So, I’m sure you know by now (or not?) that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series!!! How exciting πŸ™‚ I didn’t watch baseball at all during the regular season, but I get into post season like whoa… and though I was initially pissed that the Giants beat the Phillies to make it to the World Series, I decided to root for them anyway. It was a really great Series and it was so much fun to yell at the TV and cheer on the Giants.

I stayed up last night to watch the end of Game 4 – I was silently cheering in my room when Buster Posey hit a solo homerun… he has been my favorite player of the Series since game 1. He’s a great catcher (and so young! He’s so adorable) and makes wicked-awesome throws down to second. Plus, his name is great – Buster Posey. That’s so money. And then when they interviewed him after tonight’s game and he was heaping praise on everyone, especially MVP Renteria, that was really thoughtful.

I didn’t quite get to watch the entire game tonight, but I saw Renteria’s 3 run homerun – woot! My mom and I were flipping back and forth among Dancing With the Stars (then Castle), the Women of SNL special and the game. DWTS and Castle were priority, but we saw highlights from the other two broadcasts.

Before this epic evening of TV watching, I did have a crazy morning/afternoon at work.

I opened and then worked for only about 5 hours today. But there was no break or down moment at all… I was by myself for awhile and then someone else came to work with me around 12:30. She was new, she had only been in the US for about a month, and she wasn’t supposed to be working in the area where we were working (but no one told her that until well after her shift started).

So, I tried to give her the run-down of what our area was all about and tried to answer questions and show her some stuff. I felt really bad, though, because I would have to leave her every now and again to help out others in the other areas surrounding our because we were swamped and there wasn’t double coverage anywhere.

And what really was horrible was that this new girl was telling me about her first week at work and was saying how other colleagues and even customers had been really mean to her. That’s just wrong… just because she’s foreign and isn’t quite as quick yet ringing people up as more seasoned employees are doesn’t mean that people should be mean to her. She’s a sweet girl and watching her smile fade while she was telling me these awful stories was just heartbreaking. 😦

On top of trying to help out this very nice girl, I dealt with one of the rudest people I’ve ever come in contact with in all my retail days. I got chewed out by the same person at three different times today, all within the matter of an hour. It was like I couldn’t do anything right and everything that this person was unhappy about was my fault (even stuff that was company policy… my fault).

What the what?!

I left work as fast as my feet would take me. I chomped down a granola bar on the way to my car (as I had to skip my break once again because no one was available to cover my area), started Blue Car’s engine, cranked up some Glee and drove home. I had a couple pieces of cold pizza and played some Yahtzee with my mom, then literally sat in the giant green recliner for about an hour while Moose fell asleep on my lap. I was all better… snuggling up with one of the two best dogs on the planet was all I needed right then (our other dog, Yukon, doesn’t snuggle so much as she finds herself a quiet corner and just curls up into a tight ball).

After some much needed Moose time, I helped my mom a bit with dinner (as in I stirred some sweet potatoes when she was out of the kitchen… and I managed to do so while belting out Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight” because that was cued up on my “Power Songs” mix that has been in the kitchen CD player for months now. Yeah, you know you love that song too.

During dinner we watched the Jon Hamm SNL on Netflix b/c my dad hadn’t seen the whole thing yet. Then we watched dancing, baseball and SNL the rest of the night.

And now I’ll finish watching Dexter, maybe watch some HIMYM and then go to sleep! No work tomorrow, so I can sleep in – woot πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is election day… I’m a bad person and didn’t register to vote here. (I know, I know…) I can’t wait until election day is over – I am so sick of attack ads.

Have a good one!


Well, I stayed up last night to watch SNL in its entirety… and it was a very satisfying episode. Sure, some of the sketches revolved around sight gags and body part humor, but on a whole, I laughed a lot. I thought the Back to the Future audition tapes were great, and the Digital Short (the return of Shy Ronnie!) was solid. Rihanna has proved herself to be a great music guest and a good sport with those Shy Ronnie videos, but Jon Hamm once again takes the cake. His third time hosting in two years, Hamm goes for broke without ever seeming desperate for a laugh. He earns laughs because he commits to the bit, regardless of how silly it might be. I hope Hamm gets the opportunity to do more comedy over the next few years because he is really talented. In an ideal world, he’d be in a comedy with Paul Rudd. They’re friends… they should do a movie together already! (I know they were both in The Ten, but that totally doesn’t count.)

I woke up this morning around 8 and my mom asked if I still wanted to go see a movie.

Um, of course!

We got ready and left the house by 10 for a 10:35 showing of RED, that action movie with Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker and Karl Urban (among others). It was pretty okay… not as funny as I hoped it would be (though Malkovich made me laugh several times… I love him). Karl Urban seemed to be channeling Brad Pitt, at least the voice. I liked the action sequences. It was a decently entertaining movie.

Mom and I stopped at the store to pick up a newspaper and some ingredients for dinner (chili!) and then went home and had some pizza for lunch before we got to decorating for trick or treaters.

We had two pumpkins that needed carving, so we each took one. Mom carved some sort of skeleton skull on hers and I did the bat signal on mine. They actually ended up looking pretty good. After carving the pumpkin, I sorted through all the pumpkin innards and separated out the seeds so we could roast them. My hands and part of the way up my forearms were slimy and orange, but I got so many seeds πŸ™‚

After putting the pumpkins outside, Mom re-stuffed a giant pumpkin bag we had out in the garden. She put out some torches and luminaries. Our yard looked very cute.

My dad and his friend got back from grouse hunting around 4ish. The chili was in a crock pot smelling awesome, but we forgot corn bread mix and sour cream when we got ingredients earlier, so mom ran back to the store while I folded my laundry.

We had dinner and watched an episode of Bones, and by that time, trick or treaters were ringing the doorbell. Last year I guess my parents had 7 trick or treaters the whole night. This year, we had 14. We finally shut off the lights around 8… by that time The Amazing Race was over and we switched over to the ball game.

Right now the Giants are up 2-0. Buster Posey just threw a guy out at 2nd to end the 4th inning πŸ™‚ It’s the top of 5 and the Rangers just put in a new pitcher. I’m hoping the Giants can hold or expand their lead, as I want them to win the Series. Go team.

I have to work tomorrow from 9:45-2:15. I should work on my thesis proposal when I get home, but we’ll see… I might wait until Tuesday (I seem to be able to concentrate best in the morning.)

Yeah, I’m still working on my thesis proposal. I’m on my Methods Section and have a few pages typed up, but the grammar is colloquial and needs editing badly. I still haven’t heard back from my thesis chair regarding the 40 pages of material I already sent him to edit. I will for sure email him again this week to be like “Hey, so remember that time when I sent you that stuff? Well…”

I won’t actually say (write?) that, but you get my drift. I am trying my best to do this thesis shenanigans. It’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be… well, harder isn’t the right word. Perhaps information-heavy? I have sooooo much information. And at some point, you just have to say “enough”. I’m also trying to change the entertainment world with my thesis, so I want to make sure I’m doing it right πŸ™‚

(Aw, Giants. Why’d you have to get three outs in a row?)

And that’s that… at least for now. Time to watch some more of the game and then head to bed at a decent time since I have to be up early-ish for work.

Have a good one and HAPPY HALLOWEEN πŸ™‚

I totally stayed on the couch for the entire 2:51 game of Giants vs. Rangers… sometimes I was accompanied by a sleeping Moose, other times not. I was sad to see the Rangers win 4-2. I was hoping the Giants were going to rally and have another stellar 8th inning like in game 2, but alas. The Giants are still up 2 games to 1, so I hope they can keep the lead and win the next two games to clinch the Series.

Oh World Series baseball, how I love you so.

I woke up around 9:15 and came upstairs to find my dad watching our new favorite woodworking show on PBS, “Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac.” Tommy Mac(Donald) and his Massachusetts accent are a stitch to watch/listen to as he does his woodworking crafts.

After Tommy’s show was over, my mom took over the TV and put on the Wii dance game, as she wanted to show me some of the mini games she was having trouble with yesterday. I coached her from the couch while I ate my breakfast. We then played some Wii bowling… my Pro ball got taken away from me the other day and I haven’t been able to get it back yet. Sadness.

After that, my parents went to Menards for some stuff and I showered and attempted to check my work schedule. The website isn’t Safari-compliant, which sucks, so I had to use Firefox, but it was going epically slow. I then tried to click on the part of the website to see if I wanted to pick up any more shifts in the next couple weeks and found that for that part of the website, you can only use Internet Explorer. Way to not be all-encompassing of various Internet providers, work website. Ugh

My parents got back around 12:30 and mom and I Wii bowled some more while we heated up some pizza. We then watched some more of White Men Can’t Jump. And we got to the part where Wesley Snipes’s character actually delivers the line, “White men can’t jump.” Oh, Ron Shelton, why’d you have to write the title of the movie into the script like that? Bah!

Post-pizza, I went downstairs to my room… I was trying to straighten it up a bit, as my sister and her friends from school will need to all fit in there over Thanksgiving. I got a bit cleaned up, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I did pack up some of my warm-weather clothes, as it’s been getting cold. So, t-shirts are out, and flannel jammies are in.

A couple hours later, I went back upstairs for some more Wii bowling with both parents, and then Mom and I Wii golfed… I was doing so well, until I got a +7 on one hole – yikes!

And then it was time for the Giants/Rangers game… sadness plus.

That game ended and now we have the MSU/OSU football game on. Boy, are the Gophers’ uniforms fugly.

I’m just killing time until SNL – Jon Hamm is hosting and Rihanna is the music guest. This is Hamm’s 3rd time hosting… I am super excited πŸ™‚

Happy Halloween Eve, everybody!

P.S. I feel like watching Casper right now… but alas I do not have the DVD. This will have to do:

So, I had full intention of finishing my coding key today and typing up my Methods section. Neither of those things happened, and likely won’t until next Tuesday. I should have done that, but it’s not the end of the world… especially because I still haven’t head any comments yet from my thesis chair about the Introduction and Literature Review I submitted last week. If I don’t hear back about those by early next week, I will send another inquiry…

Instead of being a good scholar, I opted to fulfill my need for audio-visual entertainment. I watched TV and a movie today… that is what I did.

I didn’t sleep much last night because of Moose. Like I anticipated, she took up most of my bed and I was stuck in one spot, unable to move, with a loudly breathing dog pressed up against me. I kicked her out of bed and she went upstairs, but then she started barking, so I called her back down to my room so at least I knew she wouldn’t have cause to bark. I cleared everything except the pillows off of my recliner and got her settled on it, and she stayed there for awhile. Too bad that didn’t last… just as I was about to fall asleep, she jumped off of the chair and back onto my bed. I tried to deal with it the rest of the night into morning, but not much sleep was had. Oh well…

I let the dogs out, fed them and let them out again all before 8:30. I made myself some oatmeal and tea and then sat down at my computer to watch the most recent episode of Dexter. Love. That. Show.

(SPOILERS) Dexter’s evolution into a family man has been a seemingly smooth, yet uber important plot line for the show. I like it a lot… it’s really great to see that character be more in touch with reality than he ever thought he would be. He feels. It’s a great character arc. And besides Quinn looking waaaaaaaay better this season than the prior two, I’m very much liking how he is going about finding out the whole Kyle Butler situation. You can tell he’s got feelings for Deb, but he’s also a cop and is looking to call out Dexter if he needs to. Quinn from a couple seasons ago would have just confronted Dexter… but Quinn who likes Deb is taking it slow and making sure he’s got his man before he does anything to upset the balance. Also, I’m looking forward to how Julia Stiles’s character is going to be worked into the show. What a smart show πŸ™‚ (END SPOILERS)

I should have folded my laundry today, but instead I just took the clothes I needed out of there and left everything else in there. I’ll need to fluff it up tomorrow, as I really don’t want to iron my work pants for Sunday. Ironing is the worst.

I did finish my list of Academy Award categories… that took awhile this morning. Then I let the dogs back outside to blow off some steam. They are just the cutest πŸ™‚

During lunch I decided to watch the recent Kristen Bell rom-com, When in Rome. Netflix said Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies!) was in it, which was the main reason I decided to watch it. Oh, Netflix… Pace was in the movie for maybe 2 minutes. And then we were stuck with a highly contrived plot dealing with magic and love and lightning and elementary sight gags involving the dude from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

Call me crazy, but my biggest questions throughout the entire movie were “How did everyone afford traveling between New York and Rome?” and “Of all the people who threw coins in that fountain, how was it that the ones she picked were from guys who were from New York/Newark?” Also, why was the little sister going to Rome in the first place?

I know I’m always preaching to my dad to “suspend disbelief” while he’s watching movies, but I could not wrap my head around this one for the life of me. Oh well. It was pretty bad.

After that, I took a nice, long, hot shower and managed to miss phone calls from both parents. I called them back to see how they were doing – fine. I let the dogs out and got the mail… magazine Friday πŸ™‚ Read all about the celebrity couples who broke up. Awwwwwwwwwwwww… poor them. (Meh.)

Then, instead of working on my paper, I sat on the couch with my laptop and watched half of last night’s episode of Bones, the West Coast episode of 30 Rock (Jon Hamm was the best part, again!) and some broadway videos on youtube. Also, I listened to all of the Rocky Horror Glee Show songs… I am sooooooooo excited for that episode πŸ™‚

Just after 5 I fed the dogs and then put on jeans as opposed to the OU sweatpants I was wearing all day.

When my dad got home from the airport, we went to some new Mexican restaurant. It was very busy and we had to wait a freakishly long time for our food, but that was okay because we caught up about his trip and what I did while he was away. When the food did show up, it was tasty. We’ll likely go back with my mom sometime in the future.

And then we got home around 8:30… and by 9 my dad was falling asleep and my eyes were shutting fast while we started watching some stupid comedy about paintball.

Now I’m trying to hurry this up so I can get to sleep… although I just put in a cough drop, so I’ll have to wait probably 10 minutes until that’s gone.

I can’t wait to feel 100% better from this silly cold.

Have a good one.

So, I woke up this morning feeling the worst I’ve felt so far this week. But, as I type this, I’m feeling a bit better, so I’m hoping that I am on the descent of being sick. Which perfectly coincides with it being the middle of the week… not that either of those things really have anything to do with each other.

Once again I dragged my pillow and throat lozenges upstairs and settled myself back onto the couch. And, I did what any normal person would do whilst sick… I watched Beetlejuice.

Oh, Beetlejuice. Even though I’ve seen you about 20 times by now, I still get a kick out of you without fail. Surely this is Michael Keaton’s best role to date, and he’s only in the movie for like, 17 minutes. Plus, you get an uber young Alec Baldwin in that Burtonesque black and white plaid shirt with a red t-shirt and khaki pants. Woot times infinity. I love this movie, and will continue to love it forever… especially because it reminds me of my brother. He does this bit all the time, and it makes me chuckle.

After that movie, I read for a bit and then put on another movie… Adam. Adam stars Hugh Dancy as a man with Aspergers Syndrome. After the death of his dad, he is pretty much all alone (except for his locksmith friend, who is awesome) until he meets a new girl, Beth, in his apartment building. Though this movie is funny at times, as well as romantic, it’s not the conventional Rom-Com, and for that I was definitely thankful. Dancy is a talented actor (even if some of the films he’s been in haven’t quite hit the mark) and I thought he was really great as the title character. I don’t have much experience being around people with Aspergers (besides one colleague a few years ago, and I think we only worked together for a couple weeks), but from the little bit I do know about the Syndrome, I thought Dancy’s performance was pretty great. At the very least, at least this film deals with a topic that has been left out of a lot of avenues of entertainment media.

This afternoon, while still confined to the couch, I worked a bit on my Works Cited page for my thesis proposal. I still have to correct each entry for proper format, but at least I have almost all of my bajillion sources in alphabetical order.

I read some more of “Middlesex” and then watched Bones with my mom during dinner (a so-so episode from Season 2… one where Booth and Cam were dating. Blah…)

As it is Wednesday, I watched Survivor and Modern Family. Once again, I was not surprised who the tribe voted out, although I foresee that same tribe losing more people in the weeks to come. Just a hunch.

As for Modern Family… that show is just great. Everyone is so good. I know I say (write?) that every week, but it’s so true. Each cast member is so strong, which is kinda amazing for how big that ensemble is.

And now I’m typing this out… and afterward I’ll probably start watching last week’s episode of Bones.

Tomorrow is Thursday… I am sooooooo looking forward to Live 30 Rock! Matt Damon! Jon Hamm! Cheyenne Jackson!!! And, of course my trifecta of funny, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Jack McBrayer. Gosh, I love that show πŸ™‚

Also, I wrote last night about how much I liked last night’s episodes of Glee. I couldn’t find video clips for all the parts I liked last night, since it was so close to when the show aired. But, tonight is a different story πŸ™‚

Here’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – the best part comes at 1:01 when Rachel rubs her hands through Brad (piano guy’s) hair. FUNNY!!

“River Deep – Mountain High” – Now, I know I busted out some Tina Turner moves in my day when I listen to her music, so seeing Santana and Mercedes knock this song and choreography out of the park was just awesome πŸ™‚

“With You I’m Born Again” – I can’t get over how much I love this… because it’s just so wrong. The outfits are a freakin’ stitch and I love both Finn and Rachel’s facial expressions throughout. They are totally selling this number… and it’s brilliant. Also brilliant are the horrified looks of the other glee kids. I could watch this 10 times in a row and laugh every time (and sing along… because this song is just so bad it’s good).

And, as I mentioned yesterday how odd I thought that Eric Stoltz directed this episode. Then, right after I posted the blog, I saw that Stoltz was in the news for footage of him from when he was originally cast in Back to the Future. Now, I love me some Eric Stoltz. But I am uber thankful that the role of Marty McFly got recast and Michael J. Fox was hired instead. It just works soooooooo much better. But I still love Stoltz. I just hope his career picks back up a bit. But, the Glee kids seemed to like him alot… they said a lot of good things about him in this week’s Behind the Glee.

Well, now for Bones

Have a good one πŸ™‚

It’s 10:07 as I’m beginning to type this and I aim to have my lights off by 10:15 or 10:20 at the latest… I will link out to movie trailers and stuff later this weekend. I need to get to sleep now.

See, I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to get to work for training at 8:00.

Yep – 8:00 am on a Saturday… that’s kinda cruel. And by “kinda,” I mean a lot.

Anyway, not much happened today beside me watching 2 movies and walking around or face planting on the couch because I was epically tired.

I was going to get up at 7:30 today, but instead set the alarm for 8:00. And when that alarm went off, I was not happy…

My mom and I went and saw The Town with Jon Hamm this morning, or as my mom told my dad “Our Town with Michael Hamm”. My mom is adorable πŸ™‚

The Town was really good… I didn’t see Gone Baby Gone yet, so I can’t compare Ben Affleck’s directing efforts, but The Town was great. Good story, good cinematography, good editing, great ensemble… Affleck is a capable actor and it’s nice to see him give a solid performance after a few misses over the years. Jeremy Renner, as always, was great – I’m glad he’s on people’s radars now after his turn in The Hurt Locker. He’s not leading-man handsome, but he’s character-actor brilliant. He has the ability to stare down other actors/characters… it’s amazing. Even Blake Lively did well in her supporting role. Props to her – I’ve only ever seen her in the Traveling Pants movies, so I was impressed by her work in this film. Rebecca Hall is always great, so there’s nothing more to add there except that I wish more people knew who she is… see also The Prestige and Starter for 10 (I didn’t see Vicky Cristina Barcelona, so I won’t pimp that movie.)

And then there was Jon Hamm.

Oh Jon Hamm, how I love thee… Not only are you a great actor (LOVE Mad Men and all your guest spots on SNL and 30 Rock), but you really sold it as the FBI guy. We’re used to see you drinking and womanizing in the 60s, but Hamm proves he’s relevant in the present too. It was kinda awesome to see him rough some people up and go toe-to-toe with Affleck. Plus he looked DAMN FINE in his flannel shirts πŸ™‚

The other movie I watched today was Son of Rambow. It was a bit weird, but the ending was super adorable. It’s about little British kids making a movie about the Son of Rambow (Rambo). Lots of misfit kids. It was pretty great.

Oh, I also watched last night’s premieres of Community and 30 Rock. I will sooooooo expand on those tomorrow. But, for now I will say that both were brilliant and that 30 Rock is still my most favorite show of all time. I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up – she is my lady hero. (Plus, Matt Damon is great as Carol, the doorman to the sky).

Anyway… I will close for now. Have a great day…

For the record: even though I watch a lot of television, I actually get other stuff done throughout my day too. But I did watch a lot of movies and TV today because I have a migraine and my eyes hurt… and staring at my computer working on my paper doesn’t seem to be helping that cause.

That being said, I did get another page or so written for my Literature Review of my thesis proposal. I could and should have gotten more done, but today was one of those days where I really just could not focus as much as I needed to.

I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason, but the dogs were again kind enough to let me sleep in. By time I let them out, fed them and let them out again, it was around 9:15ish. I made myself some breakfast and sat down… too not in the mood for subtitles, I started watching Dear John. Yes, that movie based off the Nicholas Sparks book (which I read earlier this summer… sometimes one needs epic amounts of cheese). The movie wasn’t great, but it was kind of watchable. The right amount of cheese for my morning…

After a little while, I shut off the movie and threw in some laundry (there was a thick layer of dog hair on my blankets that needed to be handled asap) and then separated my notes out to get started on Part Four of my Lit Review. I worked on that for awhile and then took a break to let the dogs outside and make some lunch. I finished the movie… no surprises there. Cheesy through and through.

After that, I gathered some stuff to take to the library. I ran that errand and then came home. I got a little more of my paper done, but then the headache and eye pains really started to hit me.

I packed up my computer and brought my finished laundry upstairs. I made my bed back up and then made some tea. I finished watching Rudo y Cursi. Then my mom called to update me on what was going on.

We hung up and I let the dogs outside and then fed them. The mailman finally showed up around 5:15, but there wasn’t anything good there (i.e. no magazines…). I fixed myself some dinner and began watching The Princess and the Frog.

Yep, the Disney movie.

I wanted something where I didn’t really have to think, and I used to watch all those hand-drawn Disney flicks when I was little, so I figured this would be a good watch. So far, when I’m typing this, I’ve only watched about 20 minutes. My thoughts so far… the bad guy is creepy and looks like a pimp. And I texted my sister “The prince from The Princess and the Frog looks like a Latino Prince Eric. I wonder if Dr. Drew was the model for him too…” (Those who are obsessed with 30 Rock/Jon Hamm like we are will know what I mean…) She called me back and we laughed about it and then discussed our thoughts about Glee last night. We loves the Glee!!

Right now I’m watching Survivor. There must be a storm coming here b/c our reception is horrible. I know the title of this blog post is about Modern Family, but I will post this before I actually see the episode. I will write about it tomorrow… I am just super excited about it πŸ™‚ I love Modern Family!!!

So, the lady on Survivor is bonkers. She dumped a bucket of snails (i.e. food) and then sank some guys $1600 shoes. What a bi-otch.

After Survivor and Modern Family, I’ll watch some more Princess and the Frog and then head to bed. I’m posting early so I’ll actually have a chance to read a little before I go to sleep, so that the last thing I see before bed is pages of a book instead of a computer screen. Oh happy day.

Have a good one!