast – Oh, Jesse Eisenberg, how I love thee… I know I’ve written on here before about how he is one of the best actors of my generation. My opinion stands strong, if not stronger, after seeing his performance as Mark Zuckerberg in this film. If you’ve ever seen Eisenberg on talk shows, you’ll know that he’s awkward as hell and seems to be uncomfortable in public. I don’t know the guy, so I don’t know if he’s just introverted, or just not used to being a public figure. But, you’d never even get that idea if you have only seen him on films. As Zuckerberg, he commands the screen whether he’s spitting out copious amounts of dialogue in a short amount of time, or executing a scathingly sarcastic comeback to any one of the number of people who is opposing him.

The rest of the cast was solid as well. Justin Timberlake, as I have commented before, is a good actor. (Don’t believe me? See Alpha Dog, and then try to tell me he’s not amazing. You won’t be able to.) Timberlake plays Parker as a cocky, yet paranoid, young man who thinks he has the whole world in front of him, but people following his every move. He’s believable and charming and annoying all at the same time. And then there’s our new Spider Man, Andrew Garfield. I guess I saw him in Dr. Parnassus, but I don’t remember his performance at all (probably because I was so transfixed on Heath Ledger…). However, I won’t be forgetting him any time soon because I was very impressed by his portrayal of Eduardo Saverin. I found myself siding with his character for a majority of the movie… he wanted to get advertisers, he set up the meetings, he wrote that algorithm. I wish the movie would have explained why Zuckerberg and Saverin were friends to begin with. To me, if someone (even a fictional non-fiction character) is that much of a jerk, another character wouldn’t stay friends with him unless there was a good reason.

And then, there were the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer times two) and Divya Narendra (Max Minghella). These guys made buh-rilliant antagonists. They just looked the part… all preppy and handsome and entitled. While they had a solid point for suing Zuckerberg, you kinda didn’t want them to win in the same fashion one probably wanted Saverin to come out on top. Hammer and Minghella were really great. The whole cast really was. Way to go, David Fincher, for crafting together such a smart movie. This *almost* makes up for the POS Benjamin Button movie.

In other media news, I watched more HIMYM reruns (god bless syndication – it was the Robin Sparkles/slap bet episode and the one where Barney and Ted didn’t get in a fight – woot). Again, I heart Jason Segel. Community, 30 Rock and Grey’s all kinda were thumbs down. (Though props to Community for hating on Ben Lyons… that made my night.)

Now, I’ll watch last week’s episode of The Office and then sleep. Work tomorrow from 6-9:15, then ROCK OF AGES on Saturday!!!!!

Have a good one

Okay, so the Rocky Horror Glee Show isn’t on until next Tuesday night (we had a rerun of Hairography tonight… more on that later), but did you see the sneak peek of next week’s “Time Warp”?!?!?!

There are so many amazing things about this video… (opinions/SPOILERS)
– Kurt as Riff Raff = amazingness. The costume is spot on, as is his accent.
– This may be my favorite vocal from Dianna Agron (Quinn playing Magenta). This is also the most animated and engaging she’s been in a music number, in my opinion.
– Is it just me, or does Cory Monteith actually look like he’s getting to be a decent dancer now? He doesn’t look awkward, which is a huge step in the right direction. And, I know I am sooooo biased, but how freakin’ cute does he look as Brad? (It’s those glasses!)
– I’m glad that Brittany and Tina are both Columbia, as they are the two best female dancers in the glee club (though we could have used more face time from Santana, Mike, Sam and Mercedes).
– I love, love, love Artie as the narrator. Kevin McHale is so good 🙂

Again, I cannot wait for next Tuesday’s episode!!

So, besides ogling at the “Time Warp” video a bunch of times today, I did get some stuff accomplished.

I woke up and had some oatmeal and tea to try and warm up (my mom doesn’t really believe in turning on the heat in the house unless it is absolutely necessary). I snuggled up with Moose as I finished watching the last chunk of Invincible. I mentioned yesterday that I think the next movie I want to rewatch is Shakespeare in Love, but I might watch Miracle first… I love sports movies like whoa and Miracle is so good. The huge game against the Soviets gets me every time, even though I knew the outcome of the game well before every seeing the movie. But I love it so!!!

After the movie, I went down to my room to work on my coding sheet and coding key for my Content Analysis. My variables were slightly more complicated than I initially anticipated, so I crafted up three coding key sheets today. I emailed them to my thesis chair this afternoon and hope to hear back from him soonish. I hope he has some critiques for me about my Introduction, Lit Review and now the coding sheet/key. He basically designed the coding sheet (with some minor edits from me), so I hope he thinks that my coding key is workable. I am leaning towrd using the third one, but would be open to suggestions from him, as he is a pro went it comes to Content Analysis.

Tomorrow I hope to work on my Works Cited page and start typing up a bulk of my Methods section. My goal is to have a bunch of that done tomorrow so I can go to the movies on Thursday morning. I haven’t been to a movie in about a month and though there are several things out that I want to see, I think I will go and see The Social Network. I could use a good two hours in a movie theater to clear my head and get lost in someone else’s story for a bit. Plus, that movie is dialogue-driven… woot.

I’ve been having one of those days where my mind has been going a mile a minute. There’s just always so much stuff to think about. Old stuff. New stuff. (Red stuff, Blue stuff… hahaha). But seriously – stuff. Thesis stuff. Family stuff. Friend stuff. Life stuff. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever have everything under control. I’m thinking no… but it’s nice to think that maybe one day I will have at least some of this “stuff” figured out.

While I was working on my thesis stuff today, my mom was super busy raking and mowing and doing other chores in and around the house.

My dad got home around 6:15 and we all had dinner and started watching White Men Can’t Jump, which I had never seen before. I was a bit surprised to see it was written and directed by Ron Shelton (my beloved writer/director of Bull Durham and Tin Cup – two of my favorite sports movies of all time. Bull Durham is also one of my overall Top 10 favorite movies of all time). We’re only about 30 minutes into it, but I like it thus far. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes are really great together. I look forward to finishing the rest of it.

At 7, we put on Glee (even though it was a rerun from Season One *and* I have the DVDs, so I could have watched it commercial-free… but I didn’t). It was episode 11, “Hairography“. Not one of my favorite episodes, but it does have one of my favorite Finn-lines (when he tells Rachel she looks like “a sad clown hooker“) and group numbers (“True Colors“). Ah, Glee… why’d you show “Hairography” when there were so many better episodes to chose from? Oh well, next week is Rocky Horror!!!

Then we watched the DWTS results show. I couldn’t understand anything Shakira was singing and even though I heart Jason Derulo’s song “In My Head,” he’s not the best live singer. I think he thinks he’s the next Chris Brown. Not yet, Derulo, not yet.

And now I shall head to bed… well, probably read and *then* sleep.

BTW – I am all caught up on Dexter Season 5 – and I am still loving it. I like the addition of Lumen and where Quinn’s story is taking him. More and more I think he is a solid guy – as in his head and heart seem to be in the right place. But since we the audience are rooting for Dexter, we can’t root for Quinn too. Drama!

Well, have a good one!

So, I had full intention of finishing my coding key today and typing up my Methods section. Neither of those things happened, and likely won’t until next Tuesday. I should have done that, but it’s not the end of the world… especially because I still haven’t head any comments yet from my thesis chair about the Introduction and Literature Review I submitted last week. If I don’t hear back about those by early next week, I will send another inquiry…

Instead of being a good scholar, I opted to fulfill my need for audio-visual entertainment. I watched TV and a movie today… that is what I did.

I didn’t sleep much last night because of Moose. Like I anticipated, she took up most of my bed and I was stuck in one spot, unable to move, with a loudly breathing dog pressed up against me. I kicked her out of bed and she went upstairs, but then she started barking, so I called her back down to my room so at least I knew she wouldn’t have cause to bark. I cleared everything except the pillows off of my recliner and got her settled on it, and she stayed there for awhile. Too bad that didn’t last… just as I was about to fall asleep, she jumped off of the chair and back onto my bed. I tried to deal with it the rest of the night into morning, but not much sleep was had. Oh well…

I let the dogs out, fed them and let them out again all before 8:30. I made myself some oatmeal and tea and then sat down at my computer to watch the most recent episode of Dexter. Love. That. Show.

(SPOILERS) Dexter’s evolution into a family man has been a seemingly smooth, yet uber important plot line for the show. I like it a lot… it’s really great to see that character be more in touch with reality than he ever thought he would be. He feels. It’s a great character arc. And besides Quinn looking waaaaaaaay better this season than the prior two, I’m very much liking how he is going about finding out the whole Kyle Butler situation. You can tell he’s got feelings for Deb, but he’s also a cop and is looking to call out Dexter if he needs to. Quinn from a couple seasons ago would have just confronted Dexter… but Quinn who likes Deb is taking it slow and making sure he’s got his man before he does anything to upset the balance. Also, I’m looking forward to how Julia Stiles’s character is going to be worked into the show. What a smart show 🙂 (END SPOILERS)

I should have folded my laundry today, but instead I just took the clothes I needed out of there and left everything else in there. I’ll need to fluff it up tomorrow, as I really don’t want to iron my work pants for Sunday. Ironing is the worst.

I did finish my list of Academy Award categories… that took awhile this morning. Then I let the dogs back outside to blow off some steam. They are just the cutest 🙂

During lunch I decided to watch the recent Kristen Bell rom-com, When in Rome. Netflix said Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies!) was in it, which was the main reason I decided to watch it. Oh, Netflix… Pace was in the movie for maybe 2 minutes. And then we were stuck with a highly contrived plot dealing with magic and love and lightning and elementary sight gags involving the dude from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

Call me crazy, but my biggest questions throughout the entire movie were “How did everyone afford traveling between New York and Rome?” and “Of all the people who threw coins in that fountain, how was it that the ones she picked were from guys who were from New York/Newark?” Also, why was the little sister going to Rome in the first place?

I know I’m always preaching to my dad to “suspend disbelief” while he’s watching movies, but I could not wrap my head around this one for the life of me. Oh well. It was pretty bad.

After that, I took a nice, long, hot shower and managed to miss phone calls from both parents. I called them back to see how they were doing – fine. I let the dogs out and got the mail… magazine Friday 🙂 Read all about the celebrity couples who broke up. Awwwwwwwwwwwww… poor them. (Meh.)

Then, instead of working on my paper, I sat on the couch with my laptop and watched half of last night’s episode of Bones, the West Coast episode of 30 Rock (Jon Hamm was the best part, again!) and some broadway videos on youtube. Also, I listened to all of the Rocky Horror Glee Show songs… I am sooooooooo excited for that episode 🙂

Just after 5 I fed the dogs and then put on jeans as opposed to the OU sweatpants I was wearing all day.

When my dad got home from the airport, we went to some new Mexican restaurant. It was very busy and we had to wait a freakishly long time for our food, but that was okay because we caught up about his trip and what I did while he was away. When the food did show up, it was tasty. We’ll likely go back with my mom sometime in the future.

And then we got home around 8:30… and by 9 my dad was falling asleep and my eyes were shutting fast while we started watching some stupid comedy about paintball.

Now I’m trying to hurry this up so I can get to sleep… although I just put in a cough drop, so I’ll have to wait probably 10 minutes until that’s gone.

I can’t wait to feel 100% better from this silly cold.

Have a good one.

I think I watched 4 1/2 episodes of 30 Rock today. Three and a half of those were Season 4 reruns, and then I watched tonight’s episode live because my parents weren’t home. (We usually watch Bones… since my mom also likes Bones and my parents aren’t 30 Rock fans like I am, even though if they gave the show a chance, they’d like it too.)

In fact, watched 30 Rock was the first thing I did this morning. I got up, ate breakfast and watched the Season 4 finale of 30 Rock (thank you, Netflix Instant Streaming stuff). Oh, Matty Damon… my “doorman to the sky“. (He’s a pilot on the show.)

After eating my egg sandwich (thanks, Dad) and laughing (thanks 30 Rock), I went down to my room to edit what I have so far of my thesis proposal… 37 pages of Introduction and Literature Review. Yeah, 37 pages. That’s almost 11,000 words of scholarly stuff that I spent months writing. Here’s hoping even a fraction of it is usable 😦 I spend a few hours fixing grammar errors, and adding in some (poorly executed) transitions. Woot.

Just as my head was about to explode, I went upstairs to see how my mom was doing. She made us some chocolate chip pancakes and we played Yahtzee.

She went outside to rake while I went back to my room to email my BFF back and then email my thesis proposal draft to my thesis chair.

Then, my mom and I went to the garage for some ping-pong. I lost all 4 games we played. I beat her the other day, so I blame today on the series of back spasms I had during the 2nd game. (My back is still acting up now… and it’s not supposed to rain, so I don’t know what is up with it. Ow. Long story short, I had a bit of an accident during a softball game the summer before my freshman year of high school. I tripped on a rock – curse you, gravel field at Copley – and fell backwards and F-ed up my neck/back. Even after physical therapy, it’s been hurting ever since. This year was my 12th anniversary… fun times.)

After that, I tried to watch Modern Family through our Wii, but the Wii doesn’t support Flash past Flash 8, so I had to give up that and just watch the show on my computer. (By this time my parents left to go to Wisconsin for something…) I then watched last week’s episode of The Office. I’m still over that show, but there were some okay moments.

After the tv stuff, I folded some laundry. Somehow one of my black pants for work has this big whiteish grayish splotch on it – I know it’s from the laundry detergent – and I am 99% sure that my pants are ruined. Awesome. I paid friggin’ full price for them at the store, only wore them once and now can’t wear them because it looks like someone (pardon my language) jizzed up and down my right leg. Obviously not work appropriate. My mom said she’d try and fix them, but I don’t think it’ll work.

With my parents gone for a few hours, I fed the dogs and let them outside before I made myself dinner. After my dogs were settled, I made some pizza and watched a few more episodes of 30 Rock Love. That. Show.

Then, my BFF called 🙂 And it was a wonderful conversation, of course.

After that I watched Community, 30 Rock and Grey’s. Community and 30 Rock were good… not great like they usually are, but still solid. Grey’s was Grey’s… that guy with the District-9 arms was a bit strange. That show is dumb, but at least in the preview for next week it showed a shirtless Avery. Call me shallow, but Jesse Williams is one handsome guy. I can see why Gilmore Girl liked him in that Pants movie…

And then I came down to my room to type this up, read some more “One Day,” and go to sleep. I have work tomorrow from 12-6. *sigh*

Anything else?…

For reasons completely unbeknownst to me, I have been listening to 2 songs on repeat. Both are a bit behind the times, but I love them just the same. Not the most happy songs ever, but they got me hooked for different reasons:

1. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” – American Idiot Broadway Cast – This is my favorite Green Day song, but I like the broadway version a bit better, especially when the female vocal comes in at the end (@3:08). Those harmonies are beautiful – my favorite part is when they sing “and I’m the only one and I walk…”

2. “Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem featuring Rihanna – Okay, so not the best message to send, especially in the music video… you know, a pair of good looking people fighting with each other, then making out, then fighting some more and then there’s a house on fire. Hmm… But the lyrics are brilliant. I can honestly say I’ve been a fan of Eminem’s for over a decade now and his raps are solid. This whole track is great…

My favorite chunks of lyrics are:
“sound like broken records playin’ over
but you promised her next time you’ll show restraint
you don’t get another chance
life is no nintendo game, but you lied again,
now you get to watch her leave out the window
guess that’s why they call it window pane


“come inside, pick up the bags off the sidewalk
don’t you hear sincerity in my voice when i talk?
told you this is my fault, look me in the eyeball
next time i’m pissed i’ll aim my fist at the drywall
next time there won’t be no next time
i apologize even though i know its lies
i’m tired of the games i just want her back
i know i’m a liar if she ever tries to f—in’ leave again
i’ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire

Brilliant, Eminem. Brilliant.

(And now I’ll go read my book…)

Have a good one

Two hours of Glee reruns was exactly what I needed today…

Sure, I have Glee Season One Volume One DVDs – The Road to Sectionals, but I needed some of the Back 9, and tonight FOX aired Sectionals AND Hell-o!!! Oh, Jonathan Groff, how I love thee… (but more about Glee later!)

I woke up at 6 thinking about my paper and then somehow willed myself back to sleep until 8:30 again. I would love to sleep all the way through the night like I used to do… friggin’ worrying about everything all the time. Oy.

I got up and found my mom doing a Crossword puzzle on her computer. I made myself some breakfast (yogurt with chopped banana, granola, chocolate chips and star-shaped sprinkles… breakfast of champions) and sat down to watch the first half of Episode Three of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I paused several times to explain to my mom who the characters are and what the show is about… she will likely be watching this with me from now on as she seemed intrigued.

After breakfast I went with my mom to run a couple errands – got gas for the lawn mower and then went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping with my mom… I remember going grocery shopping with her when I was younger. She always has her list, and it is arranged in the order of how one finds things in the store… something I wish I would have picked up on. My lists are always just in the order of how things come to my mind as I’m writing the list. But not my mom – she’s super organized.

We got home and unpacked the groceries. After a drink and a couple rounds of Yahtzee we went about our respective chores. I attempted to finish the Introduction of my thesis proposal (it’s kinda done… enough so that I will start my Literature Review tomorrow) while she mowed the grass.

We reconvened at 11:30 for pizza and more Yahtzee. Toward the end of our lunch break, Mom kinda brought up jobs… she’s not pressuring me to get one tomorrow, but said how that even if I worked a little, any money I would make would be like savings. I tried to tell her that I have been job hunting, but that I am hesitant to get a job right this very second as I have plans to go away in September and have a weekend conflict in October and how I hate going into a job with days I will already need off. She kinda rolled her eyes at me, so I said that my resume was updated and I’d keep looking.

So instead of working more on my paper, I tried to job hunt. I spent over 30 minutes on a bajillion different job search sites and I could feel my soul crushing to pieces. There wasn’t much that looked even remotely interesting. Then the jobs that I thought would be good were ones where I didn’t have enough job experience, or with the hours I wouldn’t physically be able to work on my paper.

Conundrum, folks.

See, I have a BSC in Telecommunications… I majored in Video Production and minored in Film. A bulk of my undergraduate classes were spent watching or making television and movies. I am excellent at breaking down what a certain scene means in a movie, or can tell you what kind of shot to use to evoke certain feelings or thoughts from an audience. I can break down a script and know my way around a television or film set. None of these skills are very applicable to almost all of the jobs I have found online… No one wants someone who is capable of film theory and criticism. They want someone with 5 years of managerial experience or a person who is a professional at a bunch of computer programs I’ve never heard of.

I did find a job that looked kinda okay and began filling out their online form. They had a spot where you could copy and paste your resume, which I tried to do, but I had to reformat the whole thing. It took a half hour. Then I tried to submit it, but besides the resume, they still wanted you to fill in all the boxes that has the EXACT SAME FRIGGIN’ INFORMATION AS A RESUME. I had to save my form and will finish it tomorrow… I wanted to throw my computer across the room.

Luckily Mom needed help moving our new dining room table, so I took that as a sign to stop being on my computer for awhile and go help move stuff around. The table looks nice. I can’t wait until the holidays when the whole family is sitting around it 🙂

Mom also went through the drawers of the furniture that is in the garage… lots of moose and duck stuff. Some old board games. Wall hangings I remember from my great-grandparents house in New Jersey. This awesome plate that says “Cheese” on it with a glass covering that looks like a mini cake box. Lots of odds and ends. We also inherited a deer head that is going in our foyer… my mom’s dad shot it and had it mounted for a wall-hanging. We’re going to be one of those families with a dead animal front and center when you walk into our house.

My dad got in around 6:15 and we finished getting dinner together – BBQ chicken nachos. My mom still can’t smell or taste… which sucks for her because the nachos were pretty awesome.

We sat as a family and ate dinner and watched the two episodes of Glee. As much as my dad rags on the show, he actually was aware of most of the plot points and characters. I know he doesn’t like the show half as much as I love it, but I know he’ll tolerate it for me by time new episodes air in September.

I love Glee. I *LOVE* it. I love the music, I love the characters, I love the actors… Jane Lynch is freakin’ amazing as Sue Sylvester. And I love that one of tonight’s reruns (Hell-o) was from the Back 9 because I LOVE Jonathan Groff. My sister and I saw him and Lea Michele in Spring Awakening a few years ago and I have loved him as an actor ever since. (BTW – I recently found these two Tumblr pages dedicated to Jonathan and Jesse/Rachel… they are sooooo great!)

The best part from Hell-o is when Rachel first meets Jesse and they sing “Hello” together. Brilliant!!

I am behind the times, but I just found out today that Glee Season One Volume 2 – The Road to Regionals will be available (as will Season One in its entirety), as well as a Karaoke Revolution Glee Wii game!!!! That comes out in November, just in time for my birthday… WOOT!

I’m high on Glee right now, but I should get back into Dexter mode… I finished the third book last night and will start the fourth one shortly.

Oh yeah – my dad is the cutest! We just finished Dexter Season Three yesterday. So today he asked me if we should get Dexter Season Four on Netflix next. I told him I’m 6th in line at the library to get the DVDs, but he was insinuating that he wants to watch it now! I’m so proud that my dad is into a show that I like too!! Besides SNL, we really don’t have the same taste in television, so I’m glad we are both fans of Dexter 🙂

Have a fantastic evening!!

(P.S. I saw that someone I was friends/colleagues with in undergrad just got dumped 😦 I haven’t talked to her in awhile, but I still feel bad. I doubt she reads this blog, but I’m going to just throw this out there – It’s okay to be unhappy or sad, but that relationship did not define who you are. You are going to be stronger because of this and you will meet someone who is right for you. Maybe not tomorrow, and maybe not next week, but sometime. Love yourself first 🙂 )

So, I woke up in a panic last night. My mom says that when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t go back to sleep, you should read for awhile and then go back to sleep. Well, I woke up at 5:00 this morning and I opted not to read because I thought that if I started to read, I would never fall back to sleep. I tried doing my ABC game (I’m still working on listing television shows alphabetically…), but my mind kept wandering back to what woke me up in the first place – worrying about my thesis proposal and money.

I really shouldn’t be worried about either, but I was for some reason and it was keeping me up. I did fall back to sleep at some point, as I woke up around 8:30 and knew it was time to get out of bed.

I wandered upstairs to find my mom at the table we put in the kitchen a couple days before… we call it the “breakfast nook” even though more often than not, no one will eat breakfast there. She was paying bills, so I sat down with her and had breakfast. We played a couple rounds of Yahtzee before we both went our separate ways. I went back downstairs to fold clothes and grab a shower while she ran errands at Target.

We both finished our respective things to do at the same time and had a drink and played some more Yathzee. Then we both went our separate ways… I went downstairs to my room to work on my thesis proposal while my mom moved around some her furniture to replace it with what came in on the truck yesterday.

I got another page done on my Introduction section and was visited by Moose. I could only concentrate for so long before I was browsing around at pictures, trying to decide what should be the background for my computer. (Right now it’s Jason Bateman and Will Arnett in a still from Arrested Development – they are on the ground post-fighting over Marta from the episode “Beef Consomme“.)

When I went back upstairs around 12:45, I saw that my mom had made a lot of progress. The living room still looked like a bit of a disaster zone, so we had lunch at the breakfast nook (once the house is back to normal, I swear no one will eat at the kitchen table…) and played some more Yahtzee. Afterwards we split back up – I worked a bit more on my paper (not as much as I could have, I’m sure) and she did more rearranging.

After awhile my mom came downstairs to visit me and see if I wanted a break (yeppers!). We went upstairs and took a mini break. I told her I couldn’t stare at my computer anymore (true story), so I helped her empty drawers, hang a heavy mirror and bring our dry sink down into the garage. With our powers combined (though mostly her ingenuity), we also managed to somehow open a drawer that was stuck half-way closed because of a mangled potato masher…

Dad got home from work around 5:30 and by 6:30 we were all eating dinner together and watching the Season Finale of Dexter Season Three. All three of us were talking at the TV at various points of the show… it was kinda funny.

BTW – best line from Season Three (Episode 10)

After that Dad and I started watching The Book of Eli, but I walked out after 15 minutes… my brother warned me it was horrible. He was very right.

I asked Mom if she wanted to play some more Yahtzee… so we played a few rounds. I am getting Yahtzeed out, so I asked if we could play Trivial Pursuit. As it was nearing time to pack it it, Mom offered up Boggle and I accepted and promptly swept four games in a row. I had some solid seven letter words going on… woot.

Because I am so sick looking at my computer, I will not watch Arrested Development as I had planned on doing. Instead I will finish my Dexter book and perhaps start the next one…

Have a swell day 🙂

So I learned a new word today c/o my dad… “biota”. According to Dictionary.com, a “biota” is the “animals, plants, fungi, etc., of a region or period.”

Armed with this new information, I did what I always do when my dad says something to me… I turned it into a “your mom” joke.

My dad’s mom passed away two years ago this past July 4th. Awhile after her passing, I asked my dad if it is okay to still say “your mom” jokes at him. He said it was, and that his mom would probably think it’s funny, so I keep doing it.

This weekend was a wasted weekend on many levels. As I reported yesterday, our truck-o-furniture got delayed until today. And the truck did come today and now there is furniture in our living room and garage. But it was still a wasted weekend…

The truck guys told my mom that they’d call around noon today and hoped to be at our house around 3. We didn’t hear from the guys until 3:00, and then even though they said they’d be here in an hour, they didn’t show up until 4:45… So what did we do until 4:45? Hmmm…

I work up this morning to the sound of my mom closing the front door of the house. I walked upstairs, was greeted by my dad and Moose (Yukon just wagged her tail from the laying down position inside of her coup in which she was sleeping on her own accord…). Mom came back shortly with the Sunday paper and a box of fresh doughnuts.

On a whole, my family actually eats pretty healthy, but this was the second time in three days that there were doughnuts in the house… I knew it was likely because my mom was stressing about the furniture stuff and doughnuts were a hassle-free and tasty way to get through the morning.

After some doughnuts and part of This Week With Christiane Amanpour we turned off the TV and began plotting the rest of the day.

(Political tangent – we stopped watching after the segment about the Ground Zero Islamic Center. First of all, it’s not at Ground Zero, it’s a few blocks away. Second of all, people are saying that they want to build a Mosque. They don’t want to build a Mosque, they want to build the Muslim equivalent of a JCC. Come on people – let them build the MCC!! I understand that some people are upset that building a place for Muslim people near the site of one of the worst [the worst?] tragedy our country has faced, but the whole of the Muslim population was not responsible for 9/11. Don’t blame an entire group of people for a small group of people’s problems – that’s not fair. Our country is built on personal freedoms… the First Amendment guarantees us the Freedoms of Speech, Petition, Assembly, Religion and Press. I’m pretty sure a Muslim Community Center falls under the Freedoms of Speech, Assembly and Religion parts. America was built on immigration and religious tolerance. Why do you think some of those pilgrims worked their way over here from England? Religious freedom and religious tolerance. We don’t have to agree with everyone else’s religious viewpoints, but we should do our best to tolerate them. What about the whole “Do unto others” message that is a part of most religious texts? That seems to apply to everyone. End political tangent.)

After the politically stimulating morning, I swept the front porch after my parents moved the potted plants away so stuff could be brought inside more easily later. Mom and I played some Yahtzee.

During lunch we watched an episode of Dexter. I love that both of my parents are as hooked on this show as I am!!

While we waited for the truck guys to call, my mom and I played five games of ping-pong… I won two of them!!!! I still need to beat Mom while playing left handed, but I am sooooo getting there!

After the game, I went to my room to catch up on some emails and read Post Secret. Reading that website every Sunday is therapeutic. Sometimes I’ll see a secret that I can relate to, and during those times, I feel a bit better that I’m not the only person in the world who is having that problem, or is wishing that wish.

Since it was after 3:00 by this time, I turned off my computer and went outside to sit with my mom. When the truck people showed up, I was going to be forced back into my room anyway to watch the dogs, so I figured I would spend some time away from my computer before I was to be forced to sit and work on my paper while the truck was being unloaded.

At 4:45, we first heard the truck and then saw it turn down our street. I was ushered inside to get the dogs. I put our phone back on its cradle, grabbed two dog biscuits and asked my dogs if they wanted a treat. Their ears perked up and they dutifully followed me downstairs to my room. When the three of us were inside, I shut the door and turned around to see my dogs sitting like the good girls they are. I rewarded them with their treats and then helped both of them jump onto my bed. When they were settled, I sat in my oversized red recliner and restarted my computer. By time the truck guys left around 6:00, I had written another page of my Introduction. It’s not Shakespeare yet, but it’s not utter crap either.

My mom came downstairs to get me and the dogs. While the dogs bolted from my room, my mom handed me a letter as I was shutting off my computer. While the truck guys were carrying up one of the pieces of furniture, a letter had fallen out of one of the drawers – it was from April 1944 and it was a letter that my great-grandfather wrote to my great-grandmother while he was away for the navy. The letter was super cute – he was writing about what was going on where he was at and how he was getting over being sick and had to take shots. He expressed so much love for my great-grandmother and their daughter (my mom’s mom) that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I miss him and my great-grandmother (both passed away – him in March 2004, and her a few weeks ago), but I am very fortunate to have known both of them fairly well throughout my entire childhood and into adulthood 🙂

My mom and I opened some of the drawers of the various furniture pieces. We found a lot of linens, blankets, hook rug stuff, Christmas decorations, stuffed animal moose for my Mom and the Fireman’s jacket for me! I tried it on and it fits great – it has my mom’s dad’s name embroidered on it, an American flag sewn onto the left sleeve and a huge Plainview Plainfield, NJ patch on the front! Awesome

Dad went and got us some pizzas and we relaxed and watched three episodes of Dexter. We only have the Season Three finale left… it’s such a great show! I friggin’ love Michael C. Hall. His silences speak louder than any of his dialogue. BUH-RILLIANT.

We’ll finish the season tomorrow night and then likely watch Book of Eli (oh, Netflix). Hopefully I’ll get Season Four of Dexter soon!!! Love. That. Show.

My dad has to go to work tomorrow and my mom will likely be going through all the drawers of our newly acquired furniture. I will try and work some more on my paper and the probably help my mom, or at least play some more Yahtzee and/or ping-pong.

Have a great start to your week!

That line from Little Red Riding Hood’s song in Into the Woods has been stuck in my head today for some reason… (I actually know the reason. But you don’t need to worry about that…)

I’m looking forward to a time when I will be able to sleep through an entire night again… last night I woke up because I was burning up for some reason, so I shed one of the blankets off my bed and tried to open my window a bit more. Once I’m up, it takes freakin’ forever for me to fall back asleep. I was doing my ABC game, this time with television shows… I was on the letter C by time I fell back to sleep. That sounds like I would have gotten to sleep quickly, but a lot of shows start with the letters A, B, and C. Remember, I watch a lot of television and I also have studied television in school, so I can name a ton of programs, whether I’ve actually seen them or not… I will continue on with television shows tonight as I try to fall asleep in a little bit.

I woke up for reals around 7:00 this morning and had a bagel while I watched some more of The Hudsucker Proxy (sooooo good). My mom went off to her dermatologist appointment (check-up for skin cancer… blah. But so far, so good!) and then my dad and Martin left for the Twin Cities. By time I locked the front door, let Yukon out of her coup (she wasn’t allowed to roam free in the house while Martin was here as she’s not entirely great with strangers…) and went downstairs to start an email to my BFF, my mom came home! We played some Yahtzee before we both set out to accomplish some chores.

I went back down to my room to work on thesis proposal stuff while my mom started rearranging all of the furniture on the main floor of the house. We get a truck full of furniture on Saturday, so she’s trying to get our stuff where she thinks it should go when the stuff we’ve inherited from her mom and grandma shows up this weekend (I’m pumped because I’m getting my mom’s dad’s fireman jacket… it’s not like I can wear it out or anything, but I think it’s awesome that I get to have it!!)

We took a break for lunch after noon. She read while I watched some more Hudsucker.

After lunch it was more of the same… I went to my room to type while she moved furniture. Somehow I’m still at 2 single-spaced pages, though I added a lot of stuff and took out a lot of stuff. I’m still not done with the Introduction and I know I’m going to need to go back and fix some citations. My problem is that a lot of the stuff in my Introduction is factual information I already know as common knowledge (for me). But, even though I can quote these facts off the top of my head, I know it will need to be cited accordingly from other sources because no one is going to believe that I know this stuff on my own accord, and I refuse to be charged with plagiarizing. So far my Introduction isn’t quite following the awesomely detailed outline I have, but I think I’m going to have to scrap that part of the outline and go with the flow. I will try and work on more of it tomorrow, but mom said tomorrow is going to be a fun day, so we’ll see how much work I get done 🙂

See, my mom has been coughing pretty bad ever since she got back from her road trip with my sister. My mom has a lot of doctor’s appointments this week because she wasn’t able to go on any while she was away for 5 weeks, so now they all kinda got piled on top of each other. So far, all is well. Hopefully at her appointment tomorrow her doctor will be able to help her out with the coughing and congestion. My mom is at the point where her nose is so stuffed up that she can’t taste anything (or smell anything). That sucks for her.

So, since tomorrow is that last of my mom’s three doctor’s appointments this week, she said we’re going to do something fun since this weekend is going to get hectic with all the furniture stuff. She suggested we might go see a movie… I’m always up for that! But we’ll see… so far I know we’re going to be bad and have cream sticks for breakfast when she gets back from the appointment. Cream sticks are fun 🙂

We each got sick of our respective chores around 3:30, so we played some Yahtzee and had a drink, then went to the garage to play ping-pong. We played three games and I WON THE THIRD ONE!!!! I was so excited I actually shouted with glee. You don’t understand, my mom is super good at ping-pong and I have been trying every day for a week to beat her and I finally did!! Now I just need to beat her left-handed and I will have really conquered the ping-pong table! (I’m equally good with my right and left hands… but I beat her during a right handed game. I play each hand every other game…)

After our match, I let out the dogs and then my mom fed them. We helped Dad make dinner and then I queued up our latest Netflix selection – Cop Out (Kevin Smith’s latest movie… though he didn’t write this one). It was actually pretty funny… a pretty great cast too. After the flick, we watched the NBC line up.

I LOVE Community and 30 Rock. The Office has gone a bit downhill, but tonight’s rerun was a good one. Same with Parks and Recreation… though that show is mostly hits than misses. I love Aziz Ansari (can’t wait to see him in a few weeks) and Paul Schnieder (L-O-V-E him… he’s a great, underrated, actor).

And that brings me to now… I’m super tired (I’ll link out to stuff later this week, I promise!!!!!!). I’m gonna read a couple chapters of Dexter in the Dark and then sleep, sleep, sleep.

Have a good one!

So, remember the time when I said I was going to try and write (type) up my entire Introduction for my thesis proposal today? Well, I got two single-spaced pages done… but I know there is more information I need ot add to it. But I think I made some good progress considering how epically confused I was after perusing the OU Thesis and Dissertation website – yikes.

Let’s back track a bit… I woke up this morning and after my dad and Martin left for the day, Mom and I had breakfast and played some Yahtzee before we both needed to get to work. After we both stalled as long as we could, I headed back down to my room to type my paper.

Instead of just knocking out a proper Introduction, I thought it would be best if I had all my books and notes ready and placed about my work area (i.e. my giant red recliner with my wooden lap desk and Powerbook). I also thought I should read the Thesis and Dissertation page to see if there was some sort of format I was supposed to be adhering to for my proposal… that website is horrible. I downloaded the template it said I needed for my program – but even though it’s for computers with Word 2007 (which I think I have…), the template was for a PC and none of the directions correlated with the Word program I have installed on my Mac. I then looked through other formatting hints pages and they were pretty straight forward: use the Tab button, don’t do a hard return when you come to the end of a line, etc… Common sense, folks.

So, after probably an hour or so of reading this horrendous website, I decided it was time to get typing. But you must know that writing Introductions to anything (papers, short stories, scripts, etc…) is super hard for me. So I probably spent another 15 minutes or so flipping through my notes and typing a bunch of false starts onto my Word document. I wanted to entice a reader to continue reading, not bore him/her or scare him/her away. I know what is interesting to me isn’t exactly interesting to everyone else, but ideally, I would like a wide audience to want to read my paper.

After a few more false starts I realized that my Introduction was going to be similar in content to a paper I wrote earlier in the school year. I pulled that paper up on my computer and was thankful that I had a guideline of my own making that I could follow – yay Past Me for writing that paper this year 🙂

So, I typed up my two single-spaced pages and realized that it was almost 12:30. I saved everything, shut off my computer and went upstairs to find my mom. We ate lunch together and played some more Yahtzee.

Because my brain can only focus on school work for a few hours at a time, I knew I was spent from scholastic activities the rest of the day. After lunch I did some chores downstairs while my mom did some chores upstairs and then I drove us to the grocery store so my mom could pick up some more fruit (her car was blocked in our driveway… plus she’s still not feeling awesome, so driving us a few blocks to the store was the least I could do). When we got home, I offered (and did) water all the plants on the sides and front of the house while my mom sat in a deck chair out front and read her book. After that, more Yahtzee was played, and then we moved to ping-pong. I actually almost one a game today, but I came up short 20-22. I’m getting better and I think within the next couple days, I will be victorious.

Dad and Martin got home from their day out on the river around 5. My parents and I chillaxed on the deck while Martin read for awhile. Then at 6 we piled into my car and went to Barnes and Noble and then out to dinner. If I understood him correctly, Martin works at a bookstore over in Slovakia, though I believe he used to work for some sort of park over there (which is how my dad knew him… I think). Regardless, he’s super friendly and it was nice to have him as our guest for a couple days. He’s leaving tomorrow, but is actually going to be spending a night in the city where my brother lives, so they are going to meet up. I’m sure they will get along really well, they seem to have some stuff in common.

When we got back home afterwards, my mom and dad recommended some National Parks and Recreation Areas where Martin and his wife should go on vacation next time they are in the States. Growing up, most family vacations were to National Parks and other historic sites. My mom busted out some of the photo albums she has been putting together to give Martin some visuals of some of the parks we’ve been to. After Martin went to bed, I looked through the rest of the photo albums with my mom. I love looking at photos from before I was born and when I was little… the pictures are friggin’ adorable, especially the ones of my brother. There is this picture of him and my great grandmother from one of our trips up to Maine. They are each lounging in a person-length lawn chair and the photo was taken during one of their conversations… Spud must have been, like, two or three years old. It’s too cute for words 🙂

And that’s all that happened today… I should work on my paper more tomorrow. My dad and Martin are leaving around 9 and my mom will be at a doctor’s appointment for awhile, so I should work on stuff (even though I started rewatching The Hudsucker Proxy and would be fully content to just cuddle up with Moose and finish watching that… but I won’t. I’ll do work.).


And I just want to say “Hi” to the people who have been stumbling across my blog as of late. I noticed that a lot of people have been checking out some of my posts, most notably the one where I mentioned Michael C. Hall and how he was in Cabaret on broadway (yep – he’s a song-and-dance man… I think that’s awesome!).

I tried to find some more pictures of him in that show, but have epically come up short. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any video of him in that show (I scoured youtube… couldn’t find anything).

However, I did find some youtube video footage of him in Chicago. So, if you are a Michael C. Hall fan, check out his performance as Billy Flynn 🙂 :

Sometimes you just shouldn’t go on Facebook and see other people’s status updates and/or wall posts between mutual friends… especially when said other people used to talk to/joke with you about stuff and now they kinda stopped talking to you and talk to/joke with other people about the same stuff…

A small part of my wanted to throw up a little bit in my mouth, but a much, MUCH bigger part of me remembered that I am over it. And 800+ miles away from the offending others… So that helps. 🙂

So I breathe in and breathe out because I can, and then I get on with my day (night in this case) and remind myself that I am super thankful for my wonderful parents and equally thankful to not be in Ohio right now. Woot.

Today was a super busy day and none of it involved thesis proposal stuff, but I knew that going into said busy day.

Woke up, ate breakfast/watched the end of Waiting for Guffman and then ran a few errands with my mom. We went to the library (my Dexter DVDs were not in yet – sadness, but i did get Ian McEwan’s Solar to read after I’m done with my Dexter books- woot!)

Then we went grocery shopping, which went smoothly even though it was a big shop… we currently have a guest staying with us from Slovakia, so mom and I had to get some food stuff’s for tonight’s cookout and whatnot.

After errands we came home, had lunch/played Yahtzee to regroup, then we did chores chores chores. I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and vacuumed the rest of the downstairs floor while my mom did some other chores. We took a drink/Yahtzee break and then did a lot of work out on the deck. I picked tomatoes and watered all of the deck plants again while my mom did some gardening tasks. We then cut up a bunch of fruits and vegetables to prep for when my dad got home from work/our guest arrived.

Mom and I got done with all our chores around 5:00 pm, but Dad and our guest we’re to arrive until after 7:00. So, we played some more Yahtzee and then played ping=pong for over an hour… and i lost every ping-pong game. Epic fail. However, I would like to reiterate that I am not a bad ping-pong player… I’m actually quite good. My mom is just a bit better (plus, I have a bad habit of hitting balls that are already out… it’s a reflex by this point and i realize as soon as I hit the ball that I shouldn’t have. Alas). I can play equally well with my right and left hands, so I would switch it up… our last game I almost beat my mom, but my wrist started spazzing and I just couldn’t hold my lead. Oh well!

Dad and our guest arrived within a minute of each other, which was quite bizarre actually. Mom and I got a vegetable platter together and some chips and salsa. We all sat out on the deck and talked for awhile, then Dad grilled some burgers. We moved inside and mom threw together the final ingredients of the salads we started making earlier in the day (my mom is so organized – she’s awesome).

Martin (our guest) has an iPad, so he was showing us some pictures and stuff. I think iPads would be awesome if one were able to play CDs or DVDs… but you can’t, so I think they are kinda lame. I’m sorry, but I have over 350 DVDs… what good is an electronic device like an iPad if you can’t play any DVDs on it? Sorry, Steve Jobs, I’m not going to pay to download movies if I already bought/acquired hundreds of them in disc form.

I’m super tired, so I’m going to link out to stuff tomorrow or later this week. Tomorrow I am going to work on school stuff… I hope to have my Introduction all typed out tomorrow. Lofty goal? Perhaps. We shall see!

Sleep or a few chapters of Dexter? Ummmmmmmmm… Dexter!

Have a good one 🙂